2021 October

Friday, October 22, 2021

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To the person that is worried about AT&T owning OAN , they sold it months ago. I’m a stock market freak and don’t expect others to know all the ins and outs of big corporations. I won’t go into the reason they even owned it at one time, but it’s all in their financial reports . Is AT&T racist? No. Are they a greedy big company? Absolutely. By law, they are required to acquire all the profits they can for their shareholders. The legal term is fiduciary responsibility.
[Loved and Lost] Don’t cry because its over. Smile because it happened.

Makers Mark whiskey commercial on tv shows another fine beverage gone to plastic containers. Yuk! You’re paying that much for premium booze and they can’t even give you a glass bottle!

Colin Powell dies from COVID-19 complications and he was fully COVID vaxxed. For crying out loud, he was 84 and fighting cancer. That’s called being an old fawker and dying. No one lives forever. They blame everything on COVID today. Get over it already and live.
[Re-Name That Fish] The slippery dick is a fish name that should not be changed. It is not offensive; it is the truth if you have ever tried to hold one. The slippery dick (Halichoeres bivittatus) is a species of wrasse native to shallow, tropical waters of the western Atlantic Ocean.
[Old Town Trolls] Well, I moved out of downtown Key West after 10 crazy, crazy years. Everyone asks, “Why you move? Key West is the best.”
A big reason was going out on nightly walks through the backstreets. You don’t know how many times I was propositioned for oral sex by another guy. My usual straight-faced reply was, “Not tonight, maybe tomorrow.” Welcome to adult Disneyland!


[Haiti] Has anyone ever heard anything good from Haiti?

Remember the Maersk Alabama cargo ship taken over by pirates? The 17 people held hostage in Haiti will have history repeated.
We pray for safe outcome! Link

[Crypto Market]  Wow! Not for the mild mannered or faint of heart, but risk brings rewards. My son showed this old timer how to log in, create a wallet, etc. Scary thing, though, is there’s no bank oversight. The wild west. Bitcoin: $63,285.93 each. Link

[U.S. Constitution] If we don’t start electing Americans that see the U.S. constitution as a road map instead of an obstacle, we will find ourselves right back where we started 243 years ago.

[Mother Motherland] Kiev, Ukraine. This is bigger than the Statue of Liberty, but few know it exists. I think the reason is that Ukraine’s statue of liberty is not believable as the west thinks Ukraine is Communist or worse. Link

[Pay Your Way] I don’t know why we can’t raise taxes for the rich and corporations. Everyone should pay their fair share and those two groups don’t. They only take from the government and don’t pay corporate taxes. I don’t know any corporation that paid taxes. I never do. And they complain about the rate being too high.


[Death In The West] Alex Baldwin killed an actress on his movie set with a fake gun. This sounds like a corny Agatha Christie whodunit.

[Dead Colin] Despite getting vaccinated against COVID-19, Colin Powell remained vulnerable to the virus because of his advanced age and history of cancer, highlighting the continued risk to many Americans until more of the population is immunized.

[Texas Breakfast] This is how the world thinks Texans eat breakfast. This is ridiculous! Where are the hashbrowns?

[The Big Lie] German: große Lüge is a gross distortion or misrepresentation of the truth, used especially as a propaganda technique. The German expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, to describe the use of a lie so colossal that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously”


[Play Dead] Alec Baldwin fatally shoots woman with prop gun on movie set. Link

[Steve and Eydie] Deer Ed, Thank you for your Tuesday, October 12 post of Hallelujah, sing a song. That’s the happiest Hallelujah song I’ve ever heard.
Sing along with Steve and Eydie
[Trillion Dollars] Get a visual of this:  At $1 per second, it would take 31,688 years to spend a trillion dollars.
1,000 seconds = 16 minutes, forty seconds.
1 million seconds = 11 days, 13 hours 46 minutes and 40 seconds.
1 billion seconds =  31.69 years or a little more than 11,574 days. 31 years+8 months+2 weeks+1 day+17 hours+46 minutes+40 seconds.
1 trillion seconds = 31, 688 years.  (one trillion seconds is slightly over 31,688 years.
[“AT&T”] My sympathy to the poster of AT&T lies. Hopefully your eyes will be opened to the truth — sooner than later. It seems the MSM[?] has done its job well.


What in Willy Wonka Hillbilly Hell is this?

[Friday Joke] Helvetica and Times New Roman walk into a bar. “Get out of here!” shouts the bartender. “We don’t serve your type.”


[Friday Joke] What’s the best thing about Switzerland? I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.