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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

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Is the County and FKAA attempting to force you to give up your property for their grinder pump scheme? Don’t do it. Do you know that there is an existing easement for utilities in your public right of way? Do you know that when FKAA first started installing sewers in Marathon (where George lives) in the Little Venice Subdivision all the devices went in the public right of way? Not one person was being forced to give up their property of had to pay for installation on their property. Have you ridden up US1 on Grassy Key and seen the pumps along with electric meters in the DOT public right of way? George publicly called us losers (in print) and because we’re losers we get discriminated against. I thought all taxpayers were to be treated equally. I guess the losers don’t count in the eyes of the Monroe Country Commission. Is anyone interested in joining a class action lawsuit against Monroe County & the FKAA for discrimination? Contact 304-2965.
hareens 12.2.14
[“Tropical Bay canal system“] I looked at a home for sale on, I think Eagle Drive in Tropical Bay, back in probably 1990 or so. Anyway, the low bridge and seaweed issues I saw and the prevailing East winds which kept the weeds flowing into the channel even with the barrier at the bridge, decided for me to move on to another location and to the chagrin of our Realtor not purchase the home there.
Is there a collection agency in the lower Keys? I need one to collect over $700 a local bar owes me.
Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.
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mickey porno
Disney Cruise ships
won’t be coming to Fantasy Fest again. The change in itinerary will likely be more popular than a stop in Key West during its adult-themed annual bacchanalia that has drawn local criticism in recent years for the associated lewd behavior and nudity.
[I apologize] I’m sorry I resorted to crying racism last week towards several posts I felt were hurtful. My opinion is, obviously, different than those posted. I should have just given my opinion and not resorted to name calling. Sorry. Ed seems to make every effort to print all sides to controversial issues and we’re fortunate to have Deer Ed.
Our resident weather guru, Mr. FTR, might want to read this before he enlightens us with any more of his expert climate change opinions. I imagine his retort will be that those NOAA scientists are all just a bunch of overpaid liberal government lackeys who were personally hired by that evil Muslim Obama who wants to take away our freedoms. Too bad about 30,000 other real scientists from all around the world agree with them NOAA boys and girls. Link
help wanted sm
Help needed immediately.
Activity Coordinators with the Boys and Girls Club in Big Pine. Must pass a background check. Call Classified Ads > Help Wanted
[“Why wasn’t national news not covering Eimers case”]
1.) He was white
2.) L.A. and Ferguson are not tourist destinations.
3.) This country that I so truly love, does not believe that white people have had to do anything to earn a living or get an education, and that all white people are 1 percenters.
4.) Last, but not least, white people do not have a coalition of rich, thieving, thugs that call themselves preachers, pastors or whatever, to scream and ramp up the populous. White people would deem people like that crazy and would not follow them if they existed.
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I stuck a 9 volt battery in my pocket once as a spare for a wireless microphone and almost lost a testicle! The coins in my pocket shorted out the battery.
Never miss a good chance to shut up.
[“Legal alien taxes“] The lead poster on yesterday’s CT who seems convinced that the taxes which will be paid as a result of Obama’s executive order will be some kind of gigantic windfall for the country could not be further from the truth.
The bottom 50% of the wage earners in this country pay no federal income tax. Illegals are paid under the counter not to keep them from having to pay taxes, but rather to shield their employers from legal action and the payment of payroll taxes. Does anyone seriously believe than any substantial number of the recently legalized illegal aliens are going to be in the top half of the income scale in the US? Remember, this is a group with a less than 50% high school graduation rate, 35% of whom speak little or no English, and 1/3 of which are not even in the workforce. And, not only does the bottom 50% not pay federal income tax, many of them actually get money given to them by the government through the Earned Income Credit program, not to mention other state and federal welfare payouts.
Since they already pay sale taxes, whether paid under the counter or not, the only new monies to be generated from this group will be Social Security payments, which will more than likely returned to them at some point in the future.
On balance, this is anything but a positive economic decision for America.
Full Moon
over the 7 Mile Bridge.
If the Bubba System, movers & shakers, fat cats, etc are the cause of most of the inequalities in Monroe County, than why did we reelect a multi term City of Marathon resident to represent the lower Keys when he doesn’t actually live in the lower Keys? He lives in the City of Marathon. Besides whining, what have we done to eliminate the problem? Maybe we’re part of the problem?
garland yellow lightsThank you to the person or persons who made the entrance to Eden Pines subdivision so festive. The holiday spirit is alive and well.
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We got two inches of snow up here last night and now my neighbor can’t find her Smart Car.
[Horney Teens] I watched a partial episode of a TV series where 100 teenagers were sent back to Earth to re-colonize it after the apocalypse. Not only was it a stupid premise, but the only thing happening was 100 horney teens trying to get into each other’s pants. No one was bothering to reestablish electricity or the water supply. Who comes up with these lame plots, some horney old man?
buggy whip2
So FTR wants to use coal, and he doesn’t think he’s stuck in the 20th century? Now I know what to give him for Christmas. Does anyone know where to buy buggy whips?
Generational Poverty is defined as a family having been in poverty for at least two generations. It is important to understand the difference between Generational Poverty and Situational Poverty.
A person/family can experience Situational Poverty when their income and support is decreased due to a specific change – job loss, divorce, death, etc. While there can be a domino effect caused by this one significant change, families experiencing Situational Poverty tend to remain hopeful, knowing that this is a temporary setback. This typically is not so with generational poverty.
The vast majority of folks dealing with generational poverty vote Democratic , why. I don’t know. The Democratic party has kept them out of charter schools, in programs that make them dependent on just enough to get by. More and more folks are seeing that the Democrats do not have there best interest in mind. They are starting to understand that they have voted Democratic for a very long time and they are still living in poverty, sending there children to substandard schools and taken for granted. If nothing changes, nothing changes. We can fix this.
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Desperate GOP oil executive spotted in South Dakota trying to build Keystone pipeline himself.
[Ray Bradbury–Tales of the Bizarre] A lone survivor on Mars has waited a lifetime for rescue. Aged 80, his phone finally rings. Audio
dinosaur running scared
[“Cheap coal”] Like all in his Party, they don’t care about the environment. They only care about money. It should not be called the grand OLD party, but the old dinosaur party. Has anyone but me noticed that Mr FTR hasn’t had an original idea since he’s been a writer on the CT? The GOP runs from change and innovation.
Illegals, once they go thru the process, will be paying taxes. First off… Not so for many my friend. Most will have no trade, no English, too old , too young. Most will earn a income tax credit, they will receive , in some case’s 1,000’s of dollars. They will require special care to learn English, dumb-down the already dumbed-down schools. Health care will be very costly, food stamps, program after program will be stressed, more federal employee’s will be required to run the overload. Americans that need work, and there are millions will find it much harder to land a job. You’re just wrong friend.
[“Yesterday’s math problem”] There is no missing dollar. You owe your parents $98 and you have a buck plus a $97 shirt. Obviously, this isn’t a Black Friday shirt or you would have gotten 50% off and an additional 20% (but they would have raised the price to $242.50 beforehand).
[“Stuck in the past”] FTR must be very old to keep using the same arguments that conservatives have been using for decades. If you believe him and those who went before him, everything would be too expensive if the changes were implemented. Everything form going to a six day work week, then to a five day work week. Twelve hour work days to ten, then to eight. There would be no vacations or sick leave. Let’s not forget those costly and unnecessary governmental mandates such as Social Security, and of course OSHA laws (who needs to be kept safe while on the job?). All of these were fought against by conservatives as to be too expensive and would cost jobs. Of course it may be that he isn’t as old as dirt, but that he only has these arguments that, beside being old and having been long disproved, are the only arguments that he has.
FTR wrong then, wrong now. Perhaps sometimes in his bewildered state of mind he might have an original thought. But it is unlikely that such a closed mind would let logical thought in to his fantasy world. FTR rushing headlong into the seventeenth century, damn the facts, full speed ahead! Join today. The Flat Earth Society needs you
[Unedited] Hey keep your normal to your self! I for one can watch video footage of muslim terrorist getting blowed up for days without sleeping. Hearing THAT SEAL tell the gory details is almost as good. Face it Some of us just aint quite right! But hey it is one Human family right? Well Isnt it?
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phone antique
FTR likes coal
because he doesn’t understand alternative energy or even the need for it. When rotary dial phones came out he wanted to go back to the operator connecting his call instead, because that’s the way he always did it.
FTR is all for cheap, dirty energy. And, let’s not forget the number of miners killed, but that’s just collateral damage, isn’t it. Link
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two dollar bill
[Men’s Shirts $2
] The Coconut Closet (upstairs at the Habitat for Humanity building on Big Pine Key, 30320 Overseas Highway) is continuing our sale on extra store fixtures such as mannequins, clothing racks, etc.  While you’re there, check out our latest sale on gently used men’s and women’s clothing, such as a special selection of sweaters and jackets for only $2 and men’s shirts for only $2. The Coconut Closet is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 9 AM – 2 PM.

The Coconut Closet is staffed by volunteers, with all proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity in Key West and Lower Keys.

OJ walks, and I got the chair! ~Christopher Reeves
The Democrats have been reduced to the party of the rich elite (George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Hollywood, Jonathan Gruber-types, edit al.) and the party of the poor exploited by those elites — a lethal combination that takes society exactly nowhere. In essence, they are the party of racism and sexism — that’s about it. Oh, and climate change. There’s a winner for you.
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The right is enraged. The worst thing that ever happened in the history of the United States has our Conservative posters in a twist. The Presidents daughters were not dressed in their go to church clothes over the holiday. Its been all over the news how upset they are. Imagine the gall and audacity of two well mannered young teenage girls dressing like two teenage girls in their own home. They were not wearing sweatpants or torn up jeans they were just not dressed for church. The right has become the whining Americans party where even the Presidents teen age daughters are turned into political fodder to be dragged threw the mud and insulted.

But then what else would they have to whine about their own Republican Benghazi panel proved they were selling snake oil the entire time and quite a few drank it. The rights going thru severe buyers remorse after that fiasco of lies. You get the Congress you voted for America enjoy.

Hey, maybe we need yet another 15 investigations on Benghazi that would be sound spending of taxpayers funds I’m sure.

from the right
A POSTER WROTE: “FTR seemed to get a little upset when I mentioned that illegals, once they go thru the process, will be paying taxes. First off, my far right friend, my name’s not Charlie and no need for you to be sorry. Thanks for your opinion it is very much appreciated. Illegal aliens will get jobs as nurses, truck drivers, construction workers, there will even be illegals making the military a career. It you think they will not have to pay taxes you are fooling yourself. Not every employer will be paying them under the table as they have been. Your rhetoric is dated. The steam engine went to gasoline, ships went from sail to steam, and video stores went out of business because of progress. As will past beliefs and stereotypical thinking. Women, after many years in the shadows, become responsible voters and business leaders. Many believed that women would destroy America’s workforce and never be able to add to society. They too were incorrect. Black Americans were also looked at in the same vein. I do love, and miss, a good bit from the past, but to hold onto old, outdated, crank phone stereotypes keeps one from enjoying the changes that keeps American ideals and beliefs fresh, and in the global market.”

sorry charlie2FTR’S RESPONSE: Good Grief Not Charlie, will you never tire of being wrong? The points that I made were as new as tomorrow. They are not the ruminations of an olde fart, but are the latest forecasts of Washington’s Congressional Budget Office.  You and I share the belief that immigration is a powerful force for good in our nation. We are a nation of immigrants. But, that immigration must be wisely regulated and controlled or it will and has become chaos. Our southern border must be sealed  first, and only then Congress must pass intelligent and humane laws to regulate immigration.

Obama is creating an economic disaster with his determination to grant amnesty to about 5 million illegal aliens. That disaster will impact each and every American. As I noted, it is forecast that the average individual granted amnesty will earn about $29,177. The CBO, not FTR, says that a person making that kind of money would pay negligible, if any, federal taxes, and receive around $10,000 in government benefits. Most will qualify for the earned income tax credit. That means that they will get cash money from the government even though they pay little or no taxes.

The previously mentioned $10k in benefits doesn’t include Obamacare, which they nearly certainly will be eligible for. Those in that income bracket will receive large federal subsidies to pay for Obamacare.

Obama’s executive order is primarily aimed at undocumented parents of U.S. citizens, which will probably mean that they are older than average. If so, they will certainly will gain access not only to Obamacare, but also to Social Security and especially Medicare. Social Security and Medicare are already teetering on the edge of insolvency. While you and I have paid into SS and Medicare for many decades before becoming eligible, the illegals who are granted amnesty will pay only a fraction of what you and I have paid in. That is unfair.

50% have less than a high school diploma, 31% live below the poverty line, 51% are unable to speak passable English, 35% are unemployed or not in the labor force.

Obama’s amnesty is a great deal for them, it’s a crappy deal for America.

Not Charlie is celebrating Obama’s putative amnesty. But he/she darn sure wouldn’t be so happy if a Republican President used executive orders, ala Obama, to ignore/circumvent statutes lawfully passed by Congress.

Imagine if the new Republican President in 2017 were to simply declare that he/she wouldn’t enforce the broad swath of Obamacare’s insurance regulations and mandates. Just imagine the hissy fit Not Charlie and the progressives/liberals/Democrats would pitch.

A POSTER WROTE: “FTR is picking what he chooses to respond to. I asked him how Obama’s executive order is any different than Reagan’s or H. W. Bush’s e executive order. No response.

So now I’ll asked (sic) if he was wrong about Benghazi, now that the Republican led House Committee has issued its report. Of course I could ask about the price of gasoline, the projected GDP growth for the next quarter, but I don’t want to overwhelm our word famous fiction writer.”

pick and chooseFTR’S RESPONSE: Of course I’m “picking what I choose to respond to.” And I will continue to do so. Now, I choose to explain why Obama’s putative amnesty executive order is worlds apart from previous executive orders concerning granting amnesty for illegal immigrants.

In 1986, faced with a large and growing population of illegal aliens, Congress passed legislation that created a new, time-limited form of immigration relief for certain aliens who, among other things, had to have come to the United States more than six years previously. This is the genesis of the much ballyhooed Reagan amnesty.

The law that Congress had passed had the unanticipated effect of splitting up freshly-legalized parents from their illegally-present minor children who did not qualify for relief. That presented President Reagan with a moral dilemma. Congress’ amnesty was large—just shy of 3 million people—and it had the unanticipated effect of splitting up freshly-legalized parents from their illegally-present minor children who did not qualify for relief.

What the left is not telling you is that the Reagan and Bush immigration orders looked nothing like Obama’s creation of a new, open-ended form of immigration rules. Obama’s executive order is a completely different animal from the Reagan/Bush orders.

Reagan, seeing this family unity problem that Congress had not anticipated or addressed when it, Congress, granted amnesty to millions of parents, Reagan issued an executive order to defer the removal of children of the people who had applied for immigration amnesty under Congress’ new law. He allowed those children to remain in the United States while their parents’ applications for amnesty were pending. A few years later, Bush 41 extended this bit of administrative grace to these same children plus certain spouses of the aliens who had actually been granted immigration amnesty under Congress’ new law.

Back then, Congress, though it had desired to grant amnesty, had not considered and not included the spouses and children. Importantly, nor had it excluded them. So Presidents Reagan and Bush 41 filled that statutory gap with their executive orders.

Get it? Reagan and Bush’s executive orders for amnesty simply fleshed out and repaired holes in laws/amnesty that Congress had already passed. Not so Obama, he is attempting to create new law, law that he does not have the Constitutional authority to create.

gas price2As to gas prices. They are declining as a result of the irrevocable law of supply and demand. The Democrats and Team Obama have done all in their power to keep energy prices high…they failed on gas.

As to Benghazi: We will all remember that the White House insisted for an extended period of time that the assault on the Consulate was nothing more than a demonstration caused by a video. Who will ever forget Susan Rice on the Sunday talk shows insisting that the episode was a demonstration that got out of hand? All facile lies for Team Obama.

The House report states: “Whatever the larger policy issues, the conclusion that ‘protests’ were fully ‘rooted in a video’ was incorrect, as were the underlying early intelligence estimates concerning the video.”

The White House knew the facts early on, and for political reasons attempted to hide the truth from America. Who will ever forget Ms. Clinton’s incredible angry outburst when she cried “what difference does it make”, while referring to the deaths of 4 Americans, she cared not if the deaths were caused by terrorists or protestors.

As to projected GDP growth: The CBO projects that it will be essentially flat, at about 3% from fourth quarter 2013 through fourth quarter 2014. Another source Link Forecast that GDP growth will remain under 2.68% until 2020.

By this time in recession recovery we should be seeing GDP growth in the 4-6% range.

Any questions?