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Monday, February 3, 2014

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[NOAA Charts] NOAA is discontinuing printing charts after 152 years. You will still be able to buy print-on-demand charts from private vendors that are updated instantly. You can download electronic charts for free from NOAA’s chart website. Link


zombie walk


[The Movies] George A. Romero has the best zombies, after all he just about invented them. His zombies walked with their arms out from their bodies and very slowly and always died when you knocked their heads off. Modern zombies can run. I don’t like that.

[The Movies Deux]  They’re throwing cell phones in more and more movies when they get mad. 

[Terry Cassidy Super Bowl Party] I didn’t go, but I heard ever act clearly as I live near the ballfield. The first performer was a duo who were really bad at singing Bob Dylan and everything else, the rest of the music was country and bluegrass which I can do without. The last band played 3 instrumentals (which is rarely done) and the guitar playing was terrific–really terrific. It sounded like there were two guitar players and reminded me of Pink Floyd. I really liked them until the fourth song when someone sang. He was awful. Instead of singing he almost spoke the words and there was no music to them. Singing is words strung together in a musical fashion, not what that guy did (Joe Mama does the same thing, seldom holding on to a word for a beat or two). All in all I did enjoy the show even though I wasn’t there. 


[The Day the Music Died] On this date in 1959 Rock singers, Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and Big Bopper died in a plane crash.

American Pie


Oscar winner Phillip C Hoffman died of an overdose yesterday while waiting for the Super Bowl. He died in the bathroom like many junkies such as political satirist Lenny Bruce.

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We need someone to help light cleaning in our home on Big Pine Key. Hours and arrangements are flexible. Classified Ads > Help Wanted


[Super Bowl] At the end of the Super Bowl there is a long warning not to broadcast, publish or review any part of the game without express permission. I’m defying their warning for this review, so there! My Review: It was a great game for the Seahawks and a lousy one for the Broncos.

[“3D Printing makes me nervous”] 3D printing and 3D Matter to Energy Replication are entirely two different things. 3D printing takes a lot of work out of the casting and molding process of basic materials that can be cured into solids like melted plastics/metals and liquid concrete. The basic materials still need to be created, mined or otherwise processed then placed into the 3D printing machine. It’s still in it’s infancy stage, limited in application and scope.

It’s a long way off from the Star Trek: The Next Generation type 3D replication machines that take energy and convert it directly into useful or valuable items with no additional work required. But something like that would be very welcome in society because it would benefit the overall human condition and end a lot of conflict for natural resources or material things.

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I’ve noticed a drop in the “Jesus in food” reports lately, but you can still buy His toaster! Link 

[Super Bowl] Get ready for pot jokes about the Broncos losing. 
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Hearing Test online and free. Don’t forget to turn your speakers on or you’ll think you’re really deaf!  Link 

Found. Magnetic key holder with 2 keys inside. Found in street at Ships Way and US 1. Leave  message. Classified Ads > Lost and Found

[Hatemonger in Key West] Let us stand up for our Muslim friends against the nonsense and ignorance being promoted by the Islamophobe and snake oil salesman Tim Roosenberg.

Apparently Impact Community Church in Key West invited this bigotry and intol­erance into our community and it is despicable. It seems everyone in the city received an invitation to listen to sheer nonsense. This”crusade” against Islam masquerading as biblical prophecy is just another ploy by those with a political pur­pose to justify so much suffering in our world. These folks are of the same persua­sion as those who have justified enslaving Africans, stoning women, corralling Jews, and putting gays to death. Because of their vulnerability, Muslims are the latest group to be targeted. This individual will be spewing his ignorance in Key West fora couple of weeks, and Impact Community Church is giving him the platform.

award oscar man

My nominee for the best euphemism of the year is … “sewer-side mission”. I almost spit out my morning beer over that one.

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Life is good in the Keys! 

[Super Bowl] I recall reading the Vietcong would try to get the American GI’s hooked on pot because it would reduce their will to fight. Seems the Broncos proved it right. “Denver legalizes pot”
[Waste] Why the hell is Florida Power & Light advertising on the Super Bowl at $5 million a minute when we have no other choice but to use them?



Back in the evening sky, the waxing Moon passes Mercury after sundown.

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The First Annual Science and Engineering Fair organized by The Keys School District was held last week and over 70 Students participated. All the students had great displays and 8 are being sent to the State Finals.  I’ve been to thousands of events and I can’t remember being so emotionally rewarded in seeing these young ones so enthused with what is truly reality & useful to us all. This is a must attend for everyone next year.

nira tocco realtor 9.12



What a bad mother deserves.

Have you seen the houses they’re building on Little Torch at the old Lucky’s Landing site?  They are the blandest, most tasteless things possible.  They even make the barracks that Pritam Singh builds look good.
isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13 
Looking for local repair of power inverter for a 3000 watt pro sine power inverter that turns on then immediately shuts down. Hopefully there is someone with a better knowledge of electronics than me. Call Pete 305-393-0540. Classified Ads > Wanted 
monument_pacholkaMonument Valley includes a picturesque foreground of famous buttes. Buttes are composed of hard rock left behind after water eroded away the surrounding soft rock. The two buttes on the image left are known as the Mittens, while Merrick Butte is on the right. Recorded in 2007 December, planet Mars is at the left of the skyscape, a glowing beacon of orange that is the brightest object in the frame. To the right of Mars lies the constellation of Orion. Betelgeuse is the reddish star near the center and the Belt of Orion and the Orion Nebula are farther right. Finally, the bright blue star Rigel appears above Merrick Butte in this stunning view.
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The magazines in my Bushmaster do have counters so I know how many rounds that I have left.

Gruel200[Captain Doom and Gloom] The new marketing ploy is to make one item and sell it for $1,000 dollars or more. The logic is that some fool with too much money will buy it no matter what it is or what the price is. Cheeseburgers are $16.95 with fries. A 12 oz bottle of beer is $2.50 and up. A full meal costs you (bring your mortgage). This system of sticking it to the masses is working well in the Florida Keys.

I cannot understand why the people cannot stop this pump scam. Of course the developers/contractors/pump mfgs and the junta are ripping out our wallets for the NWO design of the Keys into a tourist mecca. Who else is behind all the monye being spent? Who has the islands already laid out for the hotels and super markets? Who has the islands lined up for the dragging and yacht basins? Something much bigger than the simple minded sewer BS is at foot! Do we know anyone in Tallassee to spill the beans as to what is going to happen to our homes and lives? Ask around!

from the right

osama running bombSometimes our left field fellow travelers simply can’t get their stories straight.  Certainly you will remember Mr. Obama’s strings of boasts wherein he proudly declares that Al Qaeda is rapidly losing its punch and is well on the way to being just an unpleasant memory thanks to Team Obama.  Of course we all know that Obama’s boasting in nothing more than wishful political thinking.  But now there is proof of that coming directly from the Obama inner circle.

James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, testified at a Senate hearing a few days ago that he can’t say the threat from the terror network “is any less” than it was a decade ago. Of course that is in direct contravention to Mr. Obama’s propaganda.

Clapper also testified that  Al Qaeda probably poses an even bigger challenge today — because its franchises are “much more globally dispersed” and the organization recently has benefited from the massive leak of U.S. intelligence information.  Don’t you wonder why there has been no effort to return Ed Snowden to the US? I do!


Part 2) Charles Crist is not the only Democrat running for the Governor’s office. Nan Rich is a Broward Democrat.  Ms. Rich has a rich history of public service spanning many years, she has served in both the Florida House and the Florida Senate. She, unlike Crist has a record of accomplishments. Personally I disagree with her politics, but I do respect her dedication and ethics.  Ms. Rich calls out Charles Crist on his many conservative stances during his political career as a Republican. Crist does not have the stones to answer.  It is revealing that Mr. Crist refuses to debate Ms. Rich. One must wonder if he is frightened by the truth, or maybe he’s nothing more than a political opportunist.

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