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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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wetstock-12Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, Children of all ages Wetstock 12 music festival is less than a week away. All the preparations are being made and hopefully the weather will hold out and it will be a wonderful day. One would expect nothing less for this for a day of Peace & Music!

I have been talking to a lot of folks and people are coming from all over. One lady’s father is coming from Missouri just to be a part of the festivities. Two other groups of folks are coming from New Jersey just to enjoy Wetstock 12. If you have friends coming in from out of town, please report in to the Coconut Telegraph and let us know. We would love to hear from you. I’m not a social media person, but a my daughter and most of my friends are posting on Facebook. Please spread the word. See you there!

Your Friend,
Flip Flop Bob

[Tiny Nation] Key West just figured out a new way to cram more people into the town. They are going to allow tiny apartments and increase the density per acre. Problem solved. They are also trying to raise the building heights again so they can add an additional story to buildings. They are allowing historic buildings to have aluminium windows, doors and shutters, and painted roofs. They are doing everything in their power to make Key West what it ain’t.
propeller bronze[More Rules] The propeller scars are not as harmless as they seem. They can divide flats and disrupt the migration patterns of small critters such as crabs and shrimp. The scars can grow larger and create channels that disrupt the natural flow of tides. An assessment of prop scars and their impacts in the Keys have not been conducted in roughly 20 years. The report documented 30,000 acres of Keys shallow seagrasses were impacted by boats as of 1995. The study concluded that boats are the number two impact to Florida’s seagrasses behind water quality degradation.
[“LGBT humans in the prehistoric era must have lived a long time because they did nothing but paint on cave walls and hide in the shadows. Sort of like Key West”] Really? No, really? You’re an absolute moron. “Sort of like Key West.” When I started coming to Key West in the 70s and 80s no one was hiding in the shadows and everyone was cool about it. To make that statement today is absolutely ludicrous. Go to any event in Key West, hell, in the Keys for that matter; or Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, NY, LA and you’ll be in the mix, not in the shadows! There are those of us who live here because of the people and not just the weather.
[FTR] The Zika controversy is a bubbling pit of controversy here in the Keys.  Really vicious attacks are being made against organizations and individuals who are convinced that the use of GMM (genetically modified mosquitoes) can be an effective and safe tool in the fight against mosquito borne disease.

What should be a community effort to keep a horrible disease, Zika, out of our Keys neighborhoods, has devolved into a bubbling pit of controversy.   People from all over our nation have elbowed their way into our local problem.  We now routinely see vicious attacks being made against organizations and individuals who are convinced that the use of  GMM can be an effective and safe tool in the fight against mosquito borne disease.  We see petitions padded with signatures from out of town, state, and even our nation being touted. Our local officials are smeared.  All in the pursuit of profits for big real estate players.

facebook-mosquitoThe anti GMM people, led by real estate players, have mounted a massive propaganda war especially focusing on social media.  There are a number of Facebook groups that profess to be truly interested in seeking the truth in the issue.  One is The Florida Environmental Coalition, if you’re interested, if you have an agenda, be it pro or con, I urge you to join that group and make your voice heard.  But, be advised that posting a contrary view point, presenting data that does not fit their anti GMM agenda, or asking tough questions will get you kicked out of the group.  I know, it happened to me. The administrators of the Florida Environmental Coalition have so little faith in their message that they are afraid to permit anyone to post opposing views, or to even ask tough questions.

All you need do is go to the “search Facebook” bar, enter “Florida Environmental Coalition” and look around. Then join, then participate.  I think you’ll find that the administrator(s) of the group are afraid to even consider contrary points of view.  Take a long hard look at the administrators of the group.  You might also want to explore several of the other Facebook groups, just use the Facebook search engine to find them. I urge you to take the time, it will be enlightening. Link

nira-tocco 700x175
I had a USDA computer link that told you everything there was to tell about every food we eat from the whole planet. 1000’s of listings! It was a chart with columns for each content quantity. Based on what is supposed to be good for humans, half on the stuff we eat is actually bad for us. The USDA does not post it anymore. The point is, do you ever notice that some food is great for us one time then no good the next time–depending on the stock markets?

Eat everything in moderation, nibble only when your gut says, “Feed me.” The three meal day was invented by restaurateurs for economics and best profits.

tourist car


[Road Trip] I am traveling to PA on Sept. 8 and am looking for anyone who wants to ride along and possibly share some expenses. Please email with contact information.

First woman on the Moon:
“Houston, we have a problem.”
“Never mind”
What’s the problem?
Please tell us?
“I’m fine”
target flood light


I took your advice and shot out the bastard’s flood light with a pellet gun. It was better that way than trying to talk to some ignorant snowbird who was not here. Now we can get some sleep with the windows open. Thanks!

[Zika Test] The FDA has issued emergency authorization for Roche’s Zika test. Link
[Sloan For Mayor] Sunday’s Key West Citizen contains the Citizen’s questions to the city mayor candidates and the candidates’ answers.

Absentee voting and early voting began some time ago, and today, 2 days before the primary election. is way too late for the Citizen to publish questions to mayor candidates and their answers.

Scott Unger, the citizen journalist who sent out the questions to the candidates, later emailed me that I would not be in the Citizen’s article today, because I’m a write-in candidate and am not on the August 30 (day after tomorrow) primary ballot, but my answers to those questions will be published in the Citizen before the November 8 general election.

On the general election ballot there will be a blank space for a write-in candidate in the city mayor race, so anyone wishing to vote for me can write my name into that blank space. It’s okay, it’s a secret ballot, nobody else will ever know.

germ green[Snot] This is why you mouth-breathers are sickly. Blow your nose on your MRSA sore? Writing about drug-resistant superbugs, Dr. Glen S. Rothfeld had this to say in a Nutrition & Healing e-tip: “German researchers discovered that Staphylococcus lugdunensis, a bacterium that takes up residence inside your nostrils, produces an all-important chemical that can kill these resistant pathogens. The study took bacteria from healthy human noses and combined it with one of the worse “superbugs” out there, MRSA (staphylococcus aureus). Amazingly, the nasal bacteria kept MRSA from growing and actually cleared these infections in lab mice.” Link
[Zika Virus and Pets] Keys residents are passionate about pet health. I found this link which may provide helpful information about what to do and what not to do when it comes to protecting our pets from mosquitoes and the threat of Zika. according to the article never spray deet on your furry pets. Link
dropbox logo[Lousy Tech Support] I have a file that I want to send to Dropbox & also keep on my desktop. But I get one or the other.  I had it in both places before the Big Wipeout. That way I can add to it on the laptop & access it on the tablet away from home.

[Lousy Tech Support: I keep two files. The up-to-date one in Dropbox, and on the computer hard drive one I add “-copy” to the name. I haven’t found how to sync them. But this way you have the up-to-date version always available on any device with the Dropbox app and a backup file on your computer. I update the -copy file every now and then.

[Canal Tax] The Monroe County government has begun to research the implementation of a stormwater tax that “could” be used to fund canal restoration projects in the unincorporated areas of the Florida Keys.

Don’t fall for another bait and switch tax. The money won’t be used for fix pour canals. It’ll probably be used to purchase another marina or build another park. The key word in the proposal is “could” not “will”




Gene Wilder is dead at 83. RIP. Video

Reliable and efficient public transportation along with increased arrivals by plane or ferry are the best strategies to cut down tourist cars in Key West, according to a new report.
[Zika] Advice for people living in or traveling to South Florida info from CDC. Link



[Low Budget Moving] This dude really wanted that fridge. Video

Removes all rust in 5 minutes!
Step 1: Grab Coke and Tin Foil
Step 2: Pour the Coke on Rusted Area
Step 3: Scrub with Foil
Step 4: Rinse Your Rusted Item
Step 5: Think what Coke does to your stomach! Video


[Strong Girl] You won’t believe this one even after you’ve watched it. Just imagine how much training and practice went into this performance. Amazing! Video

[Liquid Shard] Trippy art installation makes waves in Pershing Square. This could be a fabulous head dress idea for Fantasy Fest. Of course you’d need personal fans to keep everything afloat! Video
national-weather-bldg[Architectural Police] Every time I drive by the National Weather Service’s modern abstract building on White Street I’m reminded how little local government cares about preserving Old Town’s historic ambiance. Study after survey keeps showing that tourist came here partially for its historic atmosphere, yet the government does little to encourage preservation. I’ll bet they never consulted with the National Weather Service about the design. If you are going to point out that White Street is the line between the historical district and new town, you’re missing the point of this post.
[Zika Vaccine] A Pennsylvania drug company announced Monday that it has launched a clinical trial of an experimental Zika vaccine in Puerto Rico, the part of the U.S. hardest hit by the mosquito-borne virus. Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. will be testing its DNA based vaccine candidate on 160 adult volunteers in Puerto Rico.
[Fearful of Sanctuary Spies] In response to the post regarding how much the National Marine Sanctuary is taking away from citizens who live and make a living off the Florida Keys waters, here is my response:  If you have been following the Presidential campaigns, you will see that the American public does not trust government.  The National Marine Sanctuary represents government and as a result, I do not trust government to not follow me after I post my comments at any public meetings.  I have posted here before that if you go to a SAC meeting and park your car in the parking lot, you are allowing the unmarked government officials to take down your license plate and run your personal business[?] at their leisure after the meeting and after you announce your comments.

Despite what the average Joe says at any meeting or any feedback that is posted online, the government, meaning in this case the National Marine Sanctuary and the Sanctuary Advisory Council, will do what they want.  They will word clauses and amendments that benefit people who work for the government and not for the commercial fisherman and their communities.  People who have aligned themselves with the SAC by establishing non-profits and for profit companies will and have been benefitting by said clauses and amendments and, of course, those SAC members benefit.  No, there will not be a check which could be traced by a bank or an investigating group, it’s all cash and benefits.  Please don’t be so naive to think that the old saying, ‘Money makes the world go round’ does not apply in the Florida Keys and in particular in connection to the National Marine Sanctuary.

I don’t think any of the people at the FKNMS are worth a lick. They work towards their pension. Yes, I know that by writing these comments I will be found out and targeted

coconut--windshield[Coconuts] Does anyone have a phone number of someone who removes coconuts from coconut palms? Please don’t tell me a landscaper.  I’m looking for those Cuban folks who drive around in an old pickup truck and cut them down and take them to mainland for whatever reason.
Deer Ed, You totally suck.
pool-tables-nicePool is a lot like life. Some days you’re the cue ball, some days you are the eight ball. Coconuts has the finest Brunswick pocket billiard tables in the Florida Keys, great drinks — priced right and we’re always open for the last 33 years. We must be doing something right. Thank you Piners, you rock!  ~The “NUT”
The palest ink is better than the strongest memory.  ~Arlo & Janis
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There was an inventor who designed a river making dredging machine that was enormous and could cut a forty-foot-wide by twenty-foot-deep river bed anywhere except through solid rock. The idea was to bring water and shipping into lands that had no river access. This was shelved as were many other good ideas.
i voted27

I just saw that we should vote today!

[Breast Cancer Remedy] Michigan State University researchers studied breast cancer stem cells- the “administrators” of breast tumor development- and discovered that the “sleep hormone” Melatonin suppresses their growth. To stimulate growth of the cancer stem cells in the lab, researchers use BPA- the common ingredient in plastic, including the coating put on the inside of cans of food, but BPA in the presence of melatonin actually shrank the stem cells and caused some to vanish. Some of this is not new. A Bassett Research Institute study previously demonstrated that melatonin can slow breast cancer growth by 70 percent!

Melatonin is naturally produced by the body, but production is seriously impaired by light- especially the light wavelengths from computer or smartphone screens and CFL bulbs (those coil shaped fluorescent light bulbs that the government is pushing you to use). If you go with LED bulbs, look for a low K number which means a less blue light, but old-fashioned incandescent is still the least damaging light. (incandescent bulb sales are discontinuing per government mandate, so stock up now) Even a night light or digital clock display reduces your melatonin production, so go for all dark when you want to sleep. By the way, your skin has light sensing abilities, so a sleep mask is not a 100% solution, just really close.

The radio waves from a cell phone by your ear cause changes in your brain that disturbs sleep for up to 2 hours, so use the speaker-phone. Ear buds act as an antenna to direct the radio waves into your brain, so forget about them- they are worse than a phone to your head and probably not a whole lot better than a gun to your head.

Melatonin supplements are cheap to buy, and you can boost your levels by popping a pill before sacking out. If I had breast cancer, I would be popping an extra one (one for each breast). Link

Sad-Pregnant[FTR] It doesn’t look like Zika is going away anytime soon.  The most recent Florida Depart of Health daily Zika report tells us that there they are monitoring at least 75 Florida pregnant women infected with Zika. There is no way of knowing how many pregnant and non-pregnant women actually have Zika because it often without symptoms.  Remember that any given moment, between 3 and 10% of women are pregnant.  The first clue that a mom has Zika might well be a horribly afflicted fetus or infant.

We do know that a travel warning has been issued for sections of Miami.

We do know that for a time and perhaps is still in effect that blood donation was halted in Miami by federal authorities.

We do know that Zika is now in the Tampa Bay area.

We do know that elected leaders from the Tampa Bay area are urgently calling on the federal government to allow them to use genetically modified mosquitoes to fight the spread of Zika in Pinellas County.

We do know that a massive propaganda drive led by local real estate interests have successfully stalled the use of GMM in the fight against Zika here in Monroe County.

And we do know that here in Monroe County we dither while each and every day the threat grows.  We also know that the resource is limited. If Pinellas County gets the go-ahead from the Feds, Pinellas will be getting resources that we should be utilizing here.

Pray for our unborn.

Bored Gibbons monkey teases 2 tiger cubs. Video



You are here.

Interesting Zika information at the visit Florida site. Link


[Gene Wilder is Dead]  1974’s Young Frankenstein was the funniest movie I ever saw. I mean young Frankensteen!

[William Hackley’s 1855 Key West Diary] Rose at 4 and walked out to Sickmann’s Pond and sat some time and killed 2 Marlins and a large Sea Gull. At 9 A.M. barometer 29.43, thermometer 83, wind south 8, clouds 9. Rain squalls passing over frequently. After dinner took my gun up home and washed and put away the Mortime gun as she is so light that I cannot shoot well with her without considerable practice.
accurate-home insp 700x175
Computer Power User September issue. Free online


I got a good laugh out of the picture of the redneck-modified truck extension. You know the redneck that drives it backs into parking spaces. It is in their genes.

At my age I’ve seen it all, done it all and heard it all. I just don’t remember it all.


[Gene Wilder is Dead] He gave the best performance playing a highly exasperated or terribly excited persons.

[Down With Murphy] Don’t miss your chance on the Tuesday, Aug 30 Primary Elections (TODAY!) to show Sylvia Murphy the door! Only another Republican ran against her, so all voters will get the chance to show her what we think of how she has abused us. Especially in the Lower Keys where you or someone you know got stiffed with “granting” an easement so FKAA could extend the County’s sewer collection system onto your private property to save themselves electrical costs. That also applies to Upper Keys and Marathon properties that paid higher assessments and may have voted for the Infrastructure Sales Tax in hopes that they would see some equality by assessment rebates paid from the tax funds. Instead, she voted those funds to remove a marina from the tax rolls- further limiting public access to the water- and funded the State DOT to patch the Old 7 Mile Bridge. Now you cannot even walk on it, cannot park near it (even on the highway shoulder for a sunset photo), and will probably not for another 4-5 years. Thanks for nothing Murphy. I hope the door smacks you really hard in the butt on the way out. Vote, and vote several times if you can.
When you say “as well” at the end of every sentence you sound dumb. I just heard a financial expert say “as well too”. That’s double dumb. Not everything you say has to be inclusive. In fact, very few people even value your opinion as well.
a-bomb explodes gold

The idea of using “clean nukes” to make big holes in the ground, seal them and make fresh water reservoirs by collecting rain, for any country who wanted to have good water was shelved.

We now are over-populating Earth at a scary rate without providing ways to cull out the useless eaters, the bad guys, or offer real birth control free. It is all about the “customer base” and they will let us pile up on top of one another just so they can make their fortunes.
tents camping fire[Naperville man charged with arson in Huber campsite fire ] James Povolo  is a local resident who lives at Monte Cristo condos[?]. James is a retired Chicago copper and so is his wife, Eve. Jimmy also has a house in Naperville, Illinois and Naperville is where Jimmy got himself in some big trouble. Seems Jimmy has a real hatred towards homeless people and he committed felony arson in his burning down of one man’s tents and possessions. Now of course I am not saying Jimmy would be responsible but I have to wonder if any similar incidents or acts of hate have occurred against the homeless in your area? Here’s a link to Jimmy’s troubles and there is plenty out on the internet. His next court date is October 5 at 9am. Link
Modern Americans behave as if intelligence were some sort of hideous deformity.  ~Frank Zappa
Submit anything but National Politics to For National Politics go directly to that page, log in, and post your comment. NATIONAL POLITICS

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