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Tuesday April 4, 2023

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Oops, I forgot today was Tuesday. I’m working on publishing now 1:08. I’ll keep publishing in increments as I add posts.


The water is fine in Ohio.

[“Killing kids for fun”] Yes, an armed teacher who has had training can deter or kill an armed killer with an AR-15. Also if there were armed security guards at all entrances we would not even be having this discussion. It’s time to get serious about school and church safety. Trying to ban all AR-15’s won’t do a thing. Thank God these people are not using shotguns.

[Local Teen Wins 7 Mile Bridge Run in Florida Keys] Congrats to Vaclav “Vance” Bursa, 15, of Big Pine Key for winning the Men’s division of the 7-Mile Bridge Run. Link

Censorship is never logical but, like cancer, it is dangerous to ignore it when it shows up.  ~Robert A. Heinlein
[Gun Fan] Friday’s CTer who woofed about “AR 14’s” put his/her knowledge, ooooops, lack of knowledge about the issue on full display.  He/she wrote that an “AR 14” is a “fun to shoot” “killing machine” that should be confined to gun ranges.Friends, there is no rifle in production nor has there ever been that is designated as being an “AR 14.”  None.  Zero. Nada.  At one point in time Armalite considered producing one, but demurred.
If, if, if the author of the foolishness was actually referring to a semiautomatic purely sporting rifle that happens to resemble a military weapon, the AR 15, then the author should know that the rifles are actually designed for different purposes.  The military weapon, the real AR 15 is a weapon that is capable of fully automatic fire as long as the trigger is pulled back the weapon will fire round after round.  The civilian gun requires that the trigger be pulled in order to fire a single round.   One pull equals one round fired.   This reality completely disqualifies it to be used as a military asset.   But the concept of semi auto rifles marketed to civilians has been around for a hundred and twenty years.  In 1903 the Winchester Repeating Arms company marketed its Model 1903 specifically to the civilian market.  You should also know that the civilian AR is considered a sporting rifle and is commonly used for hunting.
Did you know that the AR lookalike rifles are considered of such little statistical consequence that the FBI does not even count their usage in gun homicides that they do not have a special statistical category for them. They are lumped in with all rifles. Handguns are far and away the weapon of choice for criminal shooters of all stripes.
By the way, did you ever wonder what the “AR” designation means?   If you think that it means “assault rifle”, you’re flat wrong.  It simply is the first 2 letters of the company that introduced the line of firearms: ARmalite. I don’t own one.  I don’t like their looks or the “feel” of the AR types.


English humor

[Art] Amazing people deserve an Oscar for their creativity. Video
Why do eggs like April Fool’s Day?
A: Because they love practical yolks.
When do eggs like April Fools Day best?
A: When they get laid.
[Dilemma Solution] I don’t ask my wife where she wants to eat. I just say, “Guess where we’re going to eat!” And the first thing she guesses is where we go.


Want to feel old? This is Green Day‘s newest publicity photo.

April AARP calendar of events. Full Menu > Ongoing Events
[Cookies] The Opt Out: When you should and shouldn’t accept a website’s cookies. Link
[“AR-14”] There is no such thing! Armalite thought about it, but it never went into production. Do some research before you spread your opinions on something you know nothing about.
[“The finger”] All I can say is no. Just no. This gesture goes back to Ancient Greece and its origins have absolutely nothing to do with anything the poster wrote. Not one thing, other than it has always been an insult. No Battle of Agincourt. No feathers. No French. No yew. No plucking. This version is quite easily debunked. Now you know.
[“Keys “Wizard” character”]  As long as he is not hitting you in the head with his crystal ball, mind your own business and move along!
There are 4 blood drives this month in the Big Pine area.  Donors receive a One Blood Giving Your Best Life t-shirt, a $20 eGift card, and a Wellness Checkup. To schedule an appointment go to  Thank you for donating!
Monday, April 3 – Bealls in Big Pine Shopping Center 11 – 4
Sunday, April 16 – Keys Vineyard on Big Pine 8:30 – 12:30
Saturday, April 22  -Bahia Honda State Park 9:30 – 2:30
Monday, April 24 – Bealls in Big Pine Shopping Center 12 – 5
[“AR 14”] Well, where to start? The people, or person, advocating here that the AR 14 should be banned completely lest it transform people into scary killers, or only used at a range and never, ever, leave said range, need to explain better their opinions. The AR 14 was designed in the 1950s by Armalite and was intended as a hunting rifle. So, leave your hunting rifle at the range? Doesn’t seem like a good deal to me. And even more nonsensical is the fact that this rifle doesn’t even exist. It was never put into production. No one owns one. I suggest learning more about what the thing you want to ban is before forming an opinion.
[Looney Bin] Stark Fl is the location of the state prison for lifers and those on death row. The State of Florida’s “Giggle Farm” is located in Chattahoochee, Fl and has many vacancies (which definitely should be put to use, fast)
[?] Went to the Doctor yesterday with a nagging pain but she ran some errands while I was there. We were home by noon
The year is 2042. My electric car won’t start because I used the wrong pronoun yesterday. No air conditioner in my 50 sq it apartment because I reached my monthly allotment of farts, but I think they are adding grub worms to my cricket paste. At least we’re not eating Solent Green.


[Cats Gone Wild] At my signal, unleash hell… Video

The deadline for UWCK’s Marine Science Educational Advancement Scholarship has been extended to April 17, 2023 UWCK Scholarship

I found this beautiful flask today and it seems it’s from Big Pine Key Glassworks. I thought I would share it with you and ask that you share what you know about the piece. Full Menu > Big Pine Museum > Big Pine Glass Works

April’s skies boast the full pink moon, Lyrid meteor shower, and a total solar eclipse. We’re about to experience some epic sky events. Link

[Talking With Davy Crockett] It was May of 1834 and Congressman David Crockett of Tennessee was the most famous man in American not named Andrew Jackson. He was forty-seven years old, his autobiography had just gone into its sixth edition, and contemplating a run for the presidency. Link
Fess Parker – Ballad of Davy Crockett (1955)

[Salt & Batteries] More than one electric car caught on fire in Naples after Hurricane Ian. Salt water and lithium batteries don’t mix.

[“Killing kids for fun”] There is no other reason for so many child murders other than it makes the shooter feel good. The kids are too young to piss anyone off enough to shoot them. This is our gun-sick society in action

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