Friday, December 18, 2020

[Kid Stuff] I have a 2 yr old grandson, 6 & 8 yr old granddaughters in the Middle Keys. What organized kid activity groups (soccer, karate, gymnastics, tennis, golf, crafts, whatever) are there available for them?

“There was a knock on our dressing room door. Our manager shouted, ‘Keith! Ron! The Police are here!’ Oh, man, we panicked, flushed everything down the john. Then the door opened and it was Stewart Copeland and Sting.”

[Bad Neighbors] Back, many years ago, I had a house built in old town Key West. I continued my cute little 4’ picket fence all the way around the house. The next door neighbors came out in force with 2 build inspectors, 2 police on horseback, as well as code enforcement. I had the right to continue, but I thought to be a decent guy, try to hash it out and remain a good neighbor. This happened about 7:45 am. By 11:00 am the next door (land loving) neighbors had a lawsuit filed. I couldn’t believe it. They hired an out of town attorney (big mistake), and spent 20 grand and lost. Yeah, they lost, but carrying my head high. Hindus know the karmic end.

[“Car detailer”] Tyrone 305-731-4301 out of Marathon.  He might not cross the bridge to BPK. So if you have your vehicle parked in Marathon for a bit, he’s your guy.

[Saturn and Jupiter Great Conjunction] The giant planets will appear spectacularly close together in Earth’s sky during the solstice on December 21. On December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will meet in a “great conjunction,” the closest they could be seen in the sky together for nearly 800 years. Great conjunctions have at times drawn scientists to speculate over their possible links with major events. For instance, Johannes Kepler investigated whether the Star of Bethlehem, which in the nativity story of the Gospel of Matthew guided the Three Wise Men to Christ’s birth, was a great conjunction, calculating that one did occur in 7 B.C. “Often astronomers like to look through stories from ancient times and see if there might be an astronomical phenomenon behind something captivating that people saw,” We could use a Jesus 2.0 right about now. Link
I like the mobile beauty salon idea. How much does it cost? It’s a great idea if I can afford it. Link

[Monolith] I think the quip about the monolith was a tad off the mark. Not Planet Of The Apes, but rather 2001. So: 2001 an underwater odyssey. Pedantic of me I know. (Editor: Not so pedantic. Could be 2001 Space Odyssey or Who’s Next?)

[Limit Gatherings] Who would’ve thought one day we’d be smoking weed at a family gathering, but the illegal part would be the family gathering!

[Jerry Lee Lewis Tribute] On his 85th Birthday Jacob Tolliver rocks for Jerry Lee. This man can play!  For those of us old enough to remember Jerry Lee Lewis in his prime.  Pretty cool. Video

[Cheap Real Estate] It’s a fire sale in Key West for mid- and new town properties.
[Tax Prep Volunteers] Do you want to be a superhero to some of your hard-working friends and neighbors? United Way of Collier and the Keys is offering a remote volunteer opportunity with the VITA free tax preparation program for households with limited incomes in Collier and Monroe counties. Volunteers will work remotely from home, as IRS-certified volunteer tax preparers, with oversight and assistance from the VITA Program Coordinator. Volunteers help fellow residents maximize their tax return so they are better able to provide for their families, thereby making our community more affordable.  Bilingual volunteers are especially appreciated. No tax experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn, grow and serve.  After attending a free, remote training and passing the online certification, volunteers remotely assist taxpayers prepare and file their taxes, January – April, using the cloud based IRS software, TaxSlayer, and videoconferencing with clients.

[Glitter Bomb vs. Porch Pirates] How to thwart packagers stealers. I love these guys!  Video

Release the vaccine in vape form and I promise no one will ask what is in it
[Friday Joke] A couple were in a busy shopping center just before Christmas. The wife suddenly noticed that her husband was missing and as they had a lot to do, so she called him on the mobile. The wife said, ” Where are you, you know we have lots to do.” He said “You remember the jewelers we went into about 10 years ago, and you fell in love with that diamond necklace? I could not afford it at the time and I said that one day I would get it for you?” Little tears started to flow down her cheek, and she got all choked up. “Yes, I do remember that shop.” she replied. “Well, I am in the gun shop next door to that.”


Watch Saturn and Jupiter close together. Link

[Lower Sugarloaf  Ghetto] A proposal to place 88 units of affordable housing on Lower Sugarloaf Key cleared a major hurdle Wednesday evening when the Monroe County Planning Commission unanimously approved a major conditional use permit for the project. The Planning Commission’s unanimous vote on Wednesday came after hours of testimony by a large group of Lower Sugarloaf Key residents opposing the project, called the Dockside & the Landings Apartments on South Point Drive. They called the project too dense and not compatible with the surrounding neighborhood. The project would be pushing the maximum densities allowed.

A Christmas Story that you won’t understand till the end. Link


[“Name that snake”] ID: Keys ribbon snake, a type of garter snake.

[For Sale By Owner] (FSBO) When you put your home on FSBO, or Zillow, it usually also shows on and Trulia, all for free. If, and when, you sell/accept an offer, you can hire a lawyer for $500 to $700 for a contract review, as well as consummate the deal. Hmmm, let’s see, hire a realtor at 3 or 4% or hire a lawyer for a fraction? The lawyer completed law school, while the realtor took an online exam and possesses, at the least, a high school diploma. It’s a matter of calling, texting, or emailing the folks buying your place, and set up a time to show it. And as a plus, you actually know where the a/c unit components are, washer/dryer, hot water tank, HOA’s[?] if any, neighborhood amenities, etc. Duh. There are a few great, great, realtors, but from a dollar and cents point of view it’s a no brainer.


“Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus?”  Well, what do you know?  And all these years, I thought scuba stood for slow cumbersome uncooked bit-sized appetizers.

[More Flights] JetBlue has agreed to bring two routes to the airport, Boston and New York. The airline will be flying in Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday from JFK Airport and Boston Logan International Airport starting Feb. 11.

Top 10 most underrated films
of all time. This week’s review of “The Professor and the Madman” called it “one of the best movies you have never seen!” So we went looking for more. Link