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Friday, July 11, 2014

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I saw in the news today that Fukushima nuclear plant will eventually dump some of its radioactive water in the Pacific after they “treat” it. This is in addition to all the radiation filled water that has drained into the Pacific already. Now I ask the Japanese if they haven’t learned from Japanese history when nuclear contamination created Godzilla. Will history repeat itself?
[“Christian nation”] Helping the poor is a fine and noble thing to do. Giving the poor everything, on a continual basis, does nothing but keep them poor. There must be an incentive for them to raise themselves out of poverty. As a Christian Nation, we must still remember that God helps those that help themselves..
old well
[Sewers] FKAA wants to dig the four 200 feet shallow injection wells in spite of the information against the environmental concerns against the wells. Environmentalists want them to dig the wells 2,000 feet in order to protect the reef and near shore waters. Protecting the reef and near shore water is the reason the sewers are being built in the first place.
[Friday Joke] My friend and I stopped in at Hooter’s for some hot wings. After being there for a while one of my friend asked me which waitress I would like to be stuck in an elevator with. I told him, “The one who knows how to fix elevators.”
I’m old, tired, and pee a lot.
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I don’t even want to know, but I don’t think it’ll catch on..
We old men are grumpy because we’ve seen too much bullshit and decided to not put up with it. We are irritable because we can see it coming long before you begin slinging it.
[Sewers] You people who live on Caribbean Drive on Summerland Key have my deepest sympathy.  Just wait until they start running the sewer line along there and all your neighbors tear through the coral powder that will be covering the street.
[“CT’s computer problem”] I’m just wondering, has the Ed ever attended a Big Pine Computer Club meeting.  Maybe he needs to get into their “program.”]I’m just wondering, has the Ed ever attended a Big Pine Computer Club meeting.  Maybe he needs to get into their “program.”
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[“Why are old men so grumpy and irritable”]  In part because their prostate is enlarged and their hemorrhoids itch, but mostly because they have had a lifetime dealing with idiots, fools and jerks.
[Dead Birds] New study links pesticides to bird declines. Link
Gentlemen-Prefer-Blondes11[“Fox Blondes”] Give it a rest, it’s apparent many in the photo are dyed blonds, not “Aryans”, just look at the roots. Every hear the saying “Gentleman prefer blondes?” Well as long as the ethnic majority of the United States is white/European and many men here prefer blondes your going to see blondes represented in the media. Every go to another country? It’s the same deal, whatever the most ethnic group is in majority and the most preferred sexual attraction attribute is also represented in the media. Why? It appeals to the most people and sex sells. Go to Samoa, the Samoan men like extremely large and bulky Polynesian women, like Jersey girls without the fat, their sexual preferences are different much like other peoples of the world. In Africa there are pretty black women with a great complexion on the nightly news, not some blond the males there don’t like. The largest ethnic portion of the United States is German, along with Swedish, Dutch, Irish and other Scandinavians with real lovely blonde hair and blue eyes. It’s a marketing tactic, not a racial proclamation and it works. Go anywhere else in the world and you won’t see too many blondes. Fox News is the most watched TV news source years running, if it’s because guys and gals in the U.S. like looking at pretty blondes, then it’s certainly working. Anyone complaining are sore losers and need to travel the world to learn a lesson or two.
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concrete12[Concrete Residue]Does anyone know a good way to get this concrete out of the wheel wells on my cars? My neighborhood in Cudjoe has been under sewer construction for months. At the end of the day they fill the trench they dig in the street with concrete and then spray everything down with water. The next day they come back and dig it all up again. Drive as slow as possible through it and your car is covered in concrete. I try washing it with a garden hose after work but it doesn’t come off. Is a pressure cleaner too powerful to use under your car and around your brakes? Also they must be using salt water because everything around and under my 2011 car is starting to rust. If they haven’t done your neighborhood yet be prepared, this is not fun. I hope to see water quality improve to the point that we have Dolphin in the backyard, loads of yellow tail and grouper and a colorful reef to make all this mess and expense worth it
Has anyone tried the “extreme” amplified digital TV antennas for over the air reception? One of the reviewers on a Mohu HD antenna says he was able to get some channels from 90 miles away.
[CT’s lightening woes”] I use to have the same problem. Check with your electric company to see if the offer an on the meter surge protector, I did and haven’t had a problem in 3 years. (Ed: Hank you for the suggestion, but after the last lightening strike [$6,000 later] I had them install the surge protecting meter. They don’t work and the literature accompanying the meter even says so. You don’t get to see that pamphlet until after you buy the meter. At the same time I also bought a top rated surge protector and battery backup to replace my toasted one .)
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angry old man
[“Why are old men so grumpy and irritable”] Because many of them are in a constant state of pain as their body is slowly failing them. Let me rub a few of your nerves 24/7 and see how cheerful and happy you’ll be about it. Now get the hell off my lawn you punk!
Church Lane behind the Winn Dixie is starting to look ‘holy’. How long will it be before it becomes a clone of Littons Way?.
[“R.I.P. Deer Editor’s motherboard #4”] Maybe a big ass surge protector would prevent future Viking funerals?
] Remembering the hoax that helped launch the U.S. invasion, and later disintegration, of Iraq — weapons of mass destruction? Link
[“Why are old men so grumpy and irritable”] Because they have had a life time of being pissed on while being told it’s raining. You’ll be old too someday and grumpy also.
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[Mom mistakenly called Erector Set ‘Erection Set’”
] Your mom predicted the future. Gilbert made an erector set but now Pfizer makes an “erection set” called Viagra.
[Sewers] Case in point: That 3-1/2 hour power outage from 4 to 7:30 PM Wednesday would be more than sufficient for everybody in the affected area to have put enough down the drains to make all their sewer grinder pumps try to run at once. It is less than ten gallons from “just emptied” to “trying to pump”. Many pumps’ crap won’t fit through skinny pipes that were designed to only handle a few pumps at a time. Pipe pressures would soar beyond the test pressures of the pipes and beyond the pressure rating of some fittings, including the buried check valve that supposedly keeps other people’s sewage out of your grinder pit. There is a good possibility something would break because of the high pressure. That is exactly what happened in Westport, Connecticut and Germantown Hills, Pennsylvania’s E-One grinder pump systems that shot other people’s sewage into homes (thousands of gallons at that). Those pump pits that were not quite ready to pump would only need a little more than 10 gallons down the drain before they would not only try to pump but would also sound the high water alarm (it’s really, really loud and everyone will know when the power comes back, regardless of what hour of night it might be). And while we are talking about power outages, lightning strikes, and power surges, let’s not forget about the electronics circuitry in the grinder pump control panel and the alarm monitor radio transceiver circuitry that will fry just as quickly as the network adapter on Deer Ed’s computer. Just Dump the Pumps! This is probably the worst possible place to be installing such an idiotic system!
malware-bytes-logo[Fix malware and speed up your computer] Make a copy of your user files to an external drive and use the Safely Remove Hardware (in the tray) and disconnect the external drive. Then read through the information at the link below and then apply. If your machine is still screwed up after that, then it’s something else major and perhaps it’s worth the money to have a professional take a look at it (RadioShack BPK has a good repair guy). Makes a lot of sense to see what one can do themselves before requiring a fresh install and a hardware evaluation. The list has a lot of free software that anyone can apply, no adware or crapware either. Link
[Tupak Shakur The Musical] Yes you read it right. They are making musicals out of anything they can think of. How about: The Black Plague–The Musical. The show stopping song can be Ring Around The Rosey. Hushup, hushup, All fall down. Link
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[“Why are old men so grumpy and irritable”
]  They can’t get it up any longer. A picture is worth a 1000 words.
I wanted to let you know that a scammer has contacted me about my John Deere Tractor for sale. Beware! Hh wanted my cell phone number and bank account number to send me a check.  He went by ‘John Collins’.
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conch-train11I was riding the Conch Train in Key West a few weeks ago (I had out-of-town visitors and they insisted) Anyway, at two points during the long and convoluted route, the driver noted that the upcoming area was a quiet zone in which he could not use his PA system. Does anyone know who in Key West has enough pull to make the Conch Train shut up as it passes their house (both locations were in a residential area)?
cannibal no shirt
[“Scattered tribes = inbreeding”] That’s why war was created. If you’re not strong enough or smart enough to keep your women, they were taken by another tribe as breeding stock. The males on the losing side were exterminated  to prevent them coming back and the recapturing their women. The only time I heard this didn’t apply is with the old South Pacific Tongans. The males would invade other islands and catch women and children then they bathed and washed, killed them, then took them home for all to eat. Yum!.
[“FTR’s climate folly”] I look forward to his proof against climate change. The link he provided is from a conservative naysayer speaking at a conservative conference dedicated to denying climate change. Even leading Republicans have backed away from denial, now saying it isn’t man made. FTR reminds me of someone who sits around with a bunch of bible thumpers who argue against evolution and then report their proof of creationism as fact.
Checking out his sources is important. This man’s warped view scares me, but what the heck; he has the right to spew it and Ed’s making a buck.
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dopey11[Joke Friday] The pope goes to visit the Seven Dwarfs. As he is finishing his speech on comparative religions, Dopey raises his hand to ask a question.
“Mr. Pope, are there any dwarf nuns in Rome?”.
“No Dopey,” responds the Pontiff, “there are not”.
“Mr. Pope, are there any dwarf nuns anywhere in Italy?”, Dopey questions.
“No Dopey,” chuckles the Pope, “there are no dwarf nuns in Italy.”
“Mr. Pope,” Dopey asks pleadingly, “are there any dwarf nuns anywhere in the world?”
“No Dopey,” the Pope says sadly, “there are no dwarf nuns anywhere in the world.”

And softly in the background the six remaining dwarves start chanting, “Dopey screwed a penguin, Dopey screwed a penguin.

Well, it was bound to happen; FTR has gone and cited one person on climate change who can give support to his beliefs. Of course this means that he does not believe the vast majority of scientists who have come to a much different conclusion. This is his Right. The only thing is that in 10 to 20 years when the problem will be evident to everyone, is that the Republicans and FTR will then be the first to express outrage that President Obama and those damned Dems are the cause of all of our problems and are at fault for not doing enough, when these problems first became evident.
 Republicans are suing the president for getting things done.
from the right
YESTERDAY A POSTER WROTE: “Dear FTR, I believe Mr. Bush created the law that gives the immigrant children a hearing before deportation.”victimized-child-mental-healthFTR’S RESPONSE: There is a kernel of truth in that posting, but only a tiny shriveled kernel. The law in question is the Unaccompanied Alien Child Protection Act, which was a “pet project” of Dianne Feinstein. It provides that illegal immigrant children coming over the border illegally from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are protected from immediate return to their original countries. Under the law the Border Patrol is required to take those unaccompanied children who are not from Mexico into custody, screen them and transfer them to the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement. Hearings for each individual child are to follow.  It was designed to protect that limited set of children from exploitation by sexual predators and slavery. Illegal minors from Mexico and Canada, including adults and adults from the three mentioned countries, are exempted from that law and can be expedited back to their countries quickly without any hearing, if caught.

That legislation, first introduced in ’07, was ultimately folded into the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008. It passed both the Senate and House with a unanimous vote (I believe). GWB signed this legislation.

President Bush was passionate about the law because it protected immigrant children from sex traffickers and abuse. Initially the law worked, the number of illegal immigrant children was small and very manageable. But all that changed when Obama unilaterally put in place the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals in 2012. This is another of his infamous execution acts.

That policy acted like a massive magnet for illegal immigrants The 2012 policy allowed some illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children to defer deportation — among other criteria, they must have come to the U.S. before they were 16 years old, be younger than 31 on June 15, 2012, and have been in the country since at least June 15, 2007, and have no criminal history. The administration extended that program earlier this month, allowing the immigrants to apply for protection from deportation for another two years.

Even though conditions in Central and South America have not materially changed over the past two years,  the policy of Obama has become folklore there. To many the policy is seen as a golden key that will get them and their children into the USA. The rumor mill has convinced hordes of these people that if their child gets across the border, the child will be given a slip of paper, a “permisso”, that grants them and ultimately their family, US residency. Because of Obama’s policy,the number of unaccompanied children flooding our the southern border has exploded — from 6,500 in 2011 to an estimated 90,000 this year, and nearly 150,000 projected for next year.

A POSTER WROTE: “Yes, FTR, Democrat governance is in the public’s interest. Republican governance is in the interest of Republicans and none other. At least, the Democrats try to good for all. Someone wrote here: Democrats = US and Republicans = me.”

jobs11FTR’S RESPONSE: Perhaps the poster did not notice that in the state of Florida there were 23,000 jobs created last month. That’s nearly one in ten (288k) of every job created throughout the USA last month. That’s a very good thing for Republican, Democrat, and Independents. It’s also a great thing for people who just don’t give a damn about politics. It’s a great thing for people who want to work. Sadly, Democrat governance has robbed many of the will to work. Yes, Florida has a Republican Governor and a Republican Legislature. Florida, under Republican governance, leads the nation in recovery from Obama’s recession. Florida’s economy in 2014 is leading the nation in job growth and the overall recovery. Under Governor Crist, Florida’s unemployment rate was much higher than the national average, now it is lower. On the other hand, Democrat politicos are infamous for their “gimme” mentality. Democrat Ray Nagen, Democrat, former mayor of New Orleans is only the latest of corrupt Democrat Politicos to be caught with their hands in the public till. Nagen is off to prison for 10 years. Good riddance.