2023 September

Friday, September 22, 2023

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[“The Big Pine Key Hydrology Project”] “Trucking the fill 65 miles at great expense.” I tried to get the fill dumped on my property adjacent to one of the roads, but they said the contract was already signed. I asked them to just dump it on the other side of the road they’re working on. No. That’s what you get when you let PhD’s run construction projects instead of local contractors who are familiar with all aspects of a project and can usually pull it off cheaper, faster and more efficiently.
[Foolish] You’re never too old to make a fool of yourself! Video
[Missing: F-35B Stealth Fighter Jet] What’s in the US military’s historic lost and found: nukes, jets, and drones. The F-35 in South Carolina is not the first important asset to go missing for a spell. Link
[New World Order Conspiracy] They live among us. Only those intelligent enough to serve the rich rulers have been given the anti-Covid 19 shots. Those that didn’t get it won’t be a problem for long. Stay alert.

2024 Holidays
in the United States. Most you’ll know and some are dumb. Link
[Maui Fire] New drone footage of burn-zone. The no fly zone was lifted, now, 6 weeks after the fire. Video
[Movies] No one ever answers when they are called in the woods or a scary house, frightening the viewer even more.
[Fling App Finds Hidden Cameras] Free app for hidden camera detection. Fing is the expert in device Intelligence because our accuracy of device detection and recognition is second to none. Over 100 million users recommended Fing as a tool of choice for detecting Airbnb hidden cameras. These apps can detect the presence of hidden cameras by identifying the RF signals emitted by the camera. Link
[Friday Joke] Patient: “Doctor, how often do patients die during this procedure?”
Doctor: “Just once.”

[Spotted Handfish] A rare fish with ‘hands’ is spotted in Tasmania. Link

[Old Photos] Key West used to look like that? See old photos of Duval Street, attractions and bars. Link

Raw footage shows the evil spell that woke Disney has put on these two innocent teenagers in the audience.

[Ponderous Thoughts] If humanity thought before over-populating this rock, would we have peace?
Why does the medical establishment not have a medicine to cure mental problems?
Why does half of the population live off the working half of the producing population for free?
What would happen If the planet abolished money and went back to the barter system?
Why do religious humans live in a euphoric fictitious realm?
Why do 90% of you think these questions are dumb?
[Reality TV] All those shows trying to find lost treasure, ghosts, Loch Ness Monster, Yeti, or Bigfoot know they aren’t going to find anything. They just want ratings and advertisers. After all these years and all those TV shows no one has ever found anything that’s believable. It’s all theater.
[Dark Matter] I have discovered the dark matter that holds life together. It’s called Cafe Bustello!

[Missing Jet] I no longer feel bad about not finding my phone

[New Train Line] Miami-Orlando Brightline route is now on a roll. What to know about taking the train. Video

The Snowbirds are getting ready. Fantasy Fest is just weeks away.

Black bear attacks US Air Force doughnut shop. Video
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[A World Map Of Our Travels] The yellow is where my family has been and3 would go back to, or want to go to in the future. The white area, which is most all of this rock, we could care less about. Just goes to show what has changed and turned into unfavorable travel sites.
[Friday Joke] I just invested my entire 401-k into Otis elevator stock. It’s going up!
[Overseas Railroad] The initially favored route extended the railroad from Homestead southwest through the Everglades to Cape Sable, where it would then cross 25 miles of open water to Big Pine Key and then continue to Key West. However, it was quickly determined that it was more feasible to run the railroad south to Key Largo and follow the islands of the Florida Keys. William Krome then surveyed routes to Key Largo, including one over Card Point (which would become the first roadway to the Keys) and Jewfish Creek, which was the selected route. At one time during the seven-year construction, four thousand men were employed. Despite the hardships and 3 hurricanes, the final link of the Florida East Coast Railway to Trumbo Point in Key West was completed in 1912. A proud Henry Flagler rode the first train into Key West aboard his private railroad car.


Northern lights are souls of the dead trying to communicate with the living, say some Inuits.

[Friday Joke] Me: Know what would be sexy?
My Wife: What did you have in mind?
Me: Eating food off each other.
My Wife: You didn’t wash the dishes, did you?
Me: No, I did not.”
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