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tax form3[“Legal alien taxes“] An alternate view.
I have a comment or two about Mr or Ms Anonymous who posted some very wrong facts about legal and illegal aliens(read with or without Green Cards in governmentspeak), as well as some very wrong opinions that some people have about this issue.

The writer says, “The bottom 50% of the wage earners in this country pay no federal income tax.” The writer also says, “Remember, this is a group with a less than 50% high school graduation rate, 35% of whom speak little or no English, and 1/3 of which are not even in the workforce. And, not only does the bottom 50% not pay federal income tax, many of them actually get money given to them by the government through the Earned Income Credit program, not to mention other state and federal welfare payouts.”

Now for an aliens view: I have met many Spanish speaking people in the USA. Some are from Mexico, some are from Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and some from Cuba. The differences between them are quite stark. Some are hardworking and legal, some are very hardworking and very illegal, some are not hardworking and are refugees from the Wet Foot Dry Foot rule from the Islands.

My suggestion would be for Mr or Ms Anonymous to determine if an immigrant to the US, whether legal or illegal, or a refugee, is a good productive future citizen or not. Most are, some are lazy, some rely on government benefit scams. Some are engaged in the worst possible crimes in the US. We come in all shapes and sizes.

The fallacy of “you immigrants don’t have to pay taxes for 5 years” is completely incorrect. I have paid taxes every year I have lived in the US, which is over 3 decades. I have never relied on any government programs, or ever taken a dime from the US government. It’s a matter of principle, and these programs are meant to help the poor in the greatest country on earth.

Expose the scammers, and call in the criminals, but do spend a few minutes each day spreading the milk of human kindness that sloshes inside all of us and help the needy, or just help one needy person each day. I do. All immigrants are not the same. We stand on the shoulders of other 500 years of immigrants and members of the Native American Tribes, who came before us new immigrants.

Regards, an anonymous immigrant who does speak rather good English and a few other tongues, can write rather well in same, looks very different than most Americans, pays taxes, is not on the dole, and did go to a little college too.

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heart outline in outline
] There comes a time when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your own heart. So you’d better learn the sound of it. Otherwise you’ll never understand what it’s saying.
Becoming doctor cost well over 300,000 dollars and more for a first rate undergrad –pre-med—med school. A first rate school like Drs. Covington and Kaplitz attended, Northwestern Med School, also cost escalate beyond one half million and for almost 12 years duration. That schooling and training is difficult beyond what you can envision.
[“Smelly canals”] The East side of all the islands down here have a seaweed problem. Realtors seldom mention that fact when selling a home on the East side of the Island.
Some people just can’t be too far away from Bustello.
[“Microsoft Office’s Excel“] When it comes to Excel – study, read, Google and use the help function. I have been using Excel for 10 years and still learning new tricks. I took it for a  semester of college (using Excel 2004) and was informed by a very computer savvy, smart mathematician that we probably only learned 5% of its capabilities! Then I got  the 2007 version for xmas and had to learn a lot of stuff all over again.
Why is it that when County funds, programs, events, help functions, etc. are doled out the Lower Keys District 2 is always sucking the hind teat, last on the list, treated like a redheaded stepchild, and whipped like a Georgia mule? Is it because the bubbas, fat cats, movers and shakers aren’t able to develop the islands as they’d like to. There’s no real big time money to be made here. The USF&W refuges are a big impediment to their grandiose plan to get more money. So screw the ‘losers’ as George Neugent likes to call us.
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dr suess3
“They say I’m old-fashioned, and live in the past, but sometimes I think progress progresses too fast!” ~Dr. Seuss
Slow down my friends. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.
[Political Commentators–or Grumpy Old Men?] One really has to wonder, at least this old codger does, what sort of deep seated anger or unhappiness causes someone who lives in this beautiful paradise to spend day in and day out reading/watching/listening to all the negative political crap that they can digest and then themselves writing something that is usually so vitriolic and half-truthful that most people who bother to read it say, “Yeah, whatever…”

You aren’t going to change the world, or even one person’s mind with this stuff. You are either preaching to the choir or to someone else who is just looking through your spew for something to call you down about. You may think you are making the world a better place for your children and grandchildren through your rants, but all the while, they are more than likely either laughing at you behind your back or feeling sorry for you because of your emotional turmoil.

Go for a boat ride or go catch some fish. Get an enema. Go outside and sit in the sun for a few minutes. You live in the Florida Keys! Your life is better than 99% of the rest of the people on this planet. Quit whining.

To all the posters saying the illegals won’t really be paying taxes because all they will get is non tax paying jobs, need to catch up on history. Women being allowed to vote were going to ‘destroy America’. Blacks that were given the vote were useless and would ‘destroy America’. I’m thinking you, my friend, may be the incorrect one. Blacks ended up serving as firemen, doctors, nurses and soldiers of this great country. The legals that go thru the process will not be relegated to only lower wage jobs. To believe that is simply foolish. The fact is that many have a very strong work ethic and a new willingness to become a part of this country. “Give me your tired and your poor” still means something in America.

Please do away with the usual trying to point out what I’m really trying to say. Read my words not your interpretation of them. I never said it would lead to a “windfall of taxes”. You did. Speak only for yourself please. Thanks for reading my humble postings.

ships wheel[Important Information For All Florida Boaters] Anyone in Florida born after January 1, 1988 must take a boating safety course in order to operate a boat of 10 horsepower or more.
The Key West Sail and Power Squadron is offering America’s Boating Course at the Key West Sail and Power Squadron, 5205 College Rd., Stock Island. This course covers boat handling, elementary seamanship, navigation aids, weather, marine radios, Florida boating regulations and more. Completion satisfies the mandatory Florida State boating certification requirements.
This weekend course starts December 6th and 7th, 2014. The class will run from 8am-5pm on Saturday, with a 1 hour December 6th with a 1 hr lunch and 8-12 Noon on Sunday, December 7th. The fee of $60.00 covers the cost of the materials and a reduced rate of $75 is available for family members who are willing to share materials. Students who pass the class are offered an introductory 6 month Power Squadron membership. For information, call Tim Bergin at (305) 304-7247.
The Key West Sail and Power Squadron is a nonprofit boating safety organization that offers a variety of boating courses. Completion of this course and Squadron membership entitles you to reduced fees for advanced courses such as seamanship, piloting, cruise planning, weather, sailing and marine electronics. Members also participate in boating raft-ups and other social events. The Key West Squadron’s jurisdiction begins at the South end of the Seven Mile Bridge.
The media’s ability to define the narrative is so enormously powerful it almost distorts reality. Take Ebola. Everybody knows that the epidemic is over because it’s no longer reported. But as Virology Down Under notes, it isn’t. The apparent drop is an artifact of the way the disease has been reported. Link
conch-meatLike Conch?  This is my favorite recipe for our very own mollusk. Per person:
Cooking oil (pure vegetable oil is best)
1 large conch steak, pounded and tenderized.
Saltine crackers
Eggs, lightly beaten
Whole green chili peppers, canned Old El Paso are best.

Using ½ Saltine crackers and ½ Fritos, crush them into a fine meal like bread crumbs by using a rolling pin or pulse in a food processor.  Crack eggs into a deep bowl. Put the bread crumbs in a pie plate.  Heat vegetable oil to 375 degrees in a deep pan or Dutch oven.  Dip the conch steak into the eggs, shake off the excess and then place into the bread crumbs on both sides to coat.  Fold the steaks around a green chili and use a toothpick to secure the steaks if necessary. Flash fry the bundle for just about 30-40 seconds per side.
Enjoy with a couple of cold Cuban or Bahamian brewskies. We like Hautey or Kalik.

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WD-40 vs Duct tape.
Milky Chance is a German alternative pop folk rock duo with reggae and electronic music influences. Milky Chance — Stolen Dance.  Stoned in paradise, we don’t talk about it. Video
the end9
Enjoy life now
– It has an expiration date!
[Injustice] A man was attacked and savagely beaten to death with hammers by a group of teenage Blacks and Hispanics.  The victim was from Bosnia having escaped the horrors there and came to this country legally for a new life.  He found work and found a wife.  He lived as a proud and productive citizen in his new country.  For absolutely no reason the gang of thugs began beating his car while he was stopped and when he got out they savagely bludgeoned him to death.  This was in St. Louis just days ago.
Where is the outrage from the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson condemning this brutal murder of an innocent man who was guilty of nothing but being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Why is the liberal media not writing pages and pages about this senseless act?  Nowhere.  Nowhere because there is no group of frenzied, burning, looting protesters to stir up into violent action.  Nothing for more  Sharpton or Jackson photo-ops and nothing for the media ‘s biased reporting.  And where are the family and friends of the poor victim of this horrible beating leading to his death?  They are at prayer quietly mourning the loss of a loved one.  Where they are not is in the streets burning their community, looting and stealing everything in sight and acting like a horde of wild animals on the loose.  So far, three arrests have been made and hopefully more to come.  If there is any justice remaining, each and every one of those useless thugs should spend the rest of their lives looking through prison bars or face a death penalty.  Of course the murderers will have the best defense our legal system has to offer, get three meals every day, free medical care, endless appeals and plenty of time to associate with others of their mentality in the exercise yard.  Meanwhile an innocent, hardworking family has lost a loved one and that loss will haunt them for the rest of their lives.  And, we can be absolutely sure that if and when the law comes down hard on those murderous punks that their community and the media will paint them as helpless victims of white society.
god wispers
God whispers to us
. Video
This week in 1974, Joe Walsh released his “So What” album. It included ‘Turn To Stone’, also included on his 1972 Barnstorm LP.  Video
Miniatur_Wunderland[Miniature Wonderland] Remember the two brothers, in Germany , who had a wonderful model railway that was something to see? This is an update for their German Wonderland. There have been little clips about this place for the past few years, it is still not finished, but is growing to that conclusion as they will soon run out of space.

A short review, it was started by two brothers as a place to show their hobby, it started growing by leaps & bounds.  Soon they were joined by other model railroad clubs and other craftsmen. Some were electricians, model makers, Carpenters, computer programmers. Their wives would stop by to see what they were doing and usually bring them a lunch. One thing led to another. Three of the ladies had worked at a bakery, several visitors would ask if they had a snack bar. The idea was planted; some of the carpenters came and built a nice restaurant area for the bakery and a kitchen too. If the fresh coffee smell didn’t get you then the bakery definitely would.

This was about 5 years ago. One of the breweries came and furnished all of the tables and chairs, serving counter, etc. Their latest finished area is the airport. Planes look like they are flying and landing. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that this is all in miniature! Video

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Death Star
over the 7 Mile Bridge last night.
[Cat Call-a-thon] Forgotten Felines of the Florida Keys will be holding a “Call-A-Thon” fundraiser on Friday, December 12.  Tax deductible donations to the organization can be made by calling (305) 743-6969 or (305) 743-2520, using the PayPal link on their website or by dropping it off at the law offices of Richard Warner 12221 Overseas Highway in Marathon.

As a special bonus, your donation will generate double benefit since it will be matched by local business owner and animal lover Richie Moretti.

Forgotten Felines has neutered and vaccinated more than 6,000 cats since its founding nearly twenty years ago.  Many have been placed in loving forever homes while others have been returned to colonies which are monitored and fed.  Forgotten Felines currently feeds more than 500 cats on a daily basis at nearly forty feeding stations.  While 500 abandoned cats sounds like a lot, the number has been drastically reduced through the organization’s Trap-Neuter-Release program.  Ask any old time Marathon or Big Pine resident about what it was like twenty years ago around every dumpster in town before Forgotten Felines came on the scene.

Mark your calendar and be sure to make your donation on Friday, December 12.  Phone pledges between 8 am and 8 pm.  Drop offs during regular business hours.  PayPal donations at any hour.

The abandoned cats of the Middle and Lower Keys need your help  Don’t be the one to let them down! Events

[“$700 owed from a local bar”] What the hell did you? Pay your bar tab twice? There are a couple of guys that I have used in the past for debt collection. They charge 35% of the collected amount. You can contact them at Bats Collections
Dirty car art
sure beats the old “wash me” bit.
[“Climate change”] Why didn’t Obama get the Chinese to commit to eliminating their use of coal? After all, they pollute much more than America. Why did Solindral Solar Energy fail? Why do we build wind farms, when it has been documented they kill birds?
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turkey waving
[Turkey Giveaway] I just read the article about the Islamorada Community Church giving away turkeys to needy people. The Vineyard Church on BPK does an incredible job on preparing and feeding anyone who comes by on Thanksgiving. Many other churches and charitable groups do the same. I must have missed the article about the United Atheists holding such an event. I am sure they did so. Please inform me where I can read their article. Thanks.
Collecting on $700 a business owes someone would be a matter for the courts, Small Claims Court to be exact.
Kenmore washer for sale $40. Works well. Big Pine. Call Classified Ads > Appliances
shark eats man
[Petting Sharks] Remember folks. Do not attempt this at home! This man is what we call an idiot. Video
Who writes FTR? Is it Ed? (Ed: No, silly, It’s FTR.)
Children, this is a great example of sarcasm.
I Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore” is the first single released by the Snake Oil Willie Band. It’s a humorous song that a lot of people can identify with. Video
hareens 12.2.14
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boquete-panama[Panama $200 per month, $100 per week or $20 per night] Now that’s affordable! You would have to see this area of Panama to appreciate it. The temperatures are cool and wonderful being at a higher elevation, nothing like the heat of Key West or Panama City. If you like living with nature it could be perfect, being just a few minutes from Boquete it would do anyone’s soul good. And if you can stand flying on Spirit Air out of Ft Lauderdale, sometimes you can put a round trip ticket together for $200 or even less.
Illegals will be paying taxes, contrary to the contrarians. They all work already and will continue to work, but now they will be paying taxes. Illegals work harder than most Americans. Now they will pay their fair share.
Buggy whip Fairvilla enlighten to the liberal left lies? Your on your own there maybe leave the koolaid alone? As for Coal power plants Best option going unless we start cranking out Nuke plants Stupid that we have not built more long ago
[FTR: “Our southern border must be sealed  first, and only then Congress must pass intelligent and humane laws to regulate immigration”] Our porous borders have nothing to do with the millions of illegals who have been living here for many years and who have children borne here and in school. The GOP will never wake up.
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FTR was blaming Obama for high gas prices now that they are low he again blames Obama, but I can’t figure out what for and neither can FTR.
[“NOAA Record Temps”] Let’s, once and for all, explain this to the cult lefties so we can finally move on. I’m going to use some big science words so you might want to find a Republican to explain them to you.

We are currently in a geogical epoch know as the Holocene (it’s a big word so say it slow it’s easier that way). The Holocene began at the end of the last ice age. Scientists call this last icy glacial period the Pleistocene, that’s Plei-sto-cene. Again say it slowly so you understand.

The Holocene is a geologic period of warming that began around 10,000 years ago and continues to the present. I’m going to repeat the first part so it really sets in. The Holocene is a period warming. We currently, are living during the Holocene.

Now here’s the hard part. It’s hard because your going to have to think. When your in a period of warming, that would be the Holocene, it means on average every year should be warmer than the last. Every decade should be warmer than the previous decade. Every thirty year climate period should be warmer than the previous thirty year period. And if every year, decade and thirty year period is warmer then accordingly every year should on average show record setting warming. Every decade should set record warm temperatures and …yes…say it with me…every thirty yer climate period should show record high temperatures. Thats the science folks, that’s nature, that’s normal. Record high temps every year are what should be happening. The same for each decade and climate period. Unless you believe we are no longer in the Holocene and are once again descending towards another glacial epoch.

Now the clever cult leftie realizing they’ve been trapped by science and logic (an evil combination for the cult left) will say “it’s not about the temperature but the rate the temperature has been increasing”. And to this the literate responds: the only increase in temperature rates are found in your precious computer models. Actual measured temps show no rate increase for as long as we’ve measured temps. And not coinscidently, all of the computer models were written by your fellow cult lefties. And of course 97% of all cult lefties believe the computer models…or so they say.

So let me summerize, whenever a cult lefty runs around screaming ” we set another record high temp this year” just say “calm down, breath I know we’re in the Holocene

The only voice louder then Hillary Clintons concerning Bengazi  was the voice coming from G.W. Bush when he said “I’m not concerned about Bin Laden”.

Not concerned about the man that killed over 3,000 innocent Americans?

Every American should visit YouTube and watch the video of Bush saying Bin Laden doesn’t matter. You should also have your children when they get older watch that little gem of Republican appeasement.

from the right
A CRITIC WROTE: “Our resident weather guru, Mr. FTR, might want to read this before he enlightens us with any more of his expert climate change opinions. I imagine his retort will be that those NOAA scientists are all just a bunch of overpaid liberal government lackeys who were personally hired by that evil Muslim Obama who wants to take away our freedoms. Too bad about 30,000 other real scientists from all around the world agree with them NOAA boys and girls.”

FTR’S RESPONSE: The critic seems unable to disagree with out salting his posting with juvenile insults.

noaa-logoThe fact is that NOAA can’t seem to get its act together. If you check the data to be found at Link

You will find a graph entitled GLOBAL LAND TEMPERATURE INDEX, it is a NOAA product. If you examine that graph, you will find that the 5 year running global mean temp actually began decreasing in about 1998. According to NOAA, today it is cooler than it was in 1998. That report is dated November 13, 2014.

Here’s what NOAA said at Link

“The most likely explanation for the lack of significant warming at the Earth’s surface in the past decade or so is that natural climate cycles—a series of La Niña events and a negative phase of the lesser-known Pacific Decadal Oscillation—caused shifts in ocean circulation patterns that moved some excess heat into the deep ocean.” You should take careful note of the language NOAA used when giving their excuse for lack of warming. They said that their explanation was “the most likely explanation.” Translation…they don’t know WTF is going on…Deer Friends, “most likely” is not settled science.

We should all think about the fact that all the forecasts that call for the world to suffer massive pain from anthropogenic warming are based on computer models. If the computer models are flawed, then the forecasts will be flawed. Dr. John Christy, professor of atmospheric science and director of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) analyzed the parameters of the various models, and found that not a single model accurately predicted that the Earth’s temperature would remain flat since Oct. 1, 1996. Link

Deer Friends, please note that all the data that I have posted is not opinion, rather it is data presented as fact by NOAA.

Part 2) Certainly you are aware of the nationwide riots that followed the justifiable homicide of Michael Brown by a white police officer.

murder3You may not be aware of the fact that a white man was murdered by 3 black youths armed with hammers in a community very near to Ferguson Mo. while the riots were in progress. It’s likely that you haven’t heard of it because major media has chosen not report it. The local authorities have taken great care to claim that the murder was not racially motivated. Yet the victims head was beaten to a pulp. It was not a robbery.

The victim was inside his car after returning from a St. Louis bar. Out of nowhere, a group of teenagers approached his vehicle and began violently pounding on it. When the victim stepped out to confront the teens, he was relentlessly beaten. His wife, who was with him as he was assaulted, watched helplessly and in horror.

In a TV interview Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a black minister, stated: “We Will See “More white Americans under attack by black Americans.” He was right.

Another victim, in Ferguson, reported being attacked by a group of teens with hammers about an hour before the murder. The man, though, was fortunate to only escape with minor injuries.

In another episode, a white hot dog vendor was robbed and assaulted by four black suspects wielding a stolen hammer at a Ferguson Home Depot.

In another episode a white man who was apparently a protestor himself was chased and beaten by an unknown number of black attackers.

In another episode a White former Marine suffered a severe brain injury after a group of Black men beat him at a Mississippi restaurant in an apparent ‘revenge’ attack for the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

The authorities insist that these violent hate crimes have nothing to do with race. That beggars belief. It is patently obvious that race was a motivator in each of these episodes. Why is the White House and the Attorney General silent on these racial assaults? Why is there no talk of a Justice Department investigation? Why was there no outcry from the major media? Why is there no initiative from The White House to address the massive numbers of black on black crimes? Why is there never any protest when a black police officer kills a black suspect or a white suspect?

Why is The White House silent on the fact that homicide is far and away the leading cause of death for young black men, overwhelmingly at the hands of other black persons? This nations young black men are nearly six times more likely to die from homicide than young white men. But the White House, with a black man residing therein, has failed to address these horrific facts. Why aren’t the liberal/progressives/Democrats apoplectic about these facts? Why?