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Monday, January 27, 2014

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Not too long ago you were looking for artifacts from the Southern Railroad for the Big Pine Museum.  I have an item that may be of interest.  We found it half buried in our backyard when we bought the house behind the Shell station off US1.  It’s a reinforced (with rebar) concrete post about 5 feet in length and 6” x 6” wide.  As you can see at the top it has the letters SRD R/W.  I Googled this but could not find anything specific. Perhaps it stands for “Southern Railroad” and I’m sure R/W means “Right of Way.”   Perhaps it’s a marker for the Southern Railroad right of way which came right through our backyard on that side of US1.  In any event, it’s a pretty cool old post and heavy too. Do any of you readers know for sure what this post’s purpose was?

Marathon seems to have a short memory. Mike Puto left as City Manager because he kept messing up. Now they are hailing him as the Messiah to replace the existing Manager who just left. What a joke!
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cowboy guns horseback

[Neighborhood Shooting] To the gentleman who feels it is perfectly fine for him to have a firing range in his Eden Pines backyard, shame on you. I live in Eden Pines, thankfully not in your immediate neighborhood, and have heard gun shots in the past, not knowing it was simply you target shooting. Shooting guns in a residential neighborhood, safety features or not, should be illegal. Perhaps you should consider how you would feel if you were not a gun enthusiast and a neighbor was blasting shots, disturbing your peace, not to mention fear of a stray bullet. I truly feel sorry for your immediate neighbors and feel you should show some consideration for them and go to a firing range instead. Next time I hear those shots at least I will know it’s you and not some tragic happening in our subdivision. 

[“Vacation Rentals on Craigslist”] You must assume that they are all licensed vacation rentals of which there are many. There are also many scammers. Beware.
[“Killing iguanas them is not an effective long term strategy”] That’s nonsense. The poster suggests changing the environment and they won’t return. Where will they go? How can you change the environment on a concrete sea wall with a pea rock yard? That environment is where you’ll find the really big ones sunning themselves. I imagine if you change the environment by removing the Sun and then cooling the concrete they will not return, but that’s foolish thinking. I don’t think the writer has had much experience with iguana control. People should mot have to change their whole landscape to accommodate any invasive species. 



[Freedom of Choice] If I don’t want to participate in Mondays, I shouldn’t have to.

Edward Snowden just revealed that the National Security Agency has been spying on industrial competitors of US businesses around the world to gain their trade secrets. This has nothing to do with national security–just profit and greed. If data is power, where’s the checks and balances that have previously made America great?


[“Unless you are a licensed plumber in Florida you will never be able to pull the required permit”] Excuse me? A property owner can pull any permit as long as the work involved passes county/state code requirements and passes inspection. Don’t pass on incorrect information as if you know what you’re talking about.
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homer chili fire


ABATE and Coconuts have been working to bring you the best chili cooks in the world for a number of years. This years’ competition was very close. ABATE members, locals and tourist ate some very good, to really very good, to great, to excellent chili at the Nut Sunday. To everyone who helped, thank you, it just wouldn’t work without you. Video 

[Sewers and Vacation Rentals] It occurs to me we suffered for a long time with illegal short term rentals next door to us. The owners eventually went belly up because of their ridiculously huge dock they built on our canal (no permit; they said, no problem. Ha!) and their obnoxious tenants. My point is they constantly flushed “disposable” diapers and lord knows what else into the septic system which caused all the s**t to overflow into our yards on a regular basis. We all know there are idiots and vacation rentals who will continue to do this. How well will grinder pumps deal with this?

captain gilligan[Boating Skills and Seamanship Class] The Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 13-03, Big Pine Key, is offering a Boating Skills and Seamanship class beginning February 24th thru March 12th.  It is a three week program, Scheduled Monday and Wednesday from 7:00 to 9:30 P.M. It will be held at Sugarloaf Fire Department, 17175 Overseas Hwy, Sugarloaf Key, FL

The cost of the program is $55 per person (materials included) and $80 per couple with shared materials.

Topics include: Which Boat is for You, Required Boat Equipment, Operator Responsibilities, Rules of the Road, Handling Your Boat, Highway Signs, Orientation to Nautical Charts, Weather, A Look at the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Navigational Tools & Techniques, Navigational Exercises, Trailering, Boating Safety, Your Boat’s Radio and a Search and Rescue (SAR) Exercise, Florida Law, Environmental Concerns in the Florida Keys and Hands on Knot Tying.

For more information or to register… Events 



[Boobie Trap] New Wonderbra of the future unlocks if the woman is in love with you (or high on cocaine). Video

[Anti Holy] Is anyone else getting the Islam Christianity In Bible Prophecy pamphlet in their mail? It looks like the Holys are coming to KW to sucker in more to their fold. Of course the lecture is free like all mind bending propaganda. It will just cost you your life and freedom if you bite on that hook.
[Restore Point] In Windows 8.1 how can I restore my computer to an earlier time? Must the restore point feature be turned on or is it turned on by default? In Win 7 you have to turn it on which I found out only after the horse had left the barn.

chicken-quesadilla27Happy Mexican Monday from Springers Bar and Grill. Today’s special is a chicken quesadilla. Come on in for a tasty Mexican treat for your tummy.

We hope you had a great weekend. The Superbowl is just around the corner, have you made your plans for the big game? Join us! We are just the place to enjoy pre game festivities and watch the game time action. We have bumped up the time so the fun is beginning at 2pm with a pig roast, including black beans and rice, Mac and cheese and coleslaw as well as a mountain of jello shots. There will also be raffle drawings and giveaways throughout the day benefiting women’s charities. Then the game starts at 6:30 and with our 14 televisions you’re sure to have a perfect seat no matter where you’re sitting to catch all the action.

Here’s more Superbowl trivia for you. The first Super Bowl was held in 1967. Who played and who won?

Superbowl 1, later called the Supergame, was on January 15th in California at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and broadcast on CBS and NBC. It was between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers. The Packets won that year 35-10. That was many years and many memories ago. Join us for Super bowl XLVIII and come make some new memories with us.

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dog cute eyes


Found male dog near Mallory Square just before Midnight, Saturday 1/25. Medium build hound mix. If you know of him or he is yours please call Mark … Classified Ads > Lost and Found

[Windows 8] My friend, in the computer business for years, told me Windows 8 has all the things XP, Vista and W7 has, but you have to know where to look for them and how to get them to run right. W8 & 8.1 is very stable, but the interface was designed for touch tablets and smartphones not desktops or laptops. This is where Microsoft screwed up by trying to push new hardware. People did not go for it.
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Wow, I’ve been spelling Erica wrong my whole life. 

[“28 days rentals”] The 28 day restriction is for unincorporated Monroe County. For incorporated sections (like Marathon) and some resorts (like Venture Out) that law is not applicable. That’s not to say all the Craigslist ads are legit, but they certainly could be if they’re in one of the incorporated areas.
[Marathon Government] It’s really frightening to see how shallow the talent pool in Marathon must really be.  They hired Mike Puto to be the interim city manager, a guy that was fired from the city manager’s job only a few years ago.



Let’s go boating. Well, maybe not with this guy!

[Speaking at the BOCC Sewer Meeting] Any person who wishes to be heard shall provide the Clerk with his or her name and residence and the agenda item on which he or she wishes to be heard.   Such information shall be on a card provided by the County.  Once public input begins, there will be no further speaker cards allowed to be submitted to the Clerk for that subject.   An individual has three minutes and a person representing an organization has five minutes to address the Board (except that individuals wishing to speak during public hearings pertaining to land use issues will have five minutes).  The first personrepresenting the organization will be allowed the five minutes.  Subsequently, all other speakers on behalf of that organization have three minutes to address the Board.  Once an individual has addressed the Board, he or she will not be permitted to return to the podium for follow-up comments, unless the issue involved is quasi judicial in nature.  In that case, the applicant may return to the podium to conclude his or her position at the end of the public hearing.
If you have been married over a quarter of a century, that means you are about 50. Not so, I am an Arab and was married at birth and am now 25.5 years of age. Go figure!
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chickenman27[Chicken People Song] Sing to the tune of the CandyMan
Who can take your sleep time? (who can take your sleep time?)
And turn it into pain? (turn it into pain?)
Scratch up fancy cars, leaving bird poop remains,
The Chicken People can (the Chicken People can)
The Chicken People can (the Chicken People can)
Oh the Chicken People can ’cause they feed the stupid things
and think the whole world should (think the whole world should)

Who can take your garden, (who can take your garden)
And trash it as they please? (trash it as they please?)
Kill all the exotics and give your kids disease
The Chicken People can (The Chicken People can)
The Chicken People can (The Chicken People can)
Oh, the Chicken People can ’cause they’re criminally insane
And can’t be deported like they should (can’t be deported like they should)


(The Chicken People make, every place they take,)
(Something out of a third world cesspool)

While they talk about childhood farm wishes,
We all wish they go pack their dishes.




[Sea Sick] The Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas cruise ship is a sick ship. U.S. health officials have boarded the cruise ship to investigate an illness outbreak that has stricken at least 300 people with gastrointestinal symptoms includ­ing vomiting and diarrhea. It seems there are often more sickness on board cruise ships than seasickness. Link

Over 40% of the world now uses smartphones, can you afford not to have an app?      Why do you need a mobile app? Here’s just a few reasons:
– To market yourself: coupons and other special offers can be sent to your customers’ phones
– Build brand-loyalty and encourage customers to become frequent guests       
– Integrated social networking (Facebook & Twitter) tools to create a “viral buzz”
– Generate revenue. Earn money from ads, or sell your products or services      
– Having an app of your own means you will be ahead of your competitors and it is something you can keep promoting for years to come

Apps are great advertisements. Consider how much it costs to buy a half page ad in a newspaper. Chances are an app costs a lot less, plus it doesn’t disappear forever once someone turns the page. Having an app means that every time someone scrolls through their phone they will see your brand, even if they don’t open up the app.      

Back in the 1990s, people wondered why they needed a website. Few people wonder about that now. The same thing is starting to happen with mobile apps and websites optimized for mobile phones. 

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bulb pull chain

On January 27 1880 Thomas Edison was granted a patent for his incandescent light.

[“Unless you are a licensed plumber”] Apparently this Einstein has never heard of Owner /Builder permits. Yes you can do your own sewer connection and the FKAA will spell out exactly what you need to do. It will cost much more then $80, but it will be cheaper than hiring someone.
nira tocco realtor 9.12
[“Mosquito meeting for people opposed to releasing genetically modified mosquitoes”] Yeah, they do not want to hurt the mosquitoes, but bring back the Draft, right? Just think how nice this rock would be without bugs and rednecks.

egg cane twirling


Let me teach you how to suck eggs. Very cool way to separate egg yolks. Video

I can’t wait to go to this here Holy Roller meeting in Key West and see how these people will drive out all the sinners from the Keys and bring organized religion to where it is needed the most. Hallelujah!
isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13 
Tsunami in the Keys?  If this happened there would be nothing left but our shadows. The Keys are only 5 feet over the highest tide and there are no hills to hide on top of! This video was posted yesterday and is worth watching again. Video
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[Captain Doom and Gloom] “I see FTR guy is still tuning out the world” Did you ever think FTR is right and you are why this planet is not going to make it? You should!

DEF: ROWE (short for Results Only Work Environment) refers to a work environment that focuses on the actual work done rather than the ‘when and where’ it is done.
In such an environment, employees may come and go as they please or need, whether it is the office (within reasonable open hours), home, or other location where they can complete their work.
Employees are also free to work the hours that best suit them during the day, night, or a combination thereof. What counts is getting the work done right and on time.
Of course this would never work in today’s welfare society!

from the right

Micro-Stamping27California has recently passed a law that will require gun makers to “micro stamp” a unique serial number on each newly manufactured guns firing pin  and breech face. This latest feel good liberal assault on gun ownership is nonsensical.

The process involves laser etching of the guns firing pin and breech face with the guns make, model and serial number. Aside from the huge increase in manufacturing cost, such a process will also add a whole new layer of government employees and equipment.

The biggest reason against it is the fact that it just won’t work. Precious few legally purchased guns are used in the commission of crimes, especially those crimes that are “who dunnits.”  Criminals who own a micro stamped gun will simply deface the microstamped firing pin or breech face with a file or will purchase a new firing pin from one of the thousands of sources that are available.

Many people think that forensic examination of a gun used in a crime is nothing more than matching the marks on a recovered projectile with the rifling in the barrel. The fact is that the fired casing has a wealth of information imprinted on it from the weapon that fired it.  Forensic ballistics is largely the study of tool marks. More often than not, the firing pin of the recovered weapon will make unique imprint on the primer of the recovered cartridge.  Often, the base of a recovered shell casing is imprinted with unique markings on the breech face of the suspect weapon.  Plus there is a device called the ejector that yanks the fired shell casing from the breech and tosses it aside. Microscopic examination of the ejector will routinely show that the suspect gun has unique machining marks which will transfer to the fired shell casing during the firing sequence.

Sharp detectives and crime scene techs will very carefully collect all scene casings and examine them for fingerprints and DNA material. The collected cases must be delivered to a forensic firearms examiner.  Even without microstamping, there is already a wealth of information on fired casings.

Even the University of California at Davis has weighed in on the issue.  They said: “….It is not recommended that a mandate for implementation of this technology be made.”

Microstamping is the latest in the left’s war on privacy and gun ownership.  The left simply does not give a damn that there is simply no existing microstamping technology that will reliably, consistently and legibly imprint the identifying information of a firearm on the ammunition it fires. Nonetheless, they will do all in their power to spread this latest cancer on the Second Amendment.

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