2023 October

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

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[Gaza] Israel finally issued work permits to Gazians thinking they would use the money to improve their lives. But what did they do with the money? They bought weapons. The same with the millions of dollars they were given to build their infrastructure; and what did they do with that wealth? Bought more weapons. There is no solution as long as Israel exists. It’s in Hamas’ charter to destroy Israel and it’s also in their charter to kill all Jews around the world. How can you deal with that mentality? The only thing I can think of is to occupy Gaza and put police on every corner. It’s only the size of New York City.
Once, when I was in Havana there was a meeting of world leaders and there was a policeman on every corner (not a hooker in sight). There was not one crime committed during the three days of the conference.
[Flamingos Now In Many States] Look up! That might be a flamingo flying overhead. Ever since Hurricane Idalia roared across Florida at the end of August, Americans all up 9 and down the East Coast have been spotting the huge pink birds in states that normally have none—as far north as Pennsylvania and Ohio and all the way down to Texas. Experts say the birds, which usually only appear in the U.S. in the Florida Keys and in the Everglades, were probably flying between Cuba and Mexico when the storm blew them off course. More than 150 have been seen so far; in Rodanthe, N.C., a whole family of 11 birds was photographed wading in Pamlico Sound. To my knowledge, which goes back like 50 years, there’s never been anything as spectacular as this,” Scot Duncan, head of Alabama Audubon, tells The Washington Post. “This is jaw-dropping how many flamingos have been seen.” Flamingos were common in Florida before they were hunted to the brink of extinction in the late 1800s. If the newcomers stick around, environmentalists hope the species might become established again.
If the bacon package isn’t resealable, then it contains one serving. That’s just science!
Starbucks released a series of collectible Pumpkin Spice Latte NFTs yesterday, because why not? The four varieties — Spiced, Whipped, Iced, and Steamed cost $20 apiece on Starbucks’ Web3 loyalty platform, which not only exists but has a wait-list to join.
Now, please excuse us while we stare into a mirror for five straight hours wondering when we fell so out of touch with reality.
[Prices] I just came from shopping at a Home Depot and still have a few rubles left. Amazing, with $1 items now marked up 10 to 100 times, it’s no wonder the store is empty. Is this the next Home Depot to shut down?
[EV’s] Scottish Man ‘Kidnapped’ By Chinese Electric Vehicle. Video


[Awwww] Cuddling animals. Video

[NASA meets Prada] Moon-bound Artemis III spacesuits have some functional luxury sewn in. Link

I’m not saying that vegans are wrong, I only say that we have never found a prehistoric painting in a cave representing a salad.

[“Friday’s ‘Bigot’ post”] Regarding small-minded bigot report on Friday in CT, whew! There is good and bad in all races, flavors, etc, maybe a go-fund started to allow this maniac to not only travel the world, see, experience different cultures, but leave his hole for a bit, and meet talk to “his” neighbors Poor soul!
[Controlled Burn Plan] I hope the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service doesn’t burn up half the island again!
[Getting Old] It has come to my attention that knowing lots of things and remembering those things are two entirely separate disciplines.
[Book Burning] Some 3,360 book bans were implemented a in U.S. public school classrooms and libraries in 2022-23 school year, up 33 percent on the previous year, according to freedom-of-speech organization PEN America. More than 40 percent of the book restrictions—which limited access to 1,557 titles by more than 1,480 authors—took place in Florida.
The Israeli ambassador to the US is calling for Hamas to release all the hostages. How lame! The hostages are the key part of their attack and the only thing that is stopping Israel from bombing Gaza into the next century.

Brilliant advertisement by 3M.

[USA In a Pickle] Help our country. Israel war, N Korea, China, Iran, Russia.  Back home migrants invading by the day, homeless, drugs We need a leader with backbone!

How can Israel retaliate when the enemy doesn’t even have an office or barracks or anything! Just hate. Some of our haters would prefer that we kill everyone with a turban.

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[Books] Be sure to stop by the Big Pine Library to check out all the books we have for sale–cheap!  Thank you to everyone that donated for the sale and to Richard and the rest of the staff for filling the shelves.  They are still accepting gently used books to add to our shelves.
Be sure to check out our Banned Book table and see what upsets people.
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