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Friday, June 21, 2025

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Farewell to Willie Mays, the baseball legend who died late Tuesday at age 93. The “Say Hey Kid” started in the Negro League but spent most of his 23 seasons playing for the Giants, first in New York and then San Francisco — an affiliation the New York Daily News nods to with its “farewell to a giant.” The New York Times calls Mays a “forceful, graceful, joyful gem on the diamond,” while USA Today goes with “timeless legend.” He was “known for ‘The Catch,'” the Los Angeles Times says, “and by many as best of the best.” Link
[This Week’s Conspiracy Theory] “Sprinkler Rainbow Conspiracy.” Forget jet chemtrails, this slightly old video will have many readers saying, “Told you so.” Video
[Avocado Cartel] The humble avocado’s wholesome image is being tarnished by arson, threats and killings tied to its production in Mexico’s western Michoacán state. Mexico supplies about 80% of the avocados eaten in the U.S., and most come from Michoacán. The state also provides nearly a third of the global supply, so if you eat an avocado, there’s a good chance it’s from “one of the most violent and complex” places in Mexico. Link
[Edited Photos] It’s disheartening. I completed a 35mm camera class and the instructor stated that almost all photos are edited. That’s kind of sad. I have some beautiful pictures without editing.
[Separation of Church and State] Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry signed a law Wednesday requiring all public school classrooms, from kindergarten to public universities, to display a prescribed text of the Ten Commandments in “large, easily readable font.” Louisiana is the first state to mandate Ten Commandments displays in schools since the Supreme Court struck down a similar Kentucky law in 1980, ruling it violated the First Amendment’s establishment clause.
[Yucky Wine] The world’s oldest wine contains a cremated Roman aristocrat. That tops the worm in the tequila bottle! Link
How to build a mosquito kill bucket. Setting up a larva trap at home is an effective mosquito control method. Just add water. Link
Big Pine Computer Club Meeting this Saturday June 22, 10:30a.m. at the Community Center, Winn Dixie Plaza, BPK. You hate crowds? Good! Come to the meeting. We guarantee there won’t be a crowd now that the Snowbirds have already migrated. Full Menu > Ongoing Events > Computer Club

[Lady-Boy] Disqualified Lia Thomas asks if he can still just hang out naked in the Olympic women’s locker rooms.

[Space Vodka] The $200 meteorite-infused vodka is refreshingly tasty. Would you try Pegasus Distillerie’s Shooting Star Vodka?
[Vow of Poverty] The Bling Bishop” Known as such due to his flamboyant lifestyle, Brooklyn Catholic pastor Lamor Miller-Whitehead was sentenced to nine years in prison on Monday for financial fraud. He was convicted in March of various fraud schemes, including wire fraud and attempted extortion, en route to stealing millions of dollars.
[Trust] Finland has the highest overall levels of trust in the news. The poll surveyed over 94,000 people in 47 countries and found that Finland has the highest trust levels at 69%, while Greece and Hungary have the lowest levels at 23%.
[Hate] What’s the difference between a Yankee and a Confederate, a Communist and a Socialist, an Atheist and a Devout, a Republican and a Democrat, a Catholic and a Jew, a Black and a White, a Red and a Yellow, a Richman and a Peasant, and just about any other opposite to a blind person?  Only the sound of their hatred. Too many people with nothing important to do.  Grow a garden with food and love.
There are two blood drives next week & donors received a $20 e-Gift Card and t-shirt: Bealls in the Big Pine Shopping Center June 27th from 12-5 and Summerland Wine & Spirits June 29th from 1-5. This is the first time Summerland Wine & Spirits is hosting.  In addition to the $20 e-Gift card and t-shirt, donors will get a free bottle of red or white wine and extra swag.  There will be a free wine tasting going on featuring wines from Kendall Jackson.  Be sure to book an appointment in case we need a second bus.
Bill Maher calls out Stormy Daniels. Video
I saw a new Tesla Cybertruck on Key deer Blvd. It was scary. Bad vibes. Why would anyone want to drive around in a vehicle emitting bad vibes? What’s the point of having a stealth vehicle that evades ground radar?
Digital price tags can change the cost of groceries 6 times per minute. Electronic shelf labels bring Uber-style dynamic pricing to stores like Walmart. Link
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NFL player slammed car into a Key West bistro, cops say. Now he’s facing a DUI charge. Lonnie Phelps a defensive end for the Cleveland Browns rammed a car into a Florida Keys restaurant Wednesday following a night of drinking. Video
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[Shipwreck Found] A largely forgotten shipwreck off the Florida Keys has been identified as a four-masted schooner that ran around during a squall in 1911. The scattered debris off Key Largo is what remains of the Star of the Sea 9renamed from the ‘Katie J. Barrett’.
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