2022 December

Friday, December 30, 2022

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[Cold] I hope the extreme cold of last week killed a lot of iguanas. That is the only redeeming value of cold.


[Marriage] That moment you realize if you turn your head…you’re a dead man!

[Advertisements] When are we going to be fed up enough with all the ads cluttering our websites that we do something about it? Government should step in. These major sites are all publicly traded so the government has the right to regulate them. In some sites you can’t tell the ads from the content. Recipe sites are especially guilty.
[Migrants] Coast Guard stoped a migrant boat off Big Pine in the Florida Keys with about 20 people on board. Can you imagine going 90 miles in open water in that air mattress of a boat? They sure must want to leave Cuba pretty badly. Link
We are in an age of anxiety and moving towards an age of apathy where truth and honor and patriotism no longer matter.


[Name that Bird] What bird did these feathers come from. I’m baffled. They are very dark with a pale grey tip.

Twitter makes the smallest issue into a bitter controversy instead of the cool facts. It seems people who can’t express what they mean revert to insults and exaggeration.
Express Yourself


[Drive-Ins] Remember when you’d sneak into the drive-in by hiding in the trunk? The young might ask, “What’s a drive-in?”


[Asbestos] For those of you who miss the good ole days of asbestos in your laundry.

[Evening of Song & Story] This show will be California-based folk songwriter and storyteller John Craigie’s first ever Key West performance, while Mason Jennings makes his first return to the island in nearly ten years. Gates will open for the night at 6:00pm. Mason Jennings will take the stage at 7:00pm and John Craigie will follow at 8:30pm. This is a seated show in the courtyard at Fort East Martello, and tickets start at $40. Link
[Anti-Vaccines] I am baffled that you sheep are still getting the killer vax. Its killed millions. Look at the stats on heart attacks and strokes and others that have increased 10-fold since 2019. Wake up people. Link

Pray for everyone
this new year; young, old, rich, poor. We’re only here for a minute.
[Scary Plane] A look at the new B-21 Raider—and the stealth bomber that preceded it. Comparing a stealthy new aircraft with the B-2 Spirit. Link
Tom Jones holds his own with the great Pavarotti in 2001 concert.
Tom Jones & Pavarotti – Delilah

[Pile of Birds] These morning doves squabble and pile up for the free food we set out for them. No manners whatsoever. Is that where the word squabble comes from? Squab is another name for those doves and they sure don’t get along.

Pelé, the Global Face of Soccer, Dies at 82. He was declared a national treasure in his native Brazil, achieved worldwide celebrity and helped popularize the sport in the United States. Link

I’m so old I can remember when a sugar daddy was just a candy bar.

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