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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

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[Divided We Fall] Americans have been divided for a long time. We are starting to enjoy hatred. The political polarization has been a source of distress. People have lamented the increasing harshness of our political discourse and the outrageous and dehumanizing things both the left and the right say about each other. But we’re entering a new stage where the two sides enjoy looking down on each other.
Nobody’s trying to win anybody over. We can’t go on like this forever.
[Good Day for Cybersecurity] A coordinated effort between the European Union’s justice and police agencies has taken down computer networks linked to spreading ransomware through emails in what they called the biggest-ever international operation against the lucrative form of cybercrime. The police arrested four high value suspects, took down more than 100 servers and seized control of more than 2,000 internet domains.
[Pope Badmouthing Woman] “Gossip is a women’s thing” Pope Francis told a group of priests this week that men “wear the trousers” and “have to say things,” while women are occupied with “tittle-tattle.” The comments were made just days after the Pope apologized for using a homophobic slur.
[Sign Of The Times] Police in Midland, Michigan, recently found a woman living inside a grocery store sign, with her setup including a coffee maker, computer and printer. The woman was discovered on the roof of a Family Fare supermarket after workers spotted an extension cord leading from an outlet to the sign. The woman lived in the sign for about a year.
[Charging Stations] More than 6 in 10 Americans live within 2 miles of a public electric vehicle charging station and 64% of Americans lived within a 2-mile radius of one of these stations.
[ADHD] Girls and boys manifest symptoms of the condition differently, which previously meant boys were diagnosed at over twice the rate of girls. But experts are now aware of the distinctions. Boys will run into the street or jump off things. Girls will be daydreaming or have a lack of focus or be hyper-focused on a particular task.
[Heckler] Singer Adele yelled at a heckler at her Las Vegas residency after they said, “Pride sucks!” on the first night of Pride Month. “Don’t be so f**king ridiculous,” the singer said, eliciting cheers from the crowd.
[Internet Remorse] Remember when we first had the internet and we thought it would be used like a giant encyclopedia? It’s a real shame it turned into the psychological downfall of our civilization.
In Finland, new born babies are sent home with a box containing 60 essential items, including clothes, blankets, toys, a book and bedding. The box itself can be used as the baby’s first crib.
[They Were Expendable] The war drama that threw a wrench in John Ford and John Wayne’s friendship. Together, they made 14 feature films. In one instance, during the filming of They Were Expendable, a World War II film that hit home for its veteran director, their relationship was pushed to the test when Ford’s rabble-rousing caused The Duke to crack.
[Ouch Department] I been stung so many times by sea urchins I can’t use my finger identification for my iPad.
[Movie: The Big Short] The 2008 financial crisis is seen through the eyes of four opportunistic moneymen who foresaw the consequences of the fraudulent mortgage-lending practices of large banks on Wall Street. Prime
Professional men seem to spend an out of proportion amount of time buttoning and unbuttoning and smoothing the fronts of their suit jackets and “shooting their cuffs”.
Stormy Daniels ‘vindicated’ after Trump verdict, husband says. Link
Rolls Royce is the most durable car ever made. Almost % of the cars that have been produced by Rolls Royce in the company’s history are still in active use today.
Tips for using Gmail on your phone. Link
[The Most Interesting Tech Scandal] Actress Scarlett Johansson accused OpenAI CEO Sam Altman last week of stealing her voice and giving it to “Sky,” the new voice assistant for its ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot. In a statement, Johansson said she was approached by Altman twice about licensing her voice — which she declined to do — and was “shocked, angered, and in disbelief” when OpenAI debuted a “Sky” voice “so eerily similar to mine that my closest friends and news outlets could not tell the difference.” OpenAI has now “paused” the voice, and Altman apologized to Johansson.
The story of my ex-wife: “She chased me all around the church and caught me by the organ” the end. “She said it looked more like a flute than an organ.
[Beatles Guitar] $2.9M is the price that a guitar owned by Beatles legend John Lennon sold for at auction. The guitar, a 12-string 1964 Framus Hootenanny, was purchased at a New York auction house, where it had been expected to sell for less than $1 million. Lennon played this particular guitar while recording the albums “Help!” and “Rubber Soul” in 1965.
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Interactive Crossword puzzle. Link
[Cybercrime] U.S. federal authorities have taken down what was allegedly the largest zombie “botnet” in the world. A Chinese national, YunHe Wang, was arrested as the mastermind of 911 S5, a proxy bot service used to commit cyber attacks, large-scale fraud, child exploitation, harassment, bomb threats and export violations. 911 S5 is believed to have infected more than 19 million IP addresses around the world.
Wang was arrested in Singapore on charges that he created and operated the botnet and deployed malware. The effort to take down 911 S5, called Operation Tunnel Rat, also seized over $29 million in cryptocurrency, and Wang and associates were sanctioned by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.
The so-called “zombie” botnet was a system that deployed malware onto various computers, designed to infect as many devices as possible. Wang sold his victims various VPN programs, and once they downloaded the malicious VPN, it gave Wang access to the computer’s IP address.
Wang is then doled out the stolen IP addresses to cybercriminals for millions of dollars. These criminals used Wang’s false IP addresses to steal billions of dollars from financial institutions, credit card issuers and account holders, and federal lending programs since 2014.
Altogether, Wang made more than $99 million selling cybercriminals access to his hijacked devices. Wang used the funds to purchase luxury goods
[Remembering the Fallen] How do you memorialize the dead of the failed war in Afghanistan? This year, when I remember the dead, I will remember why they died. All the reasons they died. Because they believed in America. Because America forgot about them. Because they were trying to force-feed a different way of life to people from a different country and culture.
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[Size Comparison] Pictures that will make you realize how small we are. Sometimes, we all need a good old-fashioned reality check. As humans, we are really quite small in this world, even though our egos are huge. We might cast a large shadow over the world, but there are plenty of things in the world that are way bigger, or way smaller, than we ever realized.

75% of Earth’s population have no postal address
Public toilets in Japan are filled with smart glass. The glass remains transparent until the doors are locked and then they turn opaque.
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