2019 October

Friday, October 11, 2019

Letters to the editor with pictures since 2002. Published on Big Pine Key’s garbage days, Tuesdays and Fridays.



How do you like Lake Winn Dixie? It’s only been 35 years that they can never get the drains to work properly. Pure genius in design and layout. But go ahead and spend another $20,000 or so and go through the motions with that  Slurpee truck thing that comes in and wastes its time.

[Law] Being falsely accused is a crime, so why are these sex accusers not being arrested after their accusations are proven false and their attempt at extortion is validated as an intent to defraud? Time to start suing lawyers and judges I think.



[Cute Dog Names] Adorable names for boy and girl puppies. Link

[Finding Your Way Out] All creeks lead to water; all rivers lead to men.




[Best Drummers] How is John Paul Jones on your short list of best drummers? And how is Neil Peart of Rush not? Video

[Loyalty] Shamefully, the USA is not loyal to those who help our military interests. We abandoned the Vietnamese who helped us (later to be murdered for helping us), Iraq, Afghanistan, and now the Kurds in Syria. I wouldn’t help the US if I was a foreigner and called upon to. I’d be afraid of my country’s retaliation after the US abandoned me. It’s the same with treaties, in our eyes they’re all temporary. That’s been our way since we settled the old west.
On my tombstone I want it to say: “Blah Blah Blah Blaaaah … Nobody Reads Epitaphs Anyway”.
Ghost Fishing refers to the nets and lines left in the ocean by fishermen which continue to catch and kill sealife. Lucy Siegle finds out why this plastic waste is a big problem. Audio
[“RIP Ginger Baker”] Long live TOAD




[Visit Australia] Not all Australian animals will kill you. Don’t get me wrong… he wants to. He just can’t!

The next meeting of the Big Pine Computer Club is coming up this Saturday, October 12, 10 am at the senior center.   Having a problem with your laptop, tablet or smartphone?  Bring it in.  Perhaps we can help.  Open to all! Full Menu > Ongoing Events
[Virile] Here is a good excuse from Health Sciences Institute to explain to the judge why you were exposing yourself:
“Exposing men’s bodies to direct sunlight can more than double their levels of testosterone and if the light is targeted to their “manly parts”, where testosterone is produced, it can skyrocket levels by 200%.” They say red light works, too.
[Diagnostic Apps] As the Internet of Things catapults to new heights, Google is developing a full range of internal and external sensors, monitoring everything from blood sugar to blood chemistry. The list of once multi-million dollar medical machines now being dematerialized, demonetized, democratized and delocalized—that is, made into portable and even wearable sensors—could fill a textbook. Link
[Old School] How do you frighten this new generation? Put them in a room with a rotary phone, an analog watch and a tv with no remote (add rabbit ears for fun). then leave directions for use in cursive.
[Fantasy Fest] October 16th, 6-9:00 is the crescendo event for Karen Frank-Nolls for Queen Campaign. Nestled on the dock at Safe Harbour Marina, is the Lost Kitchen Supper Club, a speakeasy of sorts, just off the beaten path on Stock Island. Here you will be serenaded by the reigning Queen Mother, Vanna Black, aka Ronnie Carruthers with his 3SUM ensemble. The night will be one of exquisite hors d’oeuvres, made by local Chef Martin Liz and specialty cocktails, alcohol in part by Hogfish Grill (cash bar available also). A highlight of the event will be special guest artist Johnny White of Mile Zero Magazine. Johnny will be showing his Lenticular work (3D photographs) of Key West Drag Queens, upstairs at Collections, Key West Gallery. A live auction of framed Fantasy Fest posters of old, will wind up this most festive of evenings. Transportation is included in ticket price of $100 and will be provided by Up The Keys Tours, why drive if you can be driven! Ticket info below.
Ticket info:  / Book your pick up time in advance. Up The Keys Tours by Kim Stamps, 305-587-5575 (no parking worries) Stock Island, Key Haven & Key West


I can imagine that every warning label probably has a heck of a back story. I once read that there are 7 warning stickers on new step ladders, each the result of a separate lawsuit. Have you noticed that step ladders no longer have folding pain pail shelves–lawsuit.

[Gun Control] Dick’s Sporting Goods destroyed $5 million worth of assault-style rifles. Video
[“No Name Pub hanging dollars”]  I think No Name Pub should donate the whole building to the Bahamas. It would fit right in!

I find profanity far more uplifting than prayer.

[“Cheap houses available”] These types of housing are not cheap and are not for the riff raff that want to live in Paradise, but are nothing but a scam by sick holy rollers and do goobers who want to get off thinking they are doing something important. Yes they are, they are destroying the Keys.