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Wednesday, November 5, 2015

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vote republican shooting star
Curbelo wins
Scott wins
Bondi wins
Neugent wins
Goodman wins
School Tax wins
Marijuana loses
Yesterday’s laugh of the day.  “Someone is working without a permit around here.”
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repb-twitterNATIONAL U.S. REP., DISTRICT 26 Carlos Curbelo (R) 51.56% Joe Garcia (D) 48.44%

FLORIDA GOVERNOR Rick Scott (R) 48.29% Charlie Crist (D) 46.91% Adrian Wylie (L) 3.76% Glenn Burkett 0.7% Farid Khavari 0.34%

ATTORNEY GENERAL Pam Bondi (R) 55.24% George Sheldon (D) 41.86% Bill Wohlsifer (LPF) 2.89%

CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Jeff Atwater (R) 59.03% William Rankin (D) 40.97%

COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE Adam Putnam (R) 58.77% Thaddeus Hamilton (D) 41.23%

DISTRICT COURT OF APPEAL Judge Barbara Lagoa: YES 70.7% / NO 29.3% Judge Thomas Logue: YES 69.25/ NO 30.75% Judge Vance Salter: YES 68.89% / NO 31.11

STATE AMENDMENTS Water & Land Conservation: YES 74.9% / NO 25.1% Medical Marijuana: NO, Judicial Vacancies: YES 47.91% / NO 52.09%

MONROE COUNTY COMMISSIONER, DISTRICT 2 George Neugent (R) 58.43% Eleanor McAdams (D) 41.57%

MOSQUITO CONTROL, DISTRICT 2 Phil Goodman (R) 50.23% Roger Cousineau (D) 36.51% Lynda Schuh (I) 13.26%

MOSQUITO CONTROL, DISTRICT 3 Tom McDonald (R) 54/66% Geoff Bailey (D) 45.34%

16TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT JUDGE, GROUP 4 Bonnie J. Helms 57.87% Jack Bridges 42.13%

SCHOOL DISTRICT Half-Cent Sales Tax: YES 63.74% / NO 36.26%

KEY WEST City Marina Acquisition: YES 83.08% / NO 16.92% Building Height Exception: YES 81.21% / NO 18.79%

MARATHON CITY COUNCIL Bill Kelly 29.79% Chris Bull 23.91% Daniel Zieg 20.9% Trish Hintze 16.06% Michael A. Cinque 13.34%

ISLAMORADA VILLAGE COUNCIL Seat 1 Deb Gillis 50.91% Joseph Pinder III 49.09% Seat 2 Dennis Ward 51.84% Dave Purdo 48.16% Seat 3 Jim Mooney 53.76% Ken Philipson 46.24% Seat 4 Chris Sante 35.81% Janet Wood 33.1% Bob Johnson 18.88% Paul E. Bates 12.2% ~The Citizen

You say that the Wharf restaurant is for sale?  Watch  out, the County might pay the owner a bundle for it like they did when we bought the Hickory House from the very same owner.  This post is only for anyone actually paying attention around here.
[“Contractor doesn’t return calls”] This is the Fabulous Florida Keys, better get used to “business” people not showing up or calling.
The biggest loser of yesterday’s elections was Barack Obama.
Oh look, the first flock of snow birds!
Everyone in Monroe County likes Commissioner George Neugent, except those in his own district.
[“Now I have to find another contractor”] Jim Rutherford Construction, Pinewood, Tom Ryan, Rudy Krause, Paradise Builders. All names that have been in the Florida Keys for decades. And there’s tons more!
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marine logo earth rotate
Do you have any info on the Marine Corps birthday celebration in the upper Keys? Normally this time of year I see a post on here with contact info. It should be this coming weekend.
[Government For The Rich] Exit polls showed that 67% of voters think that government is rigged to benefit the rich. I find it ironic that they voted in the party of the rich.
[Life Is Good] I watched that Elvis video. It reminded me of how poor I grew up. It was most likely a little poorer than the King, but I look at what all he did. Starting with nothing he made it all happen. I started with less than nothing. I will never have what Elvis had, but I sit in awe of all the things the good Lord has bestowed on me. After thirty years here I still have to pinch myself when I look outside. Coming from where I came from, this place is beyond awesome. It’s unbelievable. Please slow down, look up, smile, and live life to its fullest. We all are truly blessed to live here. Smoke a joint, drink a beer, be happy and make someone else happy. Do something good every day and in a year you will have 365 good things in your life!
american flag 100h
It would appear there is no Democratic Party. There is however an Obama Party. The People spoke, no, yelled, through their vote. It was rejected. Now lets get to work. Build the Key Stone pipe line, lower the personal and corporate tax rate, bring the trillions of overseas dollars home, repair our health care system. We have much work to do and damage to repair. American exceptionalism is real and alive. God bless America!
What are the little fearless finches that pass through this time of year? I have had these little birds land on my shoulder and ride around. They don’t fare so well landing on house cats, but the cats seem delighted with this seasonal delivery of “fast food”.
[“Family dinners”] This is what family dinners are like today. Video
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Isaksen Insurance
has a bright new website. Give it a look!
[Marijuana Loses in Florida] Strong majority votes for medical marijuana, advocates look to 2015 or 2016. Link
Barlow’s a poser. I’ve done a lot of concrete work for decades here. I know a poser when I see one. If you want quality work and not a line of bull check out Jim Rutherford. He’s a class operation. You can tell at a glance if you know what you’re looking at.
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This was my favorite song when I was 10, in 1958. Dion & the Belmonts were 4 Italian guys from the Bronx. I guess you could say that they put the ‘Wop’ in Doo-wop. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist that.) The Wanderer
Searching the internet for something? Try instead of Google. You know how some websites hijack your browser and disable your back button so you cannot get back to your search? Or how you have to go through several pages at a site to see what you wanted and then have to back through each to return to your search? opens your selection in a new window so that you can just close the window to return to your search. You can also have multiple sites in different windows to compare side by side. I am happy to have found and use Google much less often now. Give it a try.
Alright! Maybe, just maybe, there is hope for America after all. This election showed at least people are paying attention! Would have liked a Libertarian win in Fl, but guess I’ll just have to be happy that the Independent Democrat Republican guy got beat is good enough. It’s not often you get 3 parties in one candidate.
[Sideburns] Is it true that Elvis copied you by wearing sideburns? Yes, he was a good friend of mine. We used to go to each other’s shows. I said to him, “Elvis, you stole my sideburns. He said, ‘if it’s going to look good on you, it’s going to look good on me!’ It wasn’t just him though. Glen Campbell, The Beatles, Tom Jones.. They all grew sideburns after me!
Push for medical marijuana not enough for Florida. Link
[Code Enforcement] Jim Rutherford, where’s your building permit in Cudjoe Key?
[“Who I can call to replace siding and windows”]  Hendricks Construction will do an excellent job.  Call and talk to Rich Hendricks (in the phone book, sorry I don’t have his number handy)  have friends who have had extensive remodeling work done by Rich (new windows, interior, room addition and dock)  It turned out beautiful.  He’s reliable, sober, cost competitive and on-time.  Tell him Chuck referred him.
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no alcohol permitted
Question for the person who wrote that we “cool it and grab a beer and sit by the ocean“. Can you tell me where, without owning property on the ocean, one might find place that one can sit and have a beer by the ocean legally?
[Country Music] “Three chords and the truth”. Nick Barraclough goes to Nashville to discover why country music has become such a huge industry. With Dolly Parton. Listen
[“Window was spray”] I wonder how many bikers out there have been hit with spray from the rear window washer on an SUV. That post was obviously done for giggles.  I bet I just opened up a whole new world of fun for a bunch of halfwits.
17 percent of the registered voters in Florida didn’t vote and you can bet that they will bitch the loudest!
St. Mary’s soup kitchen
was founded by Dorothy Sherman out of her own pocket. Her philosophy for the kitchen was, “It’s our job to feed homeless people, it’s God’s job to change them.” At her wake, February 14, 2005, in the packed standing room only nave at St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic church, lay minister Peter Batty told a weeping and sobbing audience that Dorothy Sherman, Key West’s Mother Teresa, was a living saint, and he asked who among us would come forward and take her place? Her soup kitchen continues today, manned by mainstream volunteers from all faiths, and from no faiths. True believers.
There’s a guy around BPK named Stump that specializes in spalling. Sorry, but I don’t have his phone no.
[“Wharf Restaurant sold?”] somebody please get to the bottom of this and report back.
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Springer’s Bar & Grill 2nd Anniversary
. This Sunday, November 9th. Join Us for this Special Day – Celebrate our 2nd Anniversary

Free Jello Shots, 50 Cents Wings, $10 Pepperoni Pizza, Lots of Giveaways, Happy Hour from 2pm – 6 pm

We’ll see you at 31251 Avenue A on Big Pine Key.

[“Punctuation critic”] Deer Ed, are you baiting me? Last night you posted: “I spend half my time removing multi explanation marks.” I hope you are just pulling my leg, and really know that it’s “exclamation marks.” lol You are funny. (Ed: I’m nor pulling your leg, I’m just uneducated.)
To the person not having a tradesman call you back–welcome to the Keys. You must be new here. You don’t need to bash him on the CT. A couple of years ago I needed new siding and windows. I hired Jim Rutherford. Wow, an honest quote, pulled all the permits. His crew showed up on time. Did a great job. Ensured the work was inspected and approved. Provided me with proof for all work. Did it professionally, and gave me 6 koosies. Will recommend him again and again.
Tony Orlando on Bob Hope, John McCain and American military heroes. Link
tourist fat ice cream
[Winter Season] Four days into November, I’m wearing long pants and can’t make a turn across traffic on US1. The color of the license plates seemed to have changed early this year. It’s going to be a loooooooooong winter.
[“If another Bush runs for President and wins it just proves that anyone could do that job”] I thought we’d just proven that over and over for the last 6 years.
I talked to a guy last night who never votes because he says he hates the government. How odd. I always thought he was a smart fellow.
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Free milkweed seeds for your area. You just have to pay the postage. Link
[Masculine Moments] Men being men. Video
I don’t know why but this song reminds me of so many people who write in to the CT. Seems to cover it all. Plus, it’s a beautiful song.
Warren Zevon and Jackson Browne — Mohammed’s Radio
Live and let live, eh? What if your new neighbors’ idea of live and let live is to trash out the neighborhood with endless construction and noise? What if they reduce your chances of selling or de facto devalue your property? Would you still say “Live and let live?”
I think it’s funny when people say “you can’t complain if you don’t vote” as if that’s ever stopped anyone from complaining.
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Why we still need newspapers.
[Captain Doom and Gloom] Ha! All the monye schemes on the ballot were passed of course! What a waste of gas to go and vote. These islands are made to crash and the carnival assholes will control just like they have been doing for the pass 50 years. Follow the monye, honey! What’s is next? Will they pass a tax so the Keyzer’s can chrome plate their tin homes? Will the junta pre-approve the Big Box Store Chains, the Hotel Chains, the Addition of more Mt. Trashmores? Where are the Circus and Abusement Parks going to be built? As soon as I can sell my dump, I am out of here!
As the malignancy that has become the left continues to rot this country including its own Bill Maher desperately try’s to convince his fellow minions he’s not a racist bigot. It would be amusing if it wasn’t so tragic
I know Obama’s poll ratings are low, but think how much lower they’d be if he were white.
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The Republicans won, so what?  What can they do different except maybe bring back another Hitler and turn this into another police state.
from the right
Rick Scott has been reelected our Governor. Congratulations to Governor Rick Scott.

congradulations7Carlos Curbelo has defeated Garcia to be our US Congressional Representative. Phil Goodman and Tom McDonald have both been elected to the FKMCD board. All Republicans, all great public servants. Congratulations to all.

It is obvious that this election was a wave election, Democrat politicos and policies have been thoroughly rebuked and rejected. I’m confident that the new Republican controlled Senate and House will not behave as the Democrats did. I’m confident that a spirit of compromise and forward movement has finally arrived.

Thank God it’s over, we’ve made it through the silly season again, but we’ll face it again before you know it.


Part 1) Have you noticed that the price of gas seems to be in free fall everywhere except here in the Keys? The price of crude oil has dropped to about $70 per barrel and is forecast to fall even lower. As this is written, the average cost per gallon of gas in the US is $2.97.

Most certainly you will hear our friends from left field crowing that good news is the result of Obama and Democrat policies. Donkey Dung.

It is true that US production of crude has grown nearly exponentially. In fact we are now a crude exporter and are on the cusp of being totally energy independent. That puts a whole new face on all of our problems in the mid-east. Capitalism and the unbridled power of the law of supply and demand rules.

Obama and Democrat policy had not a damned thing to do with all of the good news. In fact, they have fought unrelentingly against all of the initiatives that have resulted in our new wealth of energy. The fact is that crude production on federal lands is down substantially from 2009. Obama administration policies are responsible for the decline in production on federal lands and water. Obama and the Democrats have fought tooth and nail to keep energy prices high. It is part of their catechism.

barrels5While Obama and the Democrats hypocritically strut and praise America’s brand new energy boom, boasting that he and they are responsible, the reality is that oil and gas production has decreased in federal lands and offshore waters under the direction of Obama. This means fewer jobs for Americans, fewer opportunities in the energy service industry, and less tax revenue.

The boom in production has come totally from production on private lands. In large measure, fracking has been the nearly magic key that has unlocked vast reserves of crude.

Now, perhaps with the new political reality in place, the Keystone Pipeline can finally be completed, and with it tens of thousands of new jobs, new businesses, and cheaper energy.

Part 2) The Henny Penny the sky is falling because Arctic sea ice is shrinking hucksters are strangely silent on the current news about sea ice. The NSIDC Arctic Sea Ice daily publication reveals that the Antarctic sea ice has reached record high levels. As to the Arctic, they report that the 2014 sea ice coverage is right on the edge of reaching or surpassing the average coverage since satellite observations began in the ’70’s. Check out the graphs and copy at Link.  You may also want to consider the fact that the sun is in progress of entering an 11 year of declining energy out put. It is called a Mauder Minimum. Perhaps you will recall that there was a Medieval “Little Ice Age” that wreaked havoc on the world. The cause? A Mauder Minimum. You may want to read Link.