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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Letters to the editor with pictures since 2002. Published on Big Pine Key’s garbage days, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Ann Marie Angelotti passed away surrounded by all of her children, on March 25. She was proceeded in death by her husband, Peter Angelotti and her parents, Paul and Lena Doucet. Ann Marie lives on in her children. Peter Jr, Rachele, and Dante, her three brothers, Peter, Paul and Michael; and her many grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Born in Haverhill. Massachusetts in 1959, she moved to the Florida Keys in 1984. In addition to owning Angelotti’s Pizza for four years, she was a familiar smiling face in the service industry in the Lower Keys for over 30 years. Ann Marie was happiest outdoors in the sunshine, working with her plants, boating with her family, or enjoying a book on a quiet beach. A memorial mass will be held at St. Peter’s Catholic Church on Big Pine Key on Friday, May 3 at 9 a.m. A gathering to commemorate Ann Mane’s joyful spint will be held at the family home at 82 Dorsett Dr. on Grassy Key from 4 to 7 that evening. All are welcome to attend. In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to the St. Peter’s Catholic Church Rebuild Fund.

[Cashier Of The Year] When she says, “I’ll be right with you”, run!

In 1994 the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was 358 parts per million. Now it’s over 410–a level not seen for at least three million years. Link

In twenty years, the suicide rate has climbed by 25%! That’s mostly due to people feeling anxiety, depression and useless.

The poster who is against healthcare for all says, those in favor of national healthcare, think it’s free. This poster has been reading too many extremist websites. If we don’t start listening to each other’s positions we’re in bigger trouble than we are now, and families will continue to lose all they have to pay for their healthcare. Everyone agrees that we have the best healthcare in the world–if you can afford it. That’s the whole point that the poster is missing. Under national healthcare if you want that Gucci-type care you’d have to pay a lot extra. The rest of us will have long waits and mediocre care, but no one will have liens placed on their homes or bill collectors bothering them for the rest of their lives. Higher taxes or budget reductions will pay for it.




[Dog Toy] Since I bought this toy for my dog, no more salesman, break-ins, or friends popping in announced. Just peace and quiet.

[The Pentagon’s Bottomless Money Pit] Taxpayer’s biggest expense, yet there’s no accounting. When the Defense Department flunked its first-ever fiscal review, one of our government’s greatest mysteries was exposed: Where does the DoD’s $700 billion annual budget go? Link
[“Ryobi warranty sucks”] Update. I just received a refusal from Ryobi. They said I purchased the sprayer form Amazon “which is not on the resellers list for product that we cover under the warranty” How am I supposed to know that unless Ryobi was intentionally trying to screw me? P.S. Those wonderful folks at Amazon Prime apologized for Ryobi’s treatment of me and issued a full refund and said to keep or throw away the sprayer.
[Paying For Two School Systems] State Senate OKs new program to use public money to pay for private-school vouchers. Video



[Biosphere 2] The lost history of one of the world’s strangest science experiments. The hummingbirds were dying. Cockroaches were everywhere. And then Steve Bannon showed up. Link

[Keep Roadways Clear] With hurricane season around the corner, the county expects their roads to be kept clear of such things as pea-rock piles, garbage, or the planting of large vegetation, boat storage, just to name a few. The wording of the ordinance is not easy to comprehend, but basically their intent is to try to keep the road open and clear of everything. If not, you can expect a citation, fine and appearance before the special magistrate (aka judge). My neighbor got a warning last week. Prohibition of obstruction of traffic



NYC is considering banning hot dogs and other processed meats over climate change concerns. Link

The Great Battle of the Conch Republic, Key West Harbor. Slides
All the controversy about 420 and Hitler inspired me to write and say, “High Hitler!” Party on.  Please, you’re ruining my buzz.



[Baby Poop] Everything you need to know about baby poop. Link

The AARP activities calendar is online now for May. Full Menu > Ongoing Events




FedEx’s jab at UPS.

Listen to the Florida Keys newscast on Island 106.9. Stories include the sentencing of the pelican pouncer. Audio
[A New Scam] This is a new scam, but I haven’t figured out how they will cheat you. If any of you suckers respond to this, please email the Coconut Telegraph and let us know what happened. Why would you need a passport to go to California?
“I’m Allison Kaitlyn, United States Citizen. I will love to hire a caring male or female Estate Manager-Supervisor who is willing to work in my house over here in California Los Angeles if interested submit your CV/Resume via email do not apply if you do not have a valid International-Passport.
Regards,, Mr Allison Kaitlyn
(Ed: Whenever you see an email closing with the word “regards” you can bet it’s a scam.

[Zombie Bugs] When black bubbles grew on his hand, a Florida fisherman learned about ‘flesh-eating’.  Video

[“I see nothing wrong with racism”] So much for the Florida Keys and One Human Family. This is the kind of stuff moving down from up north. They probably wear Tommy Bahama, gold chains and a Rolex. Probably rents his house out on AirBnB. They think they’re richer, better and smarter than… Dear Original Poster, too bad you didn’t live here in the early 80’s, I’d have taken you fishing and there would have been only one sandwich in the cooler – mine. I would have killed you
[“The meaning of 420”] I always thought 420 meant that your 8 to 5 work day was almost over and you could start rolling joints for the evening. Worked for me from the 60s right up to today!

[Captain Doom & Gloom] The Rag Heads are winning, and the sheep are bending over again. This time the sheep will be dinner for the camel Shiites! We’re all going to die from these invaders!

[“Wrong apocalyptic predictions”] Not so! These guys were right on the money if you really look deep into what has happened in the past 20 years. The media killed their stories.
New Bus Service, I think.    lks-transport
[A Different Political View] This is good stuff.  Mike Gravel, the 88 year old ex-senator from Alaska, is unelectable, but as the letter below states, he can talk about a taboo topic on the debate stage, by bringing up the endless-wars, that no serious candidate is prepared to do in this unquestioning flag-waving society. Mike Gravel talks about issues that are important, but taboo. Mike Gravel’s Viral 2020 Campaign Is the Brainchild of a New York Teen. Link



[Delicious Paint Job] If you are nine, you would probably wet your pants with excitement.  Good thing this semi truck is moving. If it stopped for too long there could be trouble.

[USA Losing Respect] Well it sure looks like America has lost control of the idiots on this planet because most countries now do not care what we say or do. China will own the moon. Mexico will retake California. Israel will conquer the North Eastern US. Cuba will own Florida and China will own Africa and South America by birthing! Fun, huh?



[New Restaurant] Congrats to Lynn on her opening of yet another restaurant. The Square Grouper – Islamorada is open!

[Fake News] DEF: Socialized Medicine n, When you get sick, you share the same bed pan, the same thermometer, toilet, food dishes, forks, and hope they wash them in between. (Ed: This is what we’ve come to when discussing important topics. Lies, exaggeration, hysteria, and distortion, not one bit of fact when no good argument is available. It’s no wonder we are so messed up.)