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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


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lobster24[Ode to Mini-Season 2013] Complain about the refuge, complain about the sewer,
But how much does it matter when we’re turning to manure?
Nevermind sea level rise, Miami Vice is what I fear.
What used to to be confined to winter, now seems to last all year.

See them strut, they stink like lotion,
Throwing trash into the ocean,/When called out, these lazy slobs
All claim we need them for our jobs.

I must confess, I could care less about their coke-stained bucks.
And here’s another secret, spiny lobster kind of sucks.
Before you ask, in theory, yes we have drunk driving laws,
And you might be horrified, there are no shopping malls.

No problem, cries the TDC, we’ll advertise in NYC!
The highway gets so crowded, I’ll take my chances with the sea.
But it gets worse, the ocean too is surely out of luck,
Our pretty deep-blue birthright also sold out for a buck.

The coral’s dead, the deer hand-fed, the roads all littered up,
The Commission’s still insistin’ things are on the up-and-up.
Dwellers of unspoiled lands, be not full of sorrow,
For what they do to us today, they’ll do to you tomorrow.


[Stabber Look-a-like] We were wondering if that lady that was robbed and stabbed at Searstown recovered and was all right; and a couple of days later she writes the CT with her story. Uncanny! We were hitchhiking out of town that day and closely matched the description of the suspects except for a tattoo. Needless to say we had an interesting trip from Duval Street to Boca Chica before we scrapped our plans and caught a bus.

gordon24[Body in A Bottle] One of Glunz Ocean Beach Hotel & Resort’s owners, Judi, was walking on the beach this morning cleaning up the junk that washed onto shore and finds a bottle with a message in it. There was also some sand and 2 one dollar bills in it. Once we got it opened and read the notes we found out that it is in fact not sand. It is the ashes of this woman’s husband of 70 years named Gordon!

She writes that he loved to travel so she sent him traveling in a bottle with a note and money for someone to call home and tell her where he landed.

He started at Big Pine Key in March of 2012 and then went to Islamorada where someone found him. They added a note and sent him traveling again and he landed on our beach in Key Colony. Judi called the wife in Tennessee who was excited to know of Gordon’s travels. Judi added her note, we put him in a rum bottle (you know added a little fun to Gordon’s trip) with the three notes. We added another dollar in case Gordon travels far and a long distance call is needed.

We will be having a memorial service or celebration of his life on our beach later today before sending him on his way again.

The Police–Message In A Bottle

Peace will not be silenced by fear.


nira tocco realtor 9.12

[North Roosevelt Non-construction] When do they work on the road? I’ve been to KW about 4 times in the last couple of months and have yet to see anyone working. What’s going on? I feel sorry for the businesses on the boulevard.

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an tumbleweed2



[“In Texas there is little or no underbrush”]  I don’t disagree with the rest of your post, but, wow, did you miss the mark on that part!  I live just south of the Sam Houston Nat’l Forest.  The underbrush around here is so dense cattle drives couldn’t get through and had to go around, or find the ‘trace’ routes of lesser density.  You’re probably thinking of the wide open spaces of west Texas, because the east is bayou country. 

The Mosquito Board had better not raise our taxes until they learn to control the mosquitoes in my yard. I’ll not reward them until they do their job.




[“Perennial peanut ground cover”] I’ve been trying to buy some but the closest seller I can find is in Tampa. I’ll go if I have to, but does anyone have a source closer to the Keys?

[Affordable Health Insurance]  In less than three  months, uninsured Floridians  will be able to purchase medical insurance online under the new federal health law.  Making sure average citizens understand how it works will be a Herculean task accompanied by a massive marketing blitz promoting the biggest expansion of the social safety net since Medicare. Hundreds of thousands  of Florida residents making less than $48,000 a year will be eligible for federal money to help purchase their own insurance through online health exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.  The new marketplaces,  which are open for enrollment this October, will have the feel of an online travel site where individuals and  families can compare different private insurance plans. 

kitten24[Vegan Kitten] This kitten almost died after its owners fed it a strict vegan diet. The horrific case at a North Melbourne animal hospital has prompted a warning about the dangers of people “forcing ideologies” on their pets.

Lort Smith Animal Hospital veterinarian Leanne Pinfold said the kitten was brought in this month by its owners, who were believed to be vegan. She said the kitten’s diet of potatoes, rice milk and pasta had caused it to become critically ill. “It was extremely weak and collapsed when it came in. It was almost non-responsive,” Dr Pinfold said.

The kitten was given fluids via a drip, placed on a heat pad and fed meat. It remained in hospital for three days after which the kitten’s owners were given meat to feed their pet at home, she said. Dr Pinfold said as obligate or true carnivores, cats needed meat to survive. She said people who wanted a pet that did not eat meat should consider other animals, such as rabbits. “Concern for animal welfare has to include a biologically-appropriate diet,” she said. “You can’t force your ideology on the cat. “Carnivores will seek out meat and your cat is possibly more likely to go hunting and kill local native fauna if you deprive it of meat.”

Dr Pinfold said she had not come across a similar case in her 11 years as a veterinarian.



I wish mosquitoes sucked fat instead of blood, then I could sit outside and eat donuts all day!

[“Wrong photograph rebuttal by 67 year old woman”] Bless her beautiful heart – and intellect. Thank you.

Today in 1847 Brigham Young and the first Mormon pioneers arrived at Utah’s Salt Lake Valley. Remember the polygamist’s famous words: “I don’t care how you bring ‘em, just bring ‘em young.”
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hamster wheel an

Why do hamsters enjoy running so much? Can we harness that energy?

[“Wrong Photo”] Thank you to the woman posting to set the record straight about the wrong photograph. And for the thoughtful and informed comments about Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman.It is good to read a post that is not filled with anger and hate. She is wise to urge us all to be seekers of the truth.

NewDNC[“Credit card scam”] Thanks for the info on the company calling and saying they were representing VISA. Typically, it will be your own credit card issuer that calls if there is fraud in question.  If anyone ever calls you, hang up and call them back using the number on the back of your card. Not the number they give you. Never give out any other information.

Another scam I have been called by several times is a company called Cardholder Services.  They claim to represent banks and list some such as Citi, Chase, B of A, etc, hoping to hit one of yours.  I told them last week to put me on their do not call list and he said he couldn’t.  I told him I would report him to the FTC as I’m registered on the Do Not Call list and he said he couldn’t do that.  I asked why and he called me a bitch.  He then said he was with Cock Services. I hung up on him. Unfortunately, it was “caller unknown” and when I looked on my phone bill. The number that called me was my own, so somehow they spoof that too.

Just don’t give out information if anyone calls you.  Tell them you will call them back with the number you have.

If you do have a phone number, enter it into and file a complaint. It’s illegal for robocalls too.

fanci ad 7-16-13

[Audacity] Pedophiles want same rights as homosexuals. Claim it’s unfair to be stigmatized for sexual orientation. Link



George Zimmerman‘s acquittal is not about race, it is about defending oneself from being beat to death.

[“Wrong Photo”] The bigot in us would have felt better if that wrong photo was the correct one of Martin. 



The comment from the 67 year old woman re: ‘wrong photograph‘ Wednesday is hands-down the best I’ve ever seen on the whole Martin/Zimmerman case.

I would like to nominate it for a Telegraph Award!

[Castle Doctrine] “If you are in fear of your life or another person in danger, then deadly force is allowed. That rule takes the ambiguity out of the Rule.” That rule is already in the law. Read Florida Statute 776.013. Link

That’s exactly what it states.  Where’s the ambiguity?  Zimmerman had two choices, let Martin beat him to death or shoot him.  The law says you have the right to protect yourself from that situation and do what Zimmerman did.

Maybe if people would educate themselves and not listen to everything the press says it would be obvious why the jury returned the verdict they did. If the press can incite a race war over this, then the government can invoke Martial law and take everyone’s guns. Only then will certain people “feel” safe.

capt conch chef

[Chef Ed] On Sunday’s CT someone was praising Deer Ed’s culinary skills and suggested that he open a restaurant. Can you imagine what that would be like? If it is anything like the way he edits the Coconut Telegraph my order for a Filet Mignon would arrive at my table as a Sloppy Joe and the bill would say Pizza! (Just kidding Ed, you know we all love you.) Menu > Recipes


[“Both Zimmerman and Martin had the opportunity to walk away”] No. Martin was trying to walk away, but Zimmerman insisted on following. Nowhere in the report was Trayvon approaching Zimmerman.


The latest anti-aging secret is a slimy one. I hope they don’t bring back leeches anytime soon.  Link   

[Zimmerman] To the self-described “67 year old white woman” on yesterday’s CT, I offer you this important quote from Daniel Patrick Moynihan:  “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”  Watch this Bill Whittle video and pay special attention to the real and true documents that are presented therein that betray your ignorance of the truth. Video

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I have found that the best thing for insomnia is a good nights sleep.



[How Adding Iodine To Salt Resulted In A Decade’s Worth Of IQ Gains] Iodized salt is so ubiquitous that we barely notice it. Few people know why it even exists. Iodine deficiency remains the world’s leading cause of preventable mental retardation. According to a new study, its introduction in America in 1924 had an effect so profound that it raised the country’s IQ.

A new NBER working paper from James Feyrer, Dimitra Politi, and David N. Weil finds that the population in iodine-deficient areas saw IQs rise by a full standard deviation, which is 15 points, after iodized salt was introduced. Link


[“Wrong photograph of Trayvon Martin”] and Google Image Search are your friends Ed!





Fanci Seafood has Lobster Kits $14.95 and Dive Flags for $9. Get them while they last. 

Trayvon is not such a nice guy. Video




Your Honor, my client is an idiot.

JavaScript is prone to security leaks but it can have variables that make the content more dynamic and interesting visually. Should you disable it? Link






[Gizmos] One mouse/two computers. Drag and drop files from one laptop to another. Look at the video towards the bottom on the ad. Video

[“How a Miami school crime cover-up policy led to Trayvon Martin’s death”] BS, and if my Aunt had balls she’d be my uncle!




[“Windmills are the symbols of power”] Wow man, what part of the oil fields were you born in? You put-downers never stop destroying our rock for profit. Get a life, in fact get several because you oil barons are killing the rest of us. If it was not for the old windmill, most of Europe would have starved to death and had no water to drink. Before you open that useless food hole, do some research!

[Choices] Everything you do is based on the choices you make. It’s not your parents. your past relationships. your job, the economy, the weather, an argument your age that is to blame. and only you are responsible for every decision and choice you make.

king kong



Prince William decided to name the future King of England ‘Kong’. That way when he becomes the King, he’ll be called King Kong!

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[No Fatsos] The low-price air carrier GoAir of New Delhi announced in June that in the future it would hire only females for the cabin crew — because they weigh less than men and expects eventually to save the equivalent of $4 million annually in fuel based on average weights. Women from New Jersey need not apply.

isaksen-flood 4.23.13

[Old Septic Tanks] What happened to the old idea of using old septic tanks for artificial reef building? It worked before and they did not even have to clean them because the sea life loved the horderves.

an_dive_flagYou bring the Lobster – We’ll provide the fixings. See you at Springer’s Bar & Grill

50% off your Pizza order starting at 5 pm at Springer’s. You should see these pizza’s they are big, beautiful and tasty!

Wednesday night is Cornhole Night at Springer’s Bar & Grill. Sign up for the Co-ed Fall Season now.

TED Talk on water and the ocean. Fresh water anyone? Video




Shrimp Taco Salad recipe. Link 

[“Yankee Go Home”] this One Human Family crap has got to stop. We are not one family, never were and never will be. We hate each other. We are what is left of individuals and our mates trying to exist in a world full of losers, misfits, holy assholes, and war mongers. Get real and get some balls back in your sheep-dip shorts. Singing and burning candles sucks. Get a job, get a life, get a weapon!



[Zimmerman] To the 67 year woman who seems so concerned about correcting everyone about the Zimmerman case: “lean” and “purple drank” are two different things. And that wasn’t Ice Tea he was carrying, it was Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail. The media wouldn’t dare say watermelon in a story about a black teen, too racist! And as for using misleading photographs, who do you think is the most guilty of that (see attached pic)? You would think that someone who has already been assaulted like you have been would be in favor of carrying a weapon for self protection. Maybe that is what your god was trying to tell you when he allowed you to be stabbed multiple times.

CheapShots will be in the Keys this weekend doing low cost veterinary care from Key West to Islamorada. Call 305-390-0325 or go to for more info.


[“George Zimmerman pulls four people out of an overturned vehicle. What poetic justice it would be if they were black”] I don’t know George Z, never met him. Have you? The fact that a man pulled 4 people out of an overturned vehicle on a busy highway is pretty simple. The man deserves a huge thank you, especially if you were one of the ones saved. Or a family member who is so thankful citizen x was there and saved their loved ones. Breath of relief by all concerned that someone was there to help.

You racist, rather than being thankful that a good deed happened, you’re placing blame on the citizen saver because he saved someone who is white. You are the warped racist! So are your buds who are burning and looting their fellow citizens in their warped vision of racial equality. Rob from the white or black because we’re the depressed black? I don’t think so, and our country’s black population won’t stand for your insinuation either. 

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It seems that the Yankee go home post, pissed off the people who were forced to look into the mirror of reflection, and they didn’t like what they saw. I guess the moral of the story is, don’t make someone else’s problem your problem.




[The Future] Photo of Lower Florida Keys residents helping to clear a Grinder Pump back up from a power failure that lasted only fifteen minutes in July 2014. Luckily there were no causalities, at least none were reported.


[I’m Not A Bigot] In my opinion, Zimmerman was justified killing Trayvon as soon as he started slamming his head on the pavement. One can survive a broken nose, black eyes and busted lips, which is where the fight should have ended as Trayvon got what he needed, to get Zimmerman off his tail so he could escape. But then 17 year old went too far in the fist fight and was risking killing Zimmerman, Zimmerman knew it and killed the kid. Your life does flash before your eyes when your head is being slammed on the concrete, he knew he was losing badly, he risked totally losing consciousness and thus being unable to save his own life.

Trayvon was obviously trying to eliminate a witness to his wrongdoings or he wouldn’t have taken things so far. So in my opinion he was doing attempted murder or great bodily harm at that point, which is what the outcome would have been if he wasn’t killed. If Zimmerman didn’t shoot he might have ended up a vegetable or dead at the hands of a 17 year old no one could identify or find because over time his features would change as he matured into adulthood.

Was Zimmerman right to follow Trayvon despite being told by a 911 operator they don’t need him to do that? Likely not, but perhaps he thought he could tail Trayvon without being seen, perhaps he thought he wasn’t yet discovered by Trayvon.

Community Watch types are just like Zimmerman, they are paid guard dogs we hire because we don’t want to take those sort of risks ourselves. The solution for this sort of problem is to have Community Watch types equipped with some sort of ability to tag perp’s at long range, then escape and let the police do their jobs. Ideally it would be best to tag the perp with something they are not aware of or know is on them, then when they pretend to walk normally down the street or walk by a hidden camera, the cops will know that’s the suspect. Of course more paid cops roaming the neighborhoods is the ultimate answer. 


No one needs a stand your ground law. When threatened by a 23 year old mixed martial arts trained assailant, we geezers can either beat the crap out of him or outrun him.

religion politics zone

Team Obama steps up racial standards for neighborhoods. Link



[Nation in Free Fall] The President’s rating is the low 40%, 83% of Americans hate Congress, 53% of Americans want the whole thing scrapped. Republican Congressman calling all Mexicans involved in drug trade, most people against Obamacare. We are falling apart and only term limits will put it back together. The powerful are too powerful and need a little castrating. This once great nation is suffering.

I am the poster that posted the remarks from Mitt Romney concerning the Zimmerman case. FTR went on to say Tuesday that I said  ” Team Obama’s setting up on Zimmerman was perfectly acceptable and any argument to the contrary was unfair.” That is a blatant lie.

FTR when telling your lies please omit my comments from them. I encourage posters to review my Romney posting from Sunday and you will see my posting never said either comment was acceptable. I guess were down to 1/8th truth now.

Republicans baffle me at times. They keep mentioning how horrible it will be when the affordable healthcare act is fully implemented because it will force some doctors to quit. They say that’s terrible. Yet quite often on here they espouse the greatness and glory of Sarah Palin who quit and walked out on the very people that elected her to office.

Im starting to think the American right is turning into a huge support group for quitters.

weinermobile24[Weiner Still Wagging His Weeney] New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner admitted on Tuesday to sending additional explicit photos and texts to a woman he met online more than a year after he resigned from Congress for similar behavior. 
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[“Opinions”] Obamacare is the beginning of the end, but not of America, but of the American healthcare system that is terribly broken. This will fix it after all the bugs are worked out and corrections made. It will surely take years, but will end the tragedy, abuse and inhumanity that is the American healthcare system. Only Republicans seem to like the existing system and don’t want it changed. I wonder why.

[“I prefer not to waste my time and offend those espousing anti solar propaganda”] I have no good scientific based info, so I choose to ignore the hard facts and I dismiss you. You may define what is economical to you, but our government begs to differ with regards to solar. And your typical liberal attack with name calling (anti solar propaganda) means nothing. I have recommended solar systems in my business when the economics or logistics worked, but those situations were rare. Why do you want to force your agenda on everyone else. I choose to dismiss you.

from the right

blinders24Sometimes my critics get tiresome.  Some of them are so inculcated with the dogma of the left that they are incapable of seeing, recognizing, or uttering the truth. Once such example was yesterday when a critic, once again using name calling as his/her primary weapon, wrote that my previous posting that pointed out that Obama had lied to us about our being able to keep our current doctors, was false. That poster could not have been more wrong. Obamas promise was not just an aside, it was a firm, solid, unequivocal promise. Now we know for certain that he has broken that promise, As proof, I offered Obama’s own web site posting, and an article in Forbes magazine which quoted the current Obama web site on the issue.

Here’s what Obama first promised, it is a quote from a transcript to be found at the link listed below, it is Obamas own web site: Obama said “Here is a guarantee that I’ve made. If you have insurance that you like, then you will be able to keep that insurance. If you’ve got a doctor that you like, you will be able to keep your doctor. Nobody is trying to change what works in the system. We are trying to change what doesn’t work in the system.”  “Here is a guarantee that I’ve made. If you have insurance that you like, then you will be able to keep that insurance. If you’ve got a doctor that you like, you will be able to keep your doctor. Nobody is trying to change what works in the system. We are trying to change what doesn’t work in the system.” Link

Now, on the cusp of implementation of Obamacare, Obama has reneged on his promise, what a surprise!  Now, here’s what Team Obama says about the question “Can I keep my own doctor?”  The answer is MAYBE. The HHS web site tells the full story, check it out at: Link

Obama promised you absolutely that you could keep your own Doctor, but he breaks that promise by delivering “maybe.” Patients usually establish a healthy rapport with their Docs, forcing them to change Docs will interfere with the quality of their healthcare.

Obamacare has become so unpopular that Team Obama is arm twisting and beseeching health care big money  poo bahs to spend mega dollars to promote it. Obama has sought out the aid of the glitterati to promote it.  Nancy Pelosi was right (that’s once) when she said that “we have to pass the bill so that we can understand it”.

Now that we understand it, we don’t like it. Only 35% of Americans hold a favorable view of Obamacare. That’s a 14 point plummet since its passage. That’s according to the June Kaiser Health Tracking Poll. In May, Politico reported that a CNN poll revealed that 54% of Americans opposed Obamacare. All of the foregoing are four square truths.

Our younger people are going to become more and more opposed to it as they learn that they will be forced to pay high insurance premiums for which they will receive little benefit. The benefit will go to older persons.

None of this speaks to the rapidly unfolding scandal of the huge increases in health care insurance premiums.

Obamacare is in the process of unraveling. The unions have spoken out against it, businesses have been given a year of grace time so that they will not be forced to enroll.  Hundreds, if not thousands of businesses have been granted exemptions. The reason businesses have been given a year grace period is simple; when business are hit with it they will cut staff, which will increase unemployment just before the mid term elections.  Falling employment will be poison to Democrats.

Oops! I almost forgot to mention that as Obamacare tanks, so does the approval rating of Mr. Obama. The McClatchy news powerhouse has just published a poll that reveals that Obama’s approval rating has tanked to 41%

Speaking of tanks; maybe a part of that is the fact that gas has increased in price by 99% since he took office. The talking heads predict that it will increase by about $.20 in the next few weeks…..Whoopeee!

Part 2) There is a fascinating article in the following link that gives us real perspective of the Zimmerman/Martin episode. It shows how malfeasance by public employees can lead to tragedy.  Link