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dip-pen[Penmanship] When I was a little boy in Catholic school, I learned to write. The sisters called it penmanship. My favorite word was see. I thought I could write it pretty well. We had just gotten the new ballpoint pen that replaced the messy, black wooden ones with the replaceable nibs. In the early 1950’s we sat at wooden desks that rested on cast iron frames; desk-schoolsome of them had wide seats that folded up. The tops all lifted up exposing an area that held our books and private stuff. There was a pencil tray in that storage area too. There was a pencil slot routed into the desk top next to the inkwell. I don’t know where the ink came from, but the glass bottles always had ink in them. Those desks were always natural wood coated with varnish and the cast iron frames were always black.

I wrote my first “composition” on one of those desks and was very proud of it because it looked so nice and even. I wrote ‘see’ about three hundred times in cursive script on one page in my Composition Book in blue ballpoint ink. I was looking to brown-nose the nun into liking me. I had no idea what a composition was, I only knew that a composition was a lot of words on a page and didn’t know that the words had to be different. I also knew that composition-notebookmy Composition Book had a lot of white amoeba shaped white spaces on the cover that needed to be filled in. It took many days to fill in all those white spaces – and not go outside the lines – that’s where the skill came in. What a wonderful time waster (I would employ different variations on wasting time right up into my twenties. While at a desk job I would mark the minute hand’s progress on paper with a pencil tic for every 60 clock tics.)

In elementary school I had all I could do to sit still and pay attention. The abstract nonsense the nuns were telling us went right over my head. My favorite was when we had to sit absolutely still, bow our heads and pray for our vocation. Vocation? What’s a vocation? I didn’t know, but I prayed real hard anyway.  Maybe I would get one. We all did (I was an adult by the time I understood what a vocation was, when I was working like a mule for minimum wage).

sticker-token free
[Sewers] I own a home on Pirates Rd in Jolly Rogers Estates, Little Torch Key. My new neighbors bought the home next door to ours less than a year ago with little or no information about the FKAA’s plan to install grinder pumps in every property on Pirates Rd. He came home one day in December 2015 to find that a grinder pump with a control panel and post for same had been installed in his front yard. In addition, a tree had been pulled out of the ground and left in a wheel barrow…all of this without the property owner’s knowledge or permission. But this story gets much worse; unbeknownst to the FKAA contractor, several home security cameras were rolling during the entire installation process. While reviewing this recorded video, the homeowner watched as one wheel of a piece of heavy equipment broke through the concrete cover of his septic tank and large chunks of concrete and a considerable amount of pea rock fell into the tank. The crew stood around for a while and finally decided to cover up the damage with black plastic sheeting over plywood. They then covered the whole thing over with more pea rock and left the property. They did not notify my neighbor as to what they had done but he managed to contact them (Layne, I believe) to tell them to get back to his property ASAP to replace the septic tank lid and that if he ever had any problem with his system, they would be liable. So much for truth and integrity in the CRWS.

As 27-year property owners on Little Torch Key, and having worked with Banks Prevatt and Dump the Pumps, Inc in opposition to the FKAA and BOCC jamming these grinder pumps down our front yards, we are very close to selling our homes as have several good neighbors. The wrong-minded planning of this “science” project” pressurized sewage system in such a protected environment simply defies the imagination in terms of common sense decision-making. It must be stopped.

bs meter man the lifeboats


[Information] It never ceases to amaze me how fast you can get information back from the web about any given subject. The second thing that amazes me is how long it takes to figure out what is true and what is BS!

[Accounting for Marathon’s Accounting Problem AKA Peter Rosasco] There is no accounting for the fact that the accounting problem in the City of Marathon is solely on account of Peter Rosasco and his behaviors and his inability to control his needs, wants and compulsions. Unfortunately, we the People of Marathon have been paying the price for this Peter Problem much too long. It’s been going on since 2003 and the cost has been substantial, more than just the exorbitant monetary costs!

Accounting or accountancy is simply the measurement, processing and communication of financial information. It should not be about the self-interests of Peter Rosasco, his personal financial interests and/or his personal relationships. Accounting in Marathon should not be the soap opera it has become, because of who and what Peter Rosasco is. Nowhere else does the weirdness of accountancy rise to the levels that we see in our City of Marathon. There is a clear difference between the accounting problems the Monroe County School Board is going through and the goings on in the City of Marathon. The accountancy problem in Marathon is clear.  At least we know and can identify our problem in the City. We all know that our problem is Peter Rosasco.

It would seem that now that we have identified our last remaining source of cancer that the City of Marathon would waste no time removing it. It’s apparently not so simple, Marathon can be a funny little town when it comes to friends, and friendships, who you know, their needs, and wants, and special interests, and never discount the power of fear.  All of these issues come into play here and we are going to be talking about all of this over the next few weeks in this column. A book could easily be written about the Peter Rosasco problem but as it has been explained to me so often, I need to keep my missives shorter; therefore, there will be a series of shorter articles about Marathon’s Peter Problem over the next few weeks. These thoughts and facts will coincide with the Marathon City Council discussions concerning the extension of the Peter Rosasco financial services contract to be discussed this coming month of March.

What I wish to convey to my readership here and now in this conversation is the thought of how simple it would be to address the City of Marathon’s accountancy problem by simply understanding that the base line problem is Peter Rosasco himself. Removing Peter Rosasco from the City Council meetings alone has not and will not address this problem. We should not get bogged down in a discussion of bringing accounting in-house or continuing with an outside financial services contract as we now have. This only delays addressing the real problem which is the need to totally and completely remove Peter Rosasco from anything to do or say on behalf of the City of Marathon.

The issue is Peter Rosasco. All the problems, issues and controversy concerning City of Marathon accounting lead back to Peter Rosasco. Peter Rosasco is the problem. We need to fix the Peter Problem without further delay!  ~ Bruce Schmit

I know that you are beautiful; the most beautiful and graceful girl I ever saw. I know that you are brave and sweet and tender and thoughtful. I know that you are clever and resourceful and tactful. I know that you are a good comrade; that you are an artist with a poet’s soul. I know that you are the one woman in all the wide world for me; that having seen you there can never be any one else to take your place in my heart. I know that I would rather die with you in my arms, than live a king with any other queen!” I took her in my arms, and for some divine moments, our hearts beat together.  ~Bram Stoker
Jeffrey Dahmer lived most of his life in that Ohio house and killed and dismembered his first victim there.


If the Boy Scouts were smart, they’d buy cookies from the Girl Scouts then sell them for more money during the off season.

[“Just Didn’t Get Keys Living”] No need to be sorry, the Keys are not for everyone. I know many folks that find the summers too hot, hurricanes to spooky, don’t fish or dive, don’t like the beach, it’s very expensive, and hard to find a good paying job (most of us work several jobs). I hope you and your wife find a spot that suits your needs. Blessings & safe travel.
pine-channel-chartI have been showing the local charts to some newcomers and noticed a couple of things. One thing I hadn’t noticed before is that at the end of Watson Road on BPK there are “ruins” noted and it appears that pylons or posts go from the end of Watson Blvd straight over to Little Torch Key, right where the road is. I have to assume this may have been the road back in the day when the ferry ran from Marathon to No Name Key.

The second thing that I have always noticed is the “submerged pilings” that run north and south in Pine Channel. Out there the other day I can see the water color change at this location as it may have been dredged to install whatever these pilings were for.

Can anyone shed any light on these two observations?

I found myself bored and read the MCSO Facebook comments for some laughs when I come across the story about the man from Kentucky who came on vacation, pointed a gun at a Dot Palm crew and will now probably leave on probation!

What I found interesting is the lack of knowledge of Florida law by many who were actually dumb enough to post that they were concealed weapons permit holders. This is sad because Florida law is written to protect those who hold permits by not allowing their names to be made public, unless the permit holders are dumb enough to expose themselves.

Posting your selfie with your kids, saying you have a permit is unnecessary exposure for you and your offspring. Your posts are not found only where you leave them. If you’re going to carry a gun, do it quietly.

One comment I found was profound in the fact it suggested tourists might want to learn Florida law prior to coming here and waving their guns around. How true. Monroe County’s Assistant State Attorney proved last September that he follows F.S.S.776 to the letter of the law. You’re allowed to shoot someone in self-defense even if you know them and they are not inside your home. It’s fear of imminent bodily harm or death that’s required for you to defend yourself. Florida’s law carries this to our vehicles as well.

Now before we hear the responses from our friends visiting us from gun free states and countries, we don’t care how you feel about our laws in Florida. They are our laws, our way of living and we’re not interested in how you do it up there. If you’re going to come here to be warm, behave!



If sea levels rise five feet, nearly one million of the current homes near the coast will be below the average day’s high tide. Other structures at risk include 7 power plants, 26 hospitals, 213 schools, and 32 sewage plants. In total, some $390 billion worth of property could be damaged or lost—a sum five times as great as Florida’s state budget.

[“Sewer Easements”] I am a retired land surveyor who worked for a very large public utility in Chicago and in the course of my work I was required to write and vacate easements. A while back I received a letter from the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority demanding that I grant them and easement or very bad things would happen to me if I didn’t do it. Besides the fact that the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority is a contractor for this sewer project they have no legal authority to demand this easement. Only the owner of the sewer project can make these demands. A contractor does not have the legal authority make these demands. A contractor may be fired by the owner of the project. If this was to happen then who will be have free access to your property? If you fell for this hoax you need to write a legal letter to the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority rescinding your easement. Consider this, the Fifth and the Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution covers what has to happen when a taking of property occurs. These procedures require an action by the court and a fair price to be determined by it. Now Monroe County does not want this to happen as the time and costs would be prohibitive, so our elected officials decided to have the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority shill for them.

I asked a deputy county attorney what would happen if I refused to grant this illegal easement. She advised me that I wouldn’t be able to connect to the sewers and the State of Florida’s health department would condemn my property. What nonsense. Now also consider this, those Country Commissioners who came up with this scheme aren’t worried because these extra costs aren’t coming out of their pockets. These extra costs will come out of your pockets in the form of higher taxes. Hang in there, don’t sign the easement. If you feel that you are being extorted file a complaint with the US Justice Department because this is a constitutional issue. Monroe County is taking away your civil rights. Ask yourself who’s making all this money off this project? Wait and see what happens.



Good graphic

I Just read that there will be an annual Easter Egg Hunt for children. How droll. I’m proposing a Senior. Easter Egg Hunt for all those 65 years and older. What would be more entertaining than watching old farts stumbling around on canes, walkers, crutches, and wheelchairs trying to bend down to pick up colored eggs. I wonder how this would work on the White House Lawn?
[IRS Refunds] We have 2 million undocumented workers with ITIN numbers, filing tax returns, who received over $4 billion from the IRS last year.  Check out this loophole. Video
yard-sale-bannerTwo family yard sale with great and diverse items this Saturday. 8-12. No early buyers please. 31562 avenue E. Big Pine Key. 305-797-0474 Outdoor furniture, Zero-turn riding mower, Enclosed cargo trailer, Lots of amazing and delightful items!
[Venetian States Revolt Against the French] Death to Frenchmen! Death to Jacobins! as they called all the French, were their rallying cries that April day in 1797. At the time I had not the slightest idea of this state of things, for I had left Sens only on the 11th of April. After stopping two hours at Verona, I proceeded on my journey without being aware of the massacre which threatened that city. When about a league from the town I was, however, stopped by a party of insurgents on their way thither, consisting, as I estimated, of about two thousand men. They only desired me to cry, ‘El viva Santo Marco’, an order with which I speedily complied, and passed on. What would have become of me had I been in Verona on the Monday? On that day the French were butchered in the hospitals. Every one met in the streets was put to death. The priests headed the assassins, and more than four hundred Frenchmen were thus sacrificed.

The forts held out against the Venetians, though they attacked them with fury; but French repossession of the town was not obtained until after ten days. On the very day of the insurrection of Verona some Frenchmen were assassinated between that city and Vicenza, through which I passed on the day before without danger; and scarcely had I passed through Padua, when I learned that others had been massacred there. Thus the assassinations travelled as rapidly as the post.

The knell of Venice was rung; and Bonaparte thus wrote to the Directory on the 30th of April: “I am convinced that the only course to be now taken is to destroy this ferocious and sanguinary Government.” On the 3d of May, writing from Palma Nuova, he says: “I see nothing that can be done but to obliterate the Venetian name from the face of the globe.”

waving bird silly

[“To visit is fine, but to live here is not suitable for our family”] Awesome, one down 30,000 to go! Please share your Keys experience with all your neighbors up north. You are correct, the Keys aren’t for everybody and those of us who lived here, back in the day, know it.

How to make filthy water drinkable. This should be sent to the FKAA and we would all survive the disaster that coming with this sewer fiasco. Video


“I ate too much bacon”, said no one ever.

For those people who think it’s just great that Al Jazeera is going dark, here’s the kind of real journalism they do. Never mind, just keep watching Fox News and Family Feud and other pap so you’ll never have to think too much. Link
accurate-home insp 700x175
[“Dahmer’s house for sale”] My neighbor lived nearby Jeffrey Dahmer in Ohio when he was a school child. So he lived in Ohio before Wisconsin.
dog27[“Arthritis”] Our 8-year-old Shetland sheep dog began changing at around 7 years old. Stairs and walks required a lot of coaxing. Standard vets were useless. We took him to a specialist. At that time we were sure we would have to euthanize him. He could barely walk or breathe from pain. After a battery of tests they said he had advanced arthritis. He was started on metacam, amantadine, gabapentin, tramadol, fish oil and glucosamine. And a shot of Adequan once a week to restore cartilage and synovial fluid. Within a week he had stopped limping, was climbing stairs and wagging his tail for a walk. He was still obviously arthritic, but much happier. A few months after that, he started physio, which included cold laser therapy and acupuncture, not to mention at-home exercises. They chart him every week for weight bearing and range of motion. Even the animal doctors are amazed at his progress. We are ecstatic. He has a great quality of life again. How did I learn what would be effective? I asked them? “We just copied what was working for people”, they said. Human and canine results may vary, but any pain relief is a blessing. So to the misanthrope who called it quackery, get a duck and shut the eff up.
[Sex Is The Best Form Of Exercise] Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think 2 minutes and 15 seconds every 3 months is going to shift this beer belly!


[Stray Dog] Does anyone know who this little fellow is or where he belongs? He has been wandering around Geranium Dr. in Eden Pines. He appears to be an older fellow and he’s very sweet. Please call 509-293-6921 if you have any info. The folks feeding him now are only temporary.

[Mad Max Fury Road] I rented it from Red Box by accident so I watched it. What a piece of s**t.
[“Encryption”] A ‘key’ is what’s used to encode and decode (encrypt/decrypt) text, etc.
shoot clay pigeon


[Home Gun Range] Gov. Rick Scott signed legislation this week that would place so many restrictions on homemade, backyard gun ranges that they will be basically prohibited in all residential neighborhoods in the Florida Keys. The law, which passed Wednesday, prohibits “any person who recreationally discharges a firearm outdoors, including for target shooting or celebratory shooting, in an area that the person knows or reasonably should know is primarily residential in nature and that has a residential density of one or more dwelling units per acre.”

[“Just didn’t get Keys living”] You say you have been here quite a while but think there is only “shallow water that prohibits anything short of a row boat.” No wonder you don’t like it here. It seems you have never been fishing here and obviously you don’t have a boat. This is one of the great fishing and diving capitals of the world.


Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop. iClebo YCR-M05-10 Arte smart home/office vacuum cleaner and floor mopping robot. November Consumer Reports ‘Best Buy’. Amazon price: $469. 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. New in box never used (my old-fashioned wife won’t allow it in the house): $300. Link

Have you noticed that FKAA & Monroe County have recently been publicly hinting that you have years to actually connect to their new sewer system? They know it does not work right now and will not work at all when enough people connect. Watch as all the engineering management disappears with their bags of money and fat pension when the truth is undeniable.
Notice how they bill for sewer service 30 days after the Notice to Connect, whether you hook up or not. Of course that is illegal, but they wrote their own rule to allow it so they can then claim it’s “legal”. Banana Republic of Conch.
The rush to meet the central sewer mandate was solely to prevent temporary loss of development rights, and the rush to get connection notices out is solely to move money from your pocket to theirs while crowing about how quickly they completed central sewers in the face of stiff opposition (from people who believed the system should be built to actually work… and be funded from dedicated project funding instead of subsidized by select “losers” with grinder pumps.)
nira-tocco 700x175
[Test] The fattiest organ of the human body is the … Take the test. Link


1929: U.S. Navy tests of the Momsen lung, conducted on the submarine S-4 near Smith Shoals, ended and were declared a success with men able to escape from the submarine on the bottom using the lung. Momsen tested his lung off the Florida Keys. Link

[Education] In a University of Texas classroom, they were discussing the qualifications to be President of the United States. It was pretty simple. The candidate must be a natural born citizen of at least 35 years of age. However, one girl in the class immediately started in on how unfair it was of the requirement to be a natural born citizen. In short, her opinion was that this requirement prevented many capable individuals from becoming president. The class was taking it in and letting her rant, and not many jaws hit the floor when she wrapped up her argument by stating, “What makes a natural born citizen any more qualified to lead this country than one born by C-section?”
bread-no flour[Cloud Bread] This carb and gluten-free bread is soft, airy and fluffy, and so delicious it practically melts in your mouth. It is an ideal replacement for traditional homemade bread, and it is also high in protein.
3 eggs, separated
3 tablespoons cream cheese
1/4 teaspoon baking powder or cream of tartar
1 tablespoon of honey (or a natural sweetener)
Garlic powder (optional)
Rosemary (optional)Preheat the oven to 300°F
Separate the eggs, removing the yolk from the white.
In one bowl, mix the egg yolks, cream cheese and honey until smooth.
In the second bowl, add 1/4 teaspoon baking powder or cream of tartar to the whites and beat the whites on high speed until they are fluffy, with stiff peaks.
Fold the egg yolk mixture into the egg whites carefully and slowly, retaining, as much as possible, the fluffiness of the egg whites. Do not let the mixture melt.
Spoon the mixture into 10-12 even rounds on a baking sheet and sprinkle with rosemary (if using) and put in the oven.Bake the bread for 17 to 20 minutes on the middle rack, then broil for 1 minute until they become golden brown. Remove from the oven, leave to cool, and enjoy.
Do you realize that if Bernie Sanders wins the election it will be the first time ever that a Jewish family moves into a house that a black family moved out of.
apple danceing


Apple won the first court challenge trying to force them to un-encrypt their phones.

Dear IRS;
After viewing this video I refuse to pay my 2016 Income Tax. If you want to do something about that, come on down! Video
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[“Boat trailer light isn’t working”] Don’t try to clean a corroded wire. That is only a temporary fix. If your wire is black and discolored you will need to cut it back until you get back to the original copper color, regardless of how much wire you have to discard. Generally, you don’t have to cut off more than a few inches. If you don’t change the entire wire, use a butt connector with a new piece of wire and seal it with silicone, liquid tape or heat-shrink tubing.
skyscraper light blink[Building Height Limit] Have you noticed the constant pressure from developers to raise the height limit on buildings to squeak in an extra floor? First it was done under the threat of rising ocean levels. “If the water is really rising that much you will need a boat to get to your house.” The latest approach aimed at emotions is almost like the “for the children” tear jerker. Now it’s affordable housing.  Let’s build them higher so more lower income people can have homes.

Fight this as hard as you can. Nothing would spoil the Keys more than a city full of 80 story condos. This is a much bigger threat than any Walmart. A person told me over forty years ago that someday it will happen. I fear that she was correct. There was a big campaign 40 years ago to limit building heights and the citizens won out over the developers. Since than they’ve come back every decade with a new argument to raise the building heights. They’re very tricky.

When food falls on floor the 5 second rule doesn’t apply in my house. It’s the “get it before the dog does” rule.
cat book



I love this title: How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you.

[“Computers without internet are just doorstops”] I disagree. I spend a lot of time (most of my time) doing things offline.
flag pow miaThanks to the Big Pine Key Post Office for hoisting the new American and MIA flags – they look great.
AARP’s March calendar is here. Full Menu > Ongoing Events
musketlock-ebay[“Name that musket part”] They’re called Locks. They come is different kinds: Match, Flint, Cap. (see eBay)
[The times, they are a changin’]
1945 – if you got drunk off duty your buddies would take you back to the barracks to sleep it off.
2016 – if you get drunk they slap you in rehab and ruin your career.1945 you got a Purple Heart for getting half your body blown away
2016 you get a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star and extended light duty for a f**king paper cut!


A better picture than the one last Friday’s.

[Citizen of the Days Says] A regular dose of vitamin sea gives me perspective and helps me feel like I’m home.
[“Boat trailer light isn’t working”] That’s actually electrolysis from having current flowing through the wire while being flooded. The whole length of wire is like that. Try taking sandpaper or knife blade and scrape it shiny.


The FDA just approved this new drug for people that are easily offended or can’t take a joke.

Watch a tour of Florida that’s too raw for TV. While exploring the upper echelon to the underbelly of society. Video
Key-Deer-Eating-New-Plants-at-Shopping-Center[New Deer Food] Another ‘attaboy for Hampshire Companies of N.J., owners of the Big Pine Shopping Center. At least the new plantings aren’t protected; unlike the ones they removed. This way they avoid the conundrum of an endangered species decimating a protected species.

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, one finds it attached to the rest of the world.”  ~John Muir

[Love ‘Em Because You Can’t Shoot ‘Em] My lovely wife wanted to clean a stubborn spot on the hard wood floor in the kitchen so she put Easy-Off Oven Cleaner on it and forgot about it.

Did you know that Easy-Off  is a very good paint remover? You should see our floor!

[Good Buy] I told you not to put all your money in that stock.
My broker said it was a good buy.
Yeah. Goodbye house. Goodbye car. Goodbye Rolex.



Michele Byrne

Isn’t it great that we have bike paths so spandex-clad bikers can ride to wherever they want.
hemingway-marlinFrom To Have and Have Another: A Hemingway Cocktail Companion. The recipe for this drink came from Ernest Hemingway’s fishing log handwritten in June of 1933, where its ingredients were listed under the simple heading “Cocktail.” The name pays tribute to Joe “Josie Grunts” Russell, a close friend of Hemingway’s who ran liquor from Cuba to Florida during Prohibition and, immediately following its repeal, opened Key West mainstay Sloppy Joe’s. Hemingway was fishing on Russell’s boat when he wrote down the recipe for this drink, a potent blend of rum, hard apple cider, lime, and sugar. Sounds like just the thing to warm up a fall fishing trip.

The Josie Russell
For a pitcher:
4 ½ oz. rum
12 oz. hard apple cider
2 oz. fresh lime juice
2 tsp. sugar
Fill a pitcher with ice, add all ingredients, and stir well. Serve on ice in Collins or highball glasses, garnished with lime wedge or peel. Serves two to three.

[Conspiracy] What happened to the conspiracy theorists? A Supreme Court Judge dies and not a peep from them. I thought that they went under the understanding that if they can think something is possible—than it is a fact.
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[“Just didn’t get Keys living”] If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem. You missed the point of the Keys. Life is meant to be as it is here. Not what you want it to be because you think it should. Insulting people by calling them “no-bodies” with our “stagnant” culture speaks volumes to your own character rather than those you are name-calling. The Keys weren’t meant to be changed with six digit numbered houses and planned developments, but a simpler, slower life that allows you freedom from the stress of life. “Shallow waters that prohibits anything short of a row boat?” Hmpf, sounds like you never ventured out nor did you bother trying. You did do many a favor, you left before you tried making everyone else conform to your standards of what you deem paradise.


An “Oh s**t” moment.

Please change top story A-1 Auto Care is on Ramrod Key not Sugarloaf. Please give the correct directions it is a great place to get your car fixed.
The Constitution does not mention a “right to privacy” in the first amendment or anywhere else in it. The fourth amendment deals with unreasonable searches and seizures. Although I agree with your basic premise, you had the wrong Amendment.


[“Winn Dixie trees”] Just move the trash barrel next to the wilting tree, strap them together together and, voila! Much better.

United Way of the Florida Keys visited Publix stores in Key West, Marathon, and Key Largo to thank employees for their generous campaign support. Publix Supermarkets is the top supporter of UWFK’s campaign. In 2015, through individual paycheck donations and a generous corporate matching gift, Publix’s in the Keys gave UWFK nearly $175,000. This is an increase by approximately 20% from last year. UWFK board members, staff, and volunteers celebrated Publix’s long-term commitment to strengthening the Keys community by walking store aisles and visiting store break rooms to thank employees in person. United Way is incredibly thankful to Publix for their leadership, compassion, and generosity. Our community benefits immensely from the food, education, and safety net programs their donations help fund!

Donations to support the work of UWFK and our local nonprofit partner agencies are accepted year-round. If you would like to make a donation, you can access our online giving portal by clicking the “Donate” button at link. Thank you for helping us in our mission to become the leader in community caring!

[Conspiracy Man] During the end of WW II, a farce was shown all over the world, known as The Nuremberg Trials. What was never disclosed was, during the time this farce was being prepared. Thousands, not hundreds, but thousands of Nazi war criminals, that should’ve been hung, were being interviewed by the OSS and MI6. These war criminals were then given new identities with false passports supplied by the Holy Vatican of Rome. The OSS then had them shipped overseas to the U.S. under the code name, “Operation Paperclip”. The three prime officers in charge of over seeing this operation were, Prescott Bush (Daddy of George H.W. Bush), Allen W. Dulles and John Foster Dulles, with the cooperation of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. Prior to this in the early 1940’s, Bush and the Dulles brothers were found guilty by a senate investigation committee of investing U.S. dollars to the Nazi war machine, when it was declared illegal by congress. The three were given a slap on the wrists. Afterwards, in order to avoid looking unpatriotic by the people. Prescott Bush organized the U.S.O.. Even though everyone knew the three (Very powerful) men were Fascist sympathizers.

Operation Paperclip was a complete success, even though Harry Truman was not aware of what was taking place under his nose, during his presidency . These Nazi’s who comprised as top scientists and Gestapo war criminals were given top priorities in key positions in our government and intelligence agencies. For example, Werner Von Braun, Ernst R.G. Eckert and hundreds more were the creators of NASA, and others in key positions with Westinghouse, Northrop, Boeing, JPL etc. In 1947 the OSS was transformed by Bush and the Dulles brothers into the newly established CIA, NSA and DIA. Allen Dulles was Director of the CIA, and Bush was the secret Director of the NSA, John Foster Dulles oversaw the DIA, In which high ranking former Gestapo officers were given key positions in running these intelligence agencies domestically and over seas, since they had vital intelligence concerning the Soviet Union, and were a key asset during the Cold War. These officers taught newly recruited U.S. intelligence agents the art of ruthlessness (Gestapo tactics) when dealing with the enemy. These three men were in charge of all top secret U.S. intelligence information. Information considered on a “Need to know basis”. Even the Intel given to the president was limited Intel.

A new twist has recently come to light! Former CIA case officer, a 21 year CIA veteran, Bob Baer. Has obtained documents recently released by the Freedom of Information Act, demonstrating that the OSS, CIA and FBI had knowledge that Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide in his underground bunker in April of 1945 in Berlin. But, in fact fled Berlin days before the Soviet Army reached the German capital. It seems that our intelligence agency and the FBI had an extensive detailed file on the movements of Hitler from 1945 onwards. According to the files, Hitler fled Berlin through an underground tunnel attached to his bunker which led to an airport close by. From there, he flew to Spain with Eva Braun and several loyal Generals. They were met in Spain by his close friend and neutral ally, Spanish Dictator Francisco Franco. In which Hitler, and his crew were given refuge for some duration of time. Then transported by German U-boat from Spain, to the Canary islands. Afterwards fleeing the Canary Islands again by U-boat to Argentina. The FBI had complete knowledge of Hitler’s whereabouts and activities throughout his life time in South America, and made no attempt to inform the Israeli Mossad, or bring him to justice as the one person responsible for the war crimes and atrocities committed by the Third Reich! Bob Baer, now in private practice, has set up a team to trace and investigate the information on these files, in Berlin, Spain and South America, and has discovered that the information on these files are in fact, valid Intel. It is quite evident that this secret unknown powerful group (in which,Bush and the Dulles brothers were their lieutenants) has been deceiving the world for some time now. More corruption caused by the Secret Government known today, as the New World Order.



No mass shootings in Israel. Everybody is armed. Wake up America; if the bad guys don’t give up their guns why should we?

Pickpocket Tips. Video
musket lock inside cocked


The firing mechanism is a lock. Now after all these years you finally know what the phrase “lock, stock, and barrel” refers to!

[Captain Doom and Gloom] Ever wonder who on this rock could be gone and no change would be noticed until you turned on the TV? Entertainers, sports figures, politicians, military, terrorists, untouchables, advertisers, retailers, artists, and all of the useless eaters that are really not needed to sustain life and to live happily. God bless the farmers and well drillers!

DEF: Pride n. The stupidity of not knowing how to ask for help.
DEF: Ignorance n. A disability 90% of the population has.
DEF: Yard Sale n, Selling junk to junk people for junk money.
DEF: Political Parties n. A manipulative system to divide and conquer sheeple.
DEF: Sports n. A system for useless eaters to get rich by playing kids games.
DEF: Water n. The base for life that no one can figure how to charge more for than for oil, yet.

“Parking Lot” You people live in a fantasy world. You want shade in a freaking parking lot? You want trees and chickens and dirt and filth in a parking lot? Get real. Like the Sears parking lot, you need a freaking map to get in and out of that abortion, same goes for the WD lot. A parking lot is not a freaking kiddy play land. Grow up!

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