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Friday, March 22, 2013

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(The Coconut Telegraph is not published on Saturdays, March 23, 2013)

[Editor Bad] The only thing more disgusting than the racist and highly offensive posts so often sent in to the Coconut Telegraph by some local Big Piners is that you, Deer Ed, continue to include them on the site.  It’s an embarrassment to the rest of us and shameful that local business owners would chose to advertise on a site that promotes hate.  Yes, stereotypes, prejudice and racial slurs are all wrong.  Wake up people.


The County Administrator is already trying to take the 1 cent sales tax sewer money we just approved to pay for canal cleaning.



Did you see the size of the doors on the President’s limo. They are almost a foot thick.

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[Happy 10 Year Anniversary] Our government  spent 10 years ,a two trillion dollars, 5000 dead religious policemen soldiers, and 100,000 dead Iraqis. For what?

[Obamacare tax on commercial building] Yes there will be an additional tax levied on any capital gain you make on the sale of your building. Not on the selling price just on the gain.  

farm22[Editor Bad] Deer Ed, Why do you put the post against No Name Key electricity in amongst all the other regular posts (as was the case Wednesday, and the Friday before), yet you bury the posts for electricity on the bottom (as was the case Thursday, and the Tuesday before)?

The NNK electricity issue is bigger than NNK, it is a countywide overlay which has cost the taxpayers an enormous amount of time and money in litigation, and is now jeopardizing several central sewer projects countywide, including some major issues now arising within the Cudjoe Regional System (the County prohibited not only electricity, but central sewers to or through CBRS areas). As a concerned citizen footing litigation costs, and a pro clean Keys waters/central sewers advocate, I take interest in the outcome of this situation.

If the coconut telegraph now has a policy of grouping like posts together so those uninterested in certain discussion topics can ignore in totality, let me suggest a few other topics which should be grouped (and buried) for ease of ignoring: Fat people posts, Jersey posts, Snow bird posts, Winn-Dixie posts, Iguana Post, Cat posts, Gun posts, Stupid jokes, Boobs and Butts.

Ed, this is your blog to do with as you wish, but doing it fairly is a reasonable request, and is in the best interest of all.


[Jobless Rate] Does anyone know when government employees were counted as employed? Common sense tells me the that an unemployment rate referred to genuine commerce as opposed to tax supported working people.

Feeling ugly? Go chill in Walmart for a couple of hours, you’ll feel a lot better.


The instructions for this Ikea bookcase are just a diagram of a couple yelling at each other. 

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Men say that woman should come with instructions. What’s the point of that? Have you ever seen a man actually read the instructions?


I am a forming a committee to name a Meyer Lansky Day in the village of islamorada. As a former owner of Plantation Key Yacht Harbor I feel his contribution to the citizens of Islamorada has been deeply overlooked. The village marina and Founders Park are a shining jewel in the Village of Islamorada and would have never been possible without Meyer Lansky.

If the current village administration can name a day after a criminal like Rick Scott, there should be no reason to overlook Mr Lansky. And I believe he had an even higher net worth than Governor Scott.

Moving sale! nice large couch, woman’s designer clothes (Chicos) , beautiful plants in large pottery containers and garden stuff, indoor closet garden, books, cds, free older working tv with dvd and vcr, microwave, lots of fine linens, 49″ x 70″ fine art acrylic painting in large gold frame , large solid wood Queen bed , etc. lots of nice stuff. 470 Les Rohde Drive, Ramrod Key Sat-Sun 8 – 3  Classified Ads > Yard Sales



[More bar wisdom] There isn’t enough beer in the world to erase the horrors of this week, but I sure am going to give it a good try.

[Pizza] I’ve been a customer of A Slice of Paradise for a few years now and I’ve never been more pleased with the excellent service I’ve received lately. The pizza is better and the new pasta dishes are great. I had a chance to speak with the new manager and it seems as if the place is going into a better direction than ever before. I can’t wait to see what’s new on the menu and highly suggest everyone try this pizza.



The Last Supper rat poison ad

[Howard Livingston] Hello Friends, This beautiful day in the Florida Keys is starting pretty darn good. There appears to be no breeze at all as I sit on the porch and gaze out over the ocean. The palm trees are not swaying and there’s barely a sound aside from a pair of kayakers who just came into view. I can’t imagine starting a day any better than this. Well, perhaps if I had a cup of espresso that was just delivered by my beautiful wife and two dogs curling at my feet. Now that would be perfect,  just perfect. And that is how I am starting this day; I am thinking it will be a good one.

We have had an eventful few weeks, done a little traveling, played a few shows and had a ton of fun.

We just got back from the Gator Nationals in Gainesville and had a fantastic time. I am amazed at how a car can have 7500 horsepower and transfer that power to two tires and rocket to 330 MPH in a little over four seconds. How they do that? Anyway, we had a great time thanks to Jim, Deb, and all the gang for an amazing time.

boat22Well, staring at my boat on the dock has gotten the best of my. I am signing off and getting on. The boat that is, see you out on the water!

Everyone have a wonderful day and until our paths cross again, may the sun shine upon you and the tide always pull you back.

Mile Marker 24 Band Tonight, Friday, March 22nd at Boondocks

Now that we have settled back into the island life I think it is time to party. It’s all happening at Boondocks 27205 US Hwy 1 Ramrod Key this Friday, March 22nd. Meet and greet is at 6:30 and the band takes the stage at 7:00. Come out and party with us! Our Schedule

[2nd Amend Party in KW Saturday] Dang , I forgot about it

Balfour Beatty, the British mega-corporation that owns title to all 890 units of military family housing in Key West (and many thousands more in other Florida counties) is not exempt from federal taxes. In fact Balfour Beatty has admitted, in its lawsuit against the Monroe County Property Appraiser, that its rental housing business is a for-profit company with income that is taxable under the IRS code.

So why are they trying to exempt them from property taxes again? Link 

an monitor hole


The next meeting of our Big Pine Computer Club is coming up this Saturday, March 23, 10 am at the senior center.  Hope to see you there. Bulletin Board

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Silvio Berlusconi, on the other hand doesn’t creep me out. I really like this guy. Video


All I said was that tricky Rick creeped me out. The next thing you know, there were many many reasons why Rick Scott could creep someone out, all semantics aside. So what is the ruling? Yes He is a creep.


In 1882, the U.S. Congress  passed an act that made polygamy a felony. Vote Romney.



[Spring] Check out Old Forge New York yesterday afternoon.

[Government Priorities] With our government threatening to cut thousands of jobs, including most of our food inspectors the Southernmost Air Spectacular is still scheduled for this weekend.  This event has already cost out federal and local governments millions of dollars.  It certainly seems as if our government’s priorities are in the wrong places. 


Saturday, April 13, 2013 Hot Havana Nights The Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden’s annual Hot Havana Nights is always the HOTTEST PARTY on the island! Bulletin Board

Choose to be happy!

Why didn’t they just leave that target drone in the water?  Sounds like it would be a good spot to pick up some dolphin.

[Gun (control) Nuts] New York mayor Cuomo announced that he has reversed his support for a ban on clips holding 10 bullets stating “[mass murderers] would then be on the honor system to put only seven bullets in the clip.” Then, apparently frustrated and embarrassed he announced a tax hike on the rich.

Seriously folks, why do we let these people hold office? Link 

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[Dating Service] I wanted to share with the CT folks a picture my Grandma sent me from the old country. She is bringing dates to the local boys in my old homeland. Perhaps an enterprising Grandma down here could start up a similar operation.I don’t think the goats would have to be as pretty.

[Scam Alert — Do Not Open] The three major company names to watch for are CNN, BBC and DHL. Click on a link in any of these emails will download the Blackhole exploit kit to your computer. That leaves it wide open to hundreds of nasty viruses.

There are two emails claiming to be from CNN. One claims the pope received a ticket for not wearing his seatbelt. That’s silly, but strange enough you might be tempted to click to read the full story.

The other headline is “New Pope, Vatican officials sued over alleged sexual abuse!” I’m sure you’ve seen similar headlines that are real in the past. This one is definitely going to trick some people into clicking.

Finally, the DHL email takes a different tack (Note: This scam can also claim to be from UPS or FedEx). It claims that DHL wasn’t able to deliver a package to you. If you want to know more, you have to click a link or open the email attachment. 

Governor Scott’s Executive Order 11-58 , mandates that all State workers & job applicants in executive branch agencies submit to drug testing.Approximately 77% of the workforce falls in this category. The A.C.L.U. filed an appeal on behalf for 40,000 workers in 2011. Employees within the State Dept. of Corrections are still subject to testing. A Federal court in Miami will hear arguments today.



[White Line Fever] W Texas GPS. Miles and miles and miles… Gotta love it!

[The Keys again have state’s lowest jobless rate] Of course the Keys have the lowest jobless rate.  The Keys have 3 or 4 people available for every job.  That jobless rate is based on how many jobs are unfilled,  and how many people are unemployed. 2 important facts to keep in the discussion – there are more people than jobs,  and many of the unemployed have fallen off the official unemployed records.

I want a job because my former employer went out of business,  but can’t find one because   I can’t afford to travel to KW every day,  I’m over 55, I need a sitting job because of fake knee.  I was born in US,  college educated,  no criminal record, have decent verbal and non verbal skills.   And I’m not a statistic on any chart because I was an independent contractor so no unemployment.

These recent articles about low jobless do not reflect the real numbers of people not earning paychecks


I figured out how Obamacare will work for the poor—-you must buy insurance or get fined ,right? So just don’t buy insurance or pay the fine, get thrown in prison and get free dental, emergency care and health care, haircuts and regular checkups.

FTR you are welcome to your own opinion but not your own facts. I pointed out that Gov. Scott at a deposition pleaded the 5th amendment while he was being questioned about Columbia. He did in fact.

You FTR tried to say I was referring to him dodging  law enforcement questioning. I never said the words law enforcement at all in my postings. Yiou added those words as if I said them. I didnt. As usual you put words in folks mouths then you comment on the very words you added as if the poster was the one that used them. It turns a posters comments into a way for you to spin your doom and gloom mindset and avoid the  subject. So anyhow I am curious why in any deposition that is intended to find truths would an honest and forthright business owner when questioned about his company plead the 5th? Im asking about why Scott refused to answer when he was questioned about his company.Nothing more.

FTR dismissed Gov Scott’s responsibility in the largest case of Medicare fraud in history because it was from a major newspaper he doesn’t like. No surprise there.
The NRA-Republican anti-government stance goes back to, and is fueled by, the famous statement made by  their great god and ultimate hero former President Ronald Reagan,  who claimed “Government isn’t the solution to our problems, Government IS the problem.”  This is why they block everything Obama tries to do to help all of the American people.  They are trying to make our Government  ineffective in order to prove Reagan’s assertion.   The polls all show that the vast majority of Americans, including gun owners, want background checks on gun buyers,  yet something is preventing our Government from heeding this fact.  This is one case when I have to agree with Ronnie,  as much as it hurts. 
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It’s President Obama’s second day in the Middle East, during the first foreign trip of his second term. While in the region, he’s met with both Israeli and Palestinian leaders, and today he addressed the Israeli people from Jerusalem, where he spoke about the future of the region: “That is where peace begins – not just in the plans of leaders, but in the hearts of people.” 


right only grey

Like many, I’ve given thought as to why the Reps lost the 2012 election to one of the worst Presidents in our history. I thought that, in part, the reason was that our candidate did not have sufficient campaigning skills. I thought that, in part, that our campaign efforts were insufficient. I thought that, in part, that our Republican National Committee failed to mobilize our “ground game”. Perhaps some or all of that was in play. I never thought for a moment that our message of small efficient government, personal responsibility, and prosperity was flawed. I had faith in the common sense of the American voter.

dd-posterBut now I think there is something serious and disturbing happening. I think that the American public are dumbing down. I think that they have become far too susceptible to being influenced by contrived optics, glitter, and propaganda; more influenced by form than in function. To these folks immediate gratification and feeling good is prized above reality.

We can see the evidence of it right here in the CT. In the POLITICS section we often read serious posts about serious matters. We read honest and direct criticism of the current political scene. We read ideas and thoughts expressed in postings about any number of different events. Unfortunately lately we see more and more evidence that the CT community, like our nation at large, is dumbing down.

Recently there have been postings that wrote of nonsensical and extravagant government spending by our Democrat controlled government. We’ve read postings that explained our Florida Governor’s accomplishments. We’ve read postings that calmly and cogently put forward a point of view on several topics. The best of those back up that point of view with facts.

Unfortunately there are far too many in the CT community that refuse or are unable to write real opinions, but rather can only engage in silly ad hominem attacks. Instead of real comment and opinion, we read insulting nonsense.

Sadly, we seem to be reading more and more postings from folks who have no opinions, no point of view, no beliefs. I fear that these nonsensical postings reflect the mind set of much, if not most of our electorate. Propaganda is mothers milk to those folks. Have you noticed that nearly all of these posting are in support of Democrats and the current administration. I think now that perhaps an abundance of  that type of non-thinking voter won the election for Mr. Obama.

Our CT community seems to have a large population of these non-thinkers. These characters are either unwilling or unable to even attempt to be lucid. Instead, they choose to vilify those who do make cogent and sane postings.

Granted, I’m flattered that so many of my critics spend so much time reading and then grousing about these humble postings. But the misguided souls assign far too much importance to these humble postings. These postings are nothing more than the musings of one Olde Fart living on a small rock between the Gulf and the Atlantic. On the other hand, maybe, just maybe these humble postings are being read and considered by some. Perhaps they are even influencing thought in this tiny community. Otherwise, why the hysteria from the critics? Kudos to those of you who take the time and thought to express yourselves rationaly here in the CT community.

Part 2) Brace yourselves! Kudos for Mr. Obama, and a tip of the FTR fedora for his performance in Israel. Mr. Obama is finally saying the right words and apparently is attempting to mend fences with Israel. His words seem to contain steel and should pull the reins tight on Iran. I applaud him for that. It remains to be seen if his words will actually result in action.

Part 3) What follows has nothing to do with national politics, but it does give us an interesting peek into the minds of some liberal educators.

an_Hi-SexyThe University of Tennessee is planning to hold a “sex week” event. Remember that the university is a state school funded with state and federal tax dollars. The UY’s Sex Week is scheduled for April 7-12 and includes 30 events including “Getting Laid,” “Sex Positivity; Queer as a Verb,” “Bow Chicka Bow Woah,” “How to talk to Your Parents About Sex,” “Loud and Queer,” and “How Many Licks Does it Take…” that’s a workshop about oral sex. The university had allocated nearly $20,000 to fund the week-long salute to sex that also included a poetry-reading lesbian bondage expert and a campus-wide scavenger hunt for a golden condom.

If you can, forget about the propriety of such a program being held by a public university, then ask yourself why in the hell should tax dollars pay for it? It seems that that same question got to the Governor’s office. He pitched a hissy, and the school decided that it would drop the use of tax money to fund their campus bacchanal. Instead the school poo bahs are now scratching around and trying to raise some serious money to pay for their cheap thrills. You gotta wonder how any university could possibly sponsor seminars on oral sex and bondage. You’ve gottta wonder how any of that can be of any value to a student unless the student has chosen prostitution or pornography as a career. While thinking about that please again refer to Part 1. Link

Resptectfully submitted:

No Name Electric

“[NNK electricity comments made by people WITH electricity is really getting tiresome. Show solidarity with the noble electricity protesters of NMK by having YOUR electricity disconnected.”]

Now, you want those of us, with electricity, to have ours disconnected, when we made the right choice, when we bought here in the Keys? When my family was interested in moving to the Keys about 19 years ago, we looked at two homes on NNK. We really, really liked one of them, but upon pretty quick observation, we discovered there was no electricity. Do you think the realtor offered this information? Not until we mentioned it, and then she said “Oh, don’t worry. They’ll have electricity here in the next year or so.”

However, we did the right thing and went to the County and inquired into the truth. It was pretty clear there would be no electricity to No Name Key in the future, so, yes, we made our choice at that time, and decided to move where there was electricity.

And now, you want us to disconnect because you made a bad choice? I, for one, am getting tiresome of these same lame arguments over and over by the pro-electric people.

For whatever reason, you made a bad choice. Live with it, or move…that simple.

Hasn’t this power struggle gone on long enough? These are human beings that we are torturing. Have you no conscience? Please come up with a conclusion to this 22 year long circus! As for the person requesting dead canals opened, start the process yourself, take care of the legalities, invest the money, and countless hours of your own time as the harassed people of No Name Key have done.