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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

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[Enemas in 1692 New England] How to prepare a recipe for an enema. She took red leaves of a young oak and boiled them in water and white wine. After distilling the liquid, she had taken a few spoonfuls and put it in an aleberry [a beverage made by boiling ale with spice (such as nutmeg), sugar and bread-sops], explaining that the red leaves would work sympathetically to attract the blood, while the aleberry would treat the underlying imbalance of phlegm.
Woman with Botox lips make their lips look look like fat worms.
Big Pine Key’s controlled burn took place on Friday the 13th and they didn’t burn down anyone’s house. They’re getting much better at it.
[Gaza] The long-term solution is for Gazans who are not Hamas should shun those who belong or support Hamas. Talke a lesson from the Amish. Amish don’t kill their enemies, they shun them. That is, treat them like they don’t exist. No talking to them. No looking them in the eye. No support. Nothing. Treat them like they don’t exist. It will take decades, maybe centuries, to accomplish the change in Gaza, but the ordinary people need to do something without putting themselves in danger by confronting the terrorists. There are many Gazans who just want to work, make money, and take care of their families. This might seem too simplistic to a people who have been raised and indoctrinated into violence as a solution to all problems. It only makes them worse.
[Irony] It’s kind of funny that 99% of the time my driver’s license comes out of my wallet, it’s to buy something that impairs my ability to drive
[“Poor guy with gas coupon from Friday’s CT”] The coupon works fine but you have to bring it into the store and give it to the clerk so they can reset the pump price before you begin.  Sorry it is expired by now.

[Volunteers Needed to Feed the Keys] United Way of Collier and the Keys. Link
[Keep Courts Separate] I sent a letter to the Chairperson of the Judicial Assessment Committee, they’re deciding if they are going to recommend consolidation of the 11th Judicial Circuit (Miami-Dade County) with the 16th Judicial Circuit (Monroe County), thus, stripping our judicial independence and combining Monroe County with Miami-Dade County, thereby, reducing and not allowing us ever again to be able to jurisdictionally proceed, in a separate, free and independently distinct manner, as citizens of Monroe County. We will be negated in our ability to elect the Judges, State Attorneys, Prosecutors and Public Defenders that we believe best protect and serve us.
The Chief Judge overseeing this Judicial Assessment Committer contacted me, acknowledging the receipt of my letter, informing me that it would be made a part of the record as they move forward with their deliberations.
[Eclipse] I saw it! No, not the ring of fire, but part of our Partial Eclipse. Coming out of the Library I saw a family. The kids were looking at the sky with special glasses they had gotten at the library. They let me have a look and I was amazed! The sky was black and the sun had a bite taken out of it. Just like the picture. I feel privileged to have been able to see such a rare sight.
[Four Seasons—Not!] Yesterday it was summer and today it’s winter. No in between. Welcome to the Keys.
Israel has been going to attack Gaza for more than a week but are holding back because of world opinion. The fact is that whatever retaliation Israel does will be criticized.
[Dispose of Fish Correctly] Monroe County code prohibits the practice of throwing debris and garbage, including fish and lobster carcasses, into canals. County law prohibits throwing, placing and depositing garbage in canals, among other places. No person shall throw, place or deposit or cause to be thrown, placed or deposited, any solid waste, special waste, sludge, trash, junk, abandoned vehicle, abandoned vessel, garbage, or filth of any kind into or on any of the public streets, roads, highways, bridges, alleys, lanes, thoroughfares, waters, canals or vacant lots, or upon the premises of any other person within the limits of the county, county law states. The County Land Development Code prohibits fish cleaning tables that directly discharge into surface waters, which includes canal waters. Monroe County code prohibits the dumping of fish parts in local canals.

[Not Aging Well] Celebs who transformed unexpectedly over the years and some are too hard to recognize. Link

[The Seven Dirty Words] These are the seven English-language curse words that American comedian George Carlin first listed in his 1972 “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” monologue. The words, in the order Carlin listed them, are: “shit”, “piss”, “fuck”, “cunt”, “cocksucker”, “motherfucker “, and “tits”.. And I’ll never have to use them (mostly). You couldn’t find this out in 1972. It was a purer time. (Think more repressed. Not necessarily a bad thing.)

Halloween pumpkin carving winner. Key West category.

Alan Watts opens up about religion and the Bible. Video
[Boom] Watch this new Canada-made troop transport pass its explosive tests. Military transport vehicles have to withstand a range of tests to show they can protect their occupants. Take a look at how that happens. Video
[Dumber Then Me] Two of the most difficult things on earth are to communicate and hide from the great unwashed food masticators when you have a high IQ.
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[Whip It Good] Mark Mothersbaugh, of the band Devo, started making commercials in the late 1980s. He added subliminal messages to about 30 of them— “Sugar is bad for you” in Hawaiian Punch ad, for example—before he got caught

[Assholes Who Dump] Over 10,000 pounds of trash were illegally dumped on the side of two Florida Keys streets, deputies said. In the last week, authorities arrested two men they say are responsible. Link

[Gym People] Living and trying to exercise at local gyms is terrible. Some people waste so much time on a machine not doing anything, they should be issued a parking ticket.
Watch the annular solar eclipse cross the skies. Video

US will build seven regional ‘hydrogen hubs’ to spark clean energy transition. The hubs will be spread across 16 states and aim to eliminate 25 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Link
[Recycling] It is about to get much easier. QR codes with hyperlocal recycling instructions will soon show up on your milk cartons, ice cream tubs and more — meaning you’ll be able to scan an item, type in your ZIP code and see if it’s eligible to go in the blue bin.
“Just because a product says it’s recyclable, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s recyclable where you live,” notes Rishi Banerjee, director of the Consumer Brands Association’s SmartLabel program. Why it matters: 60% of consumers are confused about what and how to recycle, according to The Recycling Partnership, a national nonprofit — depressing the already-low recycling law compliance rate. The overall U.S. recycling rate is around 32%, the EPA says. For plastics, however, it’s under 6%, per a recent report
[Supreme Court] The mainstream media seem to not realize the real reason our congress is full of crazies, in such disarray thar it isn’t worried about the consequences of trying to overthrow our democracy. There is no way to fix this with the current the Supreme Court of the United States being so partisan, unbalanced, ignorant and un-phased by precedent. All of this government non-function can be directly attributed to: Citizens United; via the PACs which allow the rich buy their own politicians. The Supremes now work for their donors, not the American people.
Gerrymandering: All of the crazy ones and many of the others aren’t worried about being reelected. Their main exposure is the primary so they have to stay super partisan in case a freshly purchased candidate shows up to oppose them.
Is it really that simple? Yes — and I rarely even hear its importance mentioned. The voting public is way too ignorant to even realize it; and the press, for the most part, ignores it.

[Bias News] There was a massive demonstration in Iraq this week and almost no western news media reported it.
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