2013 March

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


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[Spring] At 7:02 astronomical winter ends as spring officially begins in Earth’s northern hemisphere. Astronomically, the spring equinox marks the moment at which Earth’s axis tilts neither away from nor toward the sun, resulting in nearly equal periods of daylight and darkness across the globe. An observer on Earth’s equator will see the sun at zenith before its direct rays shift northward toward the Tropic of Cancer over the next three months. 


Spring has sprung,

The grass has riz,

I wonder where the heck,

The birdies is. 

old_wooden_bridge2-00No Name Electric. We had no problem with NNK before they came. Folks lived out there for many, many years. They liked it. They wanted it. They built for that way of life. I’m sorry I must use the term “outsiders”. They are the folks that love the Keys so much they want to change it.

Change it to make it just like it was back home. They move into a house and call code enforcement on the folks next door because they have crawfish traps in their yard. The same traps that were there when they bought the house, the same traps that have been there for many years.

I’m sure they will get what they want. They have deep pockets. Then there will be more litigation on building bigger projects on NNK.  Then they will leave because the Keys are not the way they used to be. We’ve all seen it happen many times before. There’s something very nice about having a W/D, doctors and drug store on Big Pine Key. There is also something very nice about NNK. I often think the mistake was replacing the old wooden bridge.

Yes, my friends, there was a real old wooden bridge! 

[Coconuts] Thank you Joe and Merri- Lynn for all you have done to help our community.
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an_tan-penguinYou can retire to Florida where:

1. You eat dinner at 3:15 in the afternoon.

2. All purchases include a coupon of some kind — even houses and cars.

3. Everyone can recommend an excellent dermatologist.

4. Road construction never ends anywhere in the state.

5. Cars in front of you often appear to be driven by headless people. 

I have enough money to live for the rest of my life if I die next Tuesday.



Many of my green buttonwoods in  certain part of my yard have this disease on their leaves. It looks kind of like Ebola under a microscope.


[Spring Break] Apparently the hotel association got to Key West Commissioner Yanis.  Last week he came out like a bulldog against the spring breakers, but then at the commission meeting he blamed the Key West Citizen for blowing the issue of trashy Smathers Beach out of proportion creating a bad impression for the tourist industry.

The truth is that the spring breakers were nasty, not only with their trash  but also with their attitudes and bodies.  I walk at Smathers Beach everyday and what I saw last week was disgusting and even more disgusting was that the Key West police stood there and did absolutely nothing. 



On this day in 1922, the USS Langley was  commissioned as the first U.S. Navy aircraft carrier. Did you know the streets off Ships Way on Big Pine are all named after aircraft carriers. 

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The best relationship advice I can give is make sure you’re the crazy one. 

an realistic


Bat orphans. Their faces are cute, it’s the rest of them that’s creepy. Link

My day starts backwards. I wake up tired and go to bed wide awake



This empty stage is all that’s left of Coconut’s 30 year celebration and a lot of good memories.

[Tuesday’s County Commission] If you are a Florida Keys property owner, business owner or plan to live out your last days in the Keys, you better start paying close attention. These Commissioners are just as bad as the gang of three with their backroom deals that benefit only them.  Keep an eye on the growth management department because with their privatization scheme they’re going to make the cost of services prohibitive.  That department is under the spell of the county administrator, and we see where that got the IT manager, she is facing a hefty jail sentence while he walks around free of consequence, still playing on with his iPhone.  I wonder if playing with your Iphone all the time a substitute for playing with some part of your anatomy? 

an man squeeze

It seems I use the same tube of toothpaste for an unusually long time. Do they ever run out? When normal squeezing no longer works I pin the crimped end with my thumb and with the other hand I press the handle of a hair brush against that end and slide the handle towards the tube opening thus squeezing the remaining paste toward the hole. This results in two more years of tooth paste.

Expect positive results. Expect them with the same normal, calm mental demeanor as you expect your next breath of oxygen to be there – no big deal, just normal, ordinary, endless blessings.


Probably one of my all-time favorite songs. Etta James At Last

My father, R.I.P., would say to me, “Listen stupid …” He always called me Listen (sigh).



What’s your reggae name?

Damn right I’m good in bed. I could stay there all day 

an_love_dog[Puppy Love] Well, I’ve had enough of the cat haters, mechanic, biker, farmer fisher trucker here. Ain’t nothing more serene and calming to come home after a shitty day battling assholes out in the real world and pet, scratch and get some affection and serenity passed back to me from my cats. It’s all about training and interaction with them that makes them who they are. If they aren’t treated right, they don’t know how to act except instinctually, all my cats have been wonderful animals and part of me and my family. Friends loved to come see them. You see, it’s what you put into them, and understanding them that makes them happy or crappy. I’m a dog lover too, but my lifestyle cannot support a dog fairly and I know it. Having a dog is akin to having a baby for 14 or so years. I have to be out at sea or on the road or in the field for long time spans and cats can take care of themselves if I leave them the right tools.

I don’t let my cats outside unless I’m walking them on the leash or riding in the truck. Bad pet owners suck and will be dealt with. I can’t see mistreating any animal or not giving them a fair shot at a happy life, just like I want. There are some that just won’t ever be a good pet, but you won’t know until you give it a real honest shot with knowledge of what you’re dealing with.

My big feral wild cat is the most loving cool animal to watch and be around, but it took time, trust building and training. I’m working on a less than one year old now that is just incredible. Dogs are way different but require the same understanding and attention. I know pit bulls that are the greatest, I also know some that are really nasty. Had a guy tie his pit bull to a trash can so he could untangle a messed up German Shepard puppy some asshole left in his back yard. The pit made short order of the can and killed the shepherd puppy before his owner’s eyes. So now two dogs go down because of an irresponsible Shepard owner who had been cited before for this and a pet lover with a young dog not yet trained from adoption — both lose their animals.

It’s all about doing the right thing and making the commitment to an animal and keeping it. The only thing that screws up animals are people who won’t give them what they need. As for the ones who are just nasty, I think you’ll find human’s fingerprints on that animal somewhere.
Paul Anka Puppy Love

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Blue Angels at Boca Chica this Saturday & Sunday! 

[Rape] I am surprised no one has commented about the rape in Key West. Me neither. 



I think this architect got his inspiration from the Stairway to Heaven that was on Ramrod Key for many years. 

[Some 10 Year Thoughts] I want to thank all the veterans who died to make Iraq the democratic and safe country that it is today. I want to thank Donald Rumsfeld who days days after 9/11 told Cheney and Bush, “This is the chance we’ve been waiting for [to invade Iraq]”. I want to thank the Republicans for spending $2.5 trillion of our dollars to fund the war that almost destroyed our economy. And I want to thank the democratic government of Iraq for making it a safe and happy place to live even though a terrorist blew up 56 people yesterday. 



Train your pets!

Superintendent Porter: That is very good news.  I am pleased that Big Pine Key and the Lower Keys community will be included in the Strategic Planning process.

I would appreciate the courtesy of being informed directly once you have finalized all arrangements.  It is inconvenient for me and the other residents of the Lower Keys to have to check the District website on a daily basis to discover when the arrangements have been finalized.  A press release would be ideal.  

It would be helpful to know all of the particulars regarding the meeting before COB Friday when the District closes for Spring vacation.  That way, the media, including the weekly Lower Keys News Barometer and the Coconut Telegraph will have ample time to inform the community.  I would hate to see you schedule a meeting that was poorly attended because people were not provided timely notice.

Should you need any assistance with identifying a host for the evening, please let me know.  As a 20-odd year member of the Lower Keys community, I know a great many people who would be willing to serve.   ~Dr. Larry Murray 


Bridge implosion in Marble Falls Texas. With slow motion. Video



[Black Albino] What the hell it this picture? An Albino! What is an Abino? A person or animal lacking normal pigmentation, with the result being that the skin and hair are abnormally white or milky and the eyes have a pink or blue iris. 

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forgive20[Forgiveness] Quite often when things are not moving forward, even after we’ve done all the other work and used just about every tool in our spiritual tool kit, the issue is unforgiveness. Then the question becomes, “Who or what have I not forgiven?”

Have you forgiven the ex-mate who cheated on you? The father who withheld love and approval? The business partner/manager/employee who stole your money? The government, church, community, banks, stock market? Particularly, and even, if they are not sorry and will never apologize for their part.

[Gun Control] Where can I get a 5,000 round mag for a Bushmaster?

Someone asked, “Why do they spend over a million dollars to keep No Name Key folks from getting a county permit to hook up to the lines just outside their door? Why?” I was wondering when someone would use this argument, that because the lines have been hooked up ahead of schedule, before anything has been approved, and without permission, that it is just cause to let these poor folk hook up to them.

I wonder who on the Keys Energy board is in the deep pockets of those pro-electric folk? I say bulls**t! 


The NRA, the National Rifle Association, should change it’s name to the NBA, the National Bushmaster Association.

hi20[Felines and spinsters] There’s a species in the animal kingdom that needs to be eliminated from planet earth and it’s called a cat, traditionally adopted by many lonely individuals as a stand-in companion to an actual person, handicapped or upright-walking. Most cat “owners” these days simply take in these naturally born killers because they feel the need to have something in their lives to love them unconditionally even though they’re truly wretched and do not deserve it.

I want you all to take a moment and think of the cat lovers you know. Most of them possess the following traits or characteristics: narcissism, sociopathic urges and delusions of happiness. There are exceptions, of course, but most of those high-functioning cat owners tend to have dogs or talking parrots in their one-bedroom apartments covered in poisonous sodium bentonite to keep themselves better adjusted. You rarely ever see cat owners with children because more often than not, they do not procreate, let alone find a male sexual partner to share a bed with them for more than a few hours. And even on that rare occasion, it’s only after the cat owners drug prospective lovers with Claritin.

Some well-meaning psychiatrists have suggested intervening on a consistent social level with those afflicted with cat-lover syndrome, but I feel like that’s a temporary dressing. More often than not, these people are hopelessly self-destructive so eliminating them from your social circle entirely is the only way to solve America’s cat problem. That, or just go into their houses and kidnap their cats so they can be placed in a giant freezer for humane eradication.

We’re not there yet, but if we don’t do something right now it will be the only solution and it will be the final solution. 


As we reflect back on the 10th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, we do so with many varied opinions. Please read the letter written to George W. Bush from Tomas Young. He is a dying Iraq veteran and his views and opinions are worthy of your consideration. Kudos to Tomas Young. Link

an news flash

Extra extra—read all about it. “FTR takes bait on Rick Scott jobs pledge” It’s true. Trick Rick said he would create 700,000 jobs over 7 years on top of what the economy would create (which is probably the number FTR threw out in his most recent post). But then he back-tracked on it saying 700,000 jobs total. This guy really creeps me out. It’s all right here printed by a reputable news source. Link 

FTR often thinks because something doesn’t make the headlines that Obama is covering it up. His paranoid mind doesn’t remember that the media are in business to sell news not promote his anti government diatribes. The media publishes enough anti Obama stuff, but FTR wants more bad and no good reporting

Thank you FTR for your endorsement of Gov. Scott. He can now kiss his chances of re-election goodbye!

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It’s hilarious, people are actually blaming Obama. Hahaha! 

Wikipedia knows of Gov Scott’s thievery, how come FTR missed it? “The company ultimately admitted to fourteen felonies and agreed to pay the federal government over $600 million.”  Link
The gentleman did not like Sarah’s speech and chastised her with sparkling adjectives letting us know about the disdain he felt for her opinion of the topics the lady was expounding upon. This is indeed a common trait one experiences when reading or talking to those among us that just can’t quite understand what is being said and done by folks in the world today, they want to sound informed and yet sadly they expose themselves for the rubes they really are and yet they are always the last to realize this fact. Thankfully, virtually all thinking people are aware of this fact and such people are ignored, this can have a backlash of sorts as this treatment of these types usually only increases their braying to the masses while the content of their message is totally vacuous. 


President Obama yesterday announced that he has chosen Thomas Perez, the head of the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, to be the next Secretary of Labor

[Medicare Fraud] If Rick Scott was so innocent why did he use the 5th Amendment so much? In one deposition the only question he didn’t plead the 5th for was “State your name”.

The 5th amendment allows one to not incriminate oneself. Now, why would an innocent man need that? I’m starting to think naivete is alive and doing great for the myopic tea party members. Even O.J. answered more questions.

hoover20I hope that there will be a benefit for FTR soon. It is so sad to see him running around with his hair on fire, yelling that the world is going to end. An individual like that needs help. The real sad thing is looking at the people who are his heroes and are the intellectual leaders of him and others in his group. I’ll try and list them and their contributions to conservative fringe.

Sarah Palin, she is in charge of making sure that the people they nominate will fulfill their duties, no quitters allowed. Rick Santorum, he is in charge of making that what happens in your bedroom conforms to conservative practices and purity, he is also one of the committee members to try and diversify the group and also reach out to gays, lesbians and transgender citizens. This committee is very large as that it includes all true conservatives.

Former candidate Todd Akins with much help from others is the chair for the women’s’ outreach program, sorry but women are not allowed to be members.

The science committee has been disbanded due to not having anyone who believes in science.

The philosophical group is headed by Rick Parry, Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney, between them they have the IQ of a non green plant.

If Danald Trump can overcome his shyness he has agreed to be spokesman for the group. Many meetings are planned if the can figure out how to get out the front door of the hotel.

With such a dynamic group the world will be saved (from itself) and all will be well.
In a more serious vein the CPAC meeting shows just how out of touch conservatives are. Instead of realizing that they don’t have a viable message all they keep doing is blaming the candidates of the Republican Party. Over and over again they blamed everyone from Dole to McCain to Romney. I guess that it’s hard to accept the fact that they are the problem.
So we should all feel sorry for FTR, you can recognize him by his burning hair and his vote for Hoover button. 

[5th Amendment] Rick Scott didn’t know what was going on with his underlings in the Medicare fraud case. There was a lot of that in the Nuremberg trials too


Why is that loser Palin still hanging around? I guess she can always use another million.

FTR denies knowing if HCA Columbia paid the largest fine in US history for Medicare fraud. He seems to know how to use a computer pretty well, I found this from the Dept of Justice in less than one minute on my iPhone while drinking a guanabana juice with one hand.

It is just like faux news. This is your brain on faux news. 1.7 billion dollar fine Link 


right only grey

Part 1) Team Obama’s dedication to spending your tax money is mind bending.  It boggles the mind in how many bizarre ways they spend your hard earned tax dollars.

jodie-foster20The other day we learned that the feds are spending long tons of tax money to determine whether or not their institutional belief that lesbians tend towards obesity is true. Frankly I wonder how many of us even suspected that was so. I suppose we’ll have to ask Jodie Foster and Ellen Degeneres  about that notion. I’ve had the friendship and acquaintance of many lesbians throughout the years and never noted any tendency toward obesity in their ranks vs “straight” women. The long and the sort of it is, who cares, why spend our precious tax dollars on such matters. But what the hell, they only spent about $1.7 million on that exercise. Chump change for the Obama.

Well, now it looks like Team Obama has developed an unhealthy compulsion to study lesbians. They’ve coupled that compulsion with their insatiable appetite to spend your money. We’ve just learned that they are spending about $2.7 million of your dollars to answer their latest obsessive question: “Why Do Lesbians Have Higher ‘Risk for Hazardous Drinking?”.  Yep, The University of Illinois has received grants since 2009 for its project, “Cumulative Stress and Hazardous Drinking in a Community of Adult Lesbians,” which aims to develop “culturally sensitive” strategies to prevent lesbians from being drunks. Are they convinced that lesbians are anthropologically different? Go figure.  Link

an_elephant_gopPart 2) Next is a simply mah..vo..lus way for Team Obama to spend your dollars. Team Obama’s Department of the Interior’s Fish and Wildlife Service has awarded $3.8 million in 2011 and 2012 for a “African Elephant Conservation” grant that, in part, aims to “decrease human-elephant conflict.”  Yessir, that sure has been a problem here in the US of A.

Hi De Ho, have you heard about the latest liberal assault on commerce and prosperity?  California has just decided that the state has unusual power, horrible power.  California had put in place hefty tax breaks for startup businesses several years ago. Now the CA government has decided to claw back those tax breaks. Five years worth. Even worse, they are charging interest on the taxes that they had originally waived. Liberal insanity. Will the last business to leave California please flush the toilet.