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Friday, February 16, 2024

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[Putin Kills Last Dissident] The last Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny, 47, died in prison yesterday of “old age”. First they poisoned him –twice, then imprisoned him –many times, then painted his face green–twice, then made him disappear for a time, then they finally killed him while still in jail. A hero and martyr who gave his life for Russia. Link
[Last week’s Shooting of the Week] A woman brought her son to her killing spree (she couldn’t get a sitter) at Joel Osteen’s (praise the Lord) megachurch in Houston and was herself killed. Link
[Gold Medal Employees] Two marvelous Monroe County civil servants (there are tons more). Rhonda Haag, sustainability director.  If you have a question of our precious canals, she is an encyclopedia of knowledge.
Tiffany Stankiewicz, planning administrator.  Have a question of the process to try and build a home in unincorporated Monroe County, she’s amazing!
Sometimes the process of learning is handed off to others due to lack of knowledge, or perhaps just tired of answering questions.  If they don’t know, they will 100% find the answer or the persons that do.  These two individuals are beyond reproach
[Friday Joke] I had a really bad day. First, my Ex got run over by a bus. Then I got fired from my job as a bus driver.
[“Crypto”] Anyone can invest in crypto. Some crypto assets are harder to buy than others. For newbies, get yourself an account with Coinbase or Gemini right now. Spread your money across a few different crypto assets. Hold them until November 2025. Sell then. It’s just that simple. Go to this link to see which assets you want to buy. Link
The Kidnapped 13-year-old girl found in a parked car at a Key Largo shopping center. Link
[Biscayne Insurance Group on Big Pine Key] Duties – Updating customer information, policy details, and coverage changes in the insurance system. Issuing new policies, renewing existing policies, and handling policy cancellations
-Maintaining accurate and up-to-date customer records, policy documents, and other necessary documentation
Requirements for this position may include:
-Proficiency in using computer systems and willing to learn insurance software
– Attention to detail and accuracy in data entry and documentation
– Ability to handle multiple tasks and prioritize work effectively
– Strong interpersonal skills and ability to build rapport with customers
– Professionalism and ability to handle confidential information appropriately
-Strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities
Applicants can send their resume to
[Coronavirus Diseases] Believe what you want, but I’m not dying because people are stupid. Go get the shots!  Link
[Bidet Thief] North Carolina police looking for woman after bidet stolen from business.  Boone, North Carolina police department is asking for help finding the woman who stole a bidet out of a business’s bathroom. Boone Police said the crime happened on Jan. 26 at Mo’s Sweets, at 276 Watauga Village Drive. I don’t think she’s an illegal immigrant.
[Quitting] How to delete your Facebook account and take your data with you. Meta has buried account deletion and deactivation within your Facebook settings, but we found them. If you’ve decided you can no longer be associated with a platform that has struggled to effectively manage hate speech and misinformation, are just learning about whistleblower Frances Haugen’s scorching 2021 testimony before a Senate subcommittee, or simply have no use for the social network anymore, it’s fairly easy to back up your data and leave Facebook behind. Link
[Ocean Power] Huge underwater ‘kite’ turbine powered 1,000 homes in the Faroe Islands. Minesto’s Dragon 12 can create 1.2 megawatts of power by swimming against the ocean currents. Video
Multi-function buttons will be the downfall of this society. How many devices have been thrown away because the owner forgot the combination of clicks or the lengths of the clicks? I say, Down with multi-function buttons!!!
[Movies] How come in all the old black and white movies, all the sophisticated, martini-drinking, rich Americans in tuxedos and gowns have English accents? Pip pip, cheerio ol’ watt!
[Lost Phone] What to do before and after your phone gets lost or stolen. No need to panic: Just follow our guide. Link
[Valentine’s Day Massacre] KC Chiefs’ rally celebration. There were over 800 uniformed police there and they couldn’t prevent the shootings. What does that tell us? It tells me that our country is f**ked up more than I thought. If 800 cops can’t protect us, I don’t know what can. When are we going to start confiscating guns and take back our country? Video
[No More Separation of Church and State] Chaplains in public schools? Florida bill would give options for religious counselors. Link
The Florida Keys Southernmost Car Club will hold its “SHOW & SHINE” Sunday, Feb 18th from Noon to 3pm. This event is for the lovers of classic, custom, and street rod automobiles and trucks of all years and makes. If it’s cool and on wheels, it will be there. We will have a People’s Choice Award as always.
The fun event as always is at the Sugarloaf Lodge, on Sugarloaf Key. MM17. The restrooms will be open. Bring the kids to enjoy these beautiful relics of the auto world. Robbie’s Food Truck “Loafin’ Around Café” will be there for your snack and beverage needs. This is a FREE event for everyone.
[Shooting of the Week] On Wednesday morning, I commented to my wife that it was already the middle of the week and there hasn’t been one mass shooting yet. What a poor joke. Link

We hope to see everyone for the book club tomorrow, Saturday at 10.  We will be discussing The Wind Knows My Name by Isabel Allende. Book Club

[Friday Joke] You are on a horse, galloping at a constant speed. On your right side is a sharp drop off, and on your left side is an elephant traveling at the same speed as you. Directly in front of you is another galloping horse but your horse is unable to overtake it. Behind you is a lion running at the same speed as you and the horse in front of you. What must you do to safely get out of this highly dangerous situation? (Answer: Get your drunk butt off the merry-go-round!)
Ash Wednesday signifies the start of the penitential Lenten phase and is a profound indication of human mortality and the necessity for communion with Heaven. In 2024, Ash Wednesday is scheduled to be on February 14. Although meat is prohibited from consumption, Christians can have eggs, milk, grains, fish, vegetables and fruits on Ash Wednesday. Christians across the globe celebrate the advent of Lent with events and dust and ashes on the forehead and brow. It is a reflection or a reminder of the opportunity of repentance of sin. Ash Wednesday preaches to be kind to each other.
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[“Shooting of the week”] These senseless murders will continue until we re-write the 2d Amendment. Everyone’s afraid to even say that, never-mind doing something about it.
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[Shooting of the Week] In light of the Kansas City shooting at an all-age event, it’s really terrible when you cannot even scroll through online news without the reminder of what a hellhole civilization we have become. God help us all. Also, with over 800 uniformed police working security, how come they couldn’t protect everyone?
[Putin Kills Last Dissident] How many of you still want an autocratic President?

[TP] Why does toilet paper need a commercial? Who is not buying it?

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