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Friday, July 12, 2013


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[Gun Nuts] I have personally carried a sidearm for better than 30 years and have only drawn said weapon to clean it or for target practice. I can honestly say I hope I finish out my time on earth with that record unblemished.

Having grown up in a small community involved in clubs like the FFA & BSA I was taught early on the value of being prepared for all that life may throw at you. After all proper planning prevents poor performance.

I was also taught early on the police are here to enforce the laws of our nation not to protect individuals and the last time I checked it was still my right to protect myself, my family, and my property. I choose to do just that, so to that extent I trained and do consider myself prepared.

In any well functioning democracy there has always been at least two predominate and opposite sides, in the case of our great country this is proven, to says that the NRA is composed only of gun nuts, is really silly. While there are surely a few there are just as many bad apples on your side of the fence to balance out.

The decision to protect oneself or not has no wrong answer it is a personnel decision, to me I think that if you choose not to protect yourself and your family that would be a poor decision, however it is your decision to make and I am glad we live in a place that allows us to disagree. I would never take your right to your decision why would you want to infringe upon mine?


[Recycling] Recycling won’t be cost effective until they sort it all at the dump. People like me won’t recycle because it’s too much trouble to put the separate containers out on one day and then bring them back on another, and put them with the other garbage containers taking up too much space already. The majority of us don’t recycle, but the powers-that-be think we will if they just put up a few slogans. It’s not going to happen and sooner or later they’ll realize that they must recycle at the dump to be effective.

(I’m glad this site is anonymous as it’s so politically incorrect for us not to recycle we risk censure form the enthusiasts.)




Wow, it was nice on the reef today!

[Grinder Pumps] I agree with the poster who asked for a special section on sewers. There is something weird going on here. Why all the misinformation about grinder pumps. Yesterday a post told of a county that was making it’s residents pay for maintenance and that the pumps were no good in low areas. The link given said no such thing about maintenance and the exact opposite about low lying areas. Why lie? Something stinks! Is there an anti-grinder pump conspiracy going on? Does someone have a hidden agenda?

nira tocco realtor 9.12

[Be Neighborly or Else] To the people who think you can do anything in your own house, you are wrong. Anything you do that interferes with another human in anyway is your responsibility. Your actions are limited to your property only if those actions do not bother others. Loud music or noise, bright lights at night, running a business in a residential only area, producing chemical and biological fumes, renting to tenants not as a licensed permitted rental, discharging weapons, illegal burning, screaming kids without adult control, animals loose or livestock in residential areas. The list is long, and people are too ignorant to care about their neighbors. Be responsible for your actions, or others will!



[I Love Big Pine] After visiting the delightful Jennifer at Big Pine Shipping, my car flat-out died in the parking lot. The helpful man at the Papa Jim’s pizza place (their salads are delicious!) came right out and diagnosed the problem.

Luckily I was right next door to Napa. In the past I wouldn’t have considered this lucky, but the new owner and staff are great. Fabulous Fred deployed his patience, professionalism and good humor while replacing the necessary part in the hot sun and I was on my way. Fred is my hero today! 

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[Gun Nuts] Yes you are correct, we do pray for someone to break into our houses so we can blow them away. But alas it is the Keys and we probably will never get the chance.


[Food Prices] I was in WD the other day and the manager said “Hi” to me. I said don’t  use that word high in here, the prices are high enough. He laughed, but got my point. If the food wars get any worse, Seagull Soup and Iguana Meatballs will start to sound good.

memorial12[Dead Fireman] There are 6 or 7 vehicles still in this parking lot that belonged to those firefighters which stuck me the most.  They did a news story the day after the incident with a guy that was a neighbor and friend of one of the Granite Mountain Hotshots that was from out-of-state.  He said that firefighter didn’t have a lot of friends, locally, and he came to the parking lot to see if his truck was there.  He said he hoped that the truck wasn’t there but it was.  At the end of the piece, they showed the guy touch the truck through the fence before he walked away.  That truck is still sitting there today.

We’re not sure how much is getting out beyond Arizona but the other thing that says volumes about these visiting firefighters is they’re volunteering their services to the community so the local firefighters have an opportunity to attend the memorials and funerals for the 19.  I was at Target today and some firefighters from Tempe, AZ were looking for maps of the Prescott area.

[Something Happened in 2007] Reward for information about what happened on June 30, 2007 at 2853 Central, Big Pine Key. Please contact by Kevin Belford at 30919 Edwards Road, Big Pine Key Fl 33043. Witnesses to what happened is what I am looking for. Please help me! 




[Heron Chick] This little guy hatched Tuesday, July 9. I’m not sure if he has 1 or 2 siblings. It will be a day or two before these guys start posing. 

[More Sanctuary Fees] Talk to the people who work in the fishing industry not only the people who study the industry like Mr Nedimyer regarding these new sanctuary proposals.  He makes money off the water under the guise of propagating coral.  He is not in an unbiased position.


The Sanctuary people for sure do not want you “going” in the water.  Approved porta-potties only.

an_veteran5[Disabled Vet] For the guy who has been waiting 3 years, you’re just beginning what will be 3 decades of our government’s nonsense treatment of veterans before you get anything — if anything. They intentionally do this in the hope that you either get fed up with the red tape or die in the meantime. My father-in-law had his legs blown off by a German tank in WWII. It happened after his glider landed on a farm in Holland during the botched advised Operation Market Garden. Long story short, he was denied VA benefits because they considered it a farm accident! His appeals for years to the absolute morons who work at the VA went unresolved.

This real hero understandably gave up on our US Government and ended up hating anything it stood for. If a government agent had shown up in his yard he’d have killed them without a second thought. Dad-in-law eventually died of problems caused by his German tank limb losses and the infections that our government blamed on a farm accident. It’s criminal and those culprits are now enjoying their retirement at a hero’s suffering. He’s just one from the 1940’s.

The VA crooks are still there, still doing the same thing. In a fair world they would be rounded up and dealt with as criminals. We don’t treat some criminals the way we treat others. The same government attitude exists today and they still treat our veterans the way they always have — like dirt. I’m one of them.

I don’t want plumping, don’t want anything from our corrupt government for me. Just want to see that the ones who gave and sacrificed for whatever political proof of the day are compensated for the loss of their real things. You government spies who are tracking everyone’s email and internet posts, take notice of the content of my bitch. If you feel you’re just a paperwork employee and have no input, then why don’t you just jump off a bridge and die today because you’re just a moron stealing money from the rest of us. We don’t want you there in the first place. Your bosses are next and we’re working up the ladder getting their names and getting rid of them too. You lazy people government employees who are disgracing our military by your attitude are short term employees. Your countrymen hate you, will find you out, and will make sure you lose your job.

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The next meeting of the Big Pine Computer Club is coming up this Saturday, July 13, 10 am at the Senior Center. Bulletin Board

[Zimmerman] If I were a Korean liquor store owner in a black part of Miami I would be praying Zimmerman gets convicted. Miami PD has already put out a video asking blacks not to riot if he is acquitted, which I hope he is. If he is convicted, he’s a dead man in prison where blacks are the majority.



Christ, now we’ve got to worry about a bunch of letters.


[Sewers] We live on Big Pine in Wickfield Acres. Last time I checked we were in a “gray” area as far as getting sewers is concerned. Is there a phone number to call or a map to view where you can find out if you are now headed for a gravity system, grinder pump system or individual aerobic type on-site treatment system? Also, it seems ludicrous to me that if you are not hooked up to the sewer system, that you are still required to pay the $4,500. Surely, the government paying the costs for pumps or on-site treatment systems will go away when money gets tight towards the end of the project.




Coconuts has the very best pool tables in the Florida Keys. If you play just for fun or a real pro the NUT will make you happy. Video

[Friday Joke(I think)] A businessman from New York decided to quit his job and buy a 200 acre spread in Montana. One day while out riding his horse, he came across another man on horseback. The man told him he was his next door neighbor  and he was having a get-together the coming weekend. He said, I have to warn you though, there will be a lot of drinking at this party. The city slicker said no problem. There will also be sex going on. No problem he responded. Well, there will probably be some fighting too. I think I can handle myself, claimed the new neighbor. As he rode off, he turned and asked the party host. By the way, what should I wear at the party? The man, responded Oh, it don’t matter, It’s only going to be me and you! 

mosquito12How is your mosquito problem? Probably bad if you live in the Torches or Big Pine Key since the Florida Keys Mosquito Control has run into problems with the Fish and Wildlife who have stopped them from spraying all of this area due to permit problems. Maybe we should all give Mr. Michael Doyle the director of the Mosquito Control a call and see how his mosquitoes are, oh that’s right he lives in Cudjoe where they can spray. We pay for mosquito control in our taxes just like everyone else does why are we being treated differently? Come on Mr. Doyle lets get this straightened out or maybe we can elect someone who will.

[Pay to Swim] User fees will continue to rise for the Keys National Marine Sanctuary and more and more area restrictions will continue to be imposed. This is what they do and they won’t stop until no one can use the ocean.


[Stereotypical] I was shopping in Miami last week and trying to be careful not to go too far into any Black areas. When on one street, up ahead, I saw a large group of Black people, I got a little nervous until I realized they were all waiting to get into the Social Security office. I thought how stereotypical. Have they no shame or pride?



Come join the Ray West Band tonight at the Looe Key Tiki Bar, for some really good music, drinks, food and dancing! Joining the band will be “Sammysam the Bongoman”, and “Drummer George” Fonseca. Party starts from 7 P.M. to 11 P.M. Be there or be square! 

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[Gator in Avenues] In gator “years” a three footer is no longer under moma’s protection. So its momma is just as likely to eat it as your pooch.




[Salt is Now Good For You] CDC admits long-standing error in medical science – there is no benefit in reducing salt intake and it may even be dangerous. CDC says studies show no benefit in reducing salt. The CDC even reported that reducing salt intake to below 1 tsp per day may be dangerous to your health. Link

[More Sanctuary Fees] Maybe NOAA and the Sanctuary folks could give us an idea of what the proposed fees will be used for. They already get federal tax dollars. Another player, FWC, gets a portion of our state boating and fishing license fees. I’m all for protecting the resource but I want to see some accountability and justification for the additional money.




[Fanci Seafood] We’re back. Come in and see us. Don’t forget mini lobster is just right around the corner, July 24th and 25th. We have plenty of ice to keep things cold, 50 lbs for $5 (bring your cooler) and we also have dive flags for $9 and complete lobster kits for $14.95. Get them while they last!

[Recycling] I think we can’t throw our garbage and recyclables all together because the garbage will ruin some of the recyclables. For instance, many recyclers will not accept wet paper or cardboard. Just be glad that we have “single stream” recycling and right at the curb. In many places, you must sort it all (plastic, glass, paper) and then take it to the recycling collection point. 


I go out to Sammy”s Creek on Sugarloaf all the time.  There are tons of monofilament fishing line hanging off the wires along the bridge and off the vegetation along the creek,  waiting to snare any animal or fish going by.  What is wrong with the people who cause this?  Are they letting their young offspring do this thinking how cute it is?  It is hard  to imagine a sentient adult human doing this over and over.  These are the type of people who are dragging the rest of us down the drain.

[Gun Nut Insults] “You NRA guys pray for someone to break into your house so you can blow away somebody” I’m not a gun nut, but if a rapist for example breaks into our house, my wife, daughter, and granddaughter have all been trained on how to curtail the imminent danger. The rapist dies. Seems you want your family to suffer the abuse and afterwards call 911 if they were even allowed to live. You’re a defense attorney for the bad guy. You’re a lily-livered limp wristed friggin’ fool. Your flake minded incredible ineptitude is why women are ok targets for perverts. Makes me wonder if you are one of them….why would you deny your own family’s protection using your idiotic outrage excuse? Publish your name so Iraqis can send you poisonous powder. You’re a disgrace to humanity and your wife should kick you in your teeny balls. You are pathetic!


[“Springer’s Cornhole Wednesday. Does anybody know what that is”]  Redneck birth control.

an_trophy_cupThis Independence Day I was called upon to acknowledge the heroism of David Goodhue, the editor of The Reporter. He played a significant part in saving the life of an innocent man, whom the State of Florida appeared to be intent on executing.

Without Mr. Goodhue’s extraordinary investigative journalism and editorial courage, an innocent man may have been murdered by the state. During my conversations with state investigators, as the final charges were being drawn up, there was an indication that they were going to charge him with killing a viable fetus during the commission of an aggravated battery, sexual assault and kidnapping on an alleged pregnant corrections officer… (continued below in Long Winded Tomes)

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Cornhole is a game in which one tosses a beanbag into a wooden board with a hole in it. We play at Springer’s Bar & Grill every Wednesday, weather permitting, at 6 pm. It’s lots of fun!

[Wi-fi Hotspot] How to Connect a PC to the Internet Via a Cell Phone. Using your cell phone as a modem is an easy and convenient way to connect to the Internet when you do not have a Wi-Fi connection available. Connecting a PC to the Internet via a cell phone is easy to set up, doesn’t cost very much and the speeds are fast enough to check email and even do a little bit of web surfing. Link

isaksen-flood 4.23.13

[Sanctuary Rules] Media has a one sided view & there is a need to talk to people in the industry working the area not just the environmentalists. Education and communication needs to accurately portray the efforts of fishermen and how they work, as well as the science and environmental perception.




[Country Party Pool]  Here’s all you need: Bales of hay, large tarp, rope, water, hose.

[User fees possible for Keys National Marine Sanctuary] Sanctuary RulesPay to register your boatPay to register your trailer to get your boat to the water.Pay to use public boat ramps.Pay to fish.Pay to catch lobsters.Pay to swim.For a limited time ocean viewing will be free. Link


[Zimmerman] I got into a conversation with someone awhile back about this case and I only knew basics that have been in the news. So, out of curiosity, I searched for more info on the case and found actual videos of all of the court time. I watched a couple of the early ones and got hooked on it. It was like finding a TV show that you like. I ended up watching every moment of the case. (FYI, you can find it on YouTube. Go to YouTube and search for the count. They have videos of the entire court sessions.)

Anyway, the frigging judge should be disbarred and never be allowed back in court. Through the entire case, she has obviously favored the prosecution overwhelmingly. She allows prosecution to complete sentences, shows them the respect that is typical of all attorneys in court, and listens intently while they explain their issues. The defense gets constantly interrupted mid-sentence, is treated like total shit, and she shoots down nearly every objection or complaint they make. She even got up and left the court room while the defense was describing their side of an issue. It is so ridiculous, it is hard to believe that someone hasn’t stepped in and replaced her.

The prosecution looks like they are losing big time but the judge keeps giving them whatever they want. They walked in this morning with a last minute 2nd offense (there has only been one since the start of the trial) that is child abuse, because the kid was only 17. At least the judge threw that one out!

The defense had a cell phone software expert take the kid’s phone and found hidden programs, messages, and photos that were invisible unless you entered a couple of passwords. His messages described recent street fights that he bragged about, one said he lost the “first round” because he let the guy get on top, then won the next two because he pinned the guy down and beat him senseless, the same way he nailed Zimmerman. It also had multiple pics and emails of guns he was trying to buy and sell. It also had a ton of porn pics. He also had the presence of marijuana in his bloodstream. The judge wouldn’t let any of that into court. Bitch. So now the prosecutors  are making him out to be this sweet young kid that was just coming home from the store and the defense can’t do anything about it.

[Immigration] If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

deposit12-ct[Captain Doom and Gloom]  Is Monroe County proposing a public restroom law that if you are caught sneaking under the pay-per-poop door you get five years hard labor at the waste-works?

“I bet you NRA guys pray someone breaks in” Nah, we do not pray, we are realists, we do not need mystical dreams of invisible deities to protect our families and properties. Blessed be Winchester and Remington. Amen.

“Proposed sanctuary rules”  What about the human sanctuary, the Keys? Oh that’s right, it is being disemboweled in the Holy House of the Chamber of Commerce and Righteous Save the County Offices for the Benefit of the Future Touristas and Developers, eh?

[Sewers] Who were the morons who decided that we needed sewers at all? In my fifty years of living I have seen the sewers replaced at least three times.[?] I think the sewers are just a way to make it too expensive for the working guy to live here anymore. 
[Sanctuary Fees] Keys Fishermen had worried that the draft plan would call for strict fishing rules that would cut into already-shrinking profits from regulation. Sanctuary Superintendent Sean Morton is disliked by his co-workers (however, only the most brave among them will admit it because they are frightened they might lose their jobs and little benefit package) and now will be equally disliked by the Keys population for the new management proposals.
religion politics zone

[“Under Bush Iraq had its first ever democratic election”] Sorry, that’s untrue. Iraq had a Democratic election as late as 1953, but the CIA undermined the populus’ confidence and had him placed under house arrest where he “died”. He wanted to keep the oil money that England was taking from Iran and in an agreement with England the USA had it’s CIA undermine the political situation ending democratic rule. This was the first time the U.S. used the CIA to overthrow a democratically elected government, but not the last. The US installed their own man to be dictator called the Shah of Iran.

You’re welcome to your own opinion but not your own facts.

Bush did start TARP program, but it was Obama that saved the economy from Depression. 




The great defeat of the Tea Party last year shows that most of us don’t want to live in the kind of country the Tea Party wants. There still may be hope for us all.

[Carbon Tax] Let’s not forget about the carbon tax that is supposed to fund the UN as there are not too many takers to otherwise fuel that inept body. 
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More good citizens should join in the left’s latest push to cut way down on business. As they stated in a recent post they are the villains causing the reduction in workers’ wages. Do like they do in places like Haiti, let them know that they are not wanted.

Sarah Palin may run for US Senate, although she’ll quit halfway through the Oath of Office. Several others are already planning to run after she quits.

[Obamacare] Is there anyone who is not on Medicaid or Social Security Disability (ie, people that work for a living) that really thinks Obamacare is in any way helping with health care expenses?  My health insurance premiums have tripled since the creation of this abomination.  How is that helping?  Do I think it’s just a coincidence that the insurance companies decided to raise rates

just as this law went into effect?  No, I don’t.

Thanks Obama, now can you please, please, please raise my taxes too.  Oh and while you’re at it, raise the price of gas and groceries.  Oh wait… (Editor’s Note: Unless I’m mistaken Obamacare will not go into effect until next year)

Obama sending aid to Egypt ? Translation-sending war planes to a forien country to kill people I don’t know and have a problem with. Are you willing to let this psycologily disturbed man kill any more of your sons and daughters for whatever perverse and deviant agender these crazed war mongeren lunitics have. I’m pretty sure he will serve another term as our new dictator.

Mr. Global Warming, you have nothing to fear.  The Republican Right Wing Party, the Tea Party, Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are all working diligently around the clock to make sure none of those Left-wing-Commie-gay-anti-family-unChristian-Sharia-anti-business-abortional ideas ever come to pass.

an united we stand3


[Come Together] Apparently there are no Americans in the BPK area. There are democrats and republicans but no Americans. We all are in this together, my “friends” and at this time “our” elected leader is President. Could he be better? sure, has he screwed up? sure. So has everyone holding that particular job (even good old Harry T). Now if all you people would just realize we all have to live in this country, if you are so uptight about it, help it to better itself. And the first order is to allow your neighbor to have any opinion he/she wants. Disagree, but remember, next election the shoe could be on the other foot, and if you have to eat “crow”, do it with a bottle of Captain Morgan, and the crow will taste better.

After 2014, when our last troops in Afghanistan have left, we have agreed to pay to support the entire Afghan economy into the future.  Meanwhile, back at the bar, we are all breathlessly awaiting way more urgent news of any new hirings or firings of the bartending staff.  May God have mercy on us.

[Friday Joke] Bill Clinton and the Pope both died on the same day. Due to a minor clerical error, the Pope went to Hell, while Clinton went to Heaven. When the Pope arrived in Hell, everyone realized the mistake. Due to an issue with the union, they couldn’t swap the two until the next day, and the Pope had to spend the night in Hell, while Clinton spent the night in Heaven.The next day the paperwork got straightened out. On his way up to Heaven, the Pope ran into Clinton. Clinton asked the Pope, “How was your night in Hell?” “Very educational.” responded the Pope. “I’ve learned a lot from the experience, but now I’m glad I’m going to heaven. I’ve been waiting all my life to meet the Virgin Mary.” “Sorry,” said Clinton, “You should have been there yesterday.”

from the right

an_demIt’s always intriguing when we read hysteria in the Coconut Telegraph. Yesterday an apparently hysterical poster blamed every societal fault that we now are suffering on “Republicans.”  S/he stated that low wages for minorities, lack of jobs, and sundry other woes  have occurred, quote: “Under their leadership”

We have to assume that that poster is totally unaware of the fact that our nation has been under Democrat governance since January 2007. For our left field friends, that means “leadership”. The Democrats took control of Congress and our purse strings on January 1, 2007. Then, on January 20th 2009, the Democrats seized control of the legislative and the executive branches of our nation.

Permit me to send a special and personal note to that poster. The mess we’re in is the direct and absolute result of Democrat governance. That means leadership. The mess we’re in is the specific result of the progressive political philosophy espoused by Mr. Obama, and many liberals. It doesn’t work here, it doesn’t work in Europe, and it is poison to prosperity and freedom.

Hysteria often results in misapprehension of reality. A reading of the posting suggests that the Republicans defeated the Violence Against Women legislation.  The fact is that the law passed with real bipartisan support in both the Democrat controlled Senate and the Republican controlled House.

If you want a return to prosperity and privacy, you must vote Republican.

Part 2) Deer Friends the unending cacophony from the left gets tiresome.  It’s possible that they have been so brainwashed that they actually believe some or all of their catechism that teaches that Republicans are the evil creators of our current mess.  Somehow these folks have either forgotten or ignored that they have had effective control of our nation for the past 7 years.  GWB is the President who vetoed the fewest bills of any President in the last 200 years. During the last two years of the Bush admin, the Dems controlled the legislative branch of government. But Bush only vetoed 12 bills during his entire tenure. Most were vetoed because they were budget busting big spending nonsense. I suggest that you read the link which is a list of Bush’s vetoes and his reasons for them. Link 

The long and the short of it is that the Democrats, for the past seven years have been able to pass into law just about anything damned they wanted. That’s power, that’s leadership. The prime example is Obamacare, a program that is now proving to be a massive and incredibly expensive boondoggle. We are where we are at the hands of Democrat, Progressive leadership.

an down graph

Part 3) Ooops, speaking of leadership, I just remembered that a just released Rasmussen  poll reveals that now only twenty-seven percent (27%) of Likely U.S. Voters now say the country is heading in the right direction. Bad tidings for our liberal friends.

Respectfully submitted:


The dramatic warming predicted after 2008 has yet to arrive.” An article published today in Nature laments the dismal failure of climate models to predict climate a mere 5 years into the future, much less a century from now.

Some other points of interest in the article: “It’s fair to say that the real world warmed even less than our forecast suggested,” [modeller] Smith says. “We don’t really understand at the moment why that is.” “

“Although I have nothing against this endeavour as a research opportunity, the papers so far have mostly served as a ‘disproof of concept’,” says Gavin Schmidt. Schmidt says that these efforts are “a little misguided”. He argues that it is difficult to attribute success or failure to any particular parameter because the inherent unpredictability of weather and climate is built into both the Earth system and the models. “It doesn’t suggest any solutions,” he says.

“Because the climate does not usually change drastically from one year to the next, the model is bound to start off predicting conditions that are close to reality. But that effect quickly wears off as the real climate evolves. If this is the source of the models’ accuracy, that advantage fades quickly after a few years.”

“Kevin Trenberth, a climate scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, says that it could be a decade or more before this research really begins to pay off in terms of predictive power, and even then climate scientists will be limited in what they can say about the future.”

Right! They are now saying the models can’t predict the future. This is what Republicans have been telling the anti science left for a decade. Let me remind you. As the fantastical house of cAGW cards comes crashing down there will be a full court press by the cult agitated by the anti science-flat Earther-Neo Nazi-haters on the left. They will have nothing to scare you with. You can expect a return to their violent roots of smashing windows of our businesses burning our cars pointing fingers and demanding to be served what they want. Link


Few Good Men (continued from above …) The Inspector Generals Office and the Florida Department of Corrections were in possession of irrefutable evidence that made it impossible for the man that they charged, to have committed any of these offenses. However, it did not stop them from charging this innocent man with three violent felonies. Each crime carrying a potential life sentence without the possibility of parole.

After prison officials decided who had perpetrated these alleged crimes, they transported this innocent man to the Q-Wing of Florida State Prison. He was isolated and placed in solitary confinement. This wing is reserved for the criminally insane, murderers and psychopaths. These inmates have no contact with the outside world. Not even the visiting prison ministry is allowed to see them.

During his first night imprisoned on this wing, an inmate caged next to him slowly strangled himself throughout the night until he was dead.

After 30 months on this wing, the fraudulent case against this man began to unravel. As pressure was put on the DOC they became exposed and began to fold. Their answer was to contract a hit on this wrongfully accused inmate.

They armed another inmate serving a life sentence, who was suffering from Hepatitis C, with a large shank (knife). He was promised special treatment and extended commissary privileges, if he killed the individual who had become the source of their troubles.

This assassin was taken to the innocent man’s isolated cell. The bars were opened and he entered. The wrongfully accused man jumped up to confront him. The assassin hesitated and said: “I know you”. He confessed to the purpose of him  being there, displayed his weapon and aborted the hit.

As you can imagine, this horrific tragedy was riddled with sensitive complications, where an indiscretion could cost someone their life. After thoroughly reviewing the evidence and conducting his own interviews, Mr. Goodhue did not hesitate to bring the light of truth upon this injustice.

Mr. Goodhue’s brilliant and magnificent handling of this delicate matter, required  a bold and divergent intellect. An Individual of his caliber is hard to find. Mr. Goodhue’s  detailed and inspirational publication of this story brought a lot of people to their senses.

Allison Defoor and Ron Saunders expended enormous reserves of courage, energy and influence to protect this innocent man from the eminent harm that was upon him. Their tireless work and encouragement kept this man intact until they secured his freedom.

Asking nothing for themselves, Allison Defoor and Ron Saunders reached into the bowels of the abyss, grasping hold of this discarded human being, as they walked him towards the light and warmth of those who love him.

Dennis Ward and Michael Strickland’s integrity and knowledge are without limit. Their penetrating intellects and action assured that no more harm would be inflicted on this wrongfully charged individual.

Returning to his twin sons and the rest of his extended family, this man whose life was considered valueless, has graduated with honors from one of the nation’s premier vocational colleges. He is now taking graduate courses, while successfully establishing his own business.

In conclusion, without Mr. Goodhue’s focused and deliberative publication, a technicality that could have delivered this man back into the hands of those who desired to injure and kill him, might never have been resolved.