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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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[Unrequited Love] Only in Key West. A short time ago I was doing a major gardening makeover in my Key West yard.  I enlisted the help of a much older woman (complete friend) to help me install my plant pots.  Well, a neighbor man, (I’m male also) became enamored with my yard as well as me.  He visited daily, and after all plantings were completed he stopped over with a beautiful lily and also asked me out.  After informing him I’m married, to a woman, and not interested, he was never to be seen again.
[To Build or Not to Build] South Florida Dept Of Commerce wants more construction, Florida DOT says no, it’s not safe because we cannot evacuate, so no approval. Residents are left holding the bag on properties deemed “worthless”. Who wins?
Toilet paper in the fridge? Followers of the trend claim a roll of toilet paper will absorb smelly odors inside fridges. It’s meant to work the same way as most people use an open box of baking soda for fridge smells.  Does it work?
Answer: Somewhat, but only temporarily. The tried-and-true baking soda method remains the number one solution for most households (not to mention baking soda is a lot cheaper than toilet paper). More refrigerators are likely to have baking soda than working light bulbs.
[Insurance Rip-offs] In push to remove homeowners from Citizens, state-run insurer uses unlicensed inspectors. Link
[Ticks] An invasive tick that can clone itself is spreading across the U.S., threatening livestock. Researchers documented three cows in Ohio killed by Asian longhorned ticks, which can lay up to 2,000 eggs without needing to mate. Link
[Margarine] This is just one molecule away from plastic and shares 27 ingredients with paint. Bon appetit!

All this rain has filled our little pond and now there’s a whole herd of Gambusia fish. We’ve never had this many.
[The Rag And Bone Man] Also known as the bone-grubber, bone-picker, rag-gatherer, bag board, and totter, has been in existence in England since the Middle Ages; he would lead a horse and wagon around villages calling out for rags and bones.  The trade was a precursor for modern-day recycling by collecting unwanted items and selling them for reuse; it was immortalized in the British sitcom Steptoe and Son, which was later remade in the U.S. as Sanford and Son. Link
I live in a small city in the middle Keys. The entire place is as messed up as a football bat. I think it must be due to A I. “Artificial” as in fake


I really enjoyed the Amish Xmas light tour.

Why does red wine cause headaches? It may be flavanol’s fault. Why some people are more susceptible than others is still unknown. Link

[Globe Companies] Another business that has bit the dust is globe makers. Google Earth killed that one. Link
[Concorde Routes] Where did the supersonic jet fly? Concorde flew to many different places besides the well-known transatlantic New York routes.
I am very surprised how long and how many flights these birds did. Link
[Movies] It seems in movies no one keeps their butcher knives in a drawer. They all keep them in a butcher’s block on the counter within easy reach if someone is spontaneously going to murder someone or to kill an intruder
Christmas trees are no longer a seasonal purchase but an investment! $169 for a tree that’s going to die in a couple of weeks?
[Update] Quiet new ‘Concorde’ could fly from New York to London in 1.5 hours – it’s a step closer to take-off. Link
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