2023 July

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

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[July 3d Fireworks] The Keys have always been the home to quirky people and events. Big Pine celebrating July 3d is the latest in a long history of oddities. Go Piners!
[What is the plural of chrysalis?] I don’t know, but I  have 4 of them and 2 more on the way. They’d better pupate soon because I’m running out of milkweed to feed them. I’m so excited that my habitat is working. I hope that my little effort will aid the survival of the monarch butterfly.
[Moving Pods] Has anyone moving to the Keys use containers (Pods, uPak, etc)? How was your experience?


[The Best Coffee Travel Mugs of 2023] Stay caffeinated with a coffee travel mug that can keep your on-the-go Joe hot or cold. Link

[Opinion] Love him or hate him, Trae Crowder, “The Liberal Redneck” hits this one right on the head. Video
[Stupid Tourist Questions] When working at one of the local aquariums, I was asked why our sharks never come up for air. Full Menu > Stupid Tourist Questions
[Lost In the Wilderness] To the woman with long dark hair who helped me reunite with my peeps at the Big Pine Community Park fireworks display: Thank you. I’m not sure if it was the Fireballs that I consumed, or the wine, I just know I was disoriented and lost so your escort to my group is extremely appreciated. God bless you.
I asked the wife if I still give her butterflies. She said sometimes, but now-a-days it’s mostly high blood pressure. I still got it!
[“7 Mile Tree”] This is odd. In the nearly 30 years I’ve been here, I have never heard anyone refer to that tree as the “Seven mile tree.” I have always heard it referred to as Fred. So, what the heck are you talking about? Just google it. The tree’s name is Fred. Sometimes I wonder…
[Standing Tall] We are at our tallest when we get up in the morning. Over the course of the day gravity shrinks us about 1cm. So, first thing tomorrow morning I’ll look for that lost purse that may be on the top closet shelf.

[Fireworks gone Wrong] Lets show the neighbors how it’s done and just how good we are! Video
[NRA] Two mass murders in just the last few days. Go NRA!

[Tesla’s Rescue Vehicle] A thousand words can be generated by just this one picture. This is Tesla’s roadside assistance vehicle filling up at the gas pump!
The July calendar of activities for AARP is here. Full Menu > Ongoing Events

[Toilet Dilemma] Was at a friend’s house the other day. All female, about 15 total. I was getting a little sick and tired of putting up and putting down the toilet seat. I wanted to go outside and pee, but neighbors were on both sides, so back to up and down.

[Fireworks Gone Wrong] Firework shows that went horribly wrong. Video


[Very Rich] Private islands owned by billionaires. Link

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[5.10% Interest] Compare top CD rates, all in one place. Link
[Best Interactive Dog Toys] Keep your pooch physically and mentally active, even when you can’t be around. Link
[Big Pine’s Remodeled Library] If you haven’t already stopped by the BPK “new” library to see how beautiful it is, you must! The space appears more open, technology is available and easy to use.  The friendly, smiling library staff is still there and ready to assist you.  Do yourself a favor and stop by to check out a book, movie, or CD book to enjoy during the hot summer.
If you ever get an email about pork, ham, salt, and preservatives, don’t open it. it’s Spam.
The sargassum season for Florida is gone’: Mysterious seaweed disappearances continue. Miami Beach is largely free of seaweed on Monday, the day before the Fourth of July. Scientists says blob floating toward Florida has decline dramatically, likely because of tropical storms and high winds. Link
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