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Tuesday, August 2, 2021

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[R.I.P. Dusty Hill] ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill, who played with the Texas blues-rock trio for over 50 years, died Tuesday at age 72. His rep confirmed the musician’s death, but said a cause of death was currently unknown. ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons recalls Dusty Hill’s health struggles prior to his death. The frontman said Hill had been “tiptoeing through keeping himself ship-shape, best he could.”

ZZ Top —  La Grange live 1982

Does this raccoon have mange? It looks like it. Two of this year’s little deer had mange but it cleared up in a few months. Do you think the raccoon got it from the deer or the deer got it from the ‘coon? It was rather slow moving and not afraid
[America’s Got Talent] They surprised the judges with an unexpected performance. Video


No doubt one of the cooler igloos I have seen.

[Crook] Macauley, Jeremy Ward was arrested on 07/29/2021I’ll refresh your memories – he’s the guy who found a bag of coke while working on a charter boat and hooked up with the Key Largo twins[?]. Ultimately this knucklehead and one of the twins had sour dealings with an Islamorada trailer resident, so he and one of the twins went to exact the murder of a guy and his girlfriend – this POS left two children alive to play in the adults’ blood until morning! It happened on Cuba Road in 2015. Why do I recall this? I’ve been following the case for a book. Someone needs to keel haul this SOB. So why again do I carry a gun? Just look at the recent list of names on MCSO’s hit parade every day, and dare I mention the crooked cops. Yep, they ran off the fishermen, drug smugglers and treasure hunters for what we got now.
[World Leader Singing Sensations] Past attempts at this lip sync technology were amateurish. This video is so well done that it’s now wise to question the reality of any video speech viewed on any screen, delivered by anybody. Making the lips move is one thing but having those lips look like they’re speaking an entirely foreign language is absolutely astounding. And the number of different people used in this video is a wow! Video
[Masks] A Brown University study analyzed COVID-19 data for schools in Florida and found no correlation with mask mandates, and making children may lead to negative health and societal ramifications, and studies have shown that children are at low risk of contracting a serious illness due to COVID-19 and do not play a significant role in the spread of the virus, and forcing children to wear masks could inhibit breathing, lead to the collection of dangerous impurities bacteria, parasites, fungi, and other contaminants, and adversely affect communication in the classroom and student performance.”
[Juneteenth Decree Abolishing French Slavery] Napoleon, Emperor of the French. We have decreed, and do decree, as follows: Art. 1.—From the date of the publication of the present decree, the trade in negroes is abolished. No expedition shall be allowed for this commerce, neither in the ports of France nor in those of our colonies.
Art. 2.—There shall not be introduced to be sold in our colonies any negro, the produce of this trade, whether French or foreign.
Art. 3.—Any infraction of this decree shall be punished with the confiscation of the ship and car- go, which shall be pronounced by our courts and tribunals.
Art. 4.—However, the ship-owners who, before the publication of the present decree, shall have fitted out expeditions for the trade may sell the produce in our colonies.
Our ministers are charged with the execution of the present decree. (Signed) Napoleon
[Olympics] Water polo? are they kidding? That’s a sport? and not something you do on vacation in the hotel pool? It’s hard to get excited about some of these sports that are little more than rigorous exercise. Other than the gymnast, the rest aren’t that big a deal. And don’t get me started on BMX bike racing with a bunch of girls riding on little children’s bicycles without seats. The 2016 Summer Olympics included 28 sports, with five additional sports due to be added next time. What’s next? Link
[Historical Photos] These photos will leave you speechless. Slide Show
[Depressed] Over five thousand years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel, “Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the Promised Lend.‘ Nearly 75 years ago, when Welfare was introduced, they said, “Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a Camel, this is the Promised Land.” Today. Congress has stolen your shovel. Taxed your asses, raised the price of Camels, and mortgaged the Promised Land!

I was so depressed lest night thinking about healthcare plans, the economy, the wars, lost jobs, savings, Social Security, retirement funds. etc., I dialed a suicide hotline. I had to press 1 for English. I was connected to e call center in Pakistan. I told them I was suicidal. They got excited and asked if I could drive a truck. Folks, we‘re screwed.

[Irony] The same people who were willing to take hydroxychloroquine and inject bleach into their veins are now unwilling to take the vaccine because it’s “experimental.”
[Crooked Cops] Florida Keys sheriff’s office accuses detective of stealing lobsters. Crooked is as crooked does.
First it’s a cop who didn’t want to pay for parking (Swogger). Now it’s a cop who thinks the public should catch his dinner – fire his ass Sheriff Rick. Let the public convict him and take his retirement from him, why should we pay him? What other illicit stuff has he done in his career? Any case pending that has his name on it should be dropped and any case with a conviction that has his name on it should be looked at again.
The story:
A veteran Florida Keys detective was charged with misdemeanor theft after an internal investigation revealed he stole six spiny lobsters from a boat he pulled over last year, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. The Monroe County State Attorney’s Office issued a summons Thursday morning for Detective Sgt. Scott Ward to appear in court to answer the charge. Link

[Long Distance] Who remembers waiting till after 7pm to call long distance?

[Ecstasy] A mental health care company in Canada has been given federal approval to conduct a safety and feasibility study evaluating MDMA-assisted therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Link
Amazon Prime not only includes streaming movies, 2-day free shipping and free eBooks. Don’t forget the ebooks! I haven’t been to the library since I got Prime.

Will our real estate taxes go down now that the local government is pushing for low income people to come live in the low income housing being built?

Is Vaca Key an actual key or it is the whole island called Marathon? I’m under the impression that Vaca Key is the easternmost section of Marathon by Vaca Cut.

[Cruise Ships] Carnival Cruise Lines said Friday it was cancelling port calls in Key West in September and October, according to cruise line officials. The cruise line did not specify its reason for the cancellations. Link

[High Cost of Mini Season] One man died and another was hospitalized on the first day of lobster mini-season Wednesday. Both incidents involved men diving for spiny lobster. Link
[Covid] Are people crazy? Here we have a world crisis that just might end our existence and they still play stupid sports, games and travel. What will it take to woke up these idiots?


I believe all guns should be destroyed and people only allowed to carry swords and spears

[Castrated For Marrying Daughter] It was my intent my marriage should be kept secret, and therefore Heloise retired among the nuns of Argenteuil. I now thought Fulbert’s anger disarmed; I lived in peace: but, alas! our marriage proved but a weak defence against his revenge. Observe, Philintus, to what a barbarity he pursued it! He bribed my servants; an assassin came into my bed chamber by night with a razor in his hand, and found me in a deep sleep. I suffered the most shameful punishment that the revenge of an enemy could invent; in short without losing my life, I lost my manhood. I was punished indeed in the offending part; the desire was left me, but not the possibility of satisfying the passion. ~1128
[Test Your Creativity] This simple word test reveals how creative you are, without using judgements of others. Creativity is hard to define, and even more difficult to measure, but a new four-minute test is creating an easy and elegant way to at least measure one of the most common characteristics of this very human trait. The test is simple, and consists of one question with ten answers: Can you think of two words that have nothing in common? What about five, what about ten? Link