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mexico illegalsFTR seemed to get a little upset when I mentioned that illegals, once they go thru the process, will be paying taxes. First off, my far right friend, my name’s not Charlie and no need for you to be sorry. Thanks for your opinion it is very much appreciated. Illegal aliens will get jobs as nurses, truck drivers, construction workers, there will even be illegals making the military a career. It you think they will not have to pay taxes you are fooling yourself. Not every employer will be paying them under the table as they have been.  Your rhetoric is dated. The steam engine went to gasoline, ships went from sail to steam, and video stores went out of business because of progress. As will past beliefs and stereotypical thinking. Women, after many years in the shadows, become responsible voters and business leaders. Many believed that women would destroy America’s workforce and never be able to add to society. They too were incorrect. Black Americans were also looked at in the same vein.I do love, and miss, a good bit from the past, but to hold onto old, outdated, crank phone stereotypes keeps one from enjoying the changes that keeps American ideals and beliefs fresh, and in the global market.
One of the Walmart critics’ chief strategies is to pretend that they are on the side of the so-called “poor” in our country, and allege that Walmart is an enemy of the poor. And there sure are poor in the Keys.  The truth is the other way around. Because of our increasingly large production of wealth (due to a long line of innovators like Walmart) true poverty in America has been largely eradicated. Key word: largely.  “Poverty” here isn’t like poverty in the past or in most other places in the world. For example, starvation was a constant danger for most of humanity since time immemorial, but it is almost unheard of today in America even with all its three hundred million occupants. Those mangrove people will be the future salespeople and cashiers of Walmart of the Lower Keys
computer troll
[“Do not feed the trolls”] I too saw this article where they associate Internet trolling to sadism (Trolling for fish is still good).”Results from a study conducted last month by indicate that Internet trolling, or intentionally making malicious and insulting comments online to start arguments with strangers, may be a more widespread phenomenon than people think. In surveys the site conducted, nearly 28% of Americans admitted to bad behavior in online exchanges with strangers. YouGov said 12% of respondents said their posts had been egregious enough that they had been removed by forum or site moderators. Why do people act so poorly? One possible (but rather unsettling) answer may be found in a study on the relationship between personality traits and online commenting styles by the University of Manitoba and available through The researchers found that “cyber-trolling appears to be an Internet manifestation of everyday sadism.” Yikes! Lighten up, folks.”
[Ferguson] Tell me why it is that Rodney King takes a police beating and it permeates the national news for many months. An escaping thief in Ferguson attacks a policeman who shoots him and it permeates the national news for weeks (so far). But a retired autoworker with health issues and a good pension who decides to rent a place in Key West for the winter gets beaten and tasered to death by a vicious mob of Key West
Police on his first day in town and only The Blue Paper says much of anything true about it; and nobody except his friends and family outside of the Keys gives a damn. Maybe because they don’t know about it! I didn’t say it was because Charles Eimers was white. If you thought of that then maybe it’s true.It is probably racist to think that maybe black Americans only riot when black people are harmed and to hell with honkies? Would it be conspiratorial or racist to wonder if the national media only covers perceived atrocities against black Americans by white cops to give black rioters attention so they won’t riot more? or is it to cause national unrest to keep the separation black and white alive and avoid unification of multicolored brothers against oppressors?

Would there have been riots in Key West if the population was larger, or are they too passive, stoned, terrified, or fed up with newcomers? What is it that prevents this atrocity from being all over the nation; and federal agents from being all over the FDLE and KWPD? I guess if something isn’t on fire, national media is just not interested. It works for immolated Buddhist monks

xmas parade1[Habitat Holiday Parade Party] Saturday, December 6. Enjoy a front row view of Key West’s Holiday Parade at Habitat for Humanity’s Holiday Parade Party hosted by Key West Historic Inns at the Chelsea House, 709 Truman Ave.  Starting at 5:30 pm guests will enjoy champagne, sparkling wines & beverages, hors d’oeuvres, holiday desserts and the opportunity to purchase unique Christmas gifts at the Select Silent Auction. Join Santa and Mrs. Claus in priority seating provided for Chelsea House and party guests as the parade rolls by! A suggested donation of $20.00 goes directly to support Habitat’s work in the Lower Keys.  For more information, to donate to the silent auction or volunteer call Events
The Tropical Bay canal system has been dead since I bought my home in April,1998–5 months prior to Hurricane Georges. The hurricane compounded the no-flow problem and added tons of trees and other trash. FEMA promised –in person on my doorstep–that not only would the canal system, but the waterfront channel along Sunrise Drive would be dredged. Nothing was done. In 2013 the County Commission advised that our canal system would be dredged and proper flow-thru ports would be cut in to allow proper flow. What the hell ever happened to that plan? Prop wash has been a way of life for many years to residences along Sunrise Drive, so we’re all felons–for survival.
I wish George Nugent was forced to live in a home where the noxious gases from rotting seaweed exasperates existing lung conditions and creates others. This is the bubba system at full throttle.
exercise bench press
[Staying in Shape
] Are there any recreation centers, gyms, or pools on the island for vacationers who would like to stay in shape?
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toyota fuel cell
[Throw away that generator and buy a Toyota] This summer the U.S. gets Toyota’s first fuel-cell car, the FCV, with the promise of a charge that lasts for 310 miles. During power outages, your fully charged FCV can also power the average home for up to a week. Car Review
[“Ferguson and missing the point of riots”] There is no point to a riot, other than another reason to steal and destroy property. The parents always show up after a shooting, Yelling, “But he was a good boy.” Yeah, right. The big fat kid was steeling cigars and bulling a shop owner, and the 12 year old kid was walking down the street waving a real-looking gun. Real or fake, it makes no difference. My question is, where were the parents? They are the first ones to blame the cops for their failed parenting.
It appears that N. Korea hacked Sony and released 5 unreleased films to file sharing sights. (Brad Pitt’s new movie Fury has already been downloaded over a million times). The cyber attack is in retaliation for Sony’s new comedy where reporters are sent to kill Kim Il Whoever.
[“You snooze you lose”] Radio Shack has the Samsung Tab 4 10″ for $249 this weekend and the 7″ for only $149. Best deal I got there was the Beats Solo headphones for only $69. That’s about $100 off the regular price. I love to support our local businesses.
Former Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson’s lawyer says Wilson resigned because he was concerned about the potential for violence against other officers if he didn’t.
[Kind home base wanted
] Formal and direct skills in: Electrical, Mechanical, Electronic and Optic Engineering; Master Automobile Technician, Master Maintenance Mechanic, Handyman, Rentals, Large Living facilities, and condo Facility maintenance/operations, Health and Wellness. I am proficient in most areas from a-z when it comes to house, condo or large living facility operations. Painting to electrical to plumbing, mechanical, pumps, some HVAC, commercial kitchen equipment and landscape to whatever. A professional. Currently, looking for a ‘kind’ home-base in the Keys to establish my serving gifts in maintenance. I prefer and on-site-living arrangement or very close connection to. Thank you kindly, Brian. Classified Ads > Situation Wanted
[“Black Friday deals or not”] Similar to your Galaxy tablet, Samsung raised the price of their UHD tv’s. They unbundled the UHD pack, that added $200, and then stores like Sears raised the price another $200 on Friday. Now it’s in stock; when I went to order it on Monday it was out of stock.
[“Excel help entering credit card number”] Try inserting an apostrophe before the number, that usually works.
stevia packet
[“Splenda”] Yes Splenda and especially Aspartame is a poison. But even though sugar has only 15 calories a teaspoon it takes about 10 teaspoons of it to equal the sweetness in a pack of the poisonous stuff. I recommend Stevia. It only takes a packet or two to sweeten a drink, and there are no known negative side effects. It equals about 8 calories a teaspoon.
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caveman clubbing
[Happy Thanksgiving] 40 year-old Lee Breckenridge Brown of Big Pine Key is accused of hitting his wife and son with a baseball bat on Thanksgiving Day. He was arrested and faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
Free SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) workshop on Retirement Planning this Wednesday, Dec. 3 at 5:30 at the Lower Keys Chamber offices, 31020 Overseas Hwy, Big Pine Key.  Open to the public. Learn some great tips you may be able to use before this tax year ends! Events
Monday, November 28th? It’s Friday, November 28! How much turkey did Ed eat? (Ed: Sorry folks it’s that time/continuum thing.)
time machine spiral
How much did you drink with your turkey dinner? Today is Friday 9/28.
Is it Monday or Friday?
Would you like to see what local landfill leachate looks like? Are you curious how the old Cudjoe landfill leachate has affected and continues to affect Cudjoe Basin? Do you wonder why the two fishermen who have petitioned against the wastewater plant’s shallow wells have not withdrawn their petitions? You will find a link to download Dr. Brian Lapoint and Don Maynard’s short video presentation describing the samples and photos Brian took, and what is expected to happen if deep well injection is not used, in the article “The Real Story Behind the Resistance to Deep Well Wastewater Disposal” in this week’s edition of The Blue Paper. It is an excellent and informative video (except that the first slide repeats once). The article gives you the behind the scenes FKAA lobbying and deceit that got shallow wells and an undersized treatment plant built there in the first place. Yes, the County very temporarily saved some money and FKAA executives got big raises as a reward for their dishonesty (called “Outstanding Performance” by the Board), but this will cost all of us a lot more shortly. Check it out at Link
[“Excel help entering credit card number”] What is your credit card number that you are entering?
P.S. The date says Monday November 28. (Ed: It’s that time/continuum thing again)
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fire alarm
This video shows how easily fires start with 9 volt batteries! Video
[Situation Wanted] Mature, professional businesswoman with two well-trained dogs seeks small, unfurnished ground level apartment in or near Big Pine Key for a long term rental.  Have been a resident of the Keys for almost 10 years and have a secure job.  Email me at Classified Ads > Situation Wanted
[Book Sale
] Friends of the Big Pine Library book sale Saturday December 6, 9-2. Located in the Winn Dixie Plaza, Key Deer Blvd. Lots of gently read books. Save the environment and bring your own bags. Events
[Eimers’ Death] If the gentleman has personally asked officials in the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate this case, and through your own investigation of this case, and the DOJ, you have learned DOJ officials and State Attorney Catherine Vogel, and the two assistant state attorney prosecutors she assigned to the grand jury also were in on the conspiracy you outline, then those DOJ officials, Vogel and her two prosecutors are as guilty in the cover up and destruction of evidence as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the KWPD. Meaning, I’m asking you to tell us the names of the DOJ officials, with whom you seem to have spoken, and the names of any DOJ officials you say are part of the conspiracy. As to anyone being at risk to the death penalty in this case, this ex-lawyer thinks that at the very least would require premeditation by the person or persons who actually did the killing, and the death penalty would not apply to people who after the fact participated in cover up and destruction of evidence and refusal to prosecute, etc. I agree, however, anyone who did participate after the fact, as you described, should do hard prison time for a good while.
[“Emotional Support service animal on plane?] The 50-70 pound pig was on a leash on the plane but began walking back and forth. Under federal guidelines “emotional” support animals are allowed on commercial flights as long as they’re not disruptive.This is why I raised the question a while back about what constitutes a service animal. I think the proof is the owner writing a paper and having a trial lawyer on retainer. What will they try next? A Bengal tiger? No offense to Jersey girls, but do you really think a pig is a service animal? Stay tuned.
[“Movie spiders always tarantulas”
] It’s the same with Loons. Their unique bird call is in every horror movie, regardless of the fact they are a northern bird. And by the way, tarantulas aren’t spiders. Spiders have 8 legs, tarantulas have an extra 2 tiny ones at the front for hanging onto it’s prey. Loon Sounds
[Chappelle’s Show] Clayton Bigsby, black white supremacist, gets ready to meet his fans. Video
Never squat with your spurs on.
[“Police cover up Eimers wrongful death”] Sloan Bashinsky, please use your training as an attorney to consolidate the ‘Eimers’ Evidence’ and forward it to the DOJ. Stop the fault finding and criticism of others working to correct this injustice. Friend and foe alike know that John Donnelly is an accomplished and effective advocate for the less fortunate. He’s spent his life educating disabled and abandoned children, while serving his community.Mr. Bashinsky, I’ve followed you on your web-page for a very long time. I believe that you are a man capable of great things.   Please use your blessings constructively and spearhead a formal request urging DOJ intervention into Mr. Eimer’s death. If you put your mind to it, much good will come of your effort.
Chris Rock – How not to get your ass kicked by the police! Video
Today’s math problem
[“You Snooze You Lose Department”] I bought the same tablet on eBay this morning with protective sleeve and free shipping for $204.00!
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More people shopped on Black Friday than voted in Midterms. America is broken.
Imagine over 25,000 TV show themes. TelevisionTunes provides a free library of TV Theme Songs to preserve history and for your listening pleasure. Link
Key West Orchid Society December newsletter is online. Warning: Orchids can be habit forming! I hope to see lots of you at the Brunch on Sunday the 7th. I’m excited about it because I know what a beautiful place Key West Harbour is. And the food promises to be great too. As usual, each paid-up member gets a gift plant. Full Menu > Ongoing Events
Ways of turning pallets into unique pieces of furniture. Cheesy, Keysey, heavy outdoor chaise won’t blow away. Save your life and float away? Link
Firefox says a pop-up was prevented from opening. But if you look behind the browser you always see the pop-up! They lie.
Evinrude motor 150 horsepower, older model, runs good, $400. Please call Classified Ads > Boats
[Looting] Because nothing says you care about a dead kid and the community more than stealing 50 pair of Air Jordans and then burning the store to the ground.
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antenna tower beam across
I was at the Big Pine Art Festival Saturday and when I turned my smartphone on it connected to the one of the new free wifi hotspots that are around town.  Apparently anyone who is a Comcast Xfinity Internet user also provides hotspots with their router for anyone to use that are independent (of course) from their own wifi system. It’s a good idea as long as it stays secure. Link
So this is ice fishing? Canadian ice fishing crazy Canucks. Video
2003 Chevy Silverado LS pickup truck,1500 5.3L V8, 4wd, mileage 141 thousand, deluxe cloth interior, pwr windows/seats/stereo, good shape, some rust, tires like new. Asking $5,500. Classified Ads > Autos
shaman1Shamans’ abilities tend to develop, expan, deepen, the longer they are at it. The training is not easy. For most shamans, it is a calling, which results in them having one foot on this world, and one foot in the spirit world. They minister to their tribe.Some shamans move beyond their tribe, and minister to anyone who comes in need of their help. Some shamans are beyond even that: they minister to the earth, to segments of humanity. And some shamans are beyond even that.

More recently, perhaps with the dawn of the New Age, Anglo shamans, who were trained by other shamans, began charging money for trying to help other people and teaching shamanism to students. Sandra Ingram and her teacher, Michael Harner, charged money.

I have read of shamans who do not necessarily do good, who are like black magicians or witches, and cast injurious spells on other people. I have heard of shamans who are selfish, power hungry. But I do not know that I ever encountered such shamans in a human way.

I was allowed in the beginning of my shaman training to dabble in charging money, by letting the client come up with what to pay me. That was short-lived. Thereafter, I simply engaged what came my way. There was no talk of payment. If someone insisted on paying me, I usually accepted payment. That happened seldom

That SEAL[?] should keep his mouth shut.   Also,  Fox News broadcasting the grisly details of that operation, and then re-broadcasting them over and over, is a sick thing.  No normal person needs to hear it.
pick and chooseFTR is picking what he chooses to respond to. I asked him how Obama’s executive order is any different than Reagan’s or H. W. Bush’s e executive order. No response.
So now I’ll asked if he was wrong about Benghazi, now that the Republican led House Committee has issued its report. Of course I could ask about the price of gasoline, the projected GDP growth for the next quarter, but I don’t want to overwhelm our word famous fiction writer. Link
The Hyatt had the worst Thanksgiving buffet on record!
Ponzi: Treasury Issues $1T in New Debt in 8 Weeks—To Pay Old Debt
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The only thing worse than a liberal who thinks he has all the answers is a conservative who thinks he has all the answers.
from the right
Mr. Obama promised us the “most transparent” administration–ever. That promise has been broken more times than the sound barrier. The most recent example is the White House, just before the long Thanksgiving holiday, releasing its plan to implement 3,400 brand new regulations next year. Of course the media was snoozing and the few newsies that were awake were focused on human interest feel good stories.The past is prologue, so please consider that during the Obama admin, the cost of complying with new government rules and dicta has averaged about $16 billion per year. That’s much higher than in previous administrations. And it’s tantamount to having a $16 billion tax increase over 10 years.

Under previous admins, the new regs were usually boring and technical. But, it’s a brave new world under the Obama regime. Even though the Democrats got walloped in the election, they still control the regulatory process. Hence, the new rules are pure politics.

The latest Democrat agenda includes 23 new “economically significant” rules–those with estimated economic impact of $100 million or more each per year. The rules are specifically designed to assault coal fired electrical generation. Please remember that Obama vowed to kill coal, and in general is an enemy of cheap energy.

Coal fired plants provide about 40% of all the electricity generated in the US. No other means of generation even comes close. Over all fossil fuel generates nearly 70% of the electricity generated in the US.

Nukes provide about 19%, natural gas (a fossil fuel) about 29% and “renewables” about 13%. Wind power about 4%. Solar power produced about .23%.

coal in xmas stocking1Everyone wants clean air, no one want’s acid rain, but for now coal is, and should be, the king of energy. It is plentiful and provides the least expensive energy.

Huge strides have been made in decreasing and even eliminating the noxious and toxic emissions resulting from coal combustion. Europe has been leading the way, there are several different methods, and at least one, the Babcock-ThermoEnergy’s Zero Emission Boiler System (ZEBS) is oxy-combustion-based; this system features near 100% carbon-capture and according to company information virtually no air-emissions. Link
By the way, the CO2 emissions from coal plants will not kill you, the levels are not toxic. The purpose of the new regs is to ameliorate “global warming”. A phenomena which may or may not be occurring.

Inexpensive energy is essential for us to compete in the world market place. Driving a stake in the heart of coal is driving a stake in the heart of our economy. Until natural gas and nuke electrical generation can effectively replace coal generated electricity, an assault on coal or an assault on fossil fuel in general, is an assault on our economy.

I urge you to give some thought to the recent agreement Obama signed with China. I trust you will recall that China’s growth is outpacing ours, they are on the cusp of becoming the world’s largest economy, they are booming their military, and they, like the Russians are becoming more militant. They are booming because of cheap energy. They are building 8-10 new coal fired electric plants every day.

Obama bowed to the Chinese and agreed that they need do nothing until 2030, and then only to stop increasing the rate of growth of their emissions. On the other hand, the United States must double its current rate of carbon cutting to meet a new, more restrictive goal by 2025, in return for which China will keep increasing its carbon emissions year after year throughout that period – and for five years beyond.

Thanks to Obama, China, the world’s No. 1 carbon polluter, gets a 16-year green light pass. We commit economic suicide.