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Friday, March 19, 2021

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The Un-social Media with 60,000 Followers

[Review Samsung S21 Ultra] Samsung is famous for bloatware and their new $1200 flagship phone has more than any other phone they make. I like the new phone but the display scratches easily and Samsung’s bloatware is overwhelming. I turned off all notices, alarms, reminders, and notifications and still I am bothered at least once or twice a day by some notification for something I don’t want. Usually some feature I don’t want. Then I have to figure out how to stop the alert. What a pain. It’s bothersome and distracting. At this price, the phone should be seen and not heard. Like a good waiter, you shouldn’t know he’s there until you need him.

The first S21 Ultra I received had a scratched display and emitted warnings that the storage was full–although it was brand new. I received another one and within a month the screen had two scratches even though I only kept it in my empty pocket. I’d like to write about the great features and performance (it’s faster than my PC and the camera is out of this world!) but the bloatware is very troubling and bothersome. The notifications are annoying and disruptive. The user is forced into the Samsung world and it’s difficult to stay in the Google world that I prefer. Right off the bat Samsung downloaded 12 Samsung apps that I have no idea what they are for or any use for–just more bloatware. I had a support question and phoned their support line but had a difficult time understanding the tech because of her accent and the echo. I’m usually not bothered by accents, but this woman’s accent was impossible to understand. I was forced to hang up and phone another tech for help.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you how powerful this thing is. It’s so fast there is seldom a pause online or off. The 5G removes all barriers to speed and downloading and photography.

Do mosquitoes play a role in the balance of nature? Are they inconsequential? What happens fifty years down the road with these imitation mosquitos?


[Bricklaying] Look at this gismo for laying brick. It looks like a moneymaker to me. Most time is spent on “mudding” the bricks.

[“Culling the population”] And what category do you place yourself? The ignorant and selfish group? You’re the ones that should be culled. Thanks for allowing the sick and elderly to live longer, so big of you. I guess you have all your groceries, etc., delivered to your home as well as in-home doctor visits. Sounds like you want to spread yourself around. Did you ever hear of the for the good of all idea?


The center of the Pacific Ocean. What planet is this? It’s Earth, viewed from 15°-145°

[Friday Joke] I was at the bar last night and the waitress screamed, “Anyone know cpr?” I said, hell I know the entire alphabet.” Everyone laughed. Well, everyone except this one guy
Nightshade intolerance can have same symptoms as rheumatoid arthritis. One night I made myself a sliced tomato salad, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt. Within 15 minutes I felt like someone was holding me over a fire. This is how I came to discover an adult onset intolerance to nightshades: tomato, potato, peppers, eggplant, goji berries and tobacco (I’ve never smoked, fortunately.) I removed all nightshades from my diet for a couple of years, as a result of which my symptoms completely disappeared (after a few months) without any other medication. After two years, I started experimenting with – one by one – re-introducing them back into my diet (mostly because I adore spicy food and felt that my life without peppers was missing something enormous.) Fast forward to now: I eat everything except eggplant and tomato. If I eat tomato in small quantities, the achy feeling in my joints returns within minutes then goes away after a few days if I am careful to not eat more.


I just got my first Coronavirus vaccine shot. Stay tuned for updates on side effects.

[100 Foot Charcoal] A luxury yacht is fully engulfed with flames Tuesday west of Key West. Passengers and crew escaped injury in a life raft, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Crews began Wednesday salvaging the 100-foot yacht, which caught fire off the Marquesas Keys. The La Dolce Vita motor yacht is worth an estimated $6 million, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer Bobby Dube said. A generator on the vessel caught fire at about 6 p.m. and the vessel was quickly engulfed in flames, Dube said. The four crew members and six passengers fled the burning vessel in a 25-foot dinghy, Dube said. No one was injured in the fire
Blood Drive Tuesday, March 23 at Jess Von Dee Studioz 9-2 (turn at BPK light on Chapman). As a thank you for helping save lives, all blood donors will receive a tie-dye T-shirt and a $10 eGift card! If you already donated once this year, the 2nd donation gets you a $25 Carrabbas Gift Card. Link


[“Zebra mussels”] Can you eat them? Years ago we were told that mussels were not eatable. Now I pay top dollar for them. Maybe it’s the same with zebra mussels?

Comparing Milagros to the Moose and Coconuts. Coconuts doesn’t sell food, except for the nuked frozen burgers from last year, at least that’s what I was told. I don’t go in there, cause there’s stuff worst then Covid in there.
How about GMO no-see-ums?



You the guy with the hedge trimmer for sale?

I am now fully vaccinated! That means that in 2 weeks, on March 31 I will be able to hug my grandchildren. But how can I get grandchildren in two weeks?

[Toast] Here’s to good living and a fast death!

[Friday Joke] Q: What starts with E, ends with E, and has only 1 letter in it?
A: Envelope
The Florida Keys Southernmost Car Club is holding a Show and Shine event on Sunday, March 21, from Noon to 3PM at the Sugarloaf Lodge, MM 17. This free event features classic, custom, sports and street rod automobiles of all years and makes.  This event features prizes and a plaque for the Peoples’ Choice Award. Join the club for $25, and receive a club T-shirt and stickers.  Please respect social distancing & wear a mask when in close conversation.  Bring a cooler, bring a chair and enjoy the shade in the grass. Any questions, call Dick Moody 305-942-1758. Link
[Friday Joke] Poultry farmers in Iowa are using their stimulus money to buy baby chickens. So they are now getting their money for nothing and their chicks for free. Those not getting checks must be in dire straits. Money for nothing – Dires Straits
[“Island Restaurant in the old train station”] I never heard of the Island Restaurant and certainly not the old train station on BPK. Where were they? Were where you?
[The Lone Ranger] Jay Thomas tells his classic Lone Ranger Story on the Late Show with David Letterman. I had never heard this funny story about the Lone Ranger before but enjoyed hearing the ending as it confirms what an outstanding actor Clayton Moore was as he played the character of The Lone Ranger. Link
(Ed: When searching “The Lone Ranger” for an image to highlight the post, all I came up with were images from the Jonny Depp move. Kids don’t even know who the real Lone Ranger is. They think it’s Jonny Depp.   …  A firey horse with the speed of light in a cloud of dust and a hearty, “Hi ho Silver”)
[Groaning] My neighbors complained about me groaning too loud in the morning, thinking I’m having sex. If they only knew I’m just trying to put my socks on