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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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[Abortion Drug Still Legal] The same Supreme Court that two years ago scrapped Roe v. Wade last week ruled that abortion opponents lacked the legal right to challenge the FDA’s two-decade-old approval of the abortion drug mifepristone, or the agency’s subsequent actions to improve its availability. This 9-0 decision to preserve access to mifepristone is “crucial for reproductive rights”: Some 63 percent of abortions are now medically induced — usually by mifepristone paired with another drug, misoprostol. Still, the case “never should have gotten this far.” A Christian group, Alliance Defending Freedom, had argued that anti-abortion doctors could suffer moral harm if they had to treat women with mifepristone-induced complications. No actual harm was demonstrated, but conservative judges on lower courts — acting out of “their desire to restrict abortions” — let the case proceed, “ignoring basic rules about who can sue in federal court.” In the high court’s majority opinion, Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote that allowing such a tenuous link to actual injury would mean “every citizen had standing to challenge virtually every government action that they do not like.” Even this “ultraconservative Supreme Court” had to draw the line somewhere.

The mangroves are in bloom.

[AI] I believe AI is artificial, but I don’t believe it is intelligence (as we know it).
[Peace Pipe] The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians opened a cannabis superstore, the Great Smoky Cannabis Company, on April 20 in a renovated bingo hall in North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains. A holiday for marijuana enthusiasts, 4/20 is typically the biggest sales day of the year for many cannabis retailers. The store, the only place to legally buy pot in North Carolina, debuted months after the tribe voted to allow the adult use of marijuana on its 57,000-acre territory, known as the Qualla Boundary, and on other lands.
When cooking eggplant you have to salt the slices, stack them, and put a heavy weight on them in order to get the excess water from the vegetable or they will be too mushy when cooked.
[False Facts About Major Religions You Need to Stop Believing] There are many misconceptions about the major religions that exist around the world. These have caused confusion and even conflict over the years. link
Explore this interactive collection of old maps. Think of Old Maps Online as a big visual Wikipedia. Link
[Bootleg Streaming Service] Five men were convicted in Las Vegas for their roles in operating Jetflicks, which officials said was one of the largest illegal streaming services in the country. The streaming service hosted more TV episodes than the combined catalogs of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Vudu, according to prosecutors. While generating millions of dollars in subscription fees, Jetflicks caused “substantial harm to television program copyright owners.
[EV Woes] Dead Teslas keep locking owners out of (and inside) their cars. There is an unmarked release latch described in the owner’s manual—located in the battery-powered glove box. Link
[Syphilis On The Rise] “Bag it or lose it” Doctors in the U.S. have been seeing an increase in patients with more severe symptoms caused by the sexually transmitted infection syphilis, including vision problems, headaches and hearing loss. These symptoms are increasingly common despite being typically associated with infections that have gone untreated for years, rather than recently acquired infections. Link
Archaeologists in England uncovered eight perfectly preserved catapult shots dating back to 1266. The stone spheres are of varying sizes, with the smallest only 2.2 pounds and the largest at 231 pounds. The hard projectiles were discovered during an accessibility project at Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire, where they would have likely been fired from a catapult during England’s civil war in the 13th century. Link
Can you have beer on a boat in Florida? What the law says about drinking on the water. You can’t drink in a vehicle, or even carry an open bottle of alcohol. Boating in Florida is a different story. Not only is it OK to have beer aboard a boat, everyone can chug, even the captain! Link
[Alcoholic Cow]  There was a cow named Big Bertha that drank whiskey, lived until she was 48, had 39 calves, broke two Guinness world records and raised $75,000 for cancer research. Oh, she was also born on St. Patrick’s Day.
[Allah Protects] At least 1,301 Muslims died in Mecca during the five-day Hajj pilgrimage as temperatures soared to a record 125 degrees Fahrenheit, Saudi Health Minister Fahd Al-Jalajel said Sunday. He said 83% of the dead were pilgrims who lacked permits and did not have access to air conditioned tents and transportation between holy sites.

Marathon Airport
was very busy yesterday–NOT!
[Reality Check] Que: What did you get for Mother’s Day? Ans: Stretch marks and a fat ass.
[70 Unusual Maps of the US] The United States has a rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and lifestyles. From New York City’s metropolises to Montana’s serene landscapes, each state has its unique identity and community. People vary widely in their beliefs, customs, and perspectives. We’re here today with a collection of alternative, unique, and fascinating maps of the US that tell the story of diversity and the interesting people living in this great country. Link
[KW City Manager] An emergency meeting has been called for 2pm this Wednesday June 26 at City Hall to consider a resolution to immediately terminate the contract of City Manager Al Childress (agenda link). This extreme measure is sponsored by Commissioners Lisette Carey and Billy Wardlow. The resolution proposes that Mr. Childress be fired without cause. It does not propose anyone to replace Mr. Childress on an interim basis, nor does it provide a succession plan to retain a new manager.
Mr. Childress has been a highly effective manager who has consistently operated with integrity and transparency. He has made our City more accountable to its residents and refused to grant special favors to special interests. In doing so, he has made some powerful enemies.
Based on the facts, we support Mr. Childress without reservation. We urge you to attend the special meeting this Wednesday and ask Commissioners to vote no on this unwise resolution.
[“Edited photos”] That’s okay if most images are edited. I crop almost all photos –that’s considered editing.  Sometimes you may need a little extra contrast or brightness – that’s also editing. Snapshots, especially need editing as you don’t have the time to properly compose the photo. Editing doesn’t just mean adding a third ear or second nose, you just might want to remove an object that shouldn’t be here or remove a horrible background. All photographers edit their images.
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[Rainbow Pride Flag] On June 25, 1978 the first version of the LGBTQ+ rainbow pride flag was flown during the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade. The original flag was designed by Gilbert Baker and featured eight colored stripes. The flag has since been altered several times over the decades. The modern pride flag features six colored stripes: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.
[Free At Last. Free At Last. Thank God Almighty, Free At last] Julian Assange leaves jail on his way to enter plea deal with the U.S. The WikiLeaks founder has been held in a British prison for the last five years and fought extradition to the U.S. He is expected to return to Australia. Link
[Biodegradable ‘barley plastic’] A biofriendly new material made from barley starch blended with fiber from sugarbeet waste—a strong material that turns into compost should it end up in nature—has been created at the University of Copenhagen. In the long term, the researchers hope that their invention can help put the brakes on plastic pollution while reducing the climate footprint of plastic production. Link
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[Spineless Consumer Protection Agency] Private investigator sent to man’s house for modifying legally purchased handbags. Video

Me yelling “REPRESENTATIVE! “to the automated customer service.

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