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[Mystery Solved] The penis disconnects from the brain during ejaculations.
That is why it can’t be controlled.

[Arab Reef Grant] In February 2020, UWCK announced a transformative $3.5 million grant from the United Arab Emirates to fund cutting-edge and innovative projects in reef restoration and education. It includes the UWCK-UAE Marine Science Educational Advancement Scholarship, supporting Monroe County residents in pursuing higher education in a marine science and/or marine technology related field.
A Scholarship Committee reviewed the applicants, considering educational achievement, career objectives, school activities, references, and financial need. Scholarships may be used for tuition, books and materials, and/or room and board expenses, and are paid directly to the institution.
[Google Lies] Google is dealing with the effects of a massive leak that claimed to expose the inner workings of its search engine. Google’s Search algorithm is perhaps the most consequential system on the internet, dictating what sites live and die. The documents, which Google has since confirmed to be authentic, offer an unprecedented look under the hood of how Search works and suggest that Google hasn’t been entirely truthful about it for years. The leak has stoked more distrust in Google just as it prepares to rewrite the rule book. Many website owners are preparing for a future in which the company sucks up their content and delivers no visitors in return.
Perhaps most notable is that some of the information revealed appears to contradict claims that the company has made publicly. For instance, Google Search apparently tracks when and where users click on any page that is accessed within Google’s Chrome browser, even though the company has repeatedly denied factoring that data into its search algorithm. It reinforces an already long-held belief that Google’s public representatives regularly lie, mislead and omit key information. This is important because choices Google makes on Search have a profound impact on anyone relying on the web for business.
[Hurry Up And Pee] At China’s popular Yungang Grottoes, timers have been placed over the toilet stalls in the women’s restroom. Officials say the timers could help indicate medical emergencies and are not intended to make visitors speed up their bathroom breaks, but the reaction has been mixed. “I found it quite advanced technologically so you don’t have to queue outside or knock on a bathroom door,” one visitor said. “But I also found it a little bit embarrassing. It felt like I was being monitored.”
[Social Media] Like cigarettes and alcohol, Surgeon General says social media needs warning labels. The country’s top public health official says Facebook and TikTok ‘prey on developing brains.’ Link
[Dad] My greatest honor in life is becoming a father. Today, I am honoring my father, Stanley Campbell, who played a pivotal role in shaping the father I have become. He provided me with guidance, support, and love, helping to mold my values and character. As a father myself, I now fully recognize the sacrifices he made to enrich my life, and I am deeply grateful for everything he poured into me.
By honoring my father, I also want to highlight the diverse ways in which fatherhood can be expressed, whether through traditional roles, father figures, grandfathers, mentors, or nurturing caregivers. I am thankful for having the best father I could ask for, and I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all fathers today.
[“Southern Baptists”] Well, I guess I will never become a Southern Baptist because I firmly believe women can decide on any position they wish Any position she wants is ok with me.
[Only in America] The Portland, Ore., Association of Teachers has removed from its website an optional lesson plan that would have students pray to Allah and write to President Biden suggesting “how we could use the money we send to Israel in a better way.” One workbook — still reachable via links on the union’s website — introduces students to “Handala,” a barefoot Palestinian boy, who claims “a group of bullies called Zionists wanted our land so they stole it by force.”
How to share your ETA in Google Maps or Apple Maps. Let other people know when you’re going to show up while traveling. Link
[Swift’s Seismic Power] So strong is the force of Taylor’s Swift’s fandom that seismic activity was recorded as far as 4 miles from Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium last Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the singer’s concerts. “Ready for It” was the most energetic track on all three nights. Fans transmitted enough power to charge 6,000 car batteries.
[How Fatherhood Changes the Brain] Women’s brains get rewired during pregnancy, and new research “shows that new fathers go through similar changes,” Yes, “dad brain is real,” Darby Saxbe, a University of Southern California psychology professor, wrote in a New York Times Father’s Day column. And all things considered, “it’s a good thing.”
Parenting requires unique skill sets, so it makes sense new parents would need to adapt. Saxbe and colleagues in Spain found through brain imaging that, like new mothers, “men experienced a reduction in gray matter before and after they became fathers,” especially in the high-level cerebral cortex.
A shrinking brain sounds like bad news, but less can be more. Purging gray matter might fine-tune the brain to work more efficiently, and the more the shrinkage, the closer the bonding between father and child — though downsides may include worse sleep and more symptoms of depression and anxiety. Depression may be exacerbated by a drop in testosterone.
[Magic Mushrooms] Marlena Robbins, a Navajo woman, believes psychedelic mushrooms could help treat mental health and addiction issues among Native Americans. Transformative experiences during her own use of magic mushrooms led Robbins to leave her art career to study Indigenous perceptions of psilocybin. She aims to make psychedelic mushrooms more accessible, treating numerous issues she says other drugs fail to address. Some states are creating policies to regulate psilocybin, offering hope for culturally sensitive treatment options.
[Father’s Day] 8 animal fathers that take care of their eggs. For some species, the safest place for eggs is tucked in a dad’s bod. Link
[Chastity Belt for Mouthy Woman] The Middle Ages was an era fraught with fear, superstition, and brutal methods of torture. Women, in particular, faced harrowing punishments if they were deemed guilty of any crimes, whether real or imagined. These punishments often involved cruel devices designed to break their spirits and humiliate them. One of those instruments was the Scold’s Bridle, which was used from the 16th to the 19th centuries.
Scold’s Bridles were fitted iron masks that were strapped onto a person’s head. The mask came with a gag and prevented the person from speaking. Women who were accused of gossiping, arguing, or sinning were forced to wear the device. They were then paraded around town so people could mock them and throw objects at them. The Scold’s Bridle was originally invented as a punishment for people who were “scolds.” A scold was a term used to describe women who gossiped, nagged, quarreled loudly, slandered others, or spoke out of turn in any way. It was rarely ever used to refer to men. Link
[Sleeping Apart] Many couples are opting for a sleep divorce or using “snore rooms” instead of sleeping in the same bed, a choice that appears to be more prominent among younger people. A March 2023 survey by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that 35% of Americans sleep in separate rooms occasionally or consistently. Millennial couples were most likely to sleep apart, at 43%, compared with just 22% of baby boomers sleeping separately. Link
[Time Crooks] Mouse jigglers. Wells Fargo bank sacked a number of employees after investigating what it described as claims of “simulation of keyboard activity creating impression of active work.” Surveillance of employees who work remotely has become commonplace, but technology has also evolved to evade the surveillance, including so-called mouse jigglers, which are aimed at making computers appear to be in active use and are widely available.
[Cyber Scarecrow] Software that runs in the background of your computer, which makes it look ‘scary’ to viruses and malware. When hackers install malicious software on a compromised victim, they first check to make sure its safe for them to run. They don’t want to get caught and avoid computers that have security analysis or anti-malware tools on them. Scarecrow takes advantage of this, by running in the background of your computer and ‘faking’ these indicators. It’s super lightweight and tricks malware into thinking your computer is not the place for them to be. Link
In the past decade, fatal dog attacks ballooned from an average of roughly 40 a year to nearly 100 after the pandemic hit. The total number of dog bites has jumped to untold millions today from the most recent estimate, 20 years ago, of 4.5 million. The pandemic-related increase in bites is likely to be associated with stay-at-home orders, bringing dogs and children together for longer periods of time and perhaps in closer quarters. Dogs that were raised during the pandemic missed out on crucial socialization and interaction with other dogs as they holed up with their owners.
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[Buying Nuclear Weapons] $91.4 billion is the amount spent globally on nuclear weapons in 2023. This represents a 13% increase year-over-year from nuclear spending in 2022. The U.S. led the pack with $51.5 billion spent, followed by China with $11.9 billion and Russia with $8.3 billion.
[Beer & Boats] Can you have beer on a boat in Florida? What the law says about drinking on the water. You can’t drink in a vehicle, or even carry an open bottle of alcohol. Boating in Florida is a different story. Not only is it OK to have beer aboard a boat, everyone can chug, even the captain. The only restriction on the operator of the boat: Don’t exceed the blood-alcohol level considered to be legally drunk. Link
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