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The-Coconut-Telegraph-w-CoconutsSince 2002. Anonymous Letters to the Editor with pictures. Published Monday through Friday by Noon.

weeds2weeds1Several weeks ago I sent you an ad seeking a person with an I/O boat to blow out my slip. Others chimed in advising me I would be breaking the law by trying to remove 6 feet of decaying, disgusting seaweed from my boat slip. You can cancel my ad please.

I invite you and others to visit Sunrise Drive and see what homeowners are faced with during a sustained SE wind. It is ugly, and not healthy to breathe the noxious fumes. There are no fish in the channel because the water is dead. And it would be so easily fixed with a canal dredged from where Sunrise Drive begins under Watson Blvd to the backcountry.

Our commissioner, George Neugent, apparently could care less about folks in Big Pine. So the people of Tropical Bay sit in this putrid crud as our commissioner, and the other two, worry about everything but Big Pine. I’m attaching pictures of our “little piece of Paradise.”

[Hit and Run Death] The Florida Highway Patrol is looking for information about a vehicle which may have been involved in a fatal hit and run accident on Big Pine Key Saturday night. Sheriff’s dispatchers received a call at 10:34 p.m. from someone reporting an injured man alongside the road on Avenue A and 1st Street. When deputies arrived, they reported the male was unconscious with an apparent head injury. The victim was transported to Fishermen’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead

Troopers investigating the accident say they are looking for a dark colored minivan, possibly a Dodge Caravan, in connection with this incident. The vehicle was reportedly last seen headed southbound at the time of the accident. Anyone with information should contact law enforcement immediately.

I know the young man and his family. I was the one who had the arriving spectators call 911 as he was dying in front of me while I was kneeling down next to him trying to comfort him. I felt so goddamned helpless until the cops showed up. We were really fond of our friendship. It was terrible! I cried all the way back to my house. I’m still f**ked up about it.

3D movie cow
[Free Movies] Jan 7   ‘Get Vegucated’  77 min Link, Jan 21 ‘A Fierce Green Fire’ Link. Short films start at dusk with feature at 7pmFriends And Volunteers Of Refuges 6th season of outdoor films are shown at the National Wildlife Refuge Trails Parking lot located (1/4) mile north of Blue Hole on Key Deer Blvd, Big Pine Key.  FAVOR’s outdoor films are shown on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays; starting in December and continuing until the end of January. Bring your lawn-chairs & refreshments, FAVOR supplies free organic popcorn! For more information visit Events
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tj-maxx-logo TJ Maxx is coming to the Searstown shopping center where Champs is now. The Gap, will open a two-story factory store in the Lewinsky Building at the corner of Duval Street and Appelrouth Lane. It looks like Key West has hit the big time.
[The Economy] Thanks to Obama the nation added 2.7 million jobs in 2014 through November, the best year for employment growth since 1999. Economic output registered its best six-month stretch since 2003. Claims for jobless benefits have been running lower than at any point since 2000. Link
elks17I couldn’t help putting this in with all the smoking backlash. The Moose in Marathon has smoke inside too, as does the Legion and the DAV. We don’t at the Elks, although I seem to belong to everything else too. In a successful small community many people contribute to many causes.

We would love to have you join us at the Marathon Elks. We support children, veterans, and the community. We handed out 8 scholarships last year, sponsored a goodly group of families for Thanksgiving and Christmas, fed the Wounded Warriors when they were at the Dolphin Research Center, have full scholarships for camping, supply walkers and wheel chairs to members and non-members, and help with a myriad of other things to benefit the community.
We also have a social club, which happens to be non-smoking. There is a smoking deck available for those who choose to smoke. We have various functions throughout the week for members, some dynamite volunteer cooks, and Cheeseburgers in Paradise to accompany Live Music and Dancing on Wednesdays for prospective members to come by and see whether they would like to join us as members or not. Come on in and introduce yourself. We’re a pretty welcoming and happy bunch.
~Marathon Elks 2139

Kudos to the guy in the white overalls who trimmed the trees at Crane Boulevard and US 1 on Upper Sugarloaf. Drivers coming out of Crane now have a clear view of the northbound highway traffic. It’s much safer. Thanks from all of us at Sugarloaf School and Upper Sugarloaf!
swim-hole-bp14-00The county plans to upgrade the Big Pine Key Swimming Hole as a passive park. With funding already set aside through state grants, the project could be completed by the end of the new year. Planned improvements include more parking as well as a kayak launch. The idea, described the county commissioner, is to promote tourism in Big Pine Key, while also giving locals more water access.
The Winn-Dixie on Big Pine is a hazardous area, both in and outside of the store. If you are in the parking lot be watchful of big cars with vinyl roofs. These cars are almost exclusively driven by snowbirds and they will make every effort possible to park as close to the store as they can. This means if you are driving or walking in front of the WD you are in mortal danger. Nothing is more important to snowbirds then parking near the store to avoid walking. This is because where they come from there is a high probability of getting mugged or shot when they are out in the open; they are simply seeking cover. Also, watch for the lurkers or car sitters in the lot. These people are usually not dangerous but will give you dirty looks if you are in close proximity to their vehicle–they distrust locals.

Inside the WD is the real danger area. Since snowbirds avoid eye contact they will run over you with a cart without even stopping. Look around corners before cautiously progressing and don’t forget to look behind you. Many locals have been rear-ended by a robust Jersey woman conversing on her cell phone. Also be aware of mean “service animals” that they will drag into the place now that this has become trendy and borderline legal. Finally, be mindful of anyone behind you in the check-out line. They are always in a hurry and will nudge or even ram you with the cart, causing possible injury to your Achilles tendon. The worst of them will start placing their groceries on the conveyor before you have finished placing your groceries on it.

[Moose Lodge] Oh, for heaven’s sake, someone recognized the good works of the Big Pine Moose Lodge and wanted to know how to join. Then the same old moaners and whiners who probably never volunteered a minute of their time cry about smoking being allowed. I, personally, have never smoked, but the ventilation in the Moose is so good, it doesn’t bother me. To the person complaining about dogs – a whiner just like you supposedly tripped over a dog so now they are banned. While you are trying to squeeze the life out of us and our way of life, we will continue to help our community and enjoy life. To the person wanting to join, just ring the bell. The bartender will show you what you have to do and you will be welcomed. To the detractors who just love to complain, you have other choices. And as for the comment about falling membership, why is it so hard to get a parking space in that big parking lot?
full moon turnsIt is Monday, the moon stands in the zodiac sign Cancer. The full Moon will be around 5:54pm
Here are some influencing powers of the day: element is water, part of a plant is the leaf. Quality of the day is water. Body zone: gall, liver, stomach, lung, breast. Color: green, complementary color: purple, orange.
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rings5[Key West’s first official gay marriage] In Circuit Court  of the 16th Judicial Court for Monroe County Fl, Attys for the plaintiff and defendant filed an emergency motion with Judge Luis Garcia to lift the court’s stay granted on July 17, 2014 in the above mentioned case. This motion is in response to Judge Hinkle’s ruling issued 01 Jan 2015 to clear the way for same sex marriage to begin on Jan 6, 2015.

Mr Hunstman and Mr Jones along with attorneys Restivo, Reilly and Vigil-Farinas will be at the Monroe County Courthouse in Key West Florida at 1201 AM on 6 Jan 2015 to be legally married in the State of Florida with a celebratory reception at AQUA Key West at 711 Duval Street, Key West, FL The public and media are encouraged to take part.

Aaron Huntsman and William ‘Lee’ Jones nuptials will be broadcast live stream courtesy of White Orchid Studios of Key West beginning at 11:45pm 5 Jan 2015. The live feed Link

Found dog on 1/3/2015. Female German Shepard on Cudjoe Key. Approximately 3-4 years old. No phone number, tag or chip. Call and describe its collar. 305-304-8011     1.5.15. Classified Ads > Lost and Found
I can’t believe I missed a gig by Samantha Fish. It will not happen again. This young lady can play with the best of them. I don’t care if you don’t like the Blues or not she’s hot. That Telecaster she plays is hot also. I may just have to go down south to New Orleans and catch her next gig. It’s not a bad place to party either. I was turned on to her from the CT. S mall world; and I thought I had the Blues down. Love me some John Lee Hooker also. Keep on howling folks. Rock on!
Munson-sunset[Being Here] Leaving what feels secure behind and following the beckoning of our hearts doesn’t always end as we expect or hope. We may even fail. But here’s the payoff: it can also be amazing and wonderful and immensely satisfying. Even blind alleys lead somewhere.
You have got to be in the NOW to create and experience the WOW! Have a blessed NOW my friends.
[Juvenile Delinquents] Now let me see if I have this right. The family situation is such that ‘Junior’ doesn’t know where to send his father a Father’s Day card. There is neither guidance nor discipline in his home. He gets injected into an education system where he is advanced to the next grade without regard to merit because the overwhelmed school system cannot deal with the undisciplined whelp. Junior’s major formative influences are gangsta rap videos and a cohort of gangsta wannabes. At age 18, he is turned loose in society with a bad attitude, a non-existent moral compass and no respect for authority. He gets himself in serious trouble with the law and experiences dire consequence: incarceration or death. Then, the solution for curing this most serious problem is determined to be providing police with sensitivity training? Pardon me for asking, but do you believe that blather and bullshit? I think it is culling time in the old corral, do you?
check lady writing
[Checks] I’m wondering how long it will take me to learn to write “2015” on checks, but first I must re-learn how to write checks.
Smoking problems at the BPK Moose seems to have touched a few peoples hot button. I am a local Moose member and my wife and I have lived here for many years. We go to other lodges, but can’t stand the smoke and the smell in the BPK lodge. We don’t ever even consider going there. What a shame too, because there are some great members that feel the same way. I would think that it might be time for the whole scenario there to be looked at in a polite and fair way.

First, an accurate vote of the local membership to see how important the subject really is. Secondly, an analysis as to whether or not being smokeless would return or attract new business. The lodge is a great community fixture and it’s a shame to look at it from the outside and see that without some changes made very soon, it will fail. There are different kinds of failure; planned, unforeseen, and WTF just happened?. It’s pretty obvious the latter will happen not far down the road without some careful guidance from those in charge. Time for some good old fashioned common sense from management!

Carolina Skiff hull, 21 feet. Bottom paint, two seats, forward deck. No trailer or engine. $500 firm.  Classified Ads > Boats
jazz saxaphone[Jazz] The Key West/Boston Jazz Collective, the ten member musical collaboration between top local jazz musicians and all-star seasonal visitors, will present a concert at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 800 Center Street, on Wednesday, January 14, at 8 o’clock. Tickets at the door will be $20.

The Collective was formed a decade ago to play at the Tennessee Williams Theater, and has been reunited in concert several times since. Reviews of its concerts have been invariably enthusiastic.
The visiting players will be Jerry Seeco on trumpet and flute, Tim Mayer on tenor sax and flute, Stuart King on trumpet, and Joe Dallas, Sr., on trombone.
The local horn players in the group will be Les Dudley on tenor sax, Georges Hemund on baritone sax, and Harry Schroeder, trombone. The rhythm section will be Hal Howland on drums, Mike Emerson on guitar, and Joe Dallas, Jr. on bass. In a special feature, Seeco and Mayer, playing flutes, will be joined in arrangements for four flutes by Mark Rose and Celicia Slafter.
Tunes are from the Great American Songbook, many of them by Duke Ellington, and the arrangements, written especially for the Collective, are by Schroeder.
To those unfamiliar with St. Peter’s Church, Center Street is a short street running between and parallel to Duval and Simonton Streets, and the church is at its end, between Olivia and Petronia Streets. These directions are worth holding onto, since St. Peter’s has lately become a major musical venue in Key West. Events

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[Smoking Moose] I suppose the reason they still allow smoking inside the Moose lodge on Big Pine Key is that the management smokes. I can find no other reason.
If you’re ready to quit tobacco, AHEC is ready to help. Tools to Quit

This specially designed program provides individuals with necessary tools and resources to quit smoking on a self guided path to success. Topics include:
Addiction, withdrawal and medications that help
Planning for the quit date
Dealing with triggers
Overcoming cravings
Relapse prevention

We cover all forms of tobacco and all are welcome! Please share this great opportunity with your friends, family and staff. Link

The Big Pine Moose has a bar outdoors. Why not use it more. If you sit upwind it might be okay. I don’t know why anyone would want to smoke inside and ruin everything like the walls and furniture. It gets in the a/c ducts and you smell stale tobacco long after the smoker leaves. This is 2015 and I still see young people pick up this nasty, stinking habit. Maybe the Moose will get them when the other smokers die of cancer. That’s their future. Sad future.
rings-gay[Same Sex Marriage] Welcome to our world. The gay population has long been known for having plenty of money. They’ve never known the agony of giving up half, or more, of their assets in a divorce settlement, and sometimes alimony forever.   The real winners are the lawyers. Same sex couples can legally marry beginning 12:01 am on Tuesday in Florida.  The lawyers are waiting for the spoils.  Be very careful of what you ask for —  you just might get it!
[“Climate change”] Our resident climatologist and unbiased political “truth-teller”, FTR, latest proof that climate change doesn’t exist on Friday was from a blog by an individual who attended a denial seminar sponsored by the Heartland Institute. The Heartland Institute is a Chicago-based free market think tank and 501(c)(3) charity that has been at the forefront of denying the scientific evidence for man-made climate change. The Heartland Institute has received at least $676,500 from ExxonMobil since 1998 but no longer discloses its funding sources.

In the 1990s, Heartland Institute worked with the tobacco company Philip Morris to question the science linking second-hand smoke to health risks, and lobbied against government public health reforms. Heartland continues to maintain a “Smoker’s Lounge” section of their website which brings together their policy studies, Op-Eds, essays, and other documents that purport to “[cut] through the propaganda and exaggeration of anti-smoking groups.” Link

Sign up for Big Pine Key Bocce League is today on Jan. 5th, Monday at Big Pine Key Community park bocce courts at 6 PM. Play to begin on Jan. 19th. There are teams looking for players. $100 for team sponsors and $20 for team players. Show up and join or see the bocce league website for more information. Link
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moose-sm[Moose] Proud to be a part of this fine organization and we are not going anywhere, anytime soon. Bashing the local Big Pine Key Moose Lodge on this site gets you no where. Jealousy runs deep amongst CT readers. If you don’t like us, just leave us alone!
I enjoyed watching Oregon mangle Florida State. Oregon’s super star quarterback, this year’s Heisman Trophy and many other awards winner, and super good person from all I have read, contrasted to Florida State’s not nice person super star quarterback, who won the Heisman last year, who did plenty to get kicked off the team, but was protected and whitewashed instead. The karmic lineup was splendid and Florida State and its not-nice-person quarterback played super bad and got trounced 59-20
hareens 12.2.14
[Personal Information] While doing my Family History I realized most sources for information charge you to get what they have about you. What is wrong with this picture is they are making profit with your information and you cannot get what they can get from certain sources. Is this Big Bro or what? Where is my share of those profits? After all, they would not be able to make money if I was not here to create that information in the first place. Right? It is the American way to take advantage of someone for profit.

Google’s main source of income is not advertising, but selling information about you.

On January 4th,1970-Who’s drummer, Keith Moon accidentally ran over and killed their chauffeur, Neil, when Keith jumped behind the wheel to escape from a gang of skinheads after a fight broke out. Keith had never even passed his driving test.
[Marathon journal] Does anyone know how to remove that Random Thoughts article falsely attributed to me on Facebook? The Florida Keys Journal Facebook page is open for anyone to abuse. Since the inception of Facebook, we have been hacked once. We changed our username and password. The new link.

Now this is the story: The Facebook Random Thoughts article is about former Mayor Dick Ramsay and how bad he is. I did not input that article. I have the opposite opinion. No matter what you feel about Dick Ramsay, in the end, he led Marathon in representing all Marathoners here in the Florida Keys.

Holiday season was okay. My brother and his wife did the holiday proud, Christmas tree, Christmas cards, turkey dinner and key lime pie, also a ham dinner with cherry pie, and the exchanging of gifts.

New Year’s resolutions: the City of Marathon continue their successes like new city hall, more parks, and upgrading old Coco Plum Beach. Our successes are like every parking spot taken by resident or tourist at Sombrero Beach. Those holiday surges in business has put new money in Marathon’s budget. Lastly, we need to build new housing for the workforce already here and the South Florida workforce needed by local businesses.

The holiday season saw numerous parades on land and on the water, the Christmas decorations had people driving around enjoy the sights, and the New Year’s fireworks.

We took off all of December 2014 and the first 5 days of the 2015 New Year. Sometimes you work so hard and long, the holidays are over before you know it. I made a successful effort to take off for the holidays. The Journal still published articles by residents, tourists, and aliens. No, really, aliens.

Overall, Marathon is looking quite good after 15 years. The next 15 years will prove just as successful.

Watch out lady that’s a pretty big gun!
Socrates was a truth teller –counterculture—-he exposed the intellectual superficiality of most politicians. Athens at that time was polarized into 2 parties (sounds familiar). He did not accept the Gods that were accepted in that current mythology of that time. He questioned all authority as we should be doing. He was charged with “corrupting the youth” by promoting critical thinking. He had not been personally easy on some the 501 jurists that convicted him.
Galileo was essentially charged as Socrates was and he was put into confinement.
Visit to the World’s Fair of 2014 By Isaac Asimov  Link
[RIP] “Little” Jimmy DickensMay the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose
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kali-cropped[The Coconut Man] A native of British Guyana, South America, Randesh (Randy) Gopaul is known as “the coconut man” for busting coconuts on Mallory Pier in the evenings and telling about coconuts and their many benefits and uses in an entertaining way, for tips.

Just before Christmas, sleeping in a hammock 37 feet off the ground in a tree, Randy rolled over and fell out of the hammock and hit several limbs and branches en route to the ground, and fractured a vertebra in his lower back and was airlifted by helicopter to a mainland hospital, which, on finding he had no insurance, released him as soon as possible. His drop dead beautiful Ohio girlfriend drove up there and brought him back to this house where I live, which is owned by a Shri Lankan woman. Shri Lanka is the island east of the bottom of India and used to be called Ceylon. Shri Lanka is, basically, India. Randy’s ancestors are from the Madras part of India.

After Randy was safely with us, his girlfriend left the Keys, which basically broke Randy’s back again, and his heart. The same day she left, Randy injured his back further, and was in great pain. Between oxycontin, spirit intervention and perhaps some help from me with light craniosacral decompression/unwinding work over the injured part of his spine, Randy made what seemed to me to be remarkable progress in just a couple of days. Yesterday, his girlfriend showed back up. I told him the entire “performance” was, and is being, orchestrated by Kali, and he agreed

No Name Key
has had electricity for over a year and a half. What harm has it caused? The people against it said that bad things will happen if No Name Key got power. I drove out there and the only difference I see is the poles and wires. No Name is still floating and tons of people still drive out there to feed the deer.
[Climate change according to FTR] I don’t often read FTR’s drivel but have found entertainment when he cherry picks climate agenda to suit his agenda! FTR’s quest to discredit climate science must be getting more difficult  because once again I followed his link and once again FTR has failed to gain credibility in his analysis and understanding of the information in the link he offered about the “Maunder minimum”.   FTR’s  link summation: “It is worth stressing that most scientists believe long term global warming hasn’t gone away. Any global cooling caused by this natural phenomenon would ultimately be temporary, and if projections are correct, the long term warming caused by carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases would eventually swamp this solar-driven cooling.” Link
Is there something going down in Key West with all the Muslims walking around? Seems like the town is being cased by these people and even the KWPD is watching them very closely
Just a small part of the universe, but still no parking signs all over the place! How Long Would It Take to Colonize the Universe? Link
[Doom Predicted] The Keys are about to crash totally and become another plastic tourist trap and luxury condo/hotel/private estate bunch of concrete covered islands with low rent locals hustling junk, bad food and over-priced everything to the masses of un-blinking tourists with fat wallets, or that is the dream of most of the NWO drones who are starting to buy up real estate and investment spots. Sorry to let these flippers know the truth, but if Cuba opens up, there is no way that the Keys route 1 will be a driveway to a sea port to Cuba. Who in their right mind will drive 150 miles then take a 90 mile ferry ride to risk driving in a Communist country full of mean military and uninsured Cubans in old junkers? And will your US insurance company cover you there? The airfare and flight time from Miami to Cuba will be cheaper than driving one way for sure. What is the penalty for a DUI in Cuba in years?
[Debt] What happens when you finance a house and you can no longer afford to pay the mortgage? The bank repossesses the property right? That’s the same thing that is going to happen to America. We a have an $18 trillion debt, and believe me, a large percentage of that debt is only on interests owed to the Federal Reserve. It’s obvious that our government will not be able to pay that increasing debt.  So what do you think the Federal Reserve is going to do?
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asprin-cocktailThis cocktail tastes just like St. Joseph Baby Aspirin and great for a hangover.

Baby Aspirin drink by the pitcher recipe
1 oz. Vodka,
1 oz. Rum,
1 oz. Gin, 1 oz. Sloe Gin,
1 oz. Triple Sec, 1 oz.
2 oz. Sour Mix,
2 oz. Orange juice.
Mix well

[Smoked Moose] The only posters defending smoking at the local Moose are smokers. They rule the place. Link
 The Asshole Song. (Ed: It was removed form the web before we could get to it. Thank goodness.)
The Wounded Warrior Project is a privately funded organization doing the job the American government should be doing. What does that say about oligarchy America. Yes folks, you and me let it happen. We keep sending the crooks, liars, cheats, thieves, and scoundrels back to Congress each election. Oh, but the promises they made! “Trust me I’m the government.” There’s no hope. America will fall like all the rest of the greedy corrupt governments in the past. It’s like hurricanes — it isn’t if,  but when? The oligarchy knows it’s coming. That’s why it’s arming anything with a badge with military grade weaponry and support. The mantra down here is “blow the bridges”. Good luck!
Insults, Insults, we all hear or read dozens of insults almost daily, the problem in my view  is largely the interpretation of the insult, some are meant to be humorous some biting, Etc. now  personally I see F.T.R.s critiques, (insults?)  as rather of the benign nature, while those emanating from the liberal clan as more of a shall we say biting nature, not always but as a rule , the content of F.T.R’s posts are of a much more studied content, while those of the left being quite shallow and devoid of any serious thought
Funny how the contributer was so offended by the Bush kiss with the Saudi but was not offended by Obamas bowing to the same crown. Mind you I am not supporting the Kiss but I would rather have that wierdness than the showing of submission from the big O.
Great, now ftr is a scientist !
My New Year’s resolution is to not waste another second of my time reading anything FTR has to say. I’m dumbed-down enough as it is, and he isn’t helping matters
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How come the weekly Presidential approval ratings haven’t been seen recently on the C.T.?

I have a feeling I know why. Lets take a look. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Obama’s job performance. Forty-eight percent (48%) disapprove.

The latest figures include 24% who Strongly Approve of the way Obama is performing as president and 35% who Strongly Disapprove.

The president’s job approval rating has been steadily improving since Election Day and now stands at its highest level since last May.

Watch for the following posting from the right concentrating strictly on the disapproval rating. Im sure there will no mention of that coming down from where it was also. That would be way to fair and balanced. Cant have that.

Kudos for President Obama helping to keep fuel prices down. He could have very easily had the government buy up huge portions of fuel to use at a later date when prices climb to control costs but instead hes letting free market economical forces work for themselves saving you and I and of course the vast majority of businesses billions.

Thanks and a tip of the Kangol to FTR for enjoying and reading my usually daily postings. Hes such a huge fan he has to respond to every one and I hope he continues. Enjoy my friend.

How come every climate change doubter is a Republican? That should tell you something. Politics and God before science.
Climate Lies. Interesting link from FTR on the myth of global warming. Proves to all that are not sheeple that the liberal agenda will go to great lengths to snow the population into bowing to their will. Liberals tend to end their debate by saying that global warming is proven science, when just the opposite is true.
Meanwhile we are suffering from a County Commission who is using the fallacy of sea level rise to try to impliment higher building heights to appease their developer friends.
It shows that they have their head up their..In the sand
from the right
health money5The Affordable Care Act (ACA), which President Barack Obama once promised would “lower [health insurance] premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year,” is instead going to cost the average family significantly more for coverage this year unless that family switches to another plan — and even then, in many instances, premiums will still increase. So will the penalty for not having coverage, meaning that many Americans will be faced with the nothing but the bad choices of either paying higher premiums or getting smaller income-tax refunds.

Growing numbers of Americans are getting really hacked off at Obama/Democare.  According to Obama administration enrollment figures, one million people have dropped their exchange coverage just since April of ‘14. A recent Bankrate survey of the remaining enrollees found that over half say they won’t buy exchange coverage this year.

Those who earn at least $75K and therefore are not getting significant subsidies — are most likely to jettison coverage. Link

It is no surprise that the October Kaiser Health Tracking Poll found that just 36 percent of Americans have a favorable view of the ACA, while 43 percent have an unfavorable view. Gallup reports that 37 percent approve while 56 percent disapprove.

The Democrat health insurance scheme that has engulfed a huge percentage of our GDP is yet another huge drag on the middle class. Nationwide 83% of enrollees qualified for federal subsidies in 2014. Those subsidies are paid for with tax dollars and with increased premiums and deductibles paid by the middle class. According to the Washington Post, 06/18/14: Federal insurance exchange subsidies reduced the cost of premiums paid by those who received subsidy by an average of 76%.

According to USAToday, the ranks of the middle class are staying away from Doctors visits and health care in droves. Why? The size of the average deductible has more than doubled in eight years, from $584 to $1,217 for individual coverage. Add to this co-pays, co-insurance and the price of drugs or procedures not covered by plans — and it’s all too much for many middle class Americans. Link

Simply put, Americans have never liked the Democrat insurance scheme known as Obamacare. As long as the law — as it must — continues to hike insurance rates and explode copays/deductible and to penalize people for making rational financial decisions, they probably never will.

Never forget that we have not reduced the cost of the delivery of medical care. Neither drugs, medical devices, hospital stays, etc. have been reduced in price. By redistributing wealth, we have made the health insurance companies billions of dollars in profits. On March 9th 2009, the S&P Health Care stock index stood at 253.27, today it has more than tripled, it is now 795.07. Even more proof that under Democrat governance, the rich get richer.

Never forget that The Affordable Care Act was sold to us as a panacea, a means of providing cheap health care insurance to nearly all Americans. Yet, even with all the federal spending, the millions of hours of propaganda, and political pain, the increase in the number of insured Americans has increased by only 1% since the third quarter of 2008. And that the explosion of the percentage of Americans without health insurance did not begin until the Democrats took control of our governance. Check it out for yourself. Link Some freaking deal!

oil well2PART 2) Are you enjoying the extra dollars in your pocket delivered to us by the magic of supply and demand in the petroleum market? Gas prices have plummeted thanks to massive amounts of petroleum being recovered from private lands using new technology. Don’t let anyone spoof you that the reduction is as a result of any government action. Between 2009 and 2013 oil production on private and state lands jumped 61 percent.  But the share of U.S. oil production on federal lands has fallen to a five-year low, a decrease of at least 10% in petroleum and a similar decrease in the production of natural gas on federal lands. Last year, the Obama administration has sold the fewest oil and gas leases since 1988 and approved the fewest drilling permits since 2002. The Obama admin and the Democrats are fully committed to eliminating fossil fuel as an energy source. Link

The current low cost of petroleum prices infuriates Democrats.  As a consequence many Democrat legislators are eagerly gearing up to push for an increase in the gas tax.