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Monday, July 1, 2013

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[Assuming] Why do people assume us Coconut Telegraph readers know everything because we live in the Keys. It’s just the opposite, most of us are society and mainstream dropouts or retirees. When posters  write of the DARPA or their favorite disease–MLMTGWD– or a closed restaurant in Detroit, would it take them too long to write three or four more words telling us what they mean? Isn’t that the point of publishing, to disseminate information? Are they just trying to be cool and trying to show us obscure knowledge to the very few who actually know what those abbreviations mean. Gun nuts are the worst with their BU329 .680s, or whatever, nonsense. When writing–assume the reader is uninformed and help him get informed.


[Good Business] I have run two business in the Keys, one large and the one I am running now (very small). If I treated people the way I have been treated in a large box store in Marathon and in a marine supply store in Big Pine this last week, I would not have been successful and not be in business today. I would tell people that deal with the public( It is not your job to talk down to your customers, they are the reason you get a pay check. If you are sick, stay home, if you are having a bad day, don’t take it out on your customers.

I am the customer that will put you out of business. I will walk out of your store, never come back and tell anyone who will listen, how I was treated at your store. If you are a manager listen to the way your employees are talking to your customers and don’t be afraid to correct them.





[Poop Award] Marathon wins trade group’s national sewers award. Link

[Prejudice] I am not prejudice. I hate everybody!

[Climate] Yes I agree with the poster about climate change and how it just plain doesn’t matter over our short time on this earth. I’ll be dead. Dead for eternity. Why worry about these giant slow motion shifts in global climate. After the smarty climatologists get through with their predictions, they will be dead too. It just happens. Warming or colding , we have 65 to 95 years here tops. You are dead forever. Regardless of temperatures or polar bears. And the Earth will continue on as if you never even existed. For billions of years. And so on. And so on.

sos light an


Today in 1908 SOS was adopted as the international distress signal.

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[Not Protecting Food] EPA accepts allowable increase of residue of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide on food. Link

[Oil Spills] House of Representatives passes Bill leaving coasts vulnerable to oil spill. Link 



Found Cat. At Marathon Airport terminal building, female black and white tuxedo kitty, has a collar.  Very sweet and tame, was very hungry, but is not skinny, so hasn’t been lost too long.  Very docile, she has definitely come from a loving home.  Airport boss said he has seen her out back of the building for the past month that he has worked here.  Notice has been put up with the Marathon Animal Shelter, and putting up this notice here to try and find her people.  She is being fostered by my family and doing fine, is in good health and good spirits.  If you know who this sweet girl belongs to Classified Ads > Lost and Found

[Crime and Punishment] The crime scene investigating detective in the Zimmerman-Martin murder case was the only one who wanted to arrest him for murder. All others wanted to let him walk. The Detective persisted and was demoted to street patrol and given the midnight shift. It took 44 days for the State to get a Special Prosecutor to arrest Zimmerman for murder.

nira tocco realtor 9.12

[Gas Fracking] The poster said that water drivers on gas fracking sites sit around for hours each day. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. Hes been given some terrible false information. (Continued below at Long Winded Tomes)





Carl’s was an iconic chop house in Detroit that has recently closed it’s doors for good. 

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[Bring Snowden to Keys] Snowden is stuck in legal limbo in a Moscow airport transit area and facing uncertainty over whether any of the destinations he is said to be contemplating – Ecuador, Venezuela and Cuba – will let him in, Snowden seems to be at the mercy of geopolitical forces beyond his control.

Unseen in public since arriving in Moscow last weekend, much remains unclear about Snowden’s overtures to various countries and how they have responded behind the scenes.

I wish I had a country for him to run to — he is such a hero of mine here in the Keys.




What it looks like when you shoot a gun underwater.This could be a new improvement on spearfishing!



[Win A Guitar] Rock and Roll With the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Keys. Win a piece of rock and roll history. 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones autographed electric guitar by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman. Certificate of authenticity included!

Tickets are $20 each or 3 for $50.  The raffle will end on August 31.  The winner will be announced on or before September 10.  Link

[“Fireworks and dogs”] Best thing is get a real dog! Both my rotty and lab lay at my feet when we go shooting. Repetitive blast of 12 gauge Saga and AR15 and AR8 .308 do not bother them in the least. Hell, the rotty beats me to the truck if I am carrying the guns. Its temperament that causes a dog’s problem not fear. High strung ankle biting yappy mutts have no place in the animal kingdom.  They were bred to appease childless, bitter people who carry them like a purse. Get a real dog already. 




Gay-Pride Parade sets mainstream acceptance of gays back 50 years. Link

[“Carl’s in Detroit is closing”]  I thought pretty much everything in Detroit had already closed. 
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ants corners anCrazy Ants invade Southern states, altering ecosystem. If you’re in Texas, Florida or other Southern states this summer, watch out for “crazy ants.” Also known to scientists as Nylanderia fulva, they’re called crazy because of their unpredictable movements and swarming populations. The bug is reddish-brown, about an eighth of an inch long and has a hankering for honey dew with a side of electronics.  The insects nest anywhere and are easily transported, but so far have mostly infested Texas and several Southern states after being inadvertently transported from South America by humans.

They’ve spread to 21 counties in Texas, 20 in Florida and a few in Mississippi and Louisiana. They cause about $146.5 million in electrical damage a year because millions of ants are electrocuted in small circuits or wires, where they seek warmth. They can also move soil, causing small structures or slabs to tilt and electronics to shut down as moisture accumulates in gaps. Link

The West coast heat wave isn’t caused by global warming. It’s either that God is angry at marriage equality or it’s Obama’s weather machine!

Fanci Seafood will be closed on Sundays until August. Everyone have a great summer!


Waylon Jennings live at Mr Luckys`s 1980. Bar owners: This be what we’re talking about. Build it and we will come! Video 




[“Fireworks Gadget to Calm Dogs”] How about some of them for my kids? 

[Fishing Regulations] Following up on yesterday’s story about how NOAA is hurting the livelihood of Northern fishermen, here is a story from Boston, MA. Gabriel Gomez, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in the Massachusetts open seat special election, issued the following statement on the Attorney General’s lawsuit against NOAA on catch limits: “I applaud the Attorney General for standing up for these fishermen and suing regulators in Washington D.C. who think they know or care more about the ocean than the fishermen who make their lives from it. Last week, I sat down with fishermen in New Bedford and Gloucester. They described how their way of life is being threatened. They told me that these drastic catch limits being imposed by NOAA will bankrupt a proud livelihood that has been a part of our coastal economy since before there was a Massachusetts.

Unfortunately unless some Senator or Congressman for us lowly (sarcasm intended) Monroe County residents stand up for us, this will be the future of the commercial fishermen and those who live off the sea here.  Surely you can see that the regulations and restrictions are forcing people who live off the water (fishermen, trappers, tropical fish collectors) are being forced out.


Regulations are seriously becoming a detriment to fishermen and those who live off the sea. if you aren’t going to eat it yourself, don’t catch it




Carbon levels do not increase temperatures. Neither do volcanoes and forest fires and 6 billion butts crapping everyday. Oh yes, forgot about the livestock. 

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[Windows 8] I must be doing something wrong.  My new desktop PC came with Windows 8 and I have not had any problems using it. 
[Welcome Home] Key Wester Billy Williams, a veteran of the Vietnam War, wants to build a memorial in Bayview Park dedicated to the 157 — and counting — locals who served in Southeast Asia and returned home. Link 

[Treeicide] Landscapers cut down 15 native trees, including a stately West Indian mahogany, Thursday to make way for a new Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through lane. Some things you cannot replace. Link



[Captain Doom and Gloom] “Sewers” What difference does it make where the money comes from, it is all taxpayers money. If I lived outside of the Keys and found out I was paying for Keys people to take a dump, I’d be a bit pissed!  It is our dodo, we should pay for the sewers ourselves and make our utility work for us not for their bank accounts!

Getting old is tougher than you think. Nothing bend the same way, nothing tastes the same, nothing looks as good, nothing is trustworthy anymore, driving is not fun, walking hurts, TV sucks, music sucks, reading sucks, but libationing at a sink seat[?] helps!

The new management of the Looe Key Tiki really need to step back and reassess what they are doing when it comes to Friday and Saturday night entertainment. It is bad enough that they are not having a band on Saturday nights, but why are they using the same duos over and over?

If they are trying to save money, I think it has backfired, as what they might have saved in paying a full band versus a duo, they have lost in revenues from the clientele, as I am one of many that are taking our business elsewhere, to hear the bands that we have come to love. Where are the bands like Category 4, the Moondogs, the ShinDig, etc., that they are not even hiring for Friday night bands? I am one of those that go to hear music that I can dance to, and most of the duos are playing dinner music. Even bringing in a DJ on Saturday once in a while would be better than the duo thing. At least it is great music we can dance to. We love our tiki bar, but it is not loving us back!

religion politics zone

[Spite] Almost every Texas House Republican voted to increase government spending and push the nation further into debt — all to limit abortion access for some women. The official budget scorekeeper of Congress says the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would ban abortions after 20 weeks, would increase Medicaid costs by as much as $400 million.

I thought Republicans wanted to lower the debt and make nice with women. How come they still don’t get it?

[“Racism is the Left’s Problem”] Is this the same person who blames all of society’s ills on Lefties? Is this the same guy who tries to make that the left is anti-science? Is this the same person who tries to make all non political events either left or right? Racism, climate change, sewers, my little pecker, etc.



I had forgotten about Seinfeld’s “Bizarro World” until I read two posts on yesterday’s CT. One poster thought that racism and homophobia were characteristics of Liberals, and the other thought that science denial was rampant on the left. Is there an alternate universe on one of the Keys?

All FTR had to say was that I was wrong and that Obama stopped the Keystone pipeline from being built and no one was hired to work on the pipeline. Which he implied in his original posting. Notice he didn’t couldn’t say that after he was challenged? He changed the subject as usual to spin it off in another direction again as if his spin was the original posting. I predicted he would do that. Old dogs and new tricks.

Hey FTR are their people working jobs right now on the Keystone pipeline. Is oil flowing to portions of it? Are phases of the construction completed?
I look forward to your response and thank you in advance.

Racism and homophobia from liberals? Is this guy kidding?  I think that this guy is just trolling for comments by being absurd. I’ll bet he’s the same one trying to say lefties are anti-science. Deer Ed, please censor those posts as he’s only trolling and adding nothing to the conversation.

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Now that the Supreme Court has ruled against part of the Voting Rights Act, how long will it be before the Republicans step up their attempts to rig elections in their favor?

The guy who posted. “insufferable homophobic racism that defines the left and always has.” has got to be the same nut that’s been trying to claim the Left is anti-science. I guess he just wants to invent new and implausible stereotypes. This guy is starting to give Capt. Doom & Gloom a run for his money in the “bat s**t” category.

from the right

pipe2It is fascinating and scary when you think about how misinformed some of our left field denizens are. It’s scary because they vote.

Yesterday one such poster wrote: “How can people not know the Keystone pipeline is being built?” Deer Friends, the final, the most important stage, Phase 4, is not being built. Obama has chosen to refuse to issue the necessary permits. Check out Link   

That same poster stated that:  “The reason unemployment was lower years ago was because more people gave up searching for a job when a Republican was in office.”  

Deer Friends, s/he could not be more wrong. Today there about 2,600,000 fewer Americans with jobs than there were when the Democrats took control of Congress. Today there are 12,029,000 more Americans who have abandoned the labor force than when the Democrats took control of our budget and purse strings in January of 2007. Please remember that our population is now about 316 million, an increase of about 5% or about 15 million Americans since 2007.

That is startling and scary as hell. We must wonder if the Democrats entitlement mindset and style of governance has mortally wounded our American spirit of hard work and independence. Link

Then our left field friend wandered further into the weeds. He wrote:  “Wow, Rick Scott is going to miss his promise of 700,000 new jobs in 7 years by hundreds of thousands.”  The facts are that as of March, Scott had been in office about 25 months, at that time the feds reported that under Scott’s governance Florida has added about 255k jobs. Since then it has been reported that now there have been as many as 300k new jobs created.  It looks to me that Scott’s goal of 700k new jobs in 7 years is way ahead of schedule.

Scott’s aggressive outreach to out of state companies is certain to raise the trajectory of job creation. Did I mention that only 2 states added more jobs than Florida last year? Did I mention that our unemployment rate is down about 2% since Scott took office? Did I mention that our unemployment rate is significantly lower that the national rate?

We’ve just learned that World Wide Entertainment will be moving to Florida bringing at least a 100 jobs. Kahr firearms, a manufacturer of fine hand guns will be soon moving to Florida. They will probably bring close to a 100 new jobs. There is a very interesting article Link

Scott sure as hell is doing better than the Democrats at job creation. Never forget that we now have fewer Americans with jobs than we did when the Democrats took control of our budget and purse strings in 2007.

pilloryPart 2) As most readers know I was a law enforcement officer for most of my adult life. I’ve worked hundreds of homicide cases as an investigator. The more I see of the Zimmerman/Martin case, the more disturbing it becomes. The prosecution has now proved that Zimmerman had his head repeatedly bashed into a concrete walk. They’ve proved that his head had several bleeding contusions. They’ve proved that his face and head were contused, bruised, and bleeding. They’ve proved that his nose was probably broken. The prosecution has proved that Zimmerman was on his back screaming in panic for help and that Martin was straddling him flailing away at him. All of this has been presented to the jury on the prosecutions side of the case.

There will be more testimony and we will have to wait to see what develops. But from the evidence I’ve seen so far, Zimmerman should not have been charged. The case has all the hallmarks of self-defense.

We have to remember that the State Attorney in Sanford was reluctant to prosecute. A special prosecutor was appointed. We have to remember that Martin’s family somehow managed to make this sad affair a cause celeb. I personally saw more than one glitterati declare that Zimmerman had “murdered” Martin. We have to remember that now there is talk that there we can expect riots when/if Zimmerman is acquitted.

From what I’ve seen so far, I think that Zimmerman is being pilloried for the sake of political correctness. Or, perhaps worse, to mollify a segment of our society.  Certainly there is little or no evidence presented thus far that proves the shooting of Martin was Murder 2.


[Continued from Above] … Gas fracking uses a combination of fresh and recycled water. The fresh water which is the majority of the water used needs to be brought to the well site site from fresh water sources such as businesses that supply the resource to homes, fill personal pools and supply the fracking industry.At times contained fresh water ponds are used It is not uncommon for each driver to haul fresh water back and forth all day long even in the lulls between fracking stages. Millions and millions of gallons are needed. The other equation for fracking is the recycled water which is taken from frac tanks that collect the flowback water from different  wells that have already been fracked and taken to the current well site to be reused or to a recycle plant. Fact is in the area I work in there are 10 well sites with multiple gas wells on each site. These wells produce what is called Production water which flows back into the collection tanks even when they are not being fracked. They need to be pulled down every single day. Right now there is zero fracking going on yet everyday we are removing the production water and taking to recycle plants or storing it in unused frac tanks to be moved later. New fracking stages wont be starting until august yet every day Im still putting in 10-13 hours with no breaks at all keeping the water levels where they need to be. There may be a time when fracking that we may have to wait up to 3 hours until they do a ‘Stage” which is the term used for a round of fracking but those days are the exception by a long shot. Most days we eat in our trucks. Another issue the poster wasn’t aware of is called doing the containments. Every piece of equipment of a gas well has a collection system underneath it in case a driver spills water however when it rains which it does often drivers have to go to every site and vacuum out the water so it doesn’t spill onto the gas pad. Yes even fresh water needs to be removed because the generators, portable lights and such have oil cooling them and that waste cannot hit the ground period. So Im not sure where the poster is getting his information that we sit around for hours every day but its not the truth. Don’t even get me started about how fast we have to move when the wells are being fracked. If a water source runs dry between fracking stages it cost the energy company millions. Trust me we don’t even stop the water moving the next shift comes out and meets us at our trucks to replace us and to keep it moving. The poster just isn’t very well informed about what needs to be done.  Sorry to the poster but you only scratched the surface of the work in the gas wells and what water needs moved. Trust me “Im a gashole” but I have direct knowledge of all the millions and millions of water that needs to be moved every single day.  Even when theres no fracking going on. Sitting around every day for hours on the gas wells is simply an untruth.