2013 September

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


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9.11 in loving memory

I bought some beautiful pressure treated 1×10 boards from Manley & deBoer’s BPK store. It’s real hard to find good quality wide pressure treated boards. You can’t build shelves with knotty, cupped boards unless you don’t use pressure treated. Everything wood I build is pressure treated because termites won’t eat it. (Ed: Me too. PT forever! I also got some of their mulch and they even gave me a free one and I didn’t even tell them I was the CT guy. Please tell them you were reminded of their lumber yard after seeing it here on the CT. Thanks for doing it, you don’t know how much it help us to continue the CT.)



If life gives you lemons a simple surgery can give you melons.

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isaksen-flood 4.23.13

[Spam of the Day] This is an automatically generated email from Direct logistics- Please do not reply to it.

A collection will be made on 10-Sept-2013 09:16 for delivery to you, via Overnight service, by Direct Logistics.

The delivery deadline time is set for 14-Sept-2013 16:00

If you have a query regarding this email please contact (310) 371-2301 Quoting Reference #75588GDF

You can use the following link to track this order DOWNLOAD DELIVERY DETAILS  (Ed: If you click on this link you are giving them permission to access your operating system to do with as they please–and it’s never good.)

Direct logistics customer care center Orange, CA.

paddleboard1Standup paddleboard racers from all over the southeast will make the trek to the Upper Keys to participate in this years 2nd annual Triple Crown of the Upper Keys on Saturday, Sept. 21. Events
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an_preacher[God]  Being that I was born and raised as a Protestant Pentecostal until the age of 12 my opinion of the whole God and religion thing is the following. Every Friday night was the Youth Society night at church and our Pastor would show slides or movies based on Bible stories. Meanwhile the Pastor would allow us to ask questions pertaining to the story being presented. Every time I would have a question of common sense, I would stump the Pastor, in which he wasn’t able to answer my question, but would always say, “I’ll get back to you with that answer”, and never did. My intentions weren’t cynical, I was just curious as a young child.

Another thing was that, even though the main belief is that Jehovah is God, and Jesus is his son. A rivalry among the other Protestant denominations exists as to which is the true religion. I also couldn’t understand why two versions of God exists. In the Old Testament, God is a bitter, egotistical, vengeful, unforgiving and racist God, and in the New Testament, he’s a loving God. These were some of my main issues at a young age about religion, and the Holy Bible itself.

Here’s something that has always puzzled me. It’s always a Christian who asks me if I believe in God. When I reply “No”, the reaction is always the same. They make a face of judgment and or disgust.  I have never been approached by an Atheist asking me that question. Just because my response is no, they automatically assume with prejudice, that I’m an Atheist. I’m not an atheist, I just don’t believe that Jehovah is the true God of this universe, and I don’t believe that Jesus is the son of God. It’s no ones’ business what I believe, or what you believe.

In reality the “business” is the true sense of the word. While everyone is bickering about God, the foundation behind it is big business. I’m not knocking anyone’s belief, I never have, nor ever will, even though, it seems that the flock clings more to the faith of salvation, than the actual clergy does. The actual clergy in Catholicism and the Protestant religions do not practice what they preach. It’s mainly for the power and the money. Jesus was supposedly a simple and humble carpenter. Now this is supposed to be the son of God. Why is it that the religious higher-ups have more money and wealth than Jesus ever had? Isn’t that against Jesus’ preachings?

The best quote I’ve seen here on the CT was yesterdays comment: Stop fighting about who created the world and fight against the people who are destroying it.


[Conspiracy] More Americans are rethinking 9/11, especially surviving families and regarding Building 7. We still have that, right! Link

an wtc flag bldgs


Never Forget

[Minecraft] People giving away free Minecraft accounts are scammers. This video is so boring you might die, but take our word for it the free Minecraft account giveaways are just there  to get your money. Video


Muslims are not happy people. Link

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Y’all from the city? 

[Gods] We don’t care if you believe in gods be they hairy thunderer or cosmic muffin. Just keep your imaginary friends out of our schools, off our money and start paying taxes!

Religion is like a penis. It’s fine to have one. It’s fine to be proud of it, but please don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around. And please don’t try to shove it down my children’s throat!

nira tocco realtor 9.12
[Regulators] The sanctuary is not a friend to anyone who lives off the water.  It was a huge mistake to make the Keys a national marine sanctuary. Blame the commissioners. 



Big Pine Key gets a funky new ride. Link

[Bedroom furniture for sale] Mattress, single bed and box spring w/frame very clean $95.

Bed. King complete set, Sealy very nice, extra thick w/pillow top and extra pillow top cover & frame. $375.

Dresser, beige wicker, 6 drawer like new w/ glass top $295.00 from southernmost furniture 1 yr ago like new

Night stands (2), 2 drawer beige wicker w/ glass tops. like new $125 each

Futon, 6′ unfinished frame, nice clean mattress w/ extra futon mattress. $195. Classified Ads > Furniture


united-logo11Join us for the 2013 United Way annual meeting and workplace campaign kick-off Thursday, October 10th, Hawks Cay Resort, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. $10 donation requested. Cash bar & light hors d’oeuvres

Please RSVP by Tuesday, October 1st  Events


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an wtc flag

[“Cheapo R/Ver”] You seem to be passive aggressive, which is a trait of someone from the northeast. First you insult the people of the Keys by implying we are not real working people, then you insult everyone south of the Mason Dixon line. Please promise us all that you will never stray south of the Mason Dixon (39.7167° N, 75.7833° W). I hear Nantucket has great deals November through April. Oh, they’re still too expensive for you?

tarps bungee cords
U.S. Government spends nearly $500,000 to study male prostitution in Vietnam. But it doesn’t stop there. Watch this video on the top twenty-five craziest ways in which the U.S. Government wastes tax payers money. Video 


[Regulators Double Area Size] Great, so now the lionfish will have even more safe space to breed. NOAA is like a giant nest of cockroaches. Give them an inch and they’ll take a yard. 

Lionfish Derby set for September 14th. Divers who enjoy the Keys’ living coral reef can help protect it and give back to the environment in a fun, competitive derby to capture and remove non-native lionfish from Keys waters.

In addition to monthly contests and workshops educating divers about safe lionfish collection and removal techniques, the Reef Environmental Education Foundation is sponsoring a one-day derby Sept. 14 at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, located at mile marker 102.5 in Key Largo.

Through a continued partnership between the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, REEF, and the dive community, these hands-on opportunities are available for Keys visitors to take action and remove invasive lionfish.

A popular aquarium fish, lionfish are believed to have been introduced to Florida waters during the 1980s. The voracious invaders, whose population is growing rapidly in Atlantic waters, outcompete native fish for food and territory.

Derby divers vie for more than $3,500 in prize money. First- through third-place teams are awarded $1,000, $500 and $250, respectively, for the most lionfish captured. Cash prizes also are awarded for the top three largest and smallest lionfish.

Teams of up to four people can register. Early registration fee is $120 and includes one pair of puncture-resistant gloves per team. A mandatory team captains meeting is set for 6:30 p.m. Sept. 13. Divers can participate in the derby from private vessels or join a professional dive operator’s charter.

For event information and registration, go to Events 


[Regulators] The sanctuary will never stop regulating or they will be all out of jobs. If you realize this you will be more aware that they will keep restricting until there is nothing left for us to use. We didn’t know this when we agreed to the sanctuary’s formation.



Never forget 9/11. Thank you for my freedom and thank a first responder today

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[Key Deer Hits Car] That was a great video of the deers fighting. I thought your garden hose might have been a goner there for a minute.  Menu > Key Deer 

[Gun Nuts] Missouri bill would void federal gun laws, OK machine guns for residents. Link



Dutchman’s Pipe hides it’s bizarre flower under it’s leaves. Link

[Coral Spawn] Each year around the August and September full moons, divers have a rare opportunity to witness a fascinating yet fragile annual reproductive phenomenon among coral reefs. Link
9.11 2d crash b
Ariel Castro suicide: Two guards placed on leave. Link



[Minimum Wage] “Would you like to supersize that?”

“No thanks.”

“Ok sir. Can I take your name?”

“Stephen with a ‘ph’.”

[Marvin Key –Hidden Treasure] After Tuesday’s post Marvin Key isn’t hidden anymore.  Thanks a lot. 

good11The Conch Scramble has awarded $2,200 to the Good Health Clinic’s annual “Have a Heart” campaign to support clinic operating expenses. The purpose of the Conch Scramble is to organize golf ‘on the water’ tournaments to raise funds for charities that enhance the lives of Upper Keys charitable organizations.

The Good Health Clinic serves 600 Upper Keys residents and employees who are at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty level, and unable to obtain health insurance. Sponsored in part by Baptist Health South Florida, the clinic receives no state or federal funding. To make a contribution to support our community’s only free healthcare facility, contact the Good Health Clinic at 853-1788 or visit

Pictured left to right: Conch Scramble president Chris Trentine and treasurer Lee Christine Young, Good Health Clinic board members Scott Black (Vernis & Bowling) and John El-Koury (Realty World Freewheeler), Good Health Clinic executive director Jennifer Rickmann and medical director Dr. Sandy Yankow.

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What ever happened to those punks that shot the Austrailian guy?[?] The news sure dropped it fast!

religion politics zone

As usual in the middle east our involvement is due to oil and money. And once again not a single word about this on the “news”. Qatar and Saudi Arabia want to build a natural gas pipeline through Syria. Asad won’t let them so he has to go. Here is a link to a good article on this. Link

There are many other sources available if you research it on the web, this is just one good article.

Lots of bikers and Muslims come together in DC.   Oh goody, maybe Fox News will get them to fight each other.
9-11 2d plane

[SecondCity Humor] Help Kickstart World War III! Video

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[“Obama’s feckless handling of this mess has damaged the credibility of the USA”] It’s not Obama who’s at fault for our lack of credibility here and abroad it’s George W. Bush and his phony wars. Before the Iraq war Obama would have been able to form an international coalition to attack Syria, but since Bush no one believes our intelligence departments or us!


[Syria] Obama chooses diplomacy instead of bombs. Now the Right is all up in arms and demanding bombs. After all what’s the Right for!

[Syria] I noticed that the Russkies moved some of their spy boats into the eastern Med so they can get a ringside seat for monitoring our naval operational methods.



Guess who gets exemptions from ObamaCare?

[Hillary] Some still want to believe that Hillary had nothing to do with the order to “stand down” which denied a timely and credible reinforcement of the US Benghazi diplomatic facility. For those who want to really know, refresh your memory by reviewing the testimony in front of Congress by the next highest State Dept officer there, the security chief and others, some of whom, incidentally, are Democrats.

The truth hurts. Please don’t spin it to buttress a failed political career of a woman that certainly doesn’t deserve our trust.

[Syria] Obama may be able to sell Syria as a win to low-information voters, but the DC establishment — in both parties — knows better and will adjust its estimation of Obama, and their plans for the future accordingly. As, of course, will our friends and our enemies abroad.

hornet nest


[“No American troops will be in danger”]  Our troops are constantly in danger from Muslims. Remember the nutter shrink who shot all the unarmed soldiers in a processing center on a base in Texas?  Taking a whack at a hornet’s nest only redirects the stingers toward the one swinging the bat.

Whoopsie, you have done it again FTR. You posted that Putin has offered to “accept all of Assad’s chemical weapons inventory”.

That is not correct. He accepted turning them over to an International party not just Russia.

Putin and Assad were backed down by our President standing his ground. Im not surprised the right on here is trying to give the credit to the Communist with their praise but it just isn’t so.

Turning over a majority of those weapons to an International panel without sending troops or bombs in is a huge victory for America. That’s where the rights rage kicks in.

an beaker2


Chemical weapons are relatively easy to make and store (and fire), but much harder to dismantle safely. The chemicals themselves are fiendishly dangerous and need to be destroyed with specialist equipment without creating environmental hazards. Plus the explosive part of the delivery shell needs careful handling. Destroying CW stocks is therefore a complex and expensive operation, even under calm conditions. Both the United States and Russia have both heavily failed to meet internationally agreed deadlines for destroying their massive Cold War legacy chemical weapons stocks.

There is no precedent for attempting anything like this in a country wracked by civil war. It just can’t happen. No Syrian chemical weapons will be destroyed or “handed over” quickly as the Obama administration has declared.

Posters on both sides of the aisle go to their most extreme propagandizing source and then reprint the said post as sage info posted in stone. The predominate number of critiques directed at F.T.R. seem to get their information in this manner. Oh so boring!

[FTR: “Obama’s pal Putin”] Now Putin is Obama’s pal. Last month FTR was writing about their differences.

from the right

It is astounding, absolutely astounding how enraptured the CT Obama supporters are. Please recall that just a couple of days ago they were salivating at the idea of Obama striking Syria for using chem warfare. They were fully committed to a military strike at Assad. They castigated the right for not supporting an attack on Assad. They beat their breasts with verbiage decrying the use of chem warfare and accused the right of compliance with war crimes.

an pee on hydrantBut just in the last few hours all of that has changed. Suddenly, to them, Obama has walked on water and has given us a solution to all the Syrian mess. Now they claim that it was Obama who came up the idea of Russia taking control of Syria’s chem warfare inventory. They somehow have the ability to ignore the fact that it was Putin who proposed the idea. Obama has not walked on water, he has passed water on America’s stature.

Ask yourself, if Obama was responsible for the idea, why was it not promoted earlier?

Somehow the CT Obama fans have forgotten or ignored the serpentine trek of Team Obama to where we are now. They forget that Obama shook his sabre and intoned that unless Assad gave up his chem warfare, grave consequences, a military strike would follow. He moved a gaggle of warships to within striking distance of Syria. Then suddenly, Obama began to quiver, he then felt compelled to seek the approval of Congress. The fact is that it is highly likely that he did not need that approval. But because of his basic cowardice he had to seek cover, to pass the buck.  If he had unilaterally attacked Syria, it probably would have been legal under US law, but it nearly certainly would have been a war crime under international law.

Kerry blustered and ranted that the attack would be significant. Faced with massive public opposition to a strike on Syria, Obama began a charm campaign in Congress to secure the approval of Congress for a strike. Kerry swallowed hard, and assured the world that the strike would be “unbelievably small”. Surely that struck terror in Assad’s heart (if he has one). It’s rumored that the strike Kerry was talking about was to be a  single 1963 Cherokee 140 flown by an olde fart like me dropping a single M 80 in the pool at Assad’s palace.

So there we were then: the CT Obama fans had their blood lust running high for a strike on Assad, telling us that it was the humanitarian thing to do. Here we are now: the Obama fans are gleeful that the likelihood of a strike is diminishing hour by hour. And they credit Obama. How odd.

surrender an

In the bigger picture, who cares what the CT Obama fans think. We can’t ignore the fact that Obama is in the process of surrendering whatever clout or reputation we had in the mid east to Putin and Russia.  Obama and Kerry have been acting out an old Marx Brothers comedy, running in and out of rooms, changing positions and generally acting like damned fools. Putin has won a huge victory, he is now the Mac Daddy of the mid-east. Obama is a flaccid fool.