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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


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rights16[Women’s Rights] You can all give up on the abortion debate. The losers either way are the women, who are blamed for their ability to procreate. Men, although equally culpable, are awarded a “free skate”. I have always found it amazing that those who demand that women carry an unwanted pregnancy to fruition are the same ones who would starve the children once they are born, bemoaning food stamps, aid for dependent children etc. Unless you have adopted a mentally or physically challenged child you have no dog in the fight. Butt out.


[Recycling] I can’t believe there is even a question regarding recycling. On Little Torch my neighbors and I have been doing it for years. Sometimes I have more recycles than regular garbage.I keep two household garbage cans inside my home, one for reg garbage and one for recycles, it is not a big deal. I do wish they would pick up yard waste separate and grind it up so we could have free mulch again.


Is the lady (Linda, I think) who used to sell Indian cotton dresses and fabrics at the flea market still there? If so, does anyone know the contact info for her?

[The Rise and Fall] America is a Nazi state. There is no more freedom of speech in America just ask Paula Deen. You can no longer say what’s on your mind.

peace-bell missing


I read your article about the missing peace bell and thought it might work better with a picture of the actual bell not the one that is displayed in the article which usually hangs at KW Garden Club. The missing bell was a loaner while the regular bell was repainted by the artist. This picture shows just what it looks like in case someone sees it hanging somewhere or in a pawn shop, or whatever.

Contact me, Marlene DeTienne, if you have any questions. Denise and I are on the Peace Bell Committee.

[Blood in the Water] Another funny commercial we’ll never see. Video

nira tocco realtor 9.12

[Septic Tank] Does anyone know what will be done to my septic tank when it is “de-commissioned”? I want to turn it into a cistern. Perhaps a kind CT reader, who is knowledgeable in this regard, could share the details of the process.


Reopening these closed fishing areas in the sanctuary is simply creating ‘targets on the water’ that will attract fishing for those who live off the water in zones established to fully protect marine life and habitats which have now replenished themselves.

I am for returning the coastal sanctuary zones to fishermen who allowed the sanctuary to provide limited but vital areas where these fish and other heavily targeted near-shore species could grow and their populations could be restored.

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[Sewage Solution] How about putting up a tool booth so the tourists can help pay for our sewers too.
To the person that lost their child’s fire truck, it is on the corner of Watson and Key Deer Blvd here on Big Pine Key.  I am sure it fell out of your truck.

[Sewage Solution]  Drain all toilets completely. Put a large capacity trash bag into the toilet. Use whenever. When the large bag is full, pull it out of the toilet and knot the top. Then carry the full bag outside and leave it next to the mailbox so the mailman can drop it off at Sewage Headquarters. Win-win-win. No pipes, no electric, no grinders, we can go with the flow.

an_spy around corner


[“Sureto, lSS, CIA, NKVD, Mossad”] That’s true about the CIA fomenting revolt. That’s what the CIA did in Iran in the fifties. Someone wrote in last week about the Americans undermining their first democratically elected President. It’s true. CIA agent Kermit Roosevelt (I believe he was Teddy’s son) turned the crowd around after electing their first President. He started rumors and paid to have lies spread and handed out a ton of money wherever he could. He hired gangs of thugs to disrupt society and make the new President look helpless. The CIA was trying to protect England’s hold on Iran’s oil profits. He succeeded and the USA and England were able to force the Shah of Iran down the Iranian’s turbans. It’s no wonder they hate us. Look what they have now.

[Dream Vacation] I’d like to spend Jan, Feb, March on Big Pine Key. I’d rent a small place, or share a place. I am a single person, retired, no pets. I live in PA and I hate winter.



[Gun Nut] I need help trying to figure out how to aim. My trusty pellet gun’s sights are set to bullseye at 25’, but when the iguana is closer or further I miss the shot resulting in less flowers in my garden. When the iguana’s farther away should I aim higher or lower to compensate for the set distance?

[White Crowned Pigeons] Does anyone know what they taste like.


[“No Photos of Under Water Music Festival”] Maybe it’s because the wind was blowing from the East and it was rough or that the visibility was lousy or that the only thing to see was the photo-op actors for just 20 minutes at an undisclosed location at the reef. I’ve often wondered why they don’t tell the public where and when to see the actors.

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an_kayak2For Sale Kayaks (2) 12 foot, Perception charter touring kayaks, adjustable footrests, storage, comfy seats, nice boats for these waters. 1 for $350 two for $600. Classified Ads > Boats

Someone said to educate the BOCC about the grinder pumps. You can not do that. We tried to do that with electic to No Name Key. It can not be done. They will not listen. We tried for over 20 years. They do whatever they wish to do for them, not us.




The rarely seen crazy bunny lady.


recycle people an[Recycling] I stand by my statement that putting all recyclables in the same bin along with your bagged garbage will save millions. Eventually the garbage people will wake up to this idea too. It is the only way to guarantee close to 100% recycling instead of the expensive existing system that collects a measly 7%. The current system does not work. Why can’t you see that and support one that will? 




Where the hell did he go!





Key West’s new larger trash cans. Waste Management pledges half the service for the same price. What’s wrong with that unless you’re a WM stockholder.

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an bible tent


The Bible is loaded with ‘facts’ like this one: “Abraham lived 175 years.”  They must mean dog years?

[Death] Your son or daughter should  expect the possibility of getting what Trayvon Martin got if they violently assault someone for asking them a question or saying something to them in an exercise of free speech.  People carry concealed weapons to protect themselves from this type of thug-bully behavior,  just like Zimmerman did and it sure worked for him.  There is an old saying that goes, an armed society is a polite society.

[Sewers] East Hampton residents sue town over grinder pump problems. The time to act is now. Not after problems begin. Link



I love this graphic for the Banana Cafe. Some graphic artists really have it on the ball.

[Recycling, the perfect hobby for convicts!]  Ooo, yeah!  And ‘community service’ types too!

recycle an 16









[Ways Recycling Hurts the Environment]  An interesting look at the futility. Link

Many recreational fishermen recognize the importance of setting aside habitat to maintain and rebuild fish stocks.  We’ve done it – now return the waters to all fishermen – no more spas.



[Sewers] Every day I read of other communities having terrible experiences with grinder pumps, yet FKAA refuses to reexamine the issue. It’s time to reexamine FKAA!

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[Fishing Rules] Nothing this government has done to date can give me any assurance that this attempt to revise their management plan by NOAA will not be used as a tool to weaken protection for our precious fishermen.

an health message[“My body, my problems, not yours abortion debate”] There are many resources for people who do not want to get pregnant and if you are too dumb to locate and use them, then you definitely should not have sex and/or breed. We have health clinics that have free condoms for the public, Planned Parenthood to assist those of low-incomes and the poor w/ various forms of birth control. It doesn’t require rocket science to figure out how babies are made. Be responsible for your actions or invest in a sex toy – much cheaper and less damaging to your body.

isaksen-flood 4.23.13



Tuesday is Family Night at Springer’s Bar & Grill. 50% off all Pizzas starting 5 pm until closing!

On Sunday, the Grinder Pump Assassin gave us a horror story and provided a link to a website by Bilfinger Inc.– supplier of a competing vacuum system. Who is the grinder pump assassin?

Mermaid-&-Mike-Limerick[Underwater Music Festival] The Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with US 1 Radio, triumphed over the “weather gods” Saturday, July 13, to provide hundreds of snorkelers and divers the rare opportunity to enjoy music broadcast beneath the sea during the 29th annual Underwater Music Festival.

Saturday’s bright sunshine, moderate winds and exuberant waves made for an interesting underwater experience for divers and snorkelers who immersed themselves in the waters of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary off Big Pine Key.  As in past years, local artist August Powers provided beautiful copper instruments, which were “played” underwater, providing a unique visual component.

Thanks to the outstanding efforts of the Tourist Development Council, this annual event receives international publicity that provides valuable incentives to drive tourists from all over the world to the Lower Keys, where they can enjoy every aspect of the region’s unique marine environment. While 2013 coverage results have not yet been compiled, video coverage produced during the 2012 festival aired some 200 times and was seen by more than 4.2 million viewers.

Set at Looe Key Reef, a part of the continental United States’ only living coral barrier reef, the Underwater Music Festival emphasizes reef preservation, with the radio broadcast offering tips on ways divers and snorkelers can minimize impacts on the Keys’ marine environment.

As with most community events, it takes many local businesses and community leaders working together to create successful experiences for residents and visitors. The Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce appreciates everyone who helped with this quirky, indigenous and worthwhile event.

Diving, fishing on tap for wounded Veterans. Thank you for my freedom. Link



Asiana airlines are reportedly thinking about suing a tv station for the pilot name goof saying it badly damaged its reputation. Really? Didn’t the crash do that? 

County Mayor seeks TDC money for coral restoration.  It seems like the TDC should help with sewer money seeing the people they bring down here all poop and pee. Link




[“Recycling, the perfect hobby for convicts”] That’s a really good idea. They have plenty of spare time. There’s no where here for them to make license plates and recycling would help the community they’ve abused. And it might lower our trash fees—Nah! 

America’s 1st environmental martyr (and whose wife is buried in the KW cemetry). Game Warden Guy Bradley was killed in line of duty in 1905. Link

religion politics zone

[The Obamacare Lie] Unions are complaining that the law will drive up health care costs and are demanding special treatment from the Obama administration: “Since last year, union leaders have complained that many of the law’s requirements will drive up costs for union-sponsored health-care plans that are managed jointly by unions and mostly small employers, making unionized workers less competitive and potentially causing unionized employers to drop the plans that cover more than 20 million people.” “To offset the expected rising costs of these “multi-employer” plans, several union groups want their lower-paid members to be able to remain on the plans while also getting access to federal insurance subsidies.”

Of course they do. This is the point of nationalized healthcare. The presidents friends will be rewarded and his enemies will be denied. Link




Team Obama went to Washington to change it. Instead Washington changed Team Obama. That’s the sad reality of dashed Hope.

Q: What do Harry Ried and Texas have in common?
A: They both support Texas’ new law banning abortion after 20 weeks.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said he’s “happy to take a look” at a ban on abortions after 20 weeks that was recently passed by the House. Reid, who has called himself “pro-life,” said Sunday that he was open to allowing a Senate vote on the measure. Link

FTR said on Sunday, “the term “cracker” is every bit a pejorative as is the term “nigger.”” Do I even have to explain how many ways that is absolutely wrong? I’m surprised nobody else wanted to point this out in yesterday’s CT. Comparing the two terms is like comparing apples and oranges with a history of being treated as 3/5s of an orange.

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I want to thank FTR for great story on Sunday and following thoughts/facts of Zimmerman trial. Never say never. Even though FTR and I look at the political world differently I agree totally with his comments in that piece.

~Just a couple-of-degrees-off-center-left-guy

I heard on the radio that Harry Reid was holding up the vote on Texas’s Abortion law until the Republicans confirmed a bunch of the Dems’ appoints that have been languishing because of the Party of No’s behavior. Just because the shoe’s on the other foot doesn’t mean the Dems should lower themselves to the Republican’s level. I guess it’s just politics as usual, but I don’t like it one bit. A bill should be passed on it’s merits, not what others can do for you. Something must be done in D.C. I’m liking the idea of term limits more and more.

[Term Limits] The argument against term limits is that it takes at least one term for the politicians just to figure out how Washington runs. Well, that is my argument for term limits. There should be nothing to figure out. Making honest decisions should be a politician’s job and only job.

an cuba flag[Cuba] Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida said the Cuban threat remains. “While a U.S. citizen languishes in a Castro jail on  trumped-up charges, the tyranny’s spies are allowed to visit Miami to further advance their espionage activities,” she said.

I say, “What threat?” The U.S. citizen languishing in a Cuban jail was caught bringing computer and other electronic equipment in to the Island that are expressly forbidden. Anyone traveling to Cuba has to sign a document saying that they are not bringing such items to Cuba. So why was he bringing the forbidden electronics, if not to spy? Why can’t Cuba enforce it’s laws?

This one jailed man is the reason there is still an embargo. All other reasons have been satisfied. The only reason for the embargo is a perceived notion that Cuba is bad. That notion couldn’t be further from the truth.

from the right

doj16It’s no surprise that Holder has announced that his Justice Department will engage in an investigation into whether or not Zimmerman violated Martin’s civil rights. The Obama administration, represented by Eric Holder, America’s top cop, did the expected. The pandered to their base, they fueled the fires of hate. The proper thing to do was to simply urge quiet, calm, and respect for the jury verdict. Holder, ever the activist, failed to mention that Justice has already done an investigation to determine Martin’s rights were violated. That investigation was conducted by the FBI. They determined that Zimmerman acted without bias.

After interviewing nearly three dozen people in the George Zimmerman murder case, the FBI found no evidence that racial bias was a motivating factor in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, records released Thursday show.

Even the lead detective in the case, Sanford Det. Chris Serino, told agents that he thought Zimmerman profiled Trayvon because of his attire and the circumstances — but not his race. Link

Part 2) Yep, those Tea Party demonstrators sure were nasty. They waved American flags, carried signs that demanded smaller and smarter government, and   patriotic slogans.  Thank goodness our liberal demonstrators are not nearly as nasty.

In Texas where their legislature has just passed a small reform of their abortion laws, the liberal protesters, mostly women, were caught carrying jars of feces, urine, paint, and tampons which they had planned to throw onto the legislators while they were in session.  Classy, huh!

luck16Part 3) Normally this Olde Fart is a strong supporter of prosecutors. I’m convinced that Florida’s State Attorneys are a bulwark that protect us against crime. But they are run by humans, and humans have failings.  Yesterday the State Attorney from Jacksonville and the prosecutor who presented the Zimmerman case gave a TV interview during which they characterized Zimmerman as being a “lucky murderer”. That was exactly the wrong thing to do. It was unprofessional and borders on being unethical. It will have the effect of ginning up emotion on the part of Martin sympathizers, and it demonstrates an incredible lack of class.  The only appropriate comment for them to have made was that the jury has spoken, American justice has been done.

Zimmerman is not a murderer, a jury has made that decision after hearing all the evidence the prosecution could muster, and after hearing the best arguments that prosecution could utter. Not only is he not a murder, his actions were perfectly reasonable.  Case closed.


The scientific Journal Nature once again slaps the cAGW crowd in the face stating in a recent peer reviewed article:

“There isn’t enough data to say with any certainty what will happen to sea levels around the world this century, and there is no “scientific consensus” to suggest that the rate of the seas’ rise will accelerate dangerously.”

The left is a science denying cult. You should expect them to prepare their mason jars of shit and piss to hurl at you as they are in Texas for having the nerve to challenge the cult orthodoxy. Link