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Wednesday, March 26, 2013

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Former Monroe County Superintendent  of Schools Joseph Burke is resigning from  his current job as the superintendent of  the Lee County School District, on the west  coast of Florida. Burke claimed that health issues were  behind the announcement, but the move  comes less than a month after a Fox News  affiliate began an investigation into Burke’s  handling of an alcohol-related impropriety  involving one of his top directors. Burke’s employment with the Monroe  County District ended in June 2011. Former Gov. Charlie Crist had appointed Burke in August 2009 after deposed  Superintendent Randy Acevedo’s initial suspension during a financial investigation that  ended with the imprisonment of his wife,  Monique Acevedo. ~KW Citizen

[Disability Check] There are just as many people guilty of disability fraud as there are people committing welfare fraud. I also listened to the story on NPR last week where they said some counties in America had a quarter of their citizens collecting disability checks.

We are focused more on welfare fraud because, being white, we associate perceived welfare fraud with black people. Disability fraud is the white man’s version of the black’s welfare fraud.

an_paddle-wheelThe 5th Annual Lower Keys Paddle Boat Pursuit will be held on Saturday, April 6 at Looe Key Tiki Bar in the canal behind the hotel. Prizes for the winner as well as the Sinker Award. Cost to enter is $50. Money raised goes toward the Annual 4th of July celebration. For more information Bulletin Board 
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[“Who was the pilot of “The Song Bird”] Answer: old-time TV’s Kirby Grant, AKA ‘Sky King.’ Link 

[Disability Check] An easy way to tell if someone you know is scamming on disability is if they beg you not to tell anybody about it.

[Disability Check] Binder and Binder, you know that law firm whose commercials you see on TV? says regarding disability:

“We’ll deal with the government; you have enough to worry about. Did you know it may take years before an SSD case is resolved? Dealing with the government can be a long, frustrating process, delayed by confusing paperwork and stressful procedures.”

Perhaps they could deal with our lil’ government. 



The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Geographic are working on the Birds of Paradise Project in New Guinea. This is amazing! Video

[“I haven’t read the FTR guy in months. I don’t have to, just read some of the rebuttal comments directed towards him”] Exactly! This seems to be a real problem with some people; not even trying to listen to opposing viewpoints, but instead just taking everything as fact from those who say what they want to hear.

If you really dislike FTR so much, wouldn’t it be prudent for you to read every word he types as in ‘Know thy enemy’? Then maybe you could post your own, logical counter argument to his opinions.

There are some things that FTR guy posts that I don’t agree with, because I’ve read them and made up my own mind. It’s called critical thinking (or thinking for yourself). You should try it sometime, it’s quite rewarding.

an_blink eggs

The community Easter Egg Hunt at the Blue Heron Park, Lytton’s Way will be held on Saturday, March 30 promptly at 9 a.m. Ages newborn to 10. Special appearance by the Easter Bunny. Bulletin Board 

[Drones] ARGUS Featured on PBS Nova. Video 


The Song Bird was piloted by Sky King and he did let Penny pilot the Song Bird on occasion.

I saw that pic of the Homeland Security up-armored truck yesterday.  Better stock up with plenty of armor piercing rounds for your Bushmaster.  They’re coming for you.



[“I wonder why our Homeland Security needs equipment like this”]  Have you ever been to downtown Chicago or Detroit at night?  Or Miami in the daytime? Can you picture  Big Sis Janet driving one into the hood? Come to think about it, that could be the plot for the next Terminator movie.

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[Disability Fraud]  In the Clearwater area, there are billboards all up and down the highway picturing lawyers who can get you on disability. I realize that there are some people who really are disabled, and should be on disability, but there are many more that should not be. I guess this is another scam that can be attributed to the noble legal profession. These folks make up the majority in Congress, which explains a lot.

nasa3.27An Astronaut’s View of the Colorado Plateau. The Colorado Plateau spans northern Arizona, southern Utah, northwestern New Mexico, and southwestern Colorado. This physiographic province is well known for its striking landscapes and broad vistas—an impression that is enhanced by the view from the orbital perspective of the International Space Station. This astronaut photograph highlights part of the Utah-Arizona border region of the Plateau, and includes several prominent landforms.

The Colorado River, dammed to form Lake Powell in 1963, crosses from east to west (which is left to right here because the astronaut was looking south; north is towards the bottom of the image). The confluence of the Colorado and San Juan Rivers is also visible. Sunglint—sunlight reflected off a water surface back towards the observer—provides a silvery, mirror-like sheen to some areas of the water surfaces.

The geologic uplift of the Colorado Plateau led to rapid downcutting of rivers into the flat sedimentary bedrock, leaving spectacular erosional landforms. One such feature, The Rincon, preserves evidence of a former meander bend of the Colorado River.


[Affordable Healthcare Tax] Not so fast! The 3.8% additional tax certainly does apply to the sale of a commercial building or even your personal residence. If the capital gain on the sale (and any other investment, rental, or other “unearned” income ) raises your adjusted gross income (AGI) for the year to an amount in excess of $200K (single filer) or $250K (joint filers), then you are additionally taxed on either the amount of the “excess” AGI or on the investment income, whichever is the lesser.

Similarly, the sale of your personal home may be subject to the “Obama Care” 3.8% tax if, after subtracting the $250K/$500K (single/married) primary residence exclusion, you realize a capital gain on the sale that exceeds the aforementioned $200K/$250K barrier, that excess amount is also subject to the tax (or your AGI).

Complicated? Of course it is! Like the rest of the tax code, it is nearly impossible for the poor taxpayer to wend his way through it without professional help.



Computer potato. 

[Disability Check] Some folks need disability checks as well as some folks need welfare and food stamps. Branding all of them as frauds is wrong.

[Disability Check] As a retired teacher of 35 years, I have some information about the government disability debate that CT readers may find enlightening. Somehow, parents caught wind that conditions such Attention Deficit Disability (unable to sit in your seat) or Oppositional Defiant Disorder (refusing to follow directions) qualified their offspring for a disability check. I would routinely listen to children as young as 6 years old discuss with each other what they would buy when their monthly check came in. Should it be a new video game or bicycle? The possibilities were endless. Just another example, in my humble opinion, of a systematic plan to ensure government dependence. So sad.



You’d better hold on! I saw a Circraft at a Dions today. He told me all about it. It is 5 feet on diameter. Has a 40 HP twin blade prop on it. The rear of the craft has two ski-like boards on which it planes on. The factory said it should be able to 60mph. I assume the jetski became more popular. Link

[“Disability Check people pay their own health insurance”] If they do (NPR says they don’t) it’s only pennies on the dollar. My insurance for one person is $1100 a month. SSD recipients pay a pittance as their health insurance is subsidized as part of their benefits.
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an up red


In 1998, the Food and  Drug Administration approved Viagra, a medication to combat  impotence.

[“Disability claimants are encouraged to work”] Their checks are smaller if they work so that is no encouragement. They are not going to work if they don’t have to.
[Medicare Abuse] I took my girlfriend to the eye doctor in Homestead today.  Couldn’t help but notice and overhear the woman in her Adidas sneakers, Aeropostal jogging suit, and Coach purse, with the iPhone asking about whether or not her Medicaid would cover the cost of the Gucci frames that she liked.

[Rough Seas] Just off Big Pine yesterday in the wind! Just kidding, but it sure was no day to go fishing. Video

an_handicap-sign[Disability Check] Just because someone is able to walk around, drive a car, and perform other daily tasks doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t disabled and legally entitled to disability benefits. One of the main reasons that disability can be so hard to detect is because of the wide variety of legitimate medical conditions that aren’t immediately recognizable to other people who aren’t aware of the specific medical condition that the disability beneficiary may have. These types of disabilities are known as “invisible disabilities”.

I use a blue placard to park my car and when I don’t hobble out of my car, people give me a sideways slant – like who the *&%$ are you to get out of the car without huffing and puffing or hobbling out of the car with a cane.  Mind your business! 

[Disability Check] An easy way to tell if someone you know is scamming on disability is if they beg you not to tell anybody about it.


[“Art like you will never see in the Keys”] I can’t say I’ve ever seen any great art in the Keys. Sure there are a lot of pelicans, palms and hibiscus done well, but none of them are worth mention unless you’re the artist or family.



1956 Jaguar racer. Only a few of these were ever built.Jaguar-D-Type, race only. The famous Sterling Moss Drove one, Enzo was not happy with losing, lmao. All were painted British Racing Green. I only ever saw one in my whole life (70 yrs). The last one I have seen on TV at Barrett Jackson Auction, Scottsdale, AZ ,  1, 2 maybe 3 years ago sold for several million in frantic bidding. I’m not sure how many are still out there. Some boss Arab in Dubai has one in his collection of over 500 cars, all stored in his custom garage in the basement. Video

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an head_dress

In 1886, Apache leader Geronimo surrendered to U.S. forces at Skeleton Canyon in Arizona. 

[Life of Flowers] Each flower is filmed for two days, and photos are collated within 7 minutes to get this effect. Video


 The Old Wooden Bridge Kid’s Fishing Tournament will be held on Saturday, April 20 at the Old Wooden Bridge, No Name Bridge. Kids will receive their own fishing rods and bait will be provided. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Prizes to the top 10 kids in each age category for male and female. Lunch for the whole family will be provided by Centennial Bank. This event is free to the community. Bulletin Board


[Woman] President Barack Obama on Tuesday named veteran Secret Service agent Julia Pierson as the agency’s first female director, signaling his desire to change the culture at the male-dominated service, which has been marred by scandal.


unclect27[Captain Doom and Gloom] I love the few posters who always knock the FTR guy, but never say anything in fact themselves. Always negative, but never any logical posts about anything. Why post these, I cannot understand. Yes, just like this post, meaning nothing important except to chastise the FTR posters.  A waist of time and electrons, right?

“The Keys are destined to be a park whether we stay or go” Wrong! The Keys are destined to be another Boca as soon as the junta can get the laws changed so the waters can be deepened for the yachts. This has been the idea all along since the first railroad tie was laid. And there is nothing you can do about it.

Clean your own canal with a line and grapple hook then dispose of the trash the correct way, or hire some clean out company to do it, but do not wait for the junta to do anything here in the bubba keys, you are just kidding yourself. It might be a better idea not to pay your taxes in Moron County at all, just send in cash to the politicos to make it easier for them. Capuche?

“Old 7 Mile Bridge walk is the nicest” You should have tried it back in 1969 before the new bridge was built and with the old traffic and no place to walk except the narrow side curb and without water or a hat. It would have killed me if a local woman in an old Dodge pick up did not pick me up! 7 miles of bad road for sure!

It is amazing how someone in a suit can dictate how you are allowed to control your own body and life. The abortion laws for example. Who the hell is anybody to tell any woman what she can or cannot do with her body? In fact, who are those in governments to tell us citizens how to live our lives in any respect. We hired those non-productive anti-socials to do our maintenance, not to be Gods. Same goes for the religious useless eaters. Look what both have done to our country and to our world. Time for a change back to reality and to a more simple life style. Throw out the trash and put real humans in those chairs and just maybe we may make it a few years longer.


[The People’s Crooks] 95% of Americans favor background checks for gun purchasers yet Congress is listening to NRA lobbyist instead of the citizens and hemming and hawing on passage of such a Bill.

an ass

The man says F.T.R’s posts contain no facts only his B.S. if that is the case why doesn’t the gentleman provide us with a few actuals so we could at least have a clue as to what he was referring to, reading the post as it is stated is,like saying I hate the taste of water, in other words meaningless, or as is probably the case the poster is voicing verbatim the standard procedure from his party’s leaders which are all like a herd of donkeys braying into the wind.

Kudos to FTR. Yesterday’s airplane post was one of the most interesting posts I’ve had the pleasure to read. He’s sure had an interesting life. I doubt he would have mentioned his pilot’s experiences if he hadn’t been called to the carpet by another poster.
Monday, President Obama spoke at a naturalization ceremony for active duty service members and civilians at the White House. He welcomed 28 new citizens to our nation of immigrants, and called for reforms to our immigration system that will help harness the talent and ingenuity of all those like them who want to work hard and find a place here in America. 
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George W. Bush still having trouble believing he was elected President for even one term.

The American Dream ended (on November 6th) in Ohio. The second term of Barack Obama. Link


right only grey

Yesterday we read a posting that said: “Debunking Republican lies. Link”.  That link led you to a site called “Progressives Forward”. The site is an organ of the Progressive movement; it is out of the ball park left field. All it needs to round out its front page is a bright red flag adorned with a hammer and sickle. Check it out for yourself. If you’re interested in learning the truth, backed up by cites, check out Link Obama and the Democrats are ruining your economy by their profligate spending.

an_servant-couchPart 2) Most folks probably don’t beef too much about Presidential and Presidential family vacations, but the Family Obama is going way, way, over the line.  Mrs. O and kids have been spending quality time with a passel of their buds at a very posh, very expensive, Nassau resort. We hope that the Family Obama is paying their own suite bills, but who knows, they won’t tell us. Of course the Family Obama, like royalty, has to have to have scores of highly paid people to tend them. Of course you and I had to pay for an Air Force airliner to fly them down and back. Of course we had to pay for an Air Force cargo plane to fly the limos etc that are necessary to keeping royalty well served. Of course all of it will cost long tons of money.

In normal circumstances, most folks probably really wouldn’t care. I know I wouldn’t. But, we no longer live in a normal world. We are drowning in debt and the sequester was supposed to throw us a life ring by requiring spending cuts.   It damn sure doesn’t look like the Obamas have cut back by a single penny.  It’s a safe bet that hundreds if not thousands of American kids will not get to tour the White House because Obama has shut down the tours. Yet, his kids get to bask in luxury in the Bahamas on our dime.  That sucks.

Then there is this. This is March, the third month of the year. So far this year Family Obama has taken 4 vacations. Deer Friends, who can begrudge anyone vacation time? But, in these times of forced frugality, 4 vacations in 3 months sucks. If we could ever get a really accurate accounting of what it actually costs us to vacation the Family Obama, it probably would make most taxpayers faint, or gag, or tear their hair.

an blunderbus

Part 3) Some of our left field CT friends have suggested that “most” Americans favor stricter gun control laws. Not so anymore. CBS reported yesterday that soon after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., announced an assault weapons ban would not be part of a gun control bill, a new CBS News poll shows support for stricter gun control laws overall has dropped since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Yesterday as reported by CBS, support for stricter gun control laws stands at 47 percent today, down from a high of 57 percent just after the shootings. Now 50+ percent  want those laws kept as they are or made less strict.

Oh yea! The Song Bird’s pilot was Sky King.

Respestfully submitted:

 No Name Electricity

Once again, I address the tiny number of persons who espouse misleading information about what is, and is not lawful regarding the electrification issue and the large numbers they have mislead. First, NNK has been settled and subdivided with plans for development longer than Duck Key, for example. Current residents date back thirty years or more and pioneers before them. The history of NNK is no different than any island in the archipelago until it became strategic to suggest that one could no longer build on the island. In one of the darkest of many dark chapters in Keys political history, that rumor made it possible for the county to acquire properties on NNK by something akin to extortion. Folks who had hoped to build on lots they had acquired for their retirement were offered next to nothing by the county and state for their dreams, due to this convenient rumor. The county’s historically more recent Comprehensive Development Plan led first to moratoriums by fiat, then imposed a ultra restrictive permit structure on property owners. I doubt that county staff and even some commissioners past and present were aware that a Comp Plan cannot restrict or deny infrastructure. The moot point some would make about the language of discourage vs. deny is meaningless, since in context it refers to future development. This is an entirely unrelated issue. The proponents of electrification have all been required to have certificates of occupancy, with home electrical circuitry that passed county code. Some for as many as 15-30 years, have expected to be hooked to the grid when it became economically feasible. Without elaborating on the benefit to the ecology, I conclude here noting that reference to 22 families lawfully awaiting permits to connect to the poles outside their houses, is itself misleading. 22 not rich families dug deeply into their savings to require the county to finally face their obligation. There are others who quite understandably were not able to contribute the same amount as others, but be assured they will be welcomed in line to get their permits with the rest of us. What will not be happy in this otherwise happy situation, you can bet Ms. Putney and her minions will be standing in the permit line, most likely in front of us.

[NNK]  I may be totally wrong here, but for some reason, I think the greenie lady from No Name is enjoying this electrification battle, Maybe it gives her life a purpose; something to look forward to when she wakes up in the morning. Everyone needs a goal in life- I just wish she would have put her intelligence and drive into something useful, like fixing the messed up sewer project and funding in the lower Keys. She could have been one hell of an asset to the people living here, instead of being a burden on the taxpayers.  I think she is tilling at the wrong windmill.