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Friday, November 3, 2017

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[Mold] We have been out of our home 4 weeks. I need help with my truck possibly being cross-contaminated. We feel a whole lot better but every time we get in the truck with the windows down and the heater on I get that headache stuffy nose and we start sneezing. Is it possible we cross-contaminated my truck because it’s sat in the garage closed-up in our house. My question is is there a cheap way of decontaminating my vehicle? After losing everything we own, getting another vehicle right now is not an option. I only have one payment left and it will be paid off. I was thinking of spraying it down and letting it air out all weekend? Any information on this process would be helpful. Thank you.
[Hog-tied Deer] One of two mainland men who hogtied three Key deer and put them in the back of a car in July was sentenced to a year in federal prison Tuesday and the other to three years of supervised release. Link




Big Pine’s own Debbie, the feisty weekend bartender at the world famous Coconuts Bar and Liquor store, made it as the Citizen of the day.

A National total boycott of the NFL is planned for Sunday, November 12th, Veterans Day Weekend. Video
[Closing Boca Grande] I am glad USFW decided to have these annual beach closures on a few beaches; they are not new and were started a few years back in direct response to the crowds of power boaters down for the World Offshore Powerboat Races who ignored USFW’s request not to party on the National Wildlife Refuge beaches.  The beach closures have nothing to do with hurricanes or sunken boats, but it is entirely due to the crowds of powerboats attracted by the races wanting to party in sensitive National Wildlife Refuges like this party at Boca Grand.  It is my understanding if the powerboat crowd had respected the Refuges’ request when first asked, not to take their large vessels to the Refuges’ beaches that there would be no need for the annual closures. Thank you USFW for protecting this designated wilderness from these annual intrusions.
Is it true that the Woman’s League. Org in Key West is suing Fantasy Fest for not allowing full body exposure with body paints and being tickled with the air brushes?
[Moldy Furniture] I have to leave everything behind as many do. Being sick for so long I could never afford to replace any of my things. What’s the rules, if you will, regarding selling your stuff? As a mold survivor I personally would never buy any used household items or clothing for fear of being moldy, so I’m guessing no one else would either. As of December 1st I will be homeless with 4 dogs because the money has run out. I have to do something and am not capable physically or emotionally to go back to work yet.
The contents of my home would probably cover the move-in cost of a rental home, but morally I’m not sure it’s right to do. Can anyone shed some light on this topic?

Google one stroke painting lessons. Learn how to paint. Link

My wife says I have only two faults. I don’t listen and something else.
[Celebrate Marines Corps’ Birthday With Us] Reflecting on Hurricane Irma, leadership and valor were a common virtue. These qualities rose up and manifested themselves via an assortment of public officials.

The citizens of Florida and Monroe County were not caught flatfooted or unaware of the dangerous and deadly threat zeroing in on their homes, families and businesses. The management and oversight delivered by those in positions of trust was precise and flawless.

Sheriff Rick Ramsay, Gov. Rick Scott, State Attorney Dennis Ward and County Administrator Roman Gastesi were focused and deliberative in every way imaginable as they clearly and succinctly broadcasted the path and details of the impending storm. Their bold, decisive and quick action saved lives. Their accurate understanding specific to our unique location allowed them to set in place remedial counter-measures, offsetting the catastrophic dangers this hurricane brought into our lives.

Dr. Robert Foley and his veterinary staff, along with Island of Key Largo Federation of Homeowners Association President Dottie Moses, were invaluable resources during and after the storm. Unsung heroes are too many to mention. I pledge my sincerest thanks and gratitude to all.

Norm Higgins left us several months ago. He was my partner in developing an extraordinarily successful Memorial Day program at our high school. In addition, we reinstituted and maintained the U.S. Marine Corps birthday celebration initiated many years ago by Dick and Bonnie Scoble. This year we’re inviting veterans from every branch of service, along with their families, friends and all civilians; to come join us in celebrating the 242nd birthday of the Marine Corps.

This event will occur at American Legion Post 333 starting at 6 p.m. Nov. 10. The post is at 2 Seagate Blvd., Key Largo.

Even though this American Legion post suffered catastrophic damage to its building and property, its commander contacted me requesting that we continue to hold this ceremony and celebration at their location. Their membership decided to target Nov. 10 as an informal reopening for the post.

Please come and support this unifying event. If you can, perhaps you’d be willing to contribute some labor or donation so the building and grounds will be ready.

Music, dancing, sumptuous platters and deserts await all in attendance on the night of the 10th. Please, let’s make sure the doors are open. Thank you, John Donnelly, Key Largo

Never let your loyalty make a fool of you.


Kidde Recalls fire extinguishers with plastic handles due to failure to discharge and nozzle detachment: one death reported. Link

[Lower Prices] I think the thing to do for the Keys to bring back tourists is to lower the high prices of everything for a while.
What’s wrong with a Publix Big Pine?  They make great subs


[Dark Ages] Citing the Bible, the EPA just changed its rules for science advisers. Link

My name is Rafael Melendez and I work with Island Tropical Foliage out of Homestead. We understand the storm took a toll on our respective cities and towns. We would like to offer our beautiful selection of Florida native plants to Big Pine Key during these restorative times. My team and I would like to become vendors for this project and most importantly build relationships with the people of Big Pine Key. We are here to serve you anytime. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.
W/D weekly ad for Big Pine Key store. Link
[Black Lives Matter] Chris Rock relates how not to get your ass kicked by the police. Video
[How To Load A Bobcat] Here’s the story.  We’ve got this drain system at the house that’s collapsed, and it has to be dug out and replaced.  About 80’ long, 3’ underground. I call this guy who advertises that he does excavation.  I ask him if he has a backhoe.  He says, “I do everything with a Bobcat”.  He shows up with the Bobcat in the back of his dump truck instead of on a trailer. I tell him I don’t have a loading dock or ramp or anything of the sort and there’s nothing like that in the neighborhood. He says “Don’t worry about it.  I can unload it myself”. Well, he lifts the bed about half way and brings it out onto the ground. Never seen that done before. Pretty amazing.  Then he gets the digging done in about four hours.
Then I ask him how is he going to get that machine back in the truck? He says, “Don’t worry about it.  I can load it myself.” Thinking this guy is crazy (and he is), I decide to video this because it will surely go viral – if in fact he lives or dies in the process. Video
Buddy Hackett tries to keep his jokes clean on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. I love the chiropractor joke at the end. Video
[Whitefish No-bid Contract] Federal Emergency Management Agency officials had nothing to do with approving a pricey no-bid contract to restore the power grid in Puerto Rico. Link
This year’s power boat races will be interesting. Superfast boats traveling through water with much unknown, unseen and ever changing underwater debris. What could possibly go wrong!
[Old] I’ve reached the age when scrolling to find my birth year on an online form feels like losing at slots.
[School Board] If tradition holds, nothing will kill a project faster than the creation of a “task force” or “blue ribbon committee”.  Projects have a way of being studied to death.

As for the tenor of the last Board meeting, do not be surprised if it continues.  The public wants action, action now, not sometime down the road.  The housing crisis, particularly for teachers and students, is here and is chronic and will continue unless and until a concrete solution such as proposed by Board member Griffiths is put into place.

[Kill the Terrorists] This PC Bull poop is crazy. We must become much more pro-active, much more aggressive. The radical Islamic terrorist want to kill us, They want to cut our heads off they will use a truck to run you over or a bomb to blow your legs off & kill children they have never seen or know, who have done them no harm in any way. They are the scum of the earth. Spewing hate, yelling, “Death to America!”, meaning every word of it. Thank God the President can see this, understands this & will do all within his power to destroy, wipe-out, kill the radical Islamic terrorist where ever they are and all who support them. Yes, those are heads stuck on a fence, real heads, real fathers, brothers, sons of someone. The women are raped disfigured and brutalize, turned into slaves, then, in many case, killed. Does this have to take place in your back yard before you get it, I hope not. Vote wisely. If this upsets you–good. It should.  ~Coconuts Bar & Liquor Store
I am sorry to inform the poster that Fantasy Fest has died.  It’s a master plan by the religious people and old retired Yankees.  If you don’t believe it, look at this year’s rules of engagement. Link



[Health Insurance] Contact Keys AHEC for certified navigator assistance with open enrollment. Dates run from 11/1 to 12/15 in 2017.  Call today.

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