2021 December

Friday, December 31, 2021 New Year’s Eve

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[“I wish Covid testing was convenient”] It is. Go to Walgreens or CVS and buy a test kit for as little as $10 or go to the Walgreens drive-thru — it’s supposedly free.
Never would I have thought that living in a land of million-dollar homes would free testing be an issue. The fear among the rich is palpable.
A Soldier’s Journey” is a welcomed addition. Gripping, well-written and engaging commentary detailing the realities of Americana and the sacrifices made to protect our Homeland and way of life. Thank you, Mr. Donnelley. Full Menu > Soldier’s Journey
[Remembering Past New Years] Only in the Keys can your dreams be more exciting than your realities. It never used to be like that. Only in recent times with the new residents of Monroe County. Many of us lived every dream we ever had before we left the Keys and Florida. It was a lot more fun when it was run by fishermen, treasure hunters and drug smugglers – money, tips and drinks flowed on a sea of green paper, not credit cards and mortgage debt monetized by rentals at every turn. There were nights with a man named Tennessee in a saloon called the Full Moon, an off-key shrimper in white boots sang songs about Margaritaville in a bar called the Mermaid, the Tea Dance at LaTeDa was a happening and the conch salad man bellowed his wares from a bicycle with a 5-gallon drywall bucket in the front basket – it was $1 for a big Styrofoam cup full! Will performed on a tight rope at sunset and passed his hat for tips, shrimp boats filled the docks in the Bight and the Half Shell served Key West seafood.
[Top Wins For the Planet in 2021] These will turn anyone into an optimist. Link

What are frankincense and myrrh, anyway? The history and mystery of these botanicals go way beyond the Magi. Link
Woman logic is this version of equality. You’re supposed to pull my chair out, hold the door open for me, pay for me and be nice to me no matter what. Woman logic is expecting men to have ESP. Link


[TIPS] OK, for your New Year’s resolution, stop being a penny-pinching skinflint. Start being decent to your servers.

[Soldiers] Loving their Constitution, liberties, rights and fellow citizens; took an oath to fight and die for their Homeland. Duty-honor and country may be passe and not in vogue, however for the sentient beings described in Mr. Donnelly’s commentary, “it meant something”. Full Menu > Soldier’s Journey
[Vaccines] I wonder how many deniers took the mandatory polio vaccine before entering grade school. Did they know anything about the polio vaccine? Doctor Salk developed a “killed-virus” vaccine by growing samples of the virus and then deactivating them by adding formaldehyde so that they could no longer reproduce.  The enormous clinical trial, involving 1.8 million children, was carried out with the co-operation and assistance of hundreds of thousands of lay volunteers, along with medical professionals and local health departments throughout the USA.

The oral vaccine finally became available in 1962 and it quickly supplanted Salk’s injected vaccine because it was cheaper to produce and easier to administer.


Sign found outside a pub in Europe.

[“A Soldier’s Journey”] Much praise and thanks for Mr. Donnelley’s interesting narrative. Refreshing and uplifting to be reminded of the selfless actions of Americans willing to suffer and sacrifice everything for the sake of their country and fellow Americans. Full Menu > Soldier’s Journey
[Sick Ships] CDC investigating 86 cruise ships with reported Covid outbreaks. Cruises resumed in June after being halted for over a year because of the pandemic, and continue to sail despite the investigation. Link
[“Getting laid on Duval Street for $10”] You got it wrong. It was getting f**ked on Duval Street for $10. [Referring to overpricing maybe?]
What gives boss?[?]


[Mental Alertness] Having sex on a regular basis helps keep your ability to remember things alive. I want to wish you all a great 2018!

[“How to spend your money for maximum happiness”] I have read lots of propaganda bs in my day, but that tops it all! Just ask any peasant what is more important then ask a rich person.


[Friday Joke] A man in an Italian bar is talking about naming his new born son “l’eroe” (the Hero). The bartender says, “You gunna namea you kida after a sandwich?”

[Friday Joke] On a Miami­ to Chicago flight was a lively youngster who nearly drove everyone crazy. He was running up and down the aisle when the flight attendant started serving coffee. He ran smack into her, knocking a cup of coffee out of her hand and onto the floor. As he stood by watching her clean up the mess, she glanced up at the boy and said, “Look kid, why don’t you go and play outside?”
What would you do if you won the lottery for millions? Disappear? Walk away from where you live? Cash it in for real CASH? Give half to charity? Give it all to the Church? Change your name and buy a 150-foot yacht?
Pay off the Mob and Gonifs like you’re supposed to do?
Get divorced or hire a hit man?
Wake up, there’s no chance of you ever winning?
[Covid Symptoms] I went to get tested for Covid yesterday. The staff asked me if I had experienced a sudden lack of taste. I replied, “No, I’ve been dressing like this for a while now.”
[Cancer Cure] RSO Rick Simpson Oil is all over Facebook and to find real RSO is difficult.  Now that I “believe” myself to be cured, I was counseled to never divulge to the doctors because big pharmy would send in hitmen. The CHR Cannabis health Radio YouTube interviews along with various groups in Meta have educated many of us who are willing and I count my blessings that I did not enroll in chemo. Many folks think chemo will cure them, and a few do get cured at the same time chemo kills more than it helps and it costs $10K a month to take the poison.  The one shot of fentanyl I had in the hospital took away the pain, but felt as if I were bolting upwards from the bottom of the ocean faster than the speed of light. It was not pleasant and I felt as if I lost several points of my high IQ. Video

[Immaculate Conception] And that, Ladies and Gentleman is how vegans are made.

[Friday Joke] I forgot my good ear protection muffs while target shooting, instead used foam ear inserts. Well, I came home with ringing in my ears and plugged. Now, when my wife asked me about this and that, I just nod. I can’t hear a darn word she’s speaking. I think I’m switching to foam inserts and I hope she writes down important stuff.