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Thursday, March 21, 2013

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If you are a local and go to Bahia Honda you pay a fee to get in. When the land and beaches of Bahia Honda were given to the State of Florida by Monroe County the County Commissioners made the deal that locals would always get in for free.

What happened? Ask Ed Swift in Key West if this is not true because he drafted the deal. These are tight times and going to the beach is a fun thing to do. Maybe our current County Commissioners can find out who broke the deal and why locals have to pay.


Larcinia Bullard was a slug and absolutely worthless as a legislator. I remember when she spoke at the Marathon High School graduation and one of my friends, who is a heavy duty teachers’ union type, said listening to Bullard made her ashamed to be a Democrat. R.I.P.

an_rub two cents


It costs our government 2 cents to mint 1 cent  and 9 cents to make each nickel. No wonder they can’t balance a budget.

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[Gambling raids expanding] Patrons who entered a Tavernier business described by state law-enforcement officers as “an illegal Internet casino” were assured that some of their money would help good causes. A professionally lettered sign and logo on the Gulf Internet Services door says, “A portion of all proceeds go to Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice of the Florida Keys, a Local Charitable Organization.”–not! Link




Jersey girl

To signify their arrival in Key West, the Blue Angels and Fat Albert will make a pass right down Duval Street for all to enjoy before they land at Naval Air Station Key West for the Southernmost Air Spectacular this weekend.

The pass down Duval Street will be the Blues’ C-130 transport plane–Fat Albert at approx. 9:15 a.m. Blue Angels are scheduled to fly down Duval Street at 10 a.m. The schedule for both passes may slide 15 minute before or after that time. (Ed: We just received this. Sorry there wasn’t more notice)

an smile drawing


Deer Ed, your animations never cease to amaze and entertain me. I loved the toothpaste squeezing one! 

Who will take Chavez’s place? It would be a mistake to dismiss the legacy of Hugo Chavez for his contradictions. Link



Yesterday, the first day of Spring was a perfect day out at the reef. The water was calm most of the say and the wind was comfortable, but the past months’ winds took their toll on marker 24, knocking it askew. The birds didn’t seem upset over the upset. 

[Gun Nuts] Congrats to the lady that won the gun raffle at the 2nd amend party in KW Saturday and special thanx to Alex’s scrap yard for providing the stage, you rock Christine.

[Cats and Dogs] Kudos to the person yesterday that gave the awesome explanation of raising your cats and dogs the correct way. I agree with you 100%! I don’t have cats, but respect all God’s critters. They should all be give a chance, and usually the culprits are the owners.

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As a result of technology in the classroom teachers are more efficient than ever, and students are capable of learning faster and more efficiently. In fact, a majority of students say that technology has helped them to achieve their academic goals, while a majority of teachers say they would like to use even more technology in the classroom. The following infographic looks into the tech-teaching phenomenon, and why teachers love it so much. Link

I need help on whether there is a 3.8% tax in Obamacare if you sell a commercial building. Any info would be appreciated.


[Australia apologizes for forced adoptions] Premier delivers national apology to thousands of unwed mothers forced to give up children from World War Two to 1970s. Video

an spring snow angel


I do believe more fun stuff is needed and fewer gripes. Lighten up, everyone and have a great day, It’s spring!

[Restaurant Review] I haven’t seen any comments about the new restaurant that opened recently at MM31 in the old Chink-Mex place. We ate there last night and were blown away – we couldn’t believe a place this far above the norm has opened right here! This is one of the best, if not the best, restaurants in the Keys. Next time I’ll take a picture of the food.

[SammySam] After being disappointed with Comcast and U-Verse service, I called the 800# directv and 3 guys from Miami showed up at separate times for my installation giving me the same story that it was a big job and it would have to be rescheduled, and too many trees. I was so freakin frustrated. Then a friend of mine told me to call sammysam the directv man, and so I did. Sam shows up the next day and personally goes over the package offers with me, and actually helps me pick the package that suits me best and my needs, unlike the customer reps at the 800# did. I sign up with him then he tells me to call directv while he’s present and cancel the pending account that Miami never came through with. So I did. Sam then tells me, let’s do a quick survey and see what was so hard for the Miami contractors. I explained it all to him as he was surveying my home. Sam then tells me that the best location to place the HD dish would be on the edge of my roof which would give me a clear line of sight. I was OK with that.

Sam shows up the next day, and I couldn’t believe how this guy busted his hump to get this installation done for me without any excuses or explanations. It took him a few hours but it was well worth it for me and I made sure it was well worth it for him too. Sam explained every detail on how the new directv Genie works, and I asked him if he’s always this friendly, and his response was, yes, because all my customers end up being my friends sooner or later. This guy is truly amazing! He then asked me if I knew about the coconut telegraph and I told him no. He’s the one who turned me on to the telegraph and I love it too!

Thank you Sammysam and the telegraph for making my day! sammysam you’re the best and I hope to see you playing bongos at the bar soon! 

an_secret service limo


[The downed ‘Beast’] President Obama’s armored limo broke down in Tel Aviv this morning as it was headed to the airport after the driver mistakenly put gas in the engine instead of diesel. Duh!

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Bridge implosion in Marble Falls Texas. Wow! Cool video.If only it were the Bogie Channel bridge! Link 



The dumbing down of America continues. 

[Good News] Keys again have state’s lowest jobless rate Link

[Woman] This is a frightening statistic, probably one of the most worrisome in recent years.   25% of women in this country are on medication for mental illness.   That’s scary because it means 75% are running around untreated. 

an fast food2


What’s the name of the college course that teaches people with a degree in Liberal Arts to ask, “Do you want fries with that?” 

[Air Force drone finds it’s way to Keys] Painted bright orange and measuring 20 feet long, an unmanned military aircraft drifted about 800 miles through Florida waters before being recovered Sunday off Key Largo. Link



Jesus and Mohammed discuss the new Pope. (Ed: I hope no one issues a fatwa against the CT for publishing a picture of Mohammed)

[Taxation without Representation] Bill would require Keys seat on Citizens’ Insurance board. Link

[Gun Nuts] Those little kids at that school were literally shot to pieces because that nut had those gigantic magazines with him.  What the hell does a civilian need those things for except that it makes evil crap this easier to do. 



Former State Sen. Larcenia Bullard, who represented the Keys for two terms in office, has died. She was 65 years old. Link 

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[Mosquito Summit] From improbable to ingenious, Florida Keys Mosquito Control Director Michael Doyle says employees offered up hundreds of ideas during this week’s two-day sustainability summit in Marathon. Link

Aluminum can Pitman drive crusher. Video

[Wind Insurance] Residents at the 17-unit Lady Alexander condo complex in Marathon are breathing a huge sigh of relief now that state-owned Citizens Property Insurance Corp. has backed off a proposed 1,300-percent windstorm rate hike. Link



Kate Upton, will you go to the prom with me? Video

[Gun Nuts] Check with the got a few CMAGS a couple 100rd Bushmaster mags and they might have the 5000 round mag too.


Black albino 

Some Japanese farmers are using age-old horse logging method to counter alarming deforestation rate. Video


[Smaller Government] I find it interesting that our resident hypocrite, FTR, complained about our high unemployment rate. He begged for smaller government and he received it. If the number of government employees had remained the same over the recession, the unemployment rate would be 7.1% instead of 7.7%. 

FTR, doesn’t know half of all lesbians are fat! No one’s ever accused FTR of being in touch.

Scott said it, Obama said it, they all say it, if you want the real scoop well sonny just listen up and I will divulge a few facts to your innocent young ears which you may have heard before, but I seriously question if your brain was not way over its working level if you attempted to understand how such things really work in a economy based on capitalism in other words cold stark reality, not the gobbely gook being pushed upon us poor fools who would merely like to make a decent living by putting in our daily 8 Hr’s. and not have the myriad of problems pushed upon us by a bunch of egotistical overbearing jackasses who think in their fathomless wisdom that they know what it is that we should be doing, and how we should go about it . Number one the Gov. can not create real life producing jobs, all they can do is to prepare a favorable climate to let the citizenry figure out the jobs and products that they believe will be beneficial for the country and thus it’s population, these utter nincompoops who think they are capable of creating jobs (while employed by the Gov) are just spouting juvenile crap for consumption by the masses that are so inured by the steady flow of self righteousness emanating from Washington that they now unable to decipher right from wrong or what is real from fantasy and huge numbers of our population are laboring under the delusion that Gov. jobs are good jobs for the country, it’s all just about 90% nonsence our Gov. is like the old steam locomotive of yester years in that it works at about 7% efficiency. and again at the sake of being redundant the terrible part of all this is that more and more of our population is being taken in by these charlatans. 
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FTR never noticed fat lesbians? Deer FTR, the fat dyke is called the Bull. Go to the bars in Key West late at night and open your eyes.


right only grey

yellow_journalism21A poster slammed this Olde Fart and Governor Scott. The poster linked to a source that he claimed was a “reputable” news source. The poster suggested that Scott had committed all sorts of nefarious acts. The source that he offered as proof was HT, a part of the Sarasota Herald Tribune. The link took us to a blog, an opinion column written by Lloyd Dunkelberger in October of ’11.  He also is a writer for the ultra liberal New York Times. That “reputable” source, HT, endorsed Scott’s opponent, Democrat Ms. Sink.  Their endorsement was far more than a simple statement, it read much more like it was the product of Sink’s campaign manager.  HT also endorsed Obama in ’08. HT did not endorse in 2012. Is HT/Dunkleberger an unbiased source? I think not.

The item at issue was Scott’s campaign pledge to deliver “Seven steps to 700,000 jobs in Florida”. Scott’s critics are now carping that the generation of 700k new jobs will not even meet the number of new jobs created under “normal” circumstances.  Deer Friends when Scott made that campaign pledge there was no job growth in Florida, normal or not. Florida was bleeding jobs.  Under Scott’s predecessor, Charlie Crist, Florida’s unemployment rate was substantially higher than the national average. Now it is substantially lower and it is declining a quicker rate than the national average.  That is true in most of the states led by Republican governors. Without a doubt, in 7 years Florida will have 700k more jobs than when he took office. That sort of performance is called success. It is unlike the failed promises/assurances of Mr. Obama that by this time our national unemployment rate would be about 5%.

Another poster tells us that Scott is unworthy of your trust because he invoked his 5th Amendment rights. Think about that, then tell yourself the truth; when you read that scurrilous accusation you thought that  Scott had invoked the 5th Amendment during questioning by law enforcement. Deer Friends, that was not the case.  The absolute fact is that Scott’s testimony was in a civil lawsuit. The lawsuit was Nevada co. vs. Columbia/HCA Healthcare. The venue was Manatee County Circuit Court. The year was 2000.

Scott cooperated completely with the Feds who were investigating the crimes committed by his underlings. Scott was not charged because there was no evidence that  Scott had committed any crime.

One of Scott’s critics urged that we consult a link that he/she believed was damning to Scott.  However when you wade through the crap you will find that while HCA and Columbia were guilty, the source reported: “Scott was not implicated”. Link

Another poster claimed that HCA had been fined $1.6 billion. That is not true. The facts are that the company, entered into a voluntary agreement with the government wherein they would pay $631 million in penalties and damages. Scott was not implicated. It is true that the company, not Scott, paid, voluntarily, a total of $1.7 billion in civil penalties, damages, and reimbursements.  The government was made whole.

And so there you have it. Scott’s critics carp on events that occurred more than a decade ago. We know that the Federal investigation proved that Scott had committed no criminal act.

The fact is that Florida has again begun to thrive with Governor Scott at our helm. Taxes are down, employment is up. Florida is now considered one of the very best places to do business. It is out ranked only by Texas. Under Crist it was in 6th place..

Scott has managed to get Florida’s spending under control. Unlike Christ, Scott is running a budget surplus; as a result he can spend more money on education. That is a good thing.

Unlike some folks in the CT community, this Olde Fart is not a sycophant for any politico. I disagree with Scott’s decision to cave to Obamacare. I’m convinced that in the long run Florida will suffer. I like his proposal to give teachers raises, but only if the raises are tied to performance.

On balance, Florida is one helluva lot better off thanks to Scott’s governance.


Part 2) You’ve just got to love those lovable Democrats in the Senate.  Just a few moments ago they were wailing and tearing their hair, blaming the Reps for the shut down of the White House tours. Oh Woe! I think that hypocrisy has become a synonym for Democrat.  Yesterday the Republicans offered a bill in the Senate that would have funded the White House tours. The Democrat Senate smacked it down.  They voted to keep the White House closed. I’ll bet that you won’t hear that on NBC, CBS, ABC, or MSNBC.  The Dems value the propaganda more than the welfare of our kids.

No Name Key Electricity
[No Name Key] I believe those in the news business should be encouraged to print anything that God lets happen…except Yellow Journalism. The post about folks on No Name Key, and their mission was blatantly and intentionally wrong from one end to the other. Like some before this minion, these misanthropes make up their assertions to suit their narrow-minded bias. Worse, their motives are to intentionally misinform. Their poverty of facts, law, ecology and solar grid-tie is appalling.

[No Name Electric] If those folks who bought on NNK knowing there was no electric can get it, can us landowners with plugged canals get them unplugged now that precedent has been set? We knew the canals were plugged when we bought our lots and so did the NNKers.

The NNK electricity comments made by people WITH electricity is really getting tiresome. Show solidarity with the noble electricity protesters of NMK by having YOUR electricity disconnected. So long as there’s a choice between hooking up or not hooking up, then why not give NNK residents the same electrical service that 99.999% of Americans have?