2014 January

Sunday, January 26, 2014

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ABATE Chili Cook Off at the NUT this Sunday afternoon.

[Dead Swimmy Things] Are Florida waters becoming a morgue for marine mammals? Deaths of pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins, manatees a troubling trend. Link 
opera26On this date in 1988 Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera opened on Broadway. It would go on to become the longest-running Broadway show
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Mosquito meeting for people opposed to releasing genetically modified mosquitoes Monday 5:30-9 p.m. in Key West.

Free colorectal screening for all adults 50+ Call 305 294-4004 to schedule an appointment.  Link

start buttonBoy, o, boy, am I in agreement that windows 8 sucks. It is awful. I can’t find anything or even find the desktop and start button. Windows has been training us where things are since computers became popular now they are telling us to learn all over again. It was hard the first time, we’re not willing to learn again! Microsoft has totally disregarded it’s users.

I only bought this little $100 Acer laptop while my computer was having a board replacement (got too hot) and it was going to be over a week. I just about went nuts trying to use Internet Explorer for everything. FInally I went to the guy fixing my computer and he put this little shell program on my computer which turned it back into a kind of old Windows that opens at the desktop and has the usual icons at the bottom and top. Then I could download AOL  and Google Chrome and everything returned to normal.

I looked for the plugin and all the thing says now Is CLassic Start Menu if that is any help, but its free and wonderful. I hope you can find it too.


[Vacation Rentals] If the minimum vacation rental in Monroe County is supposed to be 28 days, why are so many (seems like all of them) advertised on Craigslist at weekly rates? And I assume it’s different for key west because those are advertised by the night. What’s the deal? Can someone clue me in on this?
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an union slodier flag

This old farmer stuck up in the fridge of Virginia also agrees that Virginia is north of Fl yes, but up North we Rebs shall never be. The South shall rise again!

Ladies, If a man is talking in the forest and no one’s around to hear him, is he still wrong?



I see FTR guy is still tuning out the world and replacing it with whatever panders to his way of thinking.

The payment in lieu of taxes (PILT) program, $1.2 million that was going to offset some of the services provided to Federal properties is taken away?  So we now have more of a tax burden too? All the Federal and Navy properties and especially Balfour Beatty are getting a free ride on our backs for the services we pay for. I sure hope the tax appraiser wins that suit against Balfour Beatty.
All the owners of restaurants in the Lower Keys should read their reviews on Trip Advisor and compare theirs with Kaya’s. I find them accurate.

deer abby glasses bow 200h[In response to Deer Abby Post] I will be happy to answer any posts and I welcome anyone else to respond too.

You said that you have never been this old before. In reality you will never be this young again.

If you have been married over a quarter of a century, that means you are about 50. Sadly that is the time when we look at many of our single friends and realize they might die all alone. We all know that our death is certain and one of us will have to care for the other one then must go on alone. Very often in couples over 80, when one dies the other dies in less than a year from loneliness.

If you look at your wife every time she leaves thinking it might be the last time you see her, show her your love. Do the little things that make her happy. Water her plants, buy her a new rosé bush, tell her you want to go out for dinner and live music and suggest that you want to go with her to get a new dress or jacket since its cold out. Do any thing out of the ordinary that will surprise her and make her love you more.

Being married over 20 years has taught us some lessons. Never get in a fight and threaten that you might leave. Nothing works well after that. Always tell her she looks great no matter what. Cooking dinner is always well appreciated. Any little act of kindness will make her love for you glow.

Watch a movie with her about any loving couple that has a partner die than tell her your fears of losing her. On golden pond was one of my favorites, it shows true love. She might not understand if you compare your love to a sci-fi movie, try it with a chick flick.

After so many years together you are not living in the moment, you are living in the decade. Be thankful for what you have, many others wish they were as fortunate as you

Thanks, Deer Abby

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Dramatic video of Japan tsunami. If you have never seen this, it will scare you to death. Be thankful we don’t have those tsunami things around here. It looks so innocuous at the beginning, but the second wave begins the horror. Video

tax time gremlin


Free tax preparation at the Big Pine Senior Center Thursdays from 1-4:30p.m. starting February 6th. Events > Ongoing Events 

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Yahoo Mail hacked. So was Michael’s craft shops. Link
The world the way it should be! Video
Federal downstairs enclosure inspection program formally comes to an end. You can move back in, but just don’t get caught. Link
[Windows 8] I completely agree!  But then, I have to cite the example of my spouse and an elderly neighbor, both of whom used to get hung up repeatedly and have to call for help with every previous Windows edition.  I think some people’s brains seem to find it logical and easy, like we do the previous versions.
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chicken dance


Chickens can be had with a good old fashion sling shot and pea gravel. Head shots are best. A Red Rider BB gun with a tube sight or cheap scope works, but the POP can be heard a block away! Anything bigger than a BB or rock is dangerous to all, so be careful out there! No,you cannot use your .30-06! 

[Windows 8 Sucks] Even Microsoft has finally wised up to the fact that Win 8 is a market failure like Vista was. They are attempting to return some desktop user interface features back to Win 8 with their updates. They have announced two things. Windows 7 can be sold on new machines for an undetermined time, all you have to do is ask your online PC retailer for it. And a new revamped Windows 9 is slated to come in 2015 sometime. The desktop user interface will return completely and Win 8 Metro apps will becoming gadgets. Unfortunately Win 8 still comes on a lot of new computers, mainly in retail stores and some online places. However buyers have downgrade rights for Win 8 Pro/Ultimate to the popular Win 7 Pro or Ultimate versions. Several online PC makers like Dell, HP, Sager Notebooks and Toshiba all carry new Win 7 machines or will downgrade Win 8’s to Win 7’s (or they will only upgrade to Win 8 upon request).

Win 7 will get support until 2020 and likely a bit longer, so it’s a really good operating system to invest software into. All the corporations and big businesses are adopting Win 7 Pro machines transferring from older Win XP as it will run their older XP software. So for best compatibility, Windows 7 Pro is it. If you want to downgrade to Win 7 with a present Win 8 machine and don’t know how, then call a local PC tech. Don’t suffer with Windows 8 madness, don’t suffer with Apple’s annual OS X change madness and high priced vendor ecosystem lock-in neither.


[Old Love] Deer Abby you should have married a man![?]

chicken in every pot

[“Catching chickens”]  The easiest way is to do it at night.  They’ll roost in the trees and be pretty much immobilized.  Bring a ladder or cherry picker and collect them.  Best way to carry them is upside down by the legs, which will also immobilize them.  I grew up on a farm, we did this all the time when collecting the fryers.

[Neiman Marcus Hacked] 1.1 million debit/credit cards compromised. Read for security followup including free credit monitoring. Link
[“Is that how it is when you’re old”]  I’m not Deer Abby, but I can testify my Dad is the same way towards my Mom.

sheep stuck on fence

[“New Zealand most expensive to buy a home”] Go to Google Earth and tour NZ, then tour Lancaster County Pa. sameo, sameo! Nothing but farms, farms, sheep, and sheeple.

[“I am intending to install the lateral sewer line from my house to the main sewer line all by myself for about $80”] Good Luck with that, Einstein. Unless you are a licensed plumber in Florida you will never be able to pull the required permit.
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[Sewer Fiasco] Where can I buy a 4 to 8 seat Grinder Pump?
nira tocco realtor 9.12



Guitar playing finchesLink

[Secondhand High] I don’t want to knock anyone for drinking or doing drugs, but I also do not want weed smoke blown in my face in a bar or restaurant making me high or my family high when we do not want to be high is going to start something no body wants to see happen. Got that junkies?

santa riding deer

[Save The Deer] Group meets to find ways to protect BPK’s deer. Link

Killing iguanas them is not an effective long term strategy. If possible, one should opt to changing the conditions that favor their return from other areas. If everyone opted this tactic, iguanas of the future would likely be something only seen in the wild or on abandoned properties. Link
isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13 
[2d Amendment Nuts] “3 more dead after a mall shooting in Columbia, Maryland.” I know, there should be more guns so they could have had a gun battle with the other gun nuts at the mall. A fun day for shoppers.



Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 97s, pristine condition, with six 30 round clips, 2 competition clips. Stainless 16″ barrel with sling. 180 rounds of ammo included along with carrying case. Priced to sell, gun is worth $1500. Classified Ads > Miscellaneous

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shake-ct[Captain Doom and Gloom] If you can catch fish, crabs and lobsters and sell them to the restaurants, why not the damn chickons too?
DEF: Computer n, A inanimate object akin to a Blonde that does nothing unless you push the right buttons and play with its mouse!
DEF: Cruise Director n, A sub-species of human who is the real Captain of the Ship, but only gets the rich hags not the stacked youngie s!
DEF: Stand-up Comedian n, A self-contained humorist hopelessly frustrated by front row hecklers and email friends.
DEF: Paradise n, Anyplace humanity has not found yet and turned into tourist traps. SEE: Florida Keys, Tristan da Cunha!
DEF: Politics n, A system of negativity towards the working class which rents space to non-politicians via a tax.
DEF: Stoner n, A person who escapes responsibility to pay a bar tab by faking a overdose.
DEF: Tipping n, The act of paying a barmaid for service and a guided tour of her cleavage at the Sink Seat.
DEF: Bartender n, A handsome character who acts as a bimbo attractor for the inept stool warmers hoping to get some! 

from the right

house-of-cards26Obamacare aka Democare is getting more and more mired.  It is looking like it will fold like a house of cards. More and more rank and file Democrats are changing their minds about the law. In June, 22 percent of Democrats were opposed to Democare which in effect is and expansive new health-insurance regulations with a new welfare program. In the latest survey, that number rose to 30 percent, helping push overall opposition to a new high of 59 percent. (Just 36 percent overall supported the law.) Democrat politicos are deeply worried because sky-high 64 percent opposition to the law among independents, the spike in Democratic opposition promises to be very consequential.

The very fundamentals of the law are deeply flawed. It was sold to us because of the high number of uninsured Americans, but a survey by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation finds that  less than 40 percent of uninsured adults will obtain coverage in 2014.

Please remember that as this is written the “back end” of the ACA web site has not yet  been completed. The insurance companies are hamstrung and unable to accurately manage their new clients. The insurance companies still can’t tell us how many people have actually enrolled and have begun paying premiums.  That is a recipe for a melt down of the insurance companies.

The next major fight on ObamaCare promises to be looming bailouts for the insurance industry written into a little-noticed provision of the law. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., has teed up a bill blocking the billions available to insurance companies to help contend with the sputtering implementation of the law. If the bailouts were blocked, the law would almost certainly collapse as insurers fled the new government program. The bill can’t get to the Senate floor, though, because despite the obvious unpopularity of handouts to insurance companies, the president and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have been able to crack enough skulls together to keep Democrats mostly quiet. Polls like this one reveal a land of opportunity for OabamCare-averse Democrats, who can show their populist credentials to home-state voters by helping block a bailout.

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