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[Loneliness] The real problem is not booze or dope or weird religions, but loneliness!
Roy Orbison — Only the Lonely
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[“Boat storage”] Get an aluminum float-on trailer. It’ll pay for itself in money saved from storage, plus you can putter around with it while it’s in your yard. Once you learn how to back up it won’t be a hassle anymore and with a trailer you can broaden your range of boating fun. There are public ramps up and down the Keys giving you access to new places to explore.
A mother in N.C. is facing felony jail time for letting her 9 year old daughter regularly play in a nearby park while the mother is at work in McDonald’s. The girl had a cellphone.

I used to walk twenty minutes to the park after school while my mother was at still at work and I was only seven. I don’t think there aren’t more perverts today than there were in those days. It’s just that more of them get caught now.

I must have missed it.  What’s going on with the Seahorse trailer park? (Ed: I missed it too. Posters are writing as if everyone knows. I wonder what it all means?).
A hot air balloon exploded in a backyard in Massachusetts. No one was killed. Video
Things the world’s smartest people are afraid of.
1. The proliferation of Chinese eugenics. – Geoffrey Miller, evolutionary psychologist.
2. Black swan events, and the fact that we continue to rely on models that have been proven fraudulent. – Nassem Nicholas Taleb
3. That we will be unable to defeat viruses by learning to push them beyond the error catastrophe threshold. – William McEwan, molecular biology researcher
4. That pseudoscience will gain ground. – Helena Cronin, author, philosopher
5. That the age of accelerating technology will overwhelm us with opportunities to be worried. – Dan Sperber, social and cognitive scientist
6. Genuine apocalyptic events. The growing number of low-probability events that could lead to the total devastation of human society. – Martin Rees, former president of the Royal Society
7. The decline in science coverage in newspapers. – Barbara Strauch, New York Times science editor
8. Exploding stars, the eventual collapse of the Sun, and the problems with the human id that prevent us from dealing with them. — John Tooby, founder of the field of evolutionary psychology
9. That the internet is ruining writing. – David Gelernter, Yale computer scientist. 141 More…
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flagpole taps
World’s tallest American flagpole dedicated to American patriots. Video
[Hospital Bombed] Israel bombed a Hamas hospital today because it was believed to host armed military action against Israel. Word is that it was Hamas’ main command control center.
[Boat Ramps] Is there a public boat ramp around Cudjoe Key with parking?
French Soccer Team
1959 and the French Soccer Team 2014. The effects of climate change can no longer be ignored..
These are actual complaints received by a travel agency from dissatisfied customers:
1. “I think it should be explained in the brochure that the local convenience store does not sell proper biscuits like custard creams or ginger nuts.”
2. “It’s lazy of the local shopkeepers in Puerto Vallarta to close in the afternoons. I often needed to buy things during ‘siesta’ time — this should be banned.”
3. “On my holiday to Goa in India, I was disgusted to find that almost every restaurant served curry. I don’t like spicy food.”
4. “We booked an excursion to a water park but no-one told us we had to bring our own swimsuits and towels. We assumed it would be included in the price.”
5. “The beach was too sandy. We had to clean everything when we returned to our room.”
6. “We found the sand was not like the sand in the brochure. Your brochure shows the sand as white but it was more yellow.” 7. “They should not allow topless sunbathing on the beach. It was very distracting for my husband who just wanted to relax.” 8. “No-one told us there would be fish in the water. The children were scared.”
9. “Although the brochure said that there was a fully equipped kitchen, there was no egg-slicer in the drawers.”
10. “We went on holiday to Spain and had a problem with the taxi drivers as they were all Spanish.”
11. “The roads were uneven and bumpy, so we could not read the local guide book during the bus ride to the resort. Because of this, we were unaware of many things that would have made our holiday more fun.”
12. “It took us nine hours to fly home from Jamaica to England. It took the Americans only three hours to get home. This seems unfair.”
13. “I compared the size of our one-bedroom suite to our friends’ three-bedroom and ours was significantly smaller.”
14. “The brochure stated: ‘No hairdressers at the resort.’ We’re trainee hairdressers and we think they knew and made us wait longer for service.”
15. “When we were in Spain, there were too many Spanish people there. The receptionist spoke Spanish, the food was Spanish. No one told us that there would be so many foreigners.”
16. “We had to line up outside to catch the boat and there was no air-conditioning.”
17. “It is your duty as a tour operator to advise us of noisy or unruly guests before we travel.”
18. “I was bitten by a mosquito. The brochure did not mention mosquitoes.”
19. “My fiancée and I requested twin-beds when we booked, but instead we were placed in a room with a king bed. We now hold you responsible and want to be re-reimbursed for the fact that I became pregnant. This would not have happened if you had put us in the room that we booked.”
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mercury rotate[Mercury in Fish] The 2013 Florida Fish Advisory, published by the Florida Department of Health, advises that children and pregnant women should not eat blackfin tuna, cobia, barracuda, king mackerel and all species of shark. The agency advises that no one should eat king mackerel larger than 31 inches, or any coastal shark species bigger than 43 inches.

The study found that mercury levels in adult Goliath grouper are as high as, or higher, than those of these restricted species. Levels are so high that mercury-induced lesions were found in adult Goliath grouper’s liver, kidney and gills, said Chris Koenig, a retired Florida State University professor and a leading researcher in the field of Goliath grouper. Link

[“Stealing coconuts”] There are two big problems with people going around to harvest coconuts on private property. The first is that I don’t like the idea that someone walks around on my property looking around at what I have under my house and even in my downstairs enclosure — especially two guys with a truck!
The second thing is that many of us use or have used systemic poisons for White Fly. The bottle clearly says that fruit from treated plants should not be eaten. Knowing that, I wouldn’t drink commercial coconut water if you paid me
[Hospital Bombed] An Israeli spokesman called it a ‘surgical strike on the hospital’. I wonder if he knew he made a pun?
blood-suckers21[Conspiracy Man Strikes Again!] According to intelligence reports that I’ve been able to gather, it’s been reported by the 1st Russian Military General to arrive at the wreckage of the downed Malaysian Boeing 777 flight MH17 over the Ukraine. He reported back to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. According to his findings the bodies of all the passengers have been previously drained of all their blood. In addition he reported back to Moscow that all the bodies were badly decomposed, and a foul stench of rotting flesh surrounds the entire area of the crash site. According to his reports, the bodies found from the wreckage have been dead for many weeks. He reports this because it’s highly irregular concerning any other crash site retrieval.

Since there hasn’t been any reports mentioning this General’s findings by our American news media, I can only come to one conclusion. If the General’s reports to Moscow are true, then there is a serious possibility that this Malaysian plane is really Malaysian flight 370, which disappeared March 7th 2014.

What a coincidence that the plane downed by a missile over the Ukraine happens to be a Malaysian Boeing 777. Why would a commercial passenger jet fly over a restricted war zone? Especially when it has been reported that several aircraft were shot down previously? Why were all the passengers drained of their blood and their bodies decomposed in just a matter of hours?

While watching the news today, there was very little information about the condition of the bodies. In fact there wasn’t any video footage of the bodies? Yet right after that news it shifted to the situation in Palestine, and shows the dead bodies of the victims of the Israeli/Hamas conflict. They’ll show that on TV, but not the bodies of the crash site? I predicted a few months back that there is a great possibility that the missing Malaysian flight 370 was going to be used as a ‘false flag’ operation on behalf of the U.S.. A new cold war has begun. This new cold war is due to the alliance between the Russians and the Chinese against the western economy. The mighty American/ Western Euro Corporate Nazi’s are again, trying to seduce the Western populace into believing a new false flag operation just like they did in the sinking of the USS Maine on 15 February 1898 in Havana harbor, which started the Spanish American war.

Just like on May 7, 1915 The Sinking of the Lusitania: The start of WWI so that America can join in and a classic example of war profiteering. Just like the Reichstag fire was an arson attack on the Reichstag building in Berlin on 27 February 1933, in which Adolf Hitler blamed the Polish government and held them responsible and gave him cart blanch to invade Poland. Just like the replacement of Iran’s Anglo-Persian Oil Company with five American oil companies and the 1953 Iranian coup d’état was the consequence of the U.S. and British-orchestrated false flag operation– Operation Ajax. Operation Ajax used political intrigue, propaganda, and agreements with Qashqai tribal leaders to depose the democratically elected leader of Iran, Mohammed Mosaddeq who was replaced by the Western puppet the Shah of Iran.  Just like the Gulf of Tonkin incident which gave the U.S. the right to invade and declare war on Vietnam. Which decades later, Secretary of Defense Robert Strange McNamara admitted was a false flag operation, and lastly the false flag operation which took place on September 11th, 2001 in which the Bush administration claimed that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, Afghanistan and Al-Qaida were responsible for the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon. It turns out that ever since the U.S. and the Brits (CIA & MI6) invaded Afghanistan, Afghanistan’s heroin export worldwide rose from 2% to 90% today! Our boys and girls are giving their lives for high powered government drug dealers?

These false flags were all due to corporate interests. Let it be oil or drugs. Nothing has changed. It continues still today. Just like the gullibility of the American public

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coconut machine21
Muslim coconut cutting machine. Video
[Some Familiar Faces] In 1970, John Wayne hosted a variety show celebrating America’s history. Included in the cast were the following (some were uncredited): Ann-Margret, Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Dan Blocker, Roscoe Lee Browne, George Burns, Owen Bush, James Caldwell, Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, Roy Clark, Bing Crosby, Phyllis Diller, Edward Faulkner, Lorne Greene, Harry Hickox, Celeste Holm, Bob Hope, Kay E. Kuter, Michael Landon, Forrest Lewis, Dean Martin, Dick Martin, Ross Martin, Greg Morris, Ricky David Nelson, Hugh O’Brian, Dan Rowan, William Shatner, Orville Sherman, Red Skelton, Tom Smothers, Leslie Uggams, Jesse Vint, John Wayne, Patrick Wayne, Dennis Weaver, Dan White, Hal Williams, The Doodletown Pipers. The closing piece featured many of the show’s guests. Facebook
Does anyone know where the true AA meetings are held? Not the religious ones?
carwash ad
Someone is trying to help autistic children by starting a car wash that employees them. I imagine it will take a very long time to get your car washed, but I’ll bet it’ll be spotless!
[“Granite aggregate”] I own almost everything written about the Florida East Coast Railroad and I don’t recall granite ever being used as concrete aggregate. I suspect you are remembering that water was brought down for mixing concrete.
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Silicone rubber wine glasses for the pool and camping. Or just because drunk people drop things. Perfect for the Keys.

Yard Sale. Saturday July 26th 8am. 21A East Circle Dr. Bay Point MM15. Vintage hand tools, bone china tea cup & saucer, silver plate glass ware, pewter & belleek. PVC plumbing fittings ½” to 4”, Johnson bar, joist hangers and straps, light fixtures and more. Please no early birds. Classified Ads > Yard Sale
California prays for rain. If they pray hard enough it will rain (even if they don’t pray it will rain).
dutch glow
Al Jazeera
has the best world news ever! My only complaint is their commercials. They only have two or three advertisers (supposedly because they are owned by a Muslim Sheik in Quatar) and I get sick of seeing them over and over. I don’t want to see any demonstration of Dutch Glow polish or HydraMousse ever again.
[“Seahorse Campground”] Not much is happening on Save The Seahorse website. There is no info and nothing to click on, just the banner page with the words: join our fight for affordable housing. What’s the point of a website if there is no call to action or any helpful information on it?
I had heard in March that a few trailers were staying. It would be nice to have an update.
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[“Granite aggregate”] I think the poster was mistaken. I’ve looked at the decaying concrete on the old bridges very carefully and can’t see any granite aggregate. It looks more like marl than hard rocks.
[“Fifty cent water”] I am the poster who inquired about water at BP Coffee Shop. Did the responder who accused me of spreading false rumors read my post? I said I’ve been eating there over 20 years, but have not recently. What the hell blue cheese has got to do with anything I have not a clue. Read each word in a post before you accuse!
[“Bum seats at end of No Name Key”] Landscaping suggestion: lots of lovely native poisonwood.
[Mud Slinging] Now I know of one angry ex-employee with a big, big axe to grind who won’t be voting for Danny Coll. The cynic in me wonders if that is an attempt to get Mr. Coll into a discussion about him and not why he’s a better choice. Or maybe I’m not a cynic, just someone who’s seen lots of elections that start with mud slinging.
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Staghorn Fern
$300 obo Classified Ads > Miscellaneous
Being new around here, I’ve never tasted Jewfish. Do they taste like grouper? Are they even edible?
Friends have more DNA in common than strangers. Most similarities have to do with their sense of smell. Researchers don’t know why yet.
statue venus21
Speaking of granite, did you hear about the guy who got caught having sex with a statue in the park? He took it for granite and was arrested for statutory rape.
[“If Hamas stopped their rocket attacks into Israel the attacks would stop”] It would also help not to plant the missile batteries on the hospital roof!
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
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Found. Kayak paddle in Pine Channel. Classified Ads > Lost and Found
[“Boat storage”] Keys Sea Center on BP has storage, but I think they are closed on Sunday (duh!) and it’s a long, no-wake trip to open water. There’s another outdoor storage place on Summerland, but then again it’s a long no-wake trip to get to and from it. If you don’t want to leave your boat in the water a trailer is the hot set up!
podium soap box[Candidate Forum Taint] Many local voters feel that the Hometown! political action committee plays an important role in our electoral process. Candidate forums such as the one Hometown! will sponsor Aug. 4 at the Tropic Cinema allow ordinary citizens to hear the candidates express their positions in their own words.

Coaxing honest answers from politicians is no easy task, and so Hometown! wisely delegates this responsibility to professional moderators. The forum succeeds to the extent that the moderators are well prepared and unbiased. As voters, we must trust that the moderators have the best interests of the public at heart.

What should we think, then, when two of the moderators who have been announced for the upcoming forum display strong bias in favor of the cruise-ship and channel-dredging lobbyists who were so soundly defeated the last time we went to the polls?

At that time, Hometown! panelist John Dolan-Heitlinger was head of a pro-dredging PAC known as the Key West Seaport Alliance. His fellow panelist, Jennifer Hulse, was spokesperson for the well-funded “Support the Study” PAC led by the Greater Key West Chamber of Commerce. After voters had rejected the chamber’s channel-dredging proposal by a margin of 3 to 1, it was Hulse, a prominent attorney, who went on record with a Citizen reporter to argue that the results of the referendum would not bind a future city commission. As the outspoken proponents of a deeply unpopular issue, whose backers continue to explore all possible means of widening the ship’s channel, in flagrant opposition to the will of Key West voters, Hulse and Dolan-Heitlinger lack the credibility to serve as moderators for the upcoming Hometown! event. They should be replaced with individuals the voters can trust

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George, the legendary bartender from the Looe Key Tiki Bar, is back in the Keys and working at Tarpon Creek.
The GOP mantra.
1. People died somewhere in the world yesterday.
2. Obama was president yesterday.
3. Conclusion: Obama caused their deaths.
FTR: ‘Obama didn’t spend enough time talking about the plane shot down.’ Hasn’t FTR realized yet that he’s more of a joke than he makes out Obama to be?
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Seems Obama had the same reaction as Ronald Reagan when the Soviets shot down a plane. Russians shot down a Korean airliner after flying from New York while Reagan was in office and the Conservative hero did nothing, zilch but talked tough. That’s it Reagan was all huffy and not much else.

Lets see now if Obama responds better then Reagan did.

Anything more then talk will be a better response.

from the right
sec of state hillaryA poster took great pains to list a menu of what is purported to be Hillary Clinton’s achievements as a Senator. But the question I had posed was not about Senator Clinton, it was about Secy of State Clinton. I had urged one and all to tell us of her accomplishments as Secretary of State. I still do.

Nonetheless, her record as Senator is worth examining. Even though Hillary signed on to be a Senator from NY for a second term, she basically set aside her Senatorial duties after only one year into her second term to run for President. Ultimately, less than halfway through her second term, she resigned the Senate to become Obama’s Secy of State. Isn’t Hillary every bit the “quitter” that Sarah Palin was accused of being? Clinton spent most, if not all of her time as a second term Senator preparing to run for President and then duking it out with Obama. Essentially she quit being a Senator, representing the interest of our nation and New York State, and pursued her own ego by becoming a full time candidate. Come think of it, Charlie Crist spent the last two years of his governorship preparing to run for the US Senate and then running for the US Senate.

Nonetheless, there is no doubt that her less than stellar career as a Senator was head and shoulders above that of Senator Obama.

Hillary solely sponsored 358 bills, but only 32 actually passed in the Senate. Of those only 19 became law. Of those, more than half had to do with naming post offices or courthouses. Of her substantive bills that were passed, all were “Feel Good” issues on which there was little controversy. I believe that all received nearly unanimous Republican support. We must remember that when Hillary was a Senator, the Senate was tightly controlled by the Democrats. The source for the foregoing was Link

It’s very much worth noting that to her credit, Senator Clinton strongly supported the 2001 U.S. military action in Afghanistan, saying it was a chance to combat terrorism while improving the lives of Afghan women who suffered under the Taliban government. Senator Clinton voted in favor of the October 2002 Iraq War Resolution. That resolution authorized United States President George W. Bush to use military force against Iraq.

Senator Clinton was often absent from the Senate floor. From Jan 2001 to Jan 2009, Senator Clinton missed 249 of 2,616 roll call votes. That means that she failed to be there for 9.5% of the votes. This is far worse than the median of 2.0% among the lifetime records of senators serving in Jan 2009. Link

Hillary was at best, a mediocre Senator.

As a Secy of State, Hillary Clinton did not even rise to the level of mediocrity. Simply reading the world news validates that opinion.

calvin-on-term-limits-for-dadsPart 2) There are two schools of thought on term limits. One suggests that term limits wastes the experience of those who have long served the public. The other suggests that long term elected officials become far too comfortable in their positions and have become far too cozy with special interests. Those who oppose term limits suggest that elected officials who have served long terms are better able to resist the influence of special interest. Those who support term limits are convinced that long term elected officials are more apt to be beholden to special interests.

The notion of term limits is becoming more and more popular. After all, our President is term limited (thank God), our Governor is term limited, our State legislators are term limited. More and more county and local elected officials are becoming term limited. It seems to be an idea whose time has come. Perhaps there are some public executive positions that are currently elected that should not be elective positions. Perhaps the Clerk of Courts, the Supervisor of Elections, and other positions that are strictly administrative should not be elective, perhaps they should be appointed jobs. What do you think?