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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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[Hatemonger in Key West] As the presenter of the Islam and Christianity in prophecy seminar, I feel I must respond to the false and baseless attack that you published. Every charge in the article is false.

We have had many Muslims attend our seminars over the last 5 years. To the best of my knowledge we have never had a Muslim leave angry with me. You see, I present in a respectful way and I am honest with history and Bible prophecy. This means that I give a balanced view. I repeatedly make the following statement: through history and prophecy the majority of Christians and the majority of Muslims have served the same false god of force, fear and anger “Do it our way or else!” At the same time a minority of Christians and a minority of Muslims have found, or are in search of, the true God of love, truth, peace and forgiveness. This is what I present. You may also find it of interest that I have worked as a religious liberty lobbyist  and as such have defended the religious rights of all, including Muslims and many others.

It is unfortunate that people spew out their hate without checking the facts first.  So here is my challenge: if you can be respectful and kind to people who may see things differently than you, then come and see for yourself. Our seminars are at the Impact Community Church at 1316 5th St., Key West (Times are 5:30 and 7:15). You can also watch our seminars online at I would love to meet you. ~Tim Roosenberg

(Note to Coconut Telegraph Staff, Since you published a piece that borders on libel I would appreciate it if you would now publish my response. Thank you.


sun glasses


Let’s all just stop for a minute and appreciate the fact that we live in a time where people bring pizza to our front doors.

[Shoot ‘em Up Wednesdays] To the person that looked into Florida law that allows us to discharge a firearm on our private property. Thank you. I have been here thirty years and the County has always stated that we couldn’t discharge a firearm in the County. I have always owned large pieces of property in the Keys. I like my privacy.

To the people opposed to this, Mr Vanieur has built a range at his cost that sounds safe, and appropriate for what he is doing. I grew up around guns. Safety was always absolutely first. If you screwed up your hunting season was over. Just stop whining about bad stuff that hasn’t happened. Gun owners are responsible people. Lot’s of things could happen about everything.

The government tries to regulate everything. This is one of the only times I’ve seen them do anything right. Just remember if something bad happens in your neighborhood you know where you can go to get some help instantly, and he has practiced so he will be experienced and ready. The cops can’t be everywhere. Have you ever had to call them? Response time isn’t immediate. The Keys are a long place. This guy sounds very responsible. I would be proud to have him as my neighbor.

Again thank you for showing us the law. I have an acre of land, and will put in my own range. Built to at least as good as your specifications or better. As with you, I won’t be blasting off bullets constantly, and will call the sheriff’s office before I do.


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hd tv rotate


FOX Sports streamed the Super Bowl for the first time Sunday (next year they will charge for the stream). I don’t have cable so I was able to connect my laptop to the big TV in the living room and we watched the game in high definition. Pretty cool.


cardinal tree


[Birdsong] Sunday morning (February 2) was the first time I heard the cardinals singing to each other this year. Last year it was on February 19 when I first heard their cheerful song.

RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman. You were a hugely talented character actor of the screen and stage. Gone much too soon, from a relapse of substance abuse after 23 years sober. So sad and such a waste.
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[Lucky’s Landing] Thank goodness for the manufactured housing going up on Little Torch. Finally some cheap affordable housing on the Keys. I hope the people who assist us in the stores will finally have clean and affordable housing.

Does anyone know the purpose of the huge antenna on the estate at the end of Winifred St. on Big Pine? Winifred is at the intersection of South, Ave. A (the other Ave A) and Wilder.
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cake happy birthday

[Facebook] 10 years old today. The social media giant is used by one fifth of the world, 81% of user are outside the USA, the largest growth segment is the over 55 crowd, and Mark Zuckerberg has over 9 billion dollars in cash in a shoebox in his closet.

[Mission Accomplished] Iraq had over four thousand killings in 2013 and just last month there were over a thousand more –and rising. It looks like that democracy thing hasn’t been working to well for them. They need a strongman again. Is Saddam still dead?
The stock market was down triple digits yesterday. I should have sold when advised to last month. I never listen.

santa sad drags tree


[Christmas Getting More Expensive] The new farm bill puts a fifteen cent tax on Christmas trees.

[Customer Service] This is an example of the experience I’ve had with my phone provider. AT&T take note, you bastards!

“We just dropped our rates. Every data graduation beyond the $3 level is now cheaper. We’re cutting the per-unit price on data from 2.25¢ to 1.5¢ per megabyte (that’s $15 per gigabyte) too. This blog post has all the gory details. For Ting customers (love you!) the change takes affect with your next billing cycle. You don’t have to ask for these new rates. They’re just what you pay now. Thought you’d like to know.”

The AARP calendar is here for February. Menu > Ongoing Events



Man buried on his Harley. And I always thought that a HD tattoo was extreme. Link

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Now son, do you know what you did wrong?Yes sir, I shared something on Coconut Telegraph without checking facts and encouraged bullshit to propagate, leading to the dumbing-down of humanity. 

If you grew up in the 1950’s through the 1980‘s this is a tribute to you making it to adulthood. Video


[Patty Hearst] On this date in 1974 Patricia Hearst, granddaughter of newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst, was kidnapped by the California’s Symbionese Liberation Army where she fell in love and robbed a bank carrying a machine gun. Her Stockholm’s Syndrome defense worked. She went home and married her bodyguard. What a story. It would be hard to make this up.

[IE Most Targeted Browser] Internet Explorer and Java are security nightmares and should not be used at all.

Internet Explorer can’t be uninstalled. However a safer and privacy conscious browser like Mozilla’s Firefox can be installed and used instead. Google’s Chrome is also somewhat secure, however Google, an advertising company, takes a lot of liberties with your privacy and should be avoided.

For a more secure machine. 1: Uninstall Java 2: Install and use Firefox instead of IE. Take your time installing the following add-ons into Firefox to learn how they work: Ad Block Plus, NoSquint (auto zooms pages), Ghostery (web bug blocker), Web of Trust (warns of malicious links) and NoScript. Drag a NoScript Temp Allow All button to Firefox’s toolbar and click on it once you trust the web page your on. NoScript is the best website attack protection possible and only available on Firefox. You’ll also notice your browsing will be faster without a lot of the crap showing up on screen.

Java can be uninstalled (Start > Control Panel > Uninstall Programs) if it’s not being used. It can be reinstalled from Oracle if one’s need for it changes. Link 


Sneaky medical trick to remove a stuck ring. Video

[“Hatemonger in Key West”] How do I send him money? He is right on the mark with his lecture. If you do not believe what he says I will buy you a free ticket to Iran, Iraq or any Islamic country to see how you like their reality.

jet ski run away ad


[Trailer] I am in desperate need of a personal water craft (PWC) trailer for my SeaDoo. The one I have has rusted out and I am a snowbird from NJ only here until May. I am a cancer survivor and looking forward to riding my SeaDoo. Does anyone have a good condition used one I can buy, rent or use for my time here?

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[Adams-Farwell] A look at the rare radial engine in the one and only Adams-Farwell Car in existence. If you’re a vintage car buff or even if you’re not, this is an amazing motor. 5 cylinder, air cooled, rotating, radial design from 1906. Video

nira tocco realtor 9.12

I want to see something on here everyday about that outdoor gun shooting shit on Big Pine.  This is too crazy to let slide.  I will never let that BS to go on near me. Be the f warned, tough guys.

(Anonymous response: What are you going to do? shoot someone to prevent a possible stray bullet? You seem to be the tough guy.)



Floor jack posts (5). Welded steel floor jack posts. Approximate height 50″ – 90″ fully adjustable. $10 each. On Big Pine. Classified Ads > Tools

[“3D printers”] Sorry to ruin a perfectly good conspiracy theory, but 3D printers have been around for 20 years, albeit a lot cheaper now than the $250k original price tag. CNC machines have been around for eons, and can mill many materials too. Not sure you’re going to get the ‘infinite replicator’ though.

tooth being brushed


CheapShots will be in the Keys doing low cost veterinary care this Friday through Monday. Feb is Dental Month so call for an appt. We will be at Big Pine Dog Park this Saturday from 11-12. Call 305-390-0325 or go to for more information.

isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13 
The CT really got shorter since Ed stopped taking in political and religious posts. I wonder how many readers he has left, or Right, as the case may be.

captain steering wheel


[Boating Skills and Seamanship] The Big Pine Key Coast Guard Auxiliary is offering a limited number of scholarships to our Boating Skills and Seamanship Course starting February 24th thru March 12th, at Sugarloaf Fire Department, 17175 Overseas Hwy, Sugarloaf Key, FL. Classes run for three weeks on Monday and Wednesday from 7:00 to 9:30 P.M. Students, ages 14-18 years old may apply. Graduating students will receive the Florida Boating Education I.D. Card, Coast Guard Auxiliary Diploma and I.D. Card.  Florida law requires that persons born on or after January 1, 1988, complete an approved boater education course prior to operating a vessel powered by a motor of 10 horsepower or more

The Big Pine Key Coast Guard Auxiliary is also having its annual flea market fundraiser for our scholarship program on 17 February at the Big Pine Key United Methodist Church, From 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.  Drop by and support this worthy program. For more information go to Events

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The DEA training manual illustrates the process of “parallel construction”. Law enforcement agencies from both state and federal levels use this process to obfuscate the original source of evidence acquired by the NSA. The so-called routine traffic stop is a favored tactic, as well as officers manufacturing probable cause or using non-existent “anonymous” informants.

The objective is to keep the NSA personnel out of the courtroom where they can give evidence how the government is spying on it’s citizens through just about every electronic device imaginable. Link 

[Angry Dude] Forget it, hippy. 3D replication from pure energy will not stop human wars. Religion, ideology, natural resource, etc are not why humans wage war and fight. Since the first caveman to ever kill another human and enjoyed it, it became clear mankind or at least the part with the brains to admit and the balls to act on that is never going to be happy unless we are killing and blowing shit up. Fortunately, the bleeding hearts and kumbaya crowd are in the minority. Cause the weak and meek will only inherit what the bad ass mofo’s leave them to inherit! So sorry, but that’s a fact jack!

boy scout sign[All You Can Eat Spaghetti Dinner] Hosted by Boy Scout Troop 573 this Saturday, February 15 from 5-7 pm at the Big Pine United Methodist Church, Key Deer Blvd, Big Pine Key. $10/adults and $6/children includes all you can eat salad, spaghetti entree, garlic bread, and beverage. There will also be door prizes and delicious  homemade desserts. Please join us and support our troop’s effort to attend summer camp in the mountains of North Carolina. For more info Events

[Religion] Why is it that Christian religions are the big bullies on the block with the other religions seeing as they basically preach the same principles except it’s not their god, it’s another deity with another name. Muslims for example. The Quran and the Talmud are almost the same as the Old Testament with practically the same stories and characters. Hinduism, has a unique and detailed story that dates back way further than the Christian bible. Then there’s Buddhism. I always chuckle when I someone refers to Buddhism as a religion. Buddhism is a way of life not a religion. Buddha is not a god, he was a prince born in India who gave up all his material wealth, and went in search of wisdom, philosophy and spiritual gratification throughout the Middle East and Asia (Ooooooooom). His teachings were so beautiful and logical that Buddhism spread through Asia and parts of the Middle East. Yet Christians misunderstand it to be a religion.

And now that I even think about it, they even turn against the people who “Jehovah” chose to be his chosen children too! Even more, the Protestants despise the Catholics and vice versa. The Protestants even despise their own other protestant sects. Now here’s when I get to my main question. Why is it that you never hear Christians go after or declare war on the Satanic Churches here in the U.S. and all over Europe?

The 1st “legal” Satanic Church opened it’s doors and was established at the Black House in San Francisco, California, on Walpurgisnacht, April 30, 1966, by Anton Szandor LaVey, who was the church’s High Priest until his death in 1997. In 2001, Peter H. Gilmore became the high priest, and the church’s headquarters were moved to Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. LaVey’s children and many of the originalcongregation left, and opened their own Satanic Churches. Many of them to be (Allegedly) more sinister than the 1st Church by LaVey. They even spread throughout Europe like wild fire.

Isn’t this supposed to be the true enemy of God? You hear preachers condemning Satan, but never his existing Churches? Could it be because many famous and powerful figures are secret Satanic worshipers? Several top brass military leaders, Vatican higher clergy, Tv Evangelists, politicians, directors, producers, actors, musicians and performers, news anchormen, corporate leaders and many more powerful people around the world, who actually control and decide societies laws and fate, are Satanic worshipers. How come Christians never focus on the enemy that they’re supposed to focus on? Have you ever wondered about that? 

food-ct4[Captain Doom and Gloom] Look at what we breath, bug farts from microbes, tree farts from plants. And our food is nothing more than recycled poo in reality. Maybe the Chinese rice paddies are a sign of the future for the Keys too? Yes, Alice, they are full of that stuff!  Next time you see a worm, thank him/her/it!

“Star Trek: The Next Generation replication machines would welcome in society because it would benefit the overall human condition and end a lot of conflict for natural resources or material things” Of course it would, but then what are you going to do for employment to support yourself? eat, cut lawns, sweep the beaches, fix the roads, what?  What else is left, but sex and eating food. With your ideology there would be no need for workers except for those who build these machines and that can be robotized easily. Think in reality terms. Think deeply about flying cars and blondes. Do-it-yourself heart transplant kits. About your bank account. Your useless eater future. Then what? Humanity became a problem when some guy invented the plow, which made it possible to feed the masses and let them breed themselves to extinction. Amen!

from the right

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” — Barack Obama, October 30, 2008

Well, Obama and the Democrats did just that. Since then Obama, and the Democrats have had nearly free reign to impose their principles of governance on our great nation. Ask yourself, are we better off today than we were then?

welfare-state4Since then our national debt has increased by nearly 70% and our Democrat friends are scurrying to massively increase our debt. The number of people who have quit even trying to find work has increased exponentially. The number of families and individuals on food stamps has skyrocketed. Welfare has gone through the roof. In many circles, working has become scorned, it is for “suckers”. A cancerous malaise has infected our work ethic.

The gap between rich and poor has exploded.  Under Democrat governance, the rich have gotten much richer, the middle class has shrunk, and the poor have endured a massive decrease in their earnings.

America has lost the respect that it once enjoyed on the world stage. We are no longer the pre-eminent world power.

There is no doubt about it, Obama and the Democrats are rapidly “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” It’s got to stop.

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