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Sunday, July 14, 2013


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George Zimmerman had been found innocent of second degree murder and sent home.

[Grinder Pump Fiasco] Without electricity, the community’s low-pressure grinder pump sewer system was shut down.Sewage backed up into homes and contaminated the area’s groundwater. Entire neighborhoods became giant bacteria-producing Petri dishes. Grinder pumps were considered a hazard. Link


[Recycling] The only way recycling will be feasible is if we place all our garbage in bags and place the recyclables in the same container, and let the garbage men sort it at the dump. It has to be a no-brainer in order for the program to work. I don’t recycle and this is the only way I’d bother.

That simple solution will save us millions a year and will get almost 100% stuff recycled. We only recycle a small part of that now because of the unimaginative County Commission and the cumbersome and wasteful recycling plan now in place. Why have two separate trucks and crews pick up stuff at your home?. Put it all in one can (garbage in a bag) and sort it at the dump.

I’ve never studied the problem and came up with this simple solution in five minutes. Imagine how much better it could be if someone who knew the business gave it some thought.





The Peace Bell has been stolen from the Community Peace Park At West Martello Tower in the Key West Garden Club. In the true spirit of the Coconut Telegraph I was hoping someone out there might be able to help. We just want it back. Please contact Denise Downing at  if you can help or call the police. No questions asked.  Please, we just want it back.

Enjoy your future grinder pump–not! Link


Concerns arise over Goliath Grouper & Barracuda fading away. Link

nira tocco realtor 9.12



[My Body, My Problem-Not yours] Texas is cracking up on this abortion bill issue. Who the hell gives anyone the right to tell any woman what she can do with her body? Too many busybodies sticking their frustrated noses into other peoples’ business. Religion and governments have to get the hell out of our lives. It is culling time in the old corral!

[“More Sanctuary Fees”]Climatic events play an important role in the ecosystem dynamics of the sanctuary. South Florida experiences more tropical depressions and hurricanes than any other area in the United States.  Perhaps the sanctuary could concentrate their attention on the derelict vessels and get grants and funds for getting reimbursement for up to 90% of the cost of removal and disposal.  the remaining 10% of the cost can be in the form of “in-kind” services. If the authorized public entities are not able to undertake the removal of a derelict vessel they may ask the sanctuary to assume the lead. Their (the sanctuary) attention ought to be the priority for the use of funds which would be for vessels in danger of breaking up, sinking, or blocking a navigational channel, or vessels that present a risk to human health, safety or the environment.

See, us Piners have suggestions and not only bitching and groaning.

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[We Try Harder] We’re #2, but it’s nothing to cheer about. The US was recently surpassed by Mexico as the most obese country in the world (we used to be #1). Sad state of affairs – the ‘ugly American’ needs to get it’s act together ASAP. Kind of embarrassing when you travel to other countries – they marvel at how petty our politicians are and how fat we are – makes it tough to be proud. Maybe time for a little more action and a lot less bluster.

[“NO FISHING – DHMO PRESENT”] Dihydrogen monoxide is DHMO.  Cute sign.  For those who didn’t take, or failed,  first semester chemestry, Dihydrogen monoxide is water.  Plain ol’ H2O.  However, potential fishermen should be aware that the water does have significant amounts of CrAp, a by-product of the fish population.

Lionfish still attacking Fla. Keys. Link   

[Sammy’s Creek] I’m with you! I live right nearby the park, and not a day goes by that we are not picking up disgusting amounts of trash. It absolutely amazes me that a person could come to such a beautiful place and maliciously and knowingly trash it — and with a garbage can steps away! Some of the bicyclists in their fancy costumes, on our road, are just as guilty. We pick up their empty “energy gel” packs all the time.

It’s an appalling situation. So to all the litters: we are watching you, and we will not hesitate to call the authorities. Stop trashing our park. I know a man who helped build that park. He tells me that when construction began, Sammy family members sat and watched and cried. The family graciously gave their homestead to the people to be enjoyed, not trashed. Enough is enough.




The proper way to fix a dent.

[“WD Manager saying hi”] Can’t you just be happy he said hi? I am a snowbird, but I heard there was new management at WD. Be glad that he says hi and if you can give him any positive feedback, do so. Surely, things have improved.  In regards to prices, there is no competition and they truck from the mainland, so prices will be higher.  Try shopping the ad and clip coupons and you will save a lot. Try to control those things that you can control.


[Controlled Burn] Its too bad that all those cute baby heron chicks will soon be burned alive when they conduct the controlled (out of control) burn on Big Pine.

[Sewers] Providing the most properties as possible with a centralized sewer connection is Economics 101.

Brooks Falls, Alaska brown bear & salmon cam. Video

ballast-key00[Ballast Key Still For Sale] Key West developer David Wolkowsky is asking $15.8 million for his private island compound Ballast Key, about nine miles west of the Southernmost City.

The 26-acre island, situated in the Mule Keys, features a five-bedroom main house, a three-bedroom guest house, several outbuildings and a water desalination plant, according to multiple property listings.

Wolkowsky developed the iconic Pier House Resort at 1 Duval St. in 1968. Before the Pier House, Wolkowsky developed, beginning in 1962, bygone establishments around Lower Duval Street such as Pirate’s Alley, Tony’s Fishmarket and the former Captain’s Saloon, now Captain Tony’s Saloon.

On Ballast Key, he famously entertained a litany of celebrities and other notables including playwright Tennessee Williams. The island also made an appearance in the 1989 James Bond film “License to Kill’ starring Timothy Dalton.

There are 34 offshore properties with houses in the Florida Keys, according to the Monroe County Property Appraiser’s Office.


[Winn Dixie Prices] I shop at both WD and Publix, and other than specials, WD is always cheaper. If we only had a Publix here people would be wanting a WD because of Publix’s high prices.

an_drop splash2

[“DHMO(?)”] It’s very good stuff, we couldn’t live without it. I guess most didn’t follow chemistry in high school.

[Grinder Pump Costs] It seems to me that anyone living in this County, be it owner or renter, should want to know about grinder pumps and their continued mechanical problems and costs. 
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king an


[6 Jurors!] In the 1400 or 1500’s a Welsh King decided that there should be 12 jurors because Jesus had 12 Apostles. In the 1970 the US Supreme Court said there only needs to be 6 in a capital murder trial. 

[Bugs] It seems as if the most logical solution for a facility for Mosquito Control would be the new pretty much unused facility at the west end of Watson here on Big Pine Key.  It would accomplish so many things. 1) the cost would help save millions of tax payer dollars 2)  perhaps FWC and Mosquito Control could work better together  3)  the staff at Mosquito Control could see first hand how bad the mosquito population is here and 4)  The facility is already there with only some minor modifications needed to work for a jointly used facility.





[Signage] Why do they show the picture of someone reading to designate a library on street sign? Shouldn’t you know how to read if you want one?

[Foxes Guarding Hen House] 400 TSA agents have been arrested for theft since 2003. No terrorist s have yet been caught. 


[Bubba] I am confused on how our justice system works in Monroe County.  It has been released today that the mail room manager that borrowed the keys for the money boxes for the newspaper will go to the state prison for two years then be on a three year probation.  Yet so many other violent criminals with a history of crimes are simply not tried in a court of law.  A similar comparison is all the money taken from parking meters in Key West for so many years and not even a trial!  I guess it really does depend on who you are.




A normal day in Africa or is this South Florida?

The director of Mosquito Control is hired by the Commission so next year you can vote in 2 new commissioners. I hear an ex-employee will be running. He will know where the problems are.



[Recycling] Don’t be a lazy jerk, put a little effort into making the world a better place by putting recyclables in a separate bin (geez, it’s not tough at all). I can’t believe would post how lazy and inconsiderate they are, and blame someone else for it.

[Pay to Swim] [More Sanctuary Fees] [User fees possible for Keys National Marine Sanctuary] Seems like the perfect time to stick all those pro Marine Sanctuary bumper stickers back on your car folks. You won! Let us congratulate you.

Please tell us again how wonderful it’ll be if the government was to control a National Marine Sanctuary & our back yards. If there’s a God above, we can only pray you’ll get burned the most by our caring government.


[Gun Nuts] I have had to use a shotgun, relieves the anger but no good for protection because the crook picks the time and place. You can’t be ready at all times or answer the door with a gun in your hand.



Well I love bacon and I have some tattoos, but I’d have to say no thanks to this one. 

[Gun Nuts] A Southern belle with a  message. Video

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cia logo

[Dirty Deeds] The overthrow of the only Democratically elected President in Iran by the CIA was under Eisenhower’s reign to appease England who were in jeopardy of losing the oil revenue they were ‘stealing’ from Iran. Iran was only receiving 15% of oil revenue in the billions and the new President was going to reverse that. 

[Trayvon Martin] I’ll tell you what, if I have to have a wannabe cop or a wannabe thug wandering through my neighborhood, I know which I’ll choose every time.


[Grinder Pump] So far the only ones who want grinder pumps are Sylvia Murphy and FKAA. The taxpayers hate them.

treasure-hunter2-5.92The anti-sanctuary forces had some wealthy backers, including Mel Fisher, who found the wrecked Spanish galleon the Atocha. Fisher was a leader not only of the Conch Republic, but also opposed the sanctuary on the grounds that it would discourage treasure salvage by requiring lengthy permit applications and complicated, multi-stage archaeological and environmental assessments.

Maybe someone (hopefully) has the ear of Fisher family and could tell them that we (those who don’t want such strict restrictions and regulations) could use their clout.

[Judge] Has anyone else noticed that that the rather ‘robust’ judge in the Zimmerman trial looks like Chris Farley in drag?



A crazy car-eating squirrel with an appetite for destruction has been terrorizing a south Florida family. The hungry critter — dubbed Munchy — has been biting fist-sized chunks of metal out of Nora Ziegler’s SUV. It’s already ripped two 6-inch panels out of her Toyota Sequoia and seems intent on eating more. Link

[Chinese Pilots] On Friday’s noon newscast on KTVU, the station claimed it had “just learned the names of the 4 pilots on board” Asiana flight 214 which crashed last Saturday. But the station was given bad information that made it all the way into the newscast. If you read the names it becomes immediately clear this is a joke, which went unnoticed by the newsroom, producers and the anchor. ‘Sum Ting Wong’ and ‘Wi Tu Lo’, but hey forgot to mention Wan Wing Lo. Link

[Grinder Pump Fiasco] We have been informed that our neighborhood will be served with a Grinder Pump system.  If grinder pumps are installed we must think of selling our home at a loss, as we would have to disclose this awful burden. Link

a&b[Restaurant Review] A&B Lobster House at the harbor in Key West. It’s great if you like butter and heavy cream and you got new batteries in your pacemaker. Other than that they wouldn’t know what to serve. The beautiful wide, wooden shutters with their dark finish, wrap around the many interior windows of the room making a beautiful interior. Except the shuttered windows are too high to see anywhere other than up when you try to look out the windows. They’re placed too high.  Whose idea was that? You can only see the marina and cool boats when you’re standing. I guess that’d be okay during Passover, but this was Tuesday night.

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[Sanctuary Bulldozing] Both commercial and recreational fishing are economically important to the Florida Keys. In terms of volume of seafood landed, the Florida Keys is the most important area in the state of Florida for landings, dockside value, and numbers of commercial fishing vessels, most of which target the highly valued invertebrate fisheries.  You would think that the Fl Keys Sanctuary would remember that and treat fishermen/fisherwomen with more respect.  Haven’t they learned that bulldozing their agenda does not work?


[Recycling] Columbus has a whale of recycling problem. Every week, 40 bars and restaurants along the trendiest section of N. High Street — Downtown through the Short North and to the outskirts of Ohio State University — toss away about 150 tons of glass. Link

[Grinder Pump] Sewage spews onto Pocono properties. Video

isaksen-flood 4.23.13

[Exotics] The lionfish are going to be here long after we are gone.




Summer dog with a brain.

[Spam] Spent some time browsing around today. I wanted to reach out and see if I might be able to contribute some additional content for your site. I have a really cool piece that I thought would make a great addition to your blog and definitely be something your readers would appreciate. Would love to send it over to you for review if you’re open to taking a look. Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks in advance for your time. Look forward to working with you.


[Recycling] The only way people are going to recycle is to build a working Fusion Power Plant and cook the stuff into pure energy with no nothing coming out of the place. That could happen except the oil barons and the nuke barons do not want it. Can you imagine how nice this planet would be without mountains of trash and junks all over the place?

[Sewers] The Florida Keys are under a State imposed wastewater mandate. No, the State will not forget about you and let you keep polluting our waters with you leaking septic tank; no amount of head-in-the-sand–go-away wishing will make that happen. You will have to abandon your septic tank and upgrade your sewer treatment system; the only question remaining is upgrade to what?

The properties in the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System will be upgraded to either a:
1) Gravity system, or
2) Grinder system, or
3) On-site system through the FKAA

And whichever system is chosen for your area, you will still pay that same $4,500 system fee.

Like most things in life, there are pros and cons to both the gravity system and the grinder system; but the bottom line is the $$$. The gravity system costs considerably more than a grinder system and the priority is to provide the most properties possible with a connection to a centralized system. With a grinder system more properties can be connected to a centralized system than if done with gravity. –It’s Economics 101.

Think of it this way: Suppose the County had a State grant of $100,000,000.00 to buy cars for as many people as possible in the county, and suppose the County was debating between purchasing Cadillac’s at $50,000.00 per car or VW’s at $10,000.00 per car; with the money available the County could by Cadillac’s for 20,000 people or the County could buy VW’s for 100,000 people.

Both cars work and both cars would get people where they need to go, but by going with the lower priced car more people would have cars/transportation. We don’t need to buy Cadillac’s when a VW will do the same thing (go from point A to point B). This same cost principle applies to the sewers.

Worse, if the State money is not carefully divided and runs out, and you find yourself left out (without an upgraded system), you will be charged with the cost of installing an on-site system yourself. This would be like if the folks in the subdivision down the road got free Cadillac’s and you had to buy your own VW. And no head-in-sand-hiding will stop the State health department from knocking on your door and forcing you to do this on your own/at your own expense.

Some are complaining about the grinder pump (they want the best, regardless of the cost or consequences to those left without), but what’s best for everyone is that as many homes as possible are connected to the central sewer before the money, and the clock, run out.




BPK controlled burns scheduled. Link

[Trayvon] The tragedy here is that Trayvon Martin had developed into the kind of person he turned out to be, which led him to do what he did, leading to his own demise.  The greater tragedy is that there are many more like him walking among us, ready to go off at any time.

[Grinder Pumps] Boy, oh boy, are the rats coming out to save the plumber! Come on Dude, we know what is going on with these stinking pumps, it is a rip off so the companies can keep making money forever. Like the one guy said, it is baseball season in the Keys[?].




You had only one job…

[Zimmerman Trial] I’m so damn sick and tired of seeing pictures of Trayvon Martin when he was 12 years old. Didn’t his mother take any of him without him flipping off the camera after that? News propaganda at it’s finest. 


Don’t feel left out by mosquito control. Cudjoe is getting carried away too. I wonder if Key West will get the same priority treatment when they don’t get their lease renewed.

[Chum Grinders] I keep reading about these grinder pumps and can’t help wondering if they could be used as chum grinders? According to their proponents and manufacturers, they can grind up anything and need little or no maintenance forever. They could install a tee connector that would allow the owner to make chum whenever the thing wasn’t grinding up the household poop. You could drop about anything in it to make chum, such as whole grunts, jacks, food waste, roadkill, iguanas and maybe even the neighbor’s yip dog if you can catch it. This has the potential to become a really big market, and would bring the price of chum down dramatically. I would market it as “Grind House Chum.”



[Grinder Pumps] Emergency preparedness information for grinder pump customers. From the brilliant group of people decide to give us the grinder pump. Link

I found a bunch of keys with something yellow on them. Come to Bagel Island and buy me lunch and you can have them back.

religion politics zone

[“Unless I’m mistaken Obamacare will not go into effect until next year”] You are mistaken.  The provisions in Obamacare have been spread out over several years. Some took effect in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 and with continue, unless repealed, until 2018. Most people have no idea what is actually in Obamacare or when it will take effect, including the authors of the bill.

Here’s a timeline summary of the bill. Link

Our nation has gone insane with political correctness. The Zimmerman/Martin case is exhibit #1.

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[Iran] Thanks to the poster that mentioned that Iran did indeed have a Democratic election before Bush was in office. It didn’t end up well for them but it was indeed pre G.W. Bushs era. The election that occurred during Bush’s time in Iraq may end up the same way. Time will tell. No matter what the Party of No refuses to believe. And that is universal fact. Not an opinion. 
from the right

an_detective3Many years ago I was a detective in Pompano Beach. Then much of the city was rural or semi-rural. One night, in the early morning hours, I got a call from my Lieutenant ordering me to respond to a homicide scene on a semi-rural road in western Pompano Beach. When I arrived I found a hysterical young white woman, a young black man in custody, a white man who lived nearby, and a very dead young black man. As I sorted through the mess I learned that the young white woman had been driving along the road when her car died.  This was long before cell phones, and there were no businesses anywhere near her so she stayed with the car and flagged down the only car that passed.  That car was occupied by the two young black males.  Soon they attempted to kidnap her by dragging her into their car, she fought them and screamed at the top of her lungs.  Her screams woke a man living in a commercial kennel he owned about 100 yards from the scene. He threw on pants, grabbed his gun, and ran out toward the scene. The gun was a cheap piece of junk .25 caliber semi auto. Theoretically it was of no use whatsoever beyond 10 feet. As he got to the scene he saw the struggle between the girl and her assailants. He shouted at them to stop and fired a single “warning” shot. One of the assailants quit the fight and put up his hands, the other ran away into the darkness. The kennel owner saw him running, and ordered him to stop.  He did not.  When the fleeing assailant was about 50 yards away the kennel owner fired a second shot. This shot, this tiny, weak round, fired from a piece of junk gun, penetrated the runners back, slid through the gap  in his ribs, entered his heart, and killed him within seconds. Vietnam combat pilots will remember the term “golden bb.”

That was my case.

I arrested the first assailant for assaulting the young woman. Then I arrested the kennel owner for manslaughter. My thinking was that when the second shot was fired the assault had ended, neither the shooter nor the girl was in danger at the time he fired at the fleeing assailant. To me it was Manslaughter. Please remember this was in ‘60’s.  My lieutenant ordered me to “unarrest the shooter”. He was a white man rescuing a white girl from an assault by black males. I refused. I took the shooter to the PD for booking. The booking Sergeant refused to book him. I booked him myself and put him into the most comfortable single cell that we had, and began preparing the reams of paperwork that followed. At about 8:30 AM the Chief showed up, got briefed by the on scene uniforms and my lieutenant. The Chief “urged” me to “unarrest” the shooter, I refused, telling him that I had an obligation to turn the case and the paperwork over to the State Attorney for the final decision. Then the Mayor showed up and berated me for arresting the shooter.

an_paperwork look over topNeedless to say any chance of having a good career at that PD was over. I was a pariah for arresting a white man who had shot a fleeing black criminal in the back from a distance of about 50 yards. Nonetheless, I was then and still am absolutely convinced that the shooter committed manslaughter. In the end the shooter was lauded as being a hero by the Mayor, received a plaque, and the road his kennel was on was renamed in his name.

The case went to the Grand Jury, they declined to prosecute. End of that story. I was not unhappy because the case had been subjected to appropriate Grand Jury review. That brings us to the Zimmerman/Martin case.

This case is a travesty. It is a travesty of monumental proportions. It is national political correctness gone amok. Does anyone here think that this case would have generated so much nonsense if Martin had been white?

Here are some of the facts.  The Chief of Police refused to arrest Zimmerman because he was convinced that Zimmerman had acted lawfully. The City Manager fired him. The City Manager permitted the Martin family to examine some of the critical evidence without police personnel being present. That was extraordinary, unheard of.  The State Attorney with jurisdiction over Sanford refused to bring charges. The Governor assigned the State Attorney from Jacksonville to prosecute the case. She did not take the case to a grand jury, she directly filed the charges. That is rare, very rare, in situations such as this. Even the Huffington Post questioned her decision not to take the case to the Grand Jury.

In any criminal case, the Prosecutor has the duty to reveal all the evidence, both inculpatory and exculpatory, in their possession to the defense. Failure to do so is a serious violation. But, we’ve just learned that the IT Director for the Jax SA was fired for revealing that the State had failed/refused to turn over substantial evidence favorable to the Defense. Before the trial began, the IT Director noted serious differences in the FDLE report and the actual Martin cell phone record. The actual Martin cell phone and its records contained images of Martin blowing smoke, images of marijuana and deleted text messages regarding a transaction for a firearm and that those images had not been given to Zimmerman’s defense team. Kruidbos, the IT Director, said that 2,958 photos were in the report given to the defense but that his report contained 4,275 photos. Kruidbos also said that he had been told to not put specific case-identifying information into internal e-mails. Why would anyone in authority order that unless they were afraid of being discovered?

an_kickboxerThe defense was denied the use of videos of Martin fighting, and text messaging that revealed that Martin bragged about fighting.  As sure as the sun will come up tomorrow that evidence proves that Martin was a young thug, not just a poor waif set upon by a gun toting vigilante.

We often hear the outraged voices from the left excoriating Zimmerman for getting out of his car. Deer Friends, Zimmerman had every right in the world to wander where ever he wanted in that apartment complex. Remember that the association had entrusted him with the role of “security.” The police dispatcher did not order or even advise Zimmerman not to follow Martin. The only thing said was “we don’t need you to do that”.

We’ve heard much crap that Martin was only carrying Skittles and a soda.  How in the hell was Zimmerman able to know that? We know that Martin was a young racist thug who sucker punched a smaller man. We know he was a racist because of his texting and the testimony of his “girlfriend.” Certainly you will remember her testimony wherein she said that Martin called Zimmerman a “creepy ass cracker”.  FYI the term “cracker” is every bit a pejorative as is the term “nigger.”  God will decide if Martin deserved to die for his actions, but this Olde Fart is fully and totally convinced that Zimmerman was in fear of his life when he shot Martin.

Whatever Martin was or was not, this whole trial rests on those few moments immediately after Martin slugged Zimmerman, broke his nose, knocked him to the ground, pummeled him and bashed his head into the sidewalk.

There is ample evidence to prove that Martin was straddling the prone Zimmerman, pummeling him and smashing his head into the concrete sidewalk. There is ample evidence to prove that it was Zimmerman who was screaming for help. There is ample evidence to prove that the single gunshot came after the screams for help.  Martin was bigger, younger, and stronger than Zimmerman.  Certainly while his head was being bashed into concrete, Zimmerman was certain that he was in danger of serious bodily injury or death. That means that the shooting and the death of Martin was justifiable or excusable.


This case is not about the death of a young man, any young man, but it should be. Shamefully it is about the death of young man who was black at the hand of a man who appears to be Caucasian, but is of Latin heritage.  In one of his more shameful moments, even Obama had to weigh in on the case, further ratcheting up the hate. He said: “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon.”  The leftist media, the glitterati, the black activists and some politicians have turned this simple case into a national cancer. Think about it, activists threatening to riot if Zimmerman is acquitted. The social media is crawling with threats to riot or to kill Zimmerman if he is acquitted. Police agencies throughout Florida and in many northern cities have put in place riot contingency plans.

When in the hell will we just drop this entire sick preoccupation with race?

The foregoing was written early Saturday evening. Now the verdict is in, Zimmerman has been acquitted. Justice has been done.