2020 May

Friday, May 30, 2020

Letters to the editor with pictures since 2002. Published on Big Pine Key’s garbage days, Tuesdays and Fridays.

“Patriots” Ha, not even a little bit. Survivalist groups like those in Montana call themselves patriots when they are really fascists who want to wipe any vestige of liberalism from society. They say they do, but they don’t believe in Democracy; they only believe in what their paranoid minds allow them to think. I believe they are traitors. They anxiously await the time when they can attack our police and military should they do something that pisses them off. They hate more than they love and call it patriotism. Someone should tell these guys that there is more light in the world than darkness.

[Fart Control] You say that because you can smell a fart through your underwear and pants that a mask won’t work. That is a perfect analogy. That crusty brown streak that is obviously in your underwear is where it stopped all of the bad s**t. A mask works like that as well.



Gas in Marathon is cheap.



[Baptism] Drive- thru churches have been a big success here in the south during the quarantine. Drive-thru baptism, not so much.

[Floods] Dual dam failures cause major flooding in central Michigan. About 10,000 people in parts of several central Michigan counties were evacuated Tuesday night and a state of emergency was declared for Midland County, which is about 150 miles north of Detroit. Damn! Link




[Mangrove Flowers] The mangroves are in bloom.

[Be Prepared] I’m resending the link to PreparedForBear where the instructions for proper glove and mask disposal are located. I’d hate to think readers might be too lazy to search the whole site. I originally sent the instructions for you to print – they’re posted at my local Publix – on the mainland for shoppers to see – if this virus is so deadly that we had to shut down our lives – proper disposal must be followed – of course if it’s all bullshit to create social control – then we all need to be prepping anyway.
Readers can scroll this page to find them
Also, the 58 page Prepared For Bear Ready Reference is on Kindle and it’s free June 1st thru June 5th. I’m trying to get folks ready for hurricane season and for the, supposed, second wave of “La Rona” (the Corona Virus).


[“Private property”] Someone complaining about not being allowed to hike on private property is un-American. Yes, it would be great to hike wherever you want, but the owner should always have the right and duty to control his property.

[Keys Doomed to Flooding] Way to go realtors, selling soon-to-be-flooded homes to ultra-wealthy overfishermen. What’s a couple million? Our homes are our biggest assets and can be such a joy, or in the case of the Florida Keys, such angst and then add in corruption, too few hospitals and a dying reef. And to think developers are still building is insane as you people just sit back and watch the bubbas do whatever the they want. Where are your backbones and leaders? Maybe you should escape while you can. You’re not going to be able to leave your children / grandchildren your Keys home. I am sad for the good guys and was happy to have experienced the Keys while they were pristine. Can the Florida Keys be saved? Link


[Microsoft Word] Did you notice that in the last 2-3 years everything you type in a MS Doc becomes part of your browsing history? Be wary of what you type, especially in letters that may refer to personal info like you social Security number and other personal data. It all ends up in someone’s “cloud.” The only current private/safe form of communication is via the US mail. I also still own a typewriter. Bear in mind some politicians want to close the Post Office and privatize it. This way they can also control voting by mail which they are totally against. Imagine what kind of flunkies would be coming and going to our homes with no federal laws to protect us. Support the Post Office even more now than ever.

How screwworms are controlled. the New World screwworm, a parasite supposed to have been eradicated from the United States half a century ago. No one in the Keys had ever seen it before it hit our deer. Link


[For Rent] 2 bedrooms. One bath. Unfurnished Duplex on clean boating canal w/seawall going to Pine Channel and coral reef. Tiled floors throughout. Stainless steel appliances. Ceiling fans in living room, kitchen and bath. Laundry room. Small screened porch. Very clean. A/C., large brick patio. Parking for 2 vehicles. Ground level. Port Pine heights subdivision. Quiet neighborhood. 750 square feet. No smokers or dogs. $1800 a month. First, last and $1000 security ($4600 total to move in) Utilities not included. 3970 No Name Road. Email for further info. More pictures on Craigslist. Link

[Microbiome] The overuse of antibacterials in general have been associated with the development of drug-resistant superbugs, a situation that’s bad enough considering our excessive reliance on antibiotics to clear any and all infections. Topical antibacterials and antibiotics have something else in common, too. They mess with your microbiome. While oral antibiotics disrupt the balance of “good” and “bad” bugs in your gut, sometimes robbing you of the natural defenses found in your gut flora. Hand sanitizers, even ones that contain only alcohol and no triclosan, can strip your skin of its microbiome. And that can make what’s supposed to be your protective barrier more susceptible to germs and toxins. Even the ingredients in common disinfectant sprays raise some concern over their ability to disrupt hormones, irritate eyes and skin, promote difficulty breathing, and damage your DNA. Basic soap, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide are better choices.
After watching ads for devices to clean CPAP machines to protect you from the pathogens in your own breath that accumulate and grow to unmanageable levels, it should be obvious that your face mask may also be growing pathogens in an environment without an immune response to keep them in check.


I’m the only person in America with cool cups without any advertising on them.

United Way of Collier and the Keys (UWCK) is excited to announce $175,000 in grants to 20 nonprofits, benefitting residents from Key West to Key Largo. After a rigorous application process, these 2020-21 Community Investment funded partner agencies have been selected by the UWCK Board of Directors to work with UWCK providing access to nutritious food, education, and financial stability for the Monroe County community. In light of COVID-19, these programs are even more critical to our friends and neighbors now and as we move forward. Working alongside the 20 partner nonprofits through 25 programs, UWCK will better the lives of more than 15,000 local Keys residents this year. Press Release UWCK $175,000
[Mind Altering] From Twinkies to rainbows, football games to architectural styles, music, manners of speech and touches of skin, weather patterns, sleep quality and human relationships, to hallucinogens, television programming, prayer and meditation… everything is altering your mind – providing a rich tapestry of state experiences that flow on 24/7/365 for your whole life. But what about Facebook? Is it really altering your mind? Absolutely. Significantly. It is changing the physical structure of your brain’s neural network, which even changes how you feel about yourself and other people. And in ways that may surprise and enlighten you. Link

It’s all about the intentional manipulation of dopamine releases in your brain. Both television and social media intentionally capture your attention with JPM (jolts per minute) or even JPS (jolts per second). From the Center for Media Literacy: “Jolts per minute” programming is often cited as a principle — almost a first law — of commercial television. “Jolt” refers to the moment of excitement generated by a laugh, a violent act, a car chase, a quick film cut — any fast-paced episode that lures the viewer into the program. Your increasing lack of focus and shorter attention span is conditioned, as is the time you spend staring at your tablet. I learned of this in a video that was either in a very heavy accent or spoken in Hindi or something, but a search including dopamine and Facebook took me to sites in English such as the link above and even newspaper articles quoting retired social media executives explaining how they get users addicted to their sites. At least learn how you became a screen junkie and how you can get your brain back!

[Privacy] “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.” Really?


[Catfish] Fishing with eggs, Mentos and Coca Cola. I can’t believe someone actually thought of doing this. Video

[“Conspiracy theory update“] I just read on the Internet that murder hornets can spread Covid-19 telepathically over the 5G Network. Can anyone confirm? Should I get more toilet paper?
[Building Department] I have one question for Monroe County. Why does this county think it is safe to bring tourist back, but at the exact same time they say it is not safe enough for the employees of their Building Department to leave home? Open the Building Department and service the needs of the local residents. Voters  please remember this closure in November.

Pythagoras, employing the terms that are used in music, sometimes names the distance between the Earth and the Moon a tone; from her to Mercury he supposes to be half this space, and about the same from him to Venus. From her to the Sun is a tone and a half; from the Sun to Mars is a tone, the same as from the Earth to the Moon; from him there is half a tone to Jupiter, from Jupiter to Saturn also half a tone, and thence a tone and a half to the zodiac. Hence there are seven tones, which he terms the diapason harmony, meaning the whole compass of the notes. ~Gibbon 1776

[Technology] I had the opportunity to experience in Germany a few years ago. I was constantly surprised by a yellow light, thinking it was warning me about the railway crossing? It took a couple if weeks, when I got back home, that a received several letters with fines for speeding. It was 30km/h while I was driving 41km/h. They recognized my face in the dark in a car that belonged to my son in law and found my address in Zelenika to tell me I must pay 60€ for every fine or go to court. I was amazed, to say the least!


A priest, a rabbit and a minister walk into a bar. The bartender asks the rabbit, “What’ll you have?” The rabbit says, “I dunno, I’m only here because of Autocorrect.

[Riots] Protesters each get a new flat panel TV when they riot because police murder a black man. Link


[Old Ballerinas Never Die] Something rather wonderful and unique.  As you watch this beautiful dance performance, please remember that the graceful Ballerina was born in 1945 – she is 75 years young.  Not only is her performance a remarkable feat, but she is partnered with her Grandson. Video

I don’t know if rap music is rhyme or poetry. I don’t think it’s much real music. It’s more of rhyme to a beat.

[Cold Brewing Lagers] Ales and lagers are each made using different strains of yeast. Simply put, lagers are brewed using bottom-fermenting strains of yeast held at colder temperatures (around 40-52°F), while ales are brewed with a top fermenting yeast that operates at warmer temperatures (around 55-77°F, usually).

[No Law-breakers] Has anyone noticed that since our northern neighbors have been shut out of the Keys nothing has been reported about someone with undersized fish or lobsters being caught? Too bad it will start again around June 1.  Miami’s motto: “We don’t need no stinkin’ rules.”


[Protection] If your jeans and your underwear don’t stop a fart, why would you imagine that a cloth mask could stop the beer virus?

Deer Ed, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the and really do look forward to Tuesdays and Fridays. I no longer live in the Keys, but I like keeping up with what all is going on. Thanks again for all you do! You are appreciated.  ~Lee Ann Carter