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dolphin-faceThis season as-well as last have been the busiest in years….& years, maybe longer than that. We all can use the business …BUT it is difficult at best to get your chores done, shopping, post office, putting gas in your ride, EVERYTHING is long and hard. Parking spaces are rare and shelf’s are bare. This will change a little after Easter, a little. The Keys have been discovered, we are a year around destination for guest from around the world along with our great America.

Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering…Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.
Blessing my friends….. PS.. It’s ..Tarpon Time & the best Dolphin fishing of the year is over the next few months. I will start my fishing season in a few weeks, with any luck photo’s, stories & a few less than truthful accounts will be shared…Blessings

[Beautiful] The photographer must have spent many many hours in making this video and must have a fantastic zoom: and how about the slo-mos! Video
surprise-pickles[Bartender Review] Stopped for a cheese burger on Grassy key at the WRECK today. They have great burgers trust me. Sat at the bar because I was alone. Ordered it well done with NO PICKLE (I have a thing about pickles) I don’t want it or its nasty pickle juice on my bun or fries. The burger comes out rare and there it is, a big nasty pickle wedge on the bun. Now I know Mr. Happy behind the bar dose not dig his job I would’nt want his shitty job eather. But for him to walk passed me a half dozen times without even looking my way? Then he stands out front smoking while clearly I’m reddy to pay and be on my way? I’m okay with an order that comes (not my way) but this guy just dose not care. I know people that have been in the restaurant business for along time and this guy would never make their cut. He simply was unconcerned about weather or not my $15.00 + meal was to my liking. Lesson learned? Don’t sit at the bar at the WRECK while Mr. Happy is working. Of course I tipped him I would never stiff a server, it’s a tough job and I have a lot of respect for people that do it well. I can assure you I will not be served by that dude again. If I’m by myself I’ll sit at a table and if I’m asked to sit at the bar and Mr. Happy is behind it? Out the door I go.
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plumber-crackDon’t be in a big rush to sign a sewer connection contract! Somebody mentioned signing with 3rd Generation quickly. 3rd Generation has a great sales team. Their regular sewer connection people do good work. What always happens is that the aggressive sales companies get overwhelmed with too much work on big projects and expand to new crews. Some of those crews do absolutely horrible work. The prices will get lower instead of higher when everyone is ramped up and the good local plumbers have to compete with Miami carpet-baggers with their unskilled, undocumented labor who will not be around when the pipe plugs up. I know for a fact that new companies with very well experienced, conscientious people are going to offer connections when they can actually do the work and can better estimate current costs. Right now, expect to pay more for unknown future cost increases that may not occur. Also, you want to be the last to hook up, not the first, for at least 3 really big reasons.(Reasons another day).
Maybe Ed needs to attend the next Big Pine Computer Club meeting?
Hope I don’t jinx myself but I haven’t had a problem getting the CT. I just hit the favorites [bookmark] and voila it appears!
Sounds like FTR still is full of static tho! Sorry FTR, couldn’t resist, my almost left hand is out of control!
Until both Left and Right admit equal guilt/fault for the whole damn mess this country is in there will be no peace or civility within ever again!
Look what happened to Rome, we are headed full speed in that direction! Auntie Em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Todo/Toto [?] you still here?
I see CT everyday on my iPhone with no issues.
Don’t fret over the website. Just do the best you can and F-it. You know that’s how we all use to be about everything and it was fine. No stress. Hang in there. We may look at you as a God, but we also know better. Thanks
Deer Ed – There is only one person in the US of A who can fix your computer problem. Unfortunately, that person right now is employed by Hillary Clinton and is working 24/7 to dismantle her computer server.
Ed,Ed. !!  I am a bit surprised at you, you have problems, and are ready to quit?? Ed surely you know failures and problems are the greatest teachers we have in this vale of tears known as life, problems are the salt and pepper of life, put it all in it’s proper perspective and a great cloud of stress will dissipate from your addled mind, remember Ed. it is not arms and legs. now go get em tiger.
Yeah, it’s fixed. Logged on at 10:15 hoping to see Wednesday’s postings and Thursday was there! Glad you’re fixed!
Today I hit my refresh button and I got the new Coco-Tel immediately. Thanks Ed old buddy. The fix…seems to be taking.
yes Ed, I had no problem with seeing it at 1130 am.. in fact, Ive never had an issue.. On mobile platform here.
Whopee! Just one click and came up today. Whatever you did,Ed, its working. Thank you. I will sleep much better tonight knowing I’ll be able to read the C.T. again without the mysterious cookie/delete/click/etc. Thank you!
(morning please let me know) I see it. I see it, I do, I do, I do
Hi Deer Ed, Just read Thursdaze  edition at 9:35. Also, read Wednesdaze too, by clicking next.. Thanx for the fix. This message should exasperate the spelling guy.
How about sacrificing a beatific 20 year old virgin to the gods of  binary….oops I forgot….no virgins on bpk……good luck
I tried todays @ 10-45…..perfect !….thursday 3/12/15 yesterday it took me to tuesdays and I clicked on previous and it went to Weds  ….oh well….hang in there.
Ed, Whatever you did, I’m reading Thursday’s CT on Thursday.  Didn’t get to look for it till midafternoon, got my own set of gremlins to whack back here.  Networking not my thing.
I use WordPress and a quick search mentioned changing themes as a possible solution and/or deactivating the plugins.
Good luck that’s really frustrating 🙁
Btw the CT opened right away for me around 9:45 this morning on my iPhone.
(Coconut Telegraph) I have used the same short cut button on my desk top to get here for the last 6 years with no problem. I must be special 🙂
CT looks great – thanks for fixing the refresh problem, Thursday was available very early – so go celebrate with an early beer!
Deer Ed, I’ve been able to connect with your site just fine through all through this mess. I simply use ( as I always have. Yes, I DO receive cookies. Somebody (who shall remain nameless) is pulling your chain, methinks.
[Ed says: “I’m publishing early today”] Seems to work, it’s 2:46 and the CT is current. I suspect your problem may be related to daylight savings time, some time servers are not working, check all your computer/phones/clocks are current.
Man poops in other peoples cars in Akron. Video
Absolute best overall Key’s boat
Since 1976 the United States has recognized February as Black History Month.  Since 1948 February 1st has been recognized as “Freedom Day” because it was on February 1st that President Lincoln signed the joint congressional resolution that authorized the 13th Amendment which ultimately prohibited slavery in the United States, obviously one of the most significant dates in black history in America. (February is also the birthday month of Abraham Lincoln and his friend, the great abolitionist Frederick Douglass.) This pastFebruary 1st was particularly significant because it was the 150th anniversary of that important event.

Although Black History Month ended Saturday, last Wednesday, March 4th  was the 150th anniversary of a very significant event, not only for African Americans, but for all citizens.  It was the anniversary of President Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address.  Most will remember the closing  words from that speech:

With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive onto finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation’s wounds;to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow,and his orphan–to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves, and with all nations.

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sunglasses in box
Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation
and Your Eyes. Link
[Restaurant Closings] The restaurants up here are cheap. The people up here are cheap. That’s why there is no fresh seafood up here. the people up here wouldn’t know a good meal if they had one. All they care about is big portions, low prices, and lots of deep fried fat.
shallow wells I hate to say it , but it probably does not matter how the poop gets into the ocean since we have had septic systems with drain fields that seep through the coral into the ocean for the last XXX years. I just wish all sewage was 100% processed into farm fertilizer and clean drinking water and recyclable products of any sort, but that is utopian thinking that would kill the profiteers and politicos kick-backs! We ain’t gunna make it!
Regarding all the restaurant closings on Big Pine. I’m really bummed! I had no problems with prices or service. They are/were always packed so I don’t get it unless it’s all about greedy landlords.
area 51 alian sleeping
[blacked-out area on Google Earth’s 2014 image of Cudjoe]- What the hell is this? Another area 51? It would be great if someone with a small plane or even a drone would take some pictures and post them-just keep a lookout for the black helicopters.
I was here when they voted on the sanctuary. Over 70% in Monroe County voted against it. They said those votes don’t count, and you’re getting a sanctuary anyway. I thought votes counted, but was enlightened that day. They actually thought we would vote for it. When that didn’t happen we got told what to do. I still have a magnetic sign that set on top of your car that says “say no to NOAH”. Sorry ed I think that’s how it’s spelled. I’d have to go to the garage to see for sure.
[Forgotten Felines To Meet In Marathon] Forgotten Felines of the Florida Keys will hold its quarterly meeting at the Martin Luther Chapel (behind the NAPA store in Marathon) on Monday, March 23rd.  The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. and the public is invited.  Refreshments will be served. Forgotten Felines is an all volunteer organization which provides food and veterinary care to homeless and abandoned cats in the Middle and Lower Keys.  They also place adoptable cats in loving homes and strive to educate the public about the importance of proper care and spay/neuter of pets.  In the nearly two decades of its existence, Forgotten Felines has spayed/neutered more than 3,000 cats.  They also maintain a number of daily feeding stations which service several hundred homeless cats. Anyone interested in becoming a Forgotten Felines volunteer should call (305) 743-2520. Events
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for sale ladyLocal restaurants going dark or put up for sale is not always due to lack of profitability.  Springer’s may be for sale but I can’t believe they don’t make a profit.   Try getting a seat at the bar during the afternoon or evening.  A very good friend in the restaurant business for decades once told me “All I wanted to do is break even on the food,  The real money comes from liquor sales.”  The Wharf was failing and bought by a restaurant savvy person who has built the business and may now want to sell and take the proceeds elsewhere and start again. I also know a man who has owned more than 30 restaurants.  Each were distressed when he bought them cheap, built his business and clientele and, when he was turning a good profit, he sold at a good price and started again. The Big Pine Restaurant (Coffee  Shop) closed due to a serious injury to the owner, not because they weren’t profitable.  A prediction:  Unless they adjust their pricing to local friendly levels and improve the spotty service and on and off food quality we  may see the demise of Kiki’s Sandbar.
There are a lot of guitar players down here- do any of them have some or all of these traits?
[“Businesses in the Keys”] I lived in the Key’s most of my life. What I saw is that established family business’s work out much better than someone who comes into the Key’s buying a business, hiring managers and expecting to be able to lie on the beach or go fishing. If your not running the business your losing money!
You can automatically Forward SPAM and JUNK Email to the FCC, FTC, you ISP SPAM section, and anyone you want to by setting your email program to list the EMA of the sender into your Block Sender File and set the Tool to auto forward it. This will make those in government start to realize how much of a pain in the butt these crap emails are and do something about unwanted email ads and spam. It works on your phone too!
palcohol13[I want a new drug] The federal government just approved powdered alcohol (Palcohol) for sale in the U.S. Many States are rushing to ban it to protect the liquor industry (from what exactly?) by making up false claims of spiked drinks (it doesn’t dissolve nowhere as fast as liquid alcohol does and too much is noticeable just like the real thing). So if you want some to take on your next hiking/boating trip (weighs less), then better grab some when it appears. Video
Thank you all for your entertainment. I miss talking to my father and grandfather about how the world is going to end. You all have picked up where they have left off. I tip my tin hat to you.
OK big pine people Extra Extra read about when i said about the number Zoo makes when i said 80,000.00 thats the money he makes extra on the loads after regular profit . Now do you get it he’s banking on you showing up to pay the loan he got from BLAYLOCK to get the stations !! Get it he used some else money not his to get the stations ! Think about this the money he gets he won’t pay his workers nothing no overtime pay at all and he cheating the state too ! so help Zoo out he needs your money so lets do it ! Don’t buy gas from shell for a week he thinks we down here in the keys are stupid people Far as he is concern all he wants is our money there is a big difference in making a profit on gas and price gouging thats wrong if you let people do business like that they will get out of hand. Think about this he controls gas from big pine to summer land Zoo Says i can charge what i want the people can go and f them self i will charge what i want if they don’t like tuff > so show how much he loves us !!
Realtors should update their profile pictures every year or two. I’ve noticed that a lot of them have old pictures that don’t even remotely look like themselves. At least that way when we run into you in public we know who you are.
Discovery Saturday — Flags Ahoy! 
Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center 35 East Quay Road, Key West, FL Saturday, March 21, 2015 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Kids in kindergarten through fifth grade are invited to join the free, fun-filled Discovery Saturday at the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center  (35 East Quay Road, Key West) on Saturday, March 21st from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Discover how to send secret messages and break codes with nautical flags and play a family-friendly “Talk Like a Sailor” game! Take home flags that spell your name! For more information contact 305-809-4750. Space is limited, so please call to register. Events
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If you own a bike and haven’t taken it to the Big Pine Key Bicycle shop you’re missing out. I brought mine there for a new, more comfortable seat and a “tuneup” of sorts, including readjusting the brakes so they don’t squeal anymore and a check on the gear changer. Also learned my tires require 65 psi…,did not know that. Yeah, a great convenience and asset to the community.
The following quotation is from Kim Iskyan, an investment analyst who specializes in international opportunities. I think it applies especially well to Florida and its state agencies like FKAA and DEP, and continuing on down to Monroe county government.

“The challenge with rooting out corruption is that the people who would need to get rid of it are usually the same people who benefit the most from it. And if the highest levels of government are corrupt, then everyone else gets the message that it’s all right to be corrupt.”

How The Merchants Of Doubt Push Climate Denial On Your Television. Link
fish jumping on plate[“The fact is that almost all the fish sold in the lower keys is Tilapia (aka hogfish)”] Oh really? Have you had the fish you eat DNA tested? Call FWC and they will do it for you. There was a scandal on Florida’s west coast a couple years ago when the State tested fish advertised as grouper and it was found to be “a cousin” to grouper. Hooters now calls the sandwich “Grouper’s Cousin” I am told.

Reality is MOST of the fish we eat in the Keys is imported. Atlantic Seafood, Chic Fillets, Captain Tom’s, Sysco all bring fish to the restaurants down here. Do you think the shrimp used on shrimp night are Keys pinks? They used to be. Now they come in a white box from Sysco. Just look in the dumpster. Any fish you order out of season is imported. Conch is definitely imported. Sorry to bust your dreams, but the days of “fresh” are long gone in our food supply. Look at the size of the average catch today, tiny in comparison to what was just 15 years ago. Part of it is because BP polluted the Gulf breeding grounds, most of it is thanks to us, human consumption.

Businesses for sale. While there are extenuating circumstances causing the sale of a couple of those businesses mentioned, the bottom line is…. the bottom line. It is getting harder to turn a profit on food down here because restaurants are forced to buy food from certain purveyors. Gone are the days of a restaurant owner buying fresh caught local seafood from a local or recreational fisherman. The whole process is licensed now, adding costs to the product and our meals. While you’re right, the service sucks down here, it only sucks when we’re inundated with the northern hurry up and wait folks from the northeast. Thankfully they’ve begun migrating north. See you next year!

Dear Editor… many of us appreciate all your work, frustrations, nasty comments. etc.I am a northerner and not able to visit BPK very often, but enjoy the give and take on your “workplace”. It never fails to amaze me( I am 80, so I should be over this ) how many people feel totally free to complain about others, but offer no assistance other than to “shoot off” their mouth. I must assume you have a magnum bottle of one of natures relieving gifts by your desk/chair/bed/ computer. When all else fails, allow me to wish you a pleasant “St.Patrick’s Day ” and I will have “one” for you and your efforts…If and WHEN I reach BPK again, I would like tom offer you a FREE one at the bar of your choice.
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary:  In a fractured decision that revealed political division over what role the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary plays in fishery management, city leaders Tuesday backed a statement opposing any further restrictions proposed by the agency.   Stop allowing the Sanctuary to destroy the lives of people who make their livings off of the water in the Keys.
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nixon-crook[Tricky Dicky] Lots of talk about The Logan Act and things people did that some think would warrant a prosecution under that law. The one that irks me the most is the recent revelation that in 1968 when Kissinger was in Paris negotiating with the North Vietnamese for President Johnson, they were very close to a cease fire agreement when Kissinger leaked that info to Nixon in the middle of Humphrey’s run against Nixon, then Nixon went to his contacts in the South Vietnamese Government and convinced them to back out of the deal because it would help get Humphrey elected. Nixon won, Kissinger made the same deal a few years later at the restarted peace talks. Well 30.000 Americans had been killed in Vietnam by 1968 and an additional 20.000 died because of Kissinger’s ploy. No one is talking about this. If anyone should be prosecuted under The Logan Act it would be Henry Kissinger!
Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn meld marriage with music. Video
spy survillance eagle
[It will be nice when we have tiny little street web cams everywhere on Earth
] They have been here since 1984. What do you think that little lens is on your laptop, your cell phone, you TV, and hidden in places all over your house? WAKE U|P BB is alive and ill all over this rock he is call Google, Amazon, ABC, NBC, Cable, etc.
[“”Dementia test: What do cows drink and the Greenhouse reply””] I hope to Dog these posters are just pulling our chains with subliminal humor, because if they are serous about their replies, we are in deep shiite with these dummies breeding and voting!
The only question about the new Snake Creek drawbridge opening times is what in the hell took so long to do this?
hareens 12.2.14
Set your own for Home Pages:
fish sticks1[Fooling the Public] A lot of restaurant owners around here are counting on a large percentage of their customers being ignorant of what dolphin tastes like and they substitute tilapia or some other cheap fish for it.  As far as the other popular fish caught around here , there isn’t any real  difference in taste between  them and tilapia anyway,  so it doesn’t matter what they serve instead.  Same idea applies to making a Philly cheese steak sandwich with hamburger like they do and customers accepting it.
[Benefit] Saturday, Tomorrow NOON 3-14-2015. Ramrod Tiki bar Mile Marker 27.5 Charity event for Patrick Lurie. Chili cook-off to raise $ for mounting med. bills (wife & 3 children). EVERY little bit counts! EVEN “FB SHARING” We’d Love to have You join us.
loser1[“Ramp up staff”] I appreciate that the businesses struggle with the crush during season, but where do you think this staff will come from? Everyone is gainfully employed here, and a lot of the ones looking for work have some pretty serious flaws to contend with… I don’t think it’s as easy as ‘ramp up staff’. I do think we need to be patient and patronize the local businesses to help them out.

I moved here from another vacation area, and back then the locals complained about the tourists and didn’t patronize local businesses – guess what, now it’s a very depressed area – the tourists moved to better options, and the locals are unemployed and their house prices crashed. Don’t you think that’s a real possibility for us when Cuba opens up??

[“FKAA presentation”]  Just dump the files and powerpoint stuff online here so we can download it instead of wasting gas going way out there!
Beer is like pouring smiles on your brain.
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regulations9[“Business in the Keys”] What makes it much harder is doing business in Monroe County. One of the most regulated places to do business in America. Start up cost are high. Cost of product is high, property taxes are high , that makes rents high, & regulations are costly approval by building, zoning, AT&F, Health Dept. can really throw you a curve ball. If you don’t have a good business plan & some back up cash & willing to work many hours…..your sunk. The day of the Mom & Pop business is over for the most part. It takes way to much money to play the game and most folks don’t have it. If they did ,why do business in Monroe county… Local business owner for over 30 years.
[SAVE THE INDIAN RIVER LAGOON] Everglades Call to ACTION:Please watch this. Please call our governor and the legislators. This is a chance that will probably never come again. Phone and e mail addresses at the end. Link 
E-mailgate:  After the appropriate stalling and delays, Queen Hillary finely comes up with her explanation, excuses and denials (“I did not break any rules”  “They were just private correspondence regarding personal matters like family matters, birthday greetings, blah blah, blah, blah)  After all, it takes time to come up with a story that just might, maybe, be believable.  Taking her lead from the time tested Clinton play-book she took to rule number 1 and  denied, denied, denied (Remember “I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinski”)  If she has nothing to hide, why would she not open her server to investigation?  She will, most likely, eventually allow it (after, of course, it has been thoroughly scrubbed clean of anything incriminating, at which time she will tell us , “See, it was all just a vast right-wing conspiracy.”  This woman has been lying since her Rose law firm days and continues to lie habitually every time she opens her mouth (Which, by the way, reminds me of Mr. Ed).  With nearly two years to go to election time, she will no doubt be exposed (terrible visual that) in yet another scandal simply because she lies, covers-up, and has no perceivable morals or honesty to draw from.  Stand by!
The CBO which often times is the source FTR uses as gospel has said  President Barack Obama’s fiscal 2016 budget proposal would shrink U.S. deficits by $1.232 trillion over 10 years compared to those expected under current tax and spending laws, the Congressional Budget Office said on Thursday.
 I figured that wouldn’t make it into the daily rant so I wanted that to be on the daily record.
Turn on the spin machine.
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The open letter written to Iran by over 40 G.O.P. senators was not treason as the definition of treason states, our Democratic  party had better hope that is the case for if it was treason almost 100% of our existing Dimocrat politicians could be hung for the same charge.
I think Hillary is done. Benghazi was just a scandal in Republican’s minds, but this private email scandal will sink her ship.” Seriously….you cant’ make the connection between hiding email’s and Benghazi???
The American Dream ended (on November 6th, 2012) in   Ohio . The second term of Barack Obama will be the final nail in the coffin for the legacy of the white Christian males who discovered, explored, pioneered, settled and developed the greatest Republic in the history of mankind.

A coalition of Blacks, Latinos, Feminists, Gays, Government Workers, Union Members, Environmental Extremists, The Media,   Hollywood , uninformed young people, the “forever needy,” the chronically unemployed, illegal aliens and other “fellow travelers” have ended Norman Rockwell’s   America . The Cocker Spaniel is off the front porch… The Pit Bull is in the back yard. The American Constitution has been replaced with Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and   Chicago   shyster, David Axelrod, along with international Socialist George Soros will be pulling the strings on their beige puppet to bring us Act 2 of the New World Order.

Our side ran two candidates who couldn’t even win their own home states, and Chris Christie helped Obama over the top with a glowing “post   Sandy ” tribute that elevated the “Commander-in-Chief” to Mother Teresa status. (Aside: with the way the polls were run, he didn’t need any help!) People like me are completely politically irrelevant, and I will never again comment on or concern myself with the aforementioned coalition which has surrendered our culture, our heritage and our traditions without a shot being fired.

You will never again out-vote these people. It will take individual acts of defiance and massive displays of civil disobedience to get back the rights we have allowed them to take away. It will take Zealots, not moderates & shy not reach-across-the-aisle RINOs to right this ship and restore our beloved country to its former status.

Those who come after us will have to risk their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to bring back the Republic that this generation has timidly frittered away due to “white guilt” and political correctness

from the right

FTR’S RESPONSE: The poster has no understanding of the Logan Act, nor of the responsibilities of the Legislative branch of our government.

iran13Many of the current sanctions that have been levied against Iran are the result of laws passed by the Legislature. It is apparent that Obama is telling the Iranians that he will remove those sanctions. Obama does not have that power, he is lying to the Iranians. No surprise there.

Each and every treaty with any foreign power must be presented to the Senate for approval and have the approval of two thirds of the Senators present for the vote. Obama is attempting to skirt that fact by calling this proposed debacle yet another “Executive Order.” Obama’s proposed Iran agreement will not have the force of law, and will likely expire the moment the next President is sworn in. That effectively gives Iran about 21 extra months to continue enriching uranium and stockpiling it. It draws Iran ever nearer to having a nuke.

Incredibly Obama and his sycophants railed against the Senate letter by saying that it infuriated the Iranian “moderates.”  It is stunning that Obama and his followers can consider the Ayatollah Houmani a “moderate.”  He and his are the single biggest sponsors of worldwide terror. Also, there is reason to believe that the Iranian leaders have little or no knowledge of our Constitution.

It is an absolute mystery to me how Obama, or anyone, could place even an iota of trust that Houmani would honor any agreement.

Remember that this man has sworn to eradicate Israel and Jews. Remember that this man is sworn to establish a worldwide caliphate. Remember that this man fully welcomes Armageddon as a precursor to Islamic paradise. Most importantly remember that this man is an absolute dictator.

negotiatingAs to the Logan Act. It is a law passed in 1799, it is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments having a dispute with the U.S.. Most certainly and absolutely the US Senate and its members ARE “authorized citizens” in that their approval of Treaties is mandatory.  As an aside, over the course of the years there has never been a prosecution for violation of the Logan Act. There was one indictment in 1803. That case was quietly dropped.

History is replete with US elected officials attempting to influence foreign governments and thus drawing the ire of the President. Amongst those persons is Herbert Hoover, Nancy Pelosi, Democrat House Speaker Jim Wright,  John Sparkman and George McGovern. Amongst private citizens who have so acted are Jesse Jackson and Jane Fonda.

In any event the Senators did not negotiate nor interfere with Obama’s initiative, they simply informed the Iranians of the law of our land. I suggest that you read the letter itself. It is to be found at Link

In 2006, the U.S. House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct warned departing members of the terms of the Act in an official Memorandum. The Committee commented in the Memorandum that the Act, “…has never been the basis of a prosecution, and this Committee has publicly questioned its constitutionality…… To suggest that the 47 Senators committed treason is patent nonsense.

Respectfully submitted:   FTR


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