2021 March

Friday, March 25, 2021

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[Vaccine Bottles] How many vaccine bottles will there be? What will happen to the tons of bottles thrown away? There are 7.674 billion people. That’s a lot of bottles to throw away!

[Trench Foot] Do rice farmers in Asia get trench foot from always having their feet wet?
I’m getting my vaccine tomorrow in Marathon. Yeah! I figure in two more weeks I can go back into a bar with impunity.
Lawrence Ferlinghetti the last of the “beat poets” died last week. He was the owner of City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco in the 60s. As he told an interviewer in the 2013 documentary Ferlinghetti, “I never was a Beat poet. Ferlinghetti famously overcame obscenity charges after publishing Ginsberg’s Howl & Other Poems when the Supreme Court acknowledged the book’s “redeeming social value.” His most famous poetry collection was A Coney Island of the Mind which featured his Christmas poem:
… Christ climbed down
from His bare Tree
this year
and ran away to where
no intrepid Bible salesmen
covered the territory
in two-tone cadillacs
and where no Sears Roebuck creches
complete with plastic babe in manger
arrived by parcel post
the babe by special delivery
and where no televised Wise Men
praised the Lord Calvert Whiskey…
[Automatic Weapons] Why common sense would say to penalize the millions of law abiding citizens who own guns because of the nut cases. I think we should go back to prohibition because the police arrest a few drunk drivers or we could deport the shooters based on heritage (in other words blame them all for the acts of one). The CO shooter was known to the FBI and could have been stopped, like many others. When a fish stinks it stinks from the head
[“The editor of this site is a *****. He puts your email in your post if he doesn’t like it.”] My question is why does the poster frequent it? The rules are clear. It’s his site that many of us have enjoyed for many years, maybe you should find another one. FAQ
[Stuck In Window] Tourist dies after getting stuck in window at Florida Keys resort. The body of 22-year-old Sydney Therriault, from Beallsville, Maryland, was found Thursday morning at the Pelican RV Resort & Marina in Grassy Key. Detectives believe Therriault may have forgotten her hotel key and was trying to get into her room through the window when she became stuck and asphyxiated. She was pronounced dead at the scene. No foul play is suspected and autopsy results are pending

[Pet Peeve] I don’t know why it bothers me so, but guys with a toothpick in his mouth really do. I don’t like them right off the bat.

[Need More Guns–Not Less] Here is a quite detailed report on the Boulder, CO grocery store shooting. The shooter had killed two outside the store before going in. What a pity that apparently nobody in the store was armed and able to return fire. It took the police almost an hour to gain control of the situation even though a lady in the pharmacy had called 911 as soon as the first shots were fired. You absolutely cannot count on the cops for your personal safety. You need to be your own first responder. Link


Please join me in this meditation, love & peace. Video

[Restaurants Long Gone] Before Hurricane Georges in 1998 there was an outstanding restaurant called Island Jim’s in a low, one story old white building (reported to be the old Train Station) located where the Paradise BSB is now. I’ve been here since 1987 and enjoyed the food there very much. I was friends with several employees who had worked there in the past. Joanney Evans and Midge Phillipey (SP) were characters associated with the restaurant. The restaurant used to get their meat from a meat packer (I think it was called the Pelican) in Rockford, Illinois.  That, in addition to the Coffee Shop, Angelotti’s Pizza, the Baltimore Oyster House, and the old red caboose BBQ stand next to Big Pine Hardware were some of the choices we had back then, back in the good old days. If they brought back the Bistro 31 I wouldn’t be disappointed.
[Cell Phone Tricks] Video of a cell phone in a steel wool circle receiving a call. Wow! Yikes! Video. Lesson: don’t carry your phone in the same pocket as your steel wool. Video


[Mass Murder] I’m posting this so when they release the photo of the Colorado shooter you’ll be able to tell what motivated him.

Ode To Litter
On the ground I found the litter you threw,
Now I use that litter to cast a spell on you:
May your beer be flat, your gut be fat,
May your luck turn bad, you’ll be so sad.
To reverse this spell just change your ways
And pick up litter for all your days


[Royals] I feel so bad for Prince Harry and Mrs Harry. They were forced to be royalty, but didn’t like it and had to walk away with over 300 million dollars. Poor babies. Who wants to live in a castle anyway.

[Typo] I’ve had this question for years. I know, all to well, what pre-marital sex is. I know, all too well what extra marital sex is. I know what after post-marital sex is. But, what in hell is marital sex?


[Vaccine] I wish there were some button or something we could wear to show that we’ve received our vaccine.

[Spring Breakers Mob] The City of Miami Beach lost a lot of money last year when they cancelled spring break. This year they spent 4 million dollars promoting it and now they are complaining about the crowds. Caution, politicians at work!
[Greed] There’s a Key West realtor who expresses how expensive it is to live in NY city and KW on his blog, then cowers when told in his blog to start donating some of his 3 or 6% commissions to help better the folks struggling week to week, month to month. I know some good, honest realtors that earn and give back. Sadly, this huckster doesn’t get it.
[Voting Redo] -Anyone who tries to restrict voting by any means is a felony.
-Get rid of the Electoral College because it’s useless. The majority should rule.
-Encourage all voters.
Passing laws restricting voting is how South African Whites were able to stay in power for so long.


[The Royal Line] Why did the public act so outraged because the Royal family asked what color the princess’s baby might be? Everyone in the world asked that same question. It’s only natural, not racial. What’s wrong with that?

There is a blood drive Monday, March 29 11-4.  As a thank you for helping save lives, all blood donors will receive a T-shirt and a $10 eGift card.  If you already donated once this year, the 2nd donation till 4/30 gets you a $25 Carrabbas Gift Card. Thank you. Link

Meanwhile back in SC … Krispy Kreme locations are giving out free doughnuts after COVID-19 vaccinations. Link

Miami Spring Breakers are not the normal crowd. Yeah, they look like college students. School was different when we had structure and discipline. Someone should tell their fathers … oh wait, never mind.