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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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[Wetstock 19] Flip Flop Bob said there will be one more Wetstock next year making it Wetstock 20. He says that will be the last one he’s producing, but he says that every year. Thanks Bob for 19 years of rock and roll!
[Misogyny Alive And Well] Friday night at Looe Key Resort was a perfect example of what ails western society.  The band Stormfront was playing, and the place was well attended.  Yet, only women seemed to flock to the dance floor.  They strutted their stuff and cheered on the female singer as she played tune after tune melodies and rhythms only women seemed to enjoy.  I must’ve heard “I’m an American girl” being played over and over again, as the refrain was familiar, and the beat was far from being honest rock and roll.  I waited for a slow music song and took a lady to the dance floor.  Even though the music was mellow and easy to dance to, she didn’t seem to want to follow my lead and insisted on doing her own thing.  I couldn’t wait for the tune to be over.  I took her back to her seat where she proceeded to tell me all about her nasty divorce and the ogre she had married.

I had a strong urge to tell her I knew precisely why her marriage had failed but thought it wise to keep it to myself.  Women no longer seem to be submissive and now want to run the roost.  They act as though it’s their God-given right to lead and to keep men subdued and submissive.  And then they wonder why their relationships are on the rocks.

At that rate, I wasn’t about to make a fool of myself and pretend all was well.  Women came and went by my table, egging me on, prancing their stuff, as they tried to get me to follow their lead.  I wouldn’t have any of it. I felt that even if I succumbed to their temptation, I would lose their and my self-respect.  It’s my way or the highway.  Men on top attitude.

So long as men do not retake the lead and allow capricious behavior on the part of their women, society will continue to suffer and psychiatrists will continue to profit.  As a result, nobody’s happy.  They pretend all’s well, but the masquerade doesn’t fool anyone.  Men pretend to be happy as sheepish puppy dogs and women continue looking for firm leadership while acting like the leaders they are not.
OK, so much for my chauvinist rant.  I think you get the message, ha.

[THC Spritzers] Cocktail hour—Drinking Pot. A new breed of THC-infused canned cocktails has “changed the game” for people who enjoy weed but not alcohol, said Chala June in Bon Appétit. Hemp-derived beverages are legal in all 50 states, and a technological breakthrough has done away with the grassy off tastes of old. The products below deliver “all the sensory pleasures of cocktails,” and are welcomed at more parties than weed smoke.
Cann ($48 for 12) Cann’s sparkling “social tonics” come in multiple flavors and dosage levels, with the mild Lo Boy delivering just 1 mg of THC.
Pamos Spritz ($28 for four) Infused with 2 to 10 mg of THC, each Pamos spritz “emulates a classic mixed drink,” from the Bellini to the mai tai.
Crescent 9 ($55 for 12) With 50 mg of THC per can, this brand’s strawberry lemonade seltzer “really packs a punch.”
Zero-emission ‘electric cement’ is an ‘absolute miracle’. The new process involves arc furnaces and molten steel. Researchers may have cracked the code on crafting practically zero-emission “reactivated cement” by recycling it with its partner-in-pollution, steel. Link

Iron Butterfly co-founder Doug Ingle dead at 78; last surviving original band member. Link
Iron Butterfly – In A Gadda Da Vida – 1968 (all 17 minutes of it)

[Self-Centered Patriot] The guy at the end of the bar showed up today (Memorial day) and told everyone that they should remember that his family gave up everything to save America and will do it again. No mention of America’s fallen just letting us know Memorial day was about his family’s sacrifice. Sorry, but I can’t buy him a beer today. I found his attitude disgusting.
Wetstock was a great big success. Everyone had a good time and the vibes were real good all day. There were more boats this year. A whole lot of them!
U.S. gun shops and smugglers are arming cartels in Mexico. “It’s appalling,” said Peter Forcelli, a former ATF deputy assistant director. “This is a stain we all wear. We had a duty to stop the flow of guns, and we’re failing.”
La Niña is coming, raising the chances of a dangerous Atlantic hurricane season. One of the big contributors to the record-breaking global temperatures over the past year—El Niño—is nearly gone, and its opposite, La Niña, is on the way. Whether that’s a relief or not depends in part on where you live. Above-normal temperatures are still forecast across the U.S. in summer 2024. And if you live along the U.S. Atlantic or Gulf coasts, La Niña can contribute to the worst possible combination of climate conditions for fueling hurricanes. Link
This beautiful Yacht was docked at Little Palm Friday. It must be nice.
[Tattoos and Lymphoma] Possible association between tattoos and lymphoma revealed. A new study from Lund University in Sweden suggests that tattoos could be a risk factor for cancer in the lymphatic system, or lymphoma. Now, the researchers underline the need for more research on the topic. Video
Emigre Magazine was a highly influential graphic design publication. It was known for its innovative and experimental approach to typography and graphic design, pushing the boundaries of traditional design norms—for better or worse. The magazine was published from 1984 (year of the Macintosh launch) until 2005, and during its run it played a critical role in shaping the discourse around digital design and typography.
Preseason hurricane forecast is highest ever issued. Brace yourself, Florida. How bad could the upcoming hurricane season be? Maybe one of the busiest ever, at least judging by a new key preseason forecast. Link
[Give Blood] The One Blood bus will be at the Bealls/Winn-Dixie Plaza this Thursday 5/30 from 12-5. Donors receive a t-shirt and $20 eCard. Thank you to those who donate life giving blood.
Rancher and 34 Cattle Killed by Same Lightning Strike in Colorado: ‘It Hit Them All’. Mike Morgan, 51, died when lightning hit his trailer on May 25 while he was feeding around 100 cattle. Link
[Captain Doom and Gloom] If you have firearms, hide them. If you have to carry a handgun or other weapons, you live in the wrong place. Someone once said, What if all guns, bombs and weapons of any sort, disappeared, wouldn’t we have peace on Earth?” The real answer is we’d have such over-population of useless humanity, you wouldn’t want to live here. Maybe that’s why they are working to move the rich and infamous to another rock?
I took this cabin air filter out of my 2018 Tundra. Those leaves and the chewed fins were just as it was as I removed it. I didn’t even know there was a cabin filter until I read it somewhere.
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[Mystery Bite] I was moving my anchor and had to remove lots of seaweed, but when I stuck my hand in the mess I got bit by something. You can see the teeth marks in a semi-circle behind the knuckle.
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These lovely buns were seen at Wetstock 19. I’ve never seen so many youthful buns in one place as Wetstock this year.
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