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­pritam-singh-before00[“Pritam Singh”] I remember the first time I saw him was at the auction for the Truman Annex. Here was this weird guy with a scraggly beard in his 20’s or 30s wearing a turban sitting in the front row among all the big time power brokers and political families of Key West. All those big-timers were bidding, like, 3 million dollars for the whole thing and in chimes Singh’s with his bid, “$24,0000,000!” he said. There was gasps and then silence in the room. All were wondering if this youngster with a rag on his head was for real. He was. He won and went on to great success.
[Recreational Courtesy] You are right to say that no one owns a particular spot in the ocean. And yes, a diver down flag is a safety warning, not a territorial claim. That said, there is such a thing as courtesy; do you remember what that is? If you have your mind set on diving or fishing a spot and someone is already there, go to plan B. It’s a big ocean.
healthy brain weights
[Fathead] No diet will remove all the fat from your body, because the brain is entirely fat. Without a brain you might look good, but all you could do is run for public office.
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[“Diver’s space vs fisherman’s space”
] Hey folks, it’s all about courtesy and respect and safety. Respect the dive flag as a safety issue and stay 300 feet away in open water (100 feet in a channel or inlet.) A courteous distance from an anchored fishing boat with lines in the water is about the same. It’s a big ocean – let’s all enjoy it!
[Restaurant’s Health Report] Following is a link for an app to get the most recent health inspection reports for all restaurants in Florida. A lot of restaurants in Monroe County have gone down hill in the past few years. Link
[Water, Water, Everywhere] Why on earth is there a constant gush of water in the ditch in front of the bank building at the east end of Summerland Key?  The ground was saturated many days ago, and now a lake is forming.  Why?  We are told to conserve water.  Our water rates surely will increase with this huge waste!
[7 & 7 Day] Today is 7/7. We should all drink a Seagram’s 7 and Seven-up or two, or three…!
[“Translator towers“] They never worked. The county kept pouring money into them to try to get them to work, but in the end, gave up because taxpayers didn’t want to pay for them if they only worked for a small part of the county.
crosswalk sign[Crossing US1-Deadly] Monroe County established a Livable CommuniKeys Planning Program to address local community needs. As a result of the public input, one of the design concepts proposed to guide subsequent activities and communicate the study’s key recommendations was to improve US-1 Corridor conditions. In the Florida Keys, US-1 functions as both the major highway and a “main street” for the local communities. Improvements, it was determined, were needed to increase bicycle/pedestrian accommodation.

“Provide residents and visitors of the planning area with a safe and useable transportation system for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrian with opportunities for transit systems where appropriate.”

Current Conditions Summary says other general corridor deficiencies have been identified, including lack of curbs and controlled access, unsafe conditions involving potential vehicle/bicycle/pedestrian conflicts, inadequate cross walks, and other problems.

Much of the community’s discussion on improving the planning area focused on upgrading and improving the design of the US-1 corridor. It will be essential to partner with FDOT to make the most of the suggested improvements. The Key Largo/US-1 Corridor Design Plan is a first step in accomplishing the community’s vision of Key Largo. Changes may involve reconfiguration of specific areas, installation or changed signalization and crosswalks, and installation of curb cuts or bicycle/pedestrian improvements along US-1. One challenge will be to accomplish these changes in a coordinated fashion over the entire planning area while ensuring that the Level Of Service will be maintained well into the future.

After several fatalities occurred involving pedestrians and bicyclists trying to cross US1, The Key Largo LCP’s foundation wrote a letter asking for implementation of the community authored Liveable CommuniKeys Plan and create SAFE Pedestrian Crossings in the areas were these accidents were taking place.

FDOT conducted a Pedestrian Mobility and Safety Study. The study showed that the gaps between traffic, required to safely cross  US 1, were at times non existent or not long enough to cross safely. “The majority of pedestrians crossed at midblock in groups of 2-5 and had literally to run to make it safely to the other side…Even cyclists had difficulty crossing US 1…” At times there were  increments as long as 15 minutes when there were no gaps at all. As many as 40 pedestrians were observed trying to cross US 1 in a one hour period.

The Federation maintains that there is a need for safe conditions for all users of US1. How that is accomplished we leave that up to the experts.

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atom bombAccording to a new law Japan‘s armed forces will no longer be restricted to self defense. Oh, oh!
At least Japan says their new law is directed at China and China’s claim to islands that Japan claims
[“Can I just swap hard drive #1 and #2 at will”] No. Windows is copy protected and takes certain hardware aspects like serial numbers, size, MAC addresses and so forth into that to verify it’s running one copy on one piece of hardware, it also verifies it’s status with Microsoft. If invalid or hardware change occurs (like it’s reinstalled on a upgraded boot drive), it will warn you to validate or it expires in 30 days.

Windows 8 is a very unpopular operating system version (like Vista was), so much so that Microsoft is going to change it back to a more traditional desktop user interface next year in Windows 9 and the touch screen apps will become gadgets. Since Windows 7 has over 50% market share (and growing still) and will be supported until 2020, you can opt to wait things out until the bugs are worked out of Windows 9. If you want the right operating system, buy what corporations who buy the most hardware choose, you can’t go wrong there. In the future, you may want to ask this type of question on Reddit, another PC type forum or merely use Google and search. Link

A soldiers pledge. An America tribute. Video
legs7[“Fox’s Blondes”] The truly scary part of that compilation is that people who are that smart  scholastically can also be so wrong in their thinking about matters so very crucial to the survival of the human race.  Where does that leave us in regard to our hope for the future of mankind?  Naively,  I used to believe that smart people  would just naturally do the right thing.  However, I have to admit that I never tire of watching the raven haired Kimberly Guilfoyle pump that lovely stilettoized stem during “The Five” every day.  I must say, listening to her carry on, it is obvious why she is a 2 time loser–marriage wise.
[“Price of drinks”]  I just returned from a week-long trip up north and I must say, the prices here have little difference to the prices on the mainland.  Every lunch I had with a friend was $50+, nibbles and some wine $80+. Restaurants everywhere are pricing their products according to the costs of doing business in this economy.  I’ve resigned myself to paying the prices or staying home, but there are no friends or fun in the latter!
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an_crash44[“Miami driver tailgating”] I never tailgate, but I never leave enough room in front of me so a Miami nut passing from the other direction can use that space when he changes lanes to pass cars in his lane. I’ve seen too many head-on crashes on US1.
[Overpopulation] You hit the nail square on the head. Human life has been devalued. When you have an abundance of anything it becomes less valuable the more you have. Look around this little rock we call earth, it is seriously over populated. If the thugs and hoodrats in our biggest cities want to keep thinning the herd please let them have at it. People are the biggest problem this planet has.
[Deer Crossing] Sunday afternoon July 6, the row of cars traveling on US1 at mm 20 (Mangrove Mamas) nearly collided when a key deer ran across the road. Just how many deer have been “planted” and on how many islands?
divers light[Flashlights Destroying The Reef] Whether it’s war, rape, storms, depression, etc., there’s almost nothing that doesn’t get blamed on CO2 nowadays. One of the favorites in the climate blame-game is the alleged dying off of coral reefs due to global warming from man-made CO2. But that is turning out to be false, too. The online Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes today that climate change is not responsible for the dying off of the Caribbean coral reefs after all, citing a new report by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The health of the reef depends in large part on parrotfish. This is for two reasons. First, parrotfish are herbivores. They graze on the algae that is constantly trying to take over the reef. This keeps the reef clear of algae so that the coral polyps can get the sunlight that they need to survive.

Parrotfish graze by biting off chunks of coral. They crunch these up between specialized bony plates in their throats, digest all of the greenery, and they subsequently excrete nothing but the finest, whitest, softest coral sand, the very sand that makes the romantic tropical beaches. It’s quite funny to see what happens if you disturb a whole school of them—they drop their entire load and disappear in a flash, leaving nothing but a white cloud of sand slowly dropping to the ocean floor, eventually to be swept by the waves up onto the beach. Unfortunately, although parrotfish are wary during the day, they sleep at night out in the open. As a result, the advent of the waterproof flashlight has led to their local extinction on many reefs.

What the scientist realizes is that with just a fraction of the money that is spent on the bogus problem of climate, it would likely be enough to solve all the Caribbean coral reef problems. Link

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[“Translator towers”
] About 25 or so yr. ago, some companies paid off some politicians & we lost the ability to have free TV by simply using the “rabbit ears” antennas that sat on top of all TVs. No longer could we get the very basic channels in our homes or on live-aboard boats. That was my first introduction to Keys’ politics when I moved here. Hard to believe, but it happened
[“Sea Manners”]There are some people who GPS “their” fishing spot, and if you happen to be on or near it when they arrive, they will park right next to you. I always laugh when they do this, and turn my radio full volume to a lousy music channel. This eventually drives them to another spot. The worst place ever for this rude behavior is in the waters off Miami. If you are dolphin fishing and hook one, every boat in the vicinity will troll within ten feet around you. Playing loud Spanish music in this case will not work; it only encourages them.
[3-Boat Crash Kills] It looks like, up in Miami, they drive their boats just like they drive their cars: Take no prisoners!
I wonder if the poster realizes that is not a Bob Dylan version? I personally sort of thought a lot less of Bob after he sold that song that was an anthem of youth in the 60’s to Coopers & Lybrand (now part of Price Waterhouse) for a TV commercial. Like Bob says here, “Things Have Changed
The people who have criticized Pritam Singh over the years couldn’t lift his jock strap.
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move-over7[“Miami driver tailgating”] No problem, Bubba.  Here’s a little tip for US1 drivers operating at the other extreme:  If you, for some obscure reason, happen to look in your rearview and see 20 cars stacked up behind you with their drivers waving their middle fingers in your direction, and you then look back to the front and don’t see anyone for as far as you can see ahead of you, you can logically deduce that you must be doing something way off standard for that area. I suggest that you immediately pull off the road to figure out what that might be.  Take all the time you want because you must not be in any particular hurry to get anywhere.  Try to remember that US1 is a 2 lane road with few places to pass
John McCain was on the TV again calling for more bombs and bullets — as usual. I almost voted for him. Whew, that was close. Imagine if he were president? We’d have his bombs and bullets all over the world and nothing would change
[Business Plan] Many business owners start out from day one with their objective being to “pump the place up” so some sucker dreamer will come along and buy it with some inherited big bucks and land the first guy on easy street
[“Price of drinks”] 
I had one rum on the rocks at Lowe’s Hotel in Miami Beach and it costs $30 plus tip! The house band was terrific, but not that teriffic.
[“Three competent county commissioners”] There might be peace in the middle east. We might get real gravity sewers. Three competent county commissioners all at the same time? Highly doubtful!
Someone on that little lane of shops just down the way from the Schooner Wharf said the purchaser of Pritam’s development insisted on getting the city land leased to Schooner Wharf, but I’m not sure about the time when that is to happen. It really pissed me off. I hardly ever go to Schooner Wharf, mostly because I can’t drink anymore, but dang, Schooner Wharf is a Key West treasure. It’s a throw back to the old Key West and Florida Keys which I once knew. It ought to be illegal to mess up something like that. And it pissed me off when I heard Pritam already sold the new hotel before it was built
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antenna tower radio
[“Can Keys receive T.V. without cable”] No. The translator was deactivated once they found that it only worked for a few locations and worked lousy at that! It was millions of dollars a year going to waste so they nixed it. I couldn’t get it to work in Big Pine even with a tall antenna.
[“Miami driver tailgating”] From years of experience navigating the often treacherous US 1, I’ve found it in my best interest to leave a good deal of room between me and the car in front of me.  I’ve avoided many a hazardous accident by hanging back and allowing myself room to maneuver out of someone else’s mistakes.  I must admit, I seldom have anyone tailgating me, but when I do, I simply let off the gas and do the speed limit — that annoys the hell out of whomever is impatient behind me.
Reading about Mangrove Mamma’s for some reason brought to mind El Mocambo on Big Coppitt Key in the early 70’s. I was in the Navy in the Keys and visited there often. Does anyone have a photo of it?
[“Claiming the Ocean”] In the old days if you cut across a guy’s chum line you’d get bombarded with egg sinkers, the really big ones!
[“Price of drinks”] Those who complain about the cost of going out have no experience or even any idea of the costs involved in operating a business that serves liquor.
[“Price of drinks and food in the Keys”] Years ago when my family had a liquor store on Big Pine many people on their way to Key West would stop in to purchase something. They would be all excited about the vacation ahead of them. Many of these same people would stop by on the way back out after spending just one day at their destination saying that things were way to expensive for them to want to stay
kit-carson7On this day, the Union’s Lt. Colonel Christopher “Kit” Carson leaves Santa Fe with his troops, beginning his campaign against the Indians of New Mexico and Arizona. A famed mountain man before the Civil War, Carson was responsible for waging a destructive war against the Navajo that resulted in their removal from the Four Corners area to southeastern New Mexico.

Carson was perhaps the most famous trapper and guide in the West. He traveled with the expeditions of John C. Fremont in the 1840s, leading Fremont through the Great Basin. Fremont’s flattering portrayal of Carson made the mountain man a hero when the reports were published and widely read in the east. Later, Carson guided Stephen Watts Kearney to New Mexico during the Mexican-American War. In the 1850s he became the Indian agent for New Mexico, a position he left in 1861 to accept a commission as lieutenant colonel in the 1st New Mexico Volunteers.

Although Carson’s unit saw action in the New Mexico battles of 1862, he was most famous for his campaign against the Indians. Despite his reputation for being sympathetic and accommodating to tribes such as the Mescaleros, Kiowas, and Navajo, Carson waged a brutal campaign against the Navajo in 1863. When bands of Navajo refused to accept confinement on reservations, Carson terrorized the Navajo lands–burning crops, destroying villages, and slaughtering livestock. Carson rounded up some 8,000 Navajo and marched them across New Mexico for imprisonment on the Bosque Redondo Reservation, over 300 miles from their homes, where they remained for the duration of the war.

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lighting bottle rocket
[Patriots] Some hero patriots fired off a big bunch of patriotic 4th of July patriotic fireworks and then took off and left pile of patriotic fireworks residue in the middle of our heroic patriotic street. Thank you for your service.
[Schooner Wharf’s Future] I talked with somebody last night, who tends to know about such things, and also runs with a friend of Pritam’s, who said he’d not heard anything about Schooner Warf being at risk over the new hotel, and that the city recently had built the upstairs for Schooner Warf and had signed a new lease on the building with Schooner Warf.
[Dangerous Drugs] Warning about eye drops for eye diseases. This is a long read on just two chemicals used for glaucoma, but it does tell you how dangerous these drugs are. It is worth the time to read it.  Note what they do to the body, mind and health. Now look up the drugs you take for any other problem you have. Link
[Captain Doom and Gloom] DEF: Procrastinate n. A system of delaying tactics used by politicos to further their goal of attaining more funds for their fun projects.
DEF: Gravity System n, see: outhouse, septic system, out of the window, privy pots.
DEF: FKAA n, An organization for the benefit of saving the Keys with multiple sewer system designs on a continuous basis that might work eventually sort of maybe.
from the right
In a July 3rd article the New York Times reported that federal officials have begun to send the 240,000 migrants and 52,000 unaccompanied minors who have crossed the border illegally in the last few months in the Rio Grande Valley to cities around the county. Nearly 300,000 illegal immigrants have been released into the heartland with nothing more than a piece of paper that instructs them to show up for a hearing in the future. It beggars belief that any one of them will show up for that hearing.

Illegal-immigrants-terroristsObama’s administration has failed to secure the border and is unlikely to deport more than a small percentage of the illegals, despite the high unemployment rates among American Latino, African-American and white youths. The strapped budgets of many cities and towns are certain to take huge hits from the illegal immigrants, because they, without a doubt, will be reliant on public assistance to survive.

While the Obama administration has been bragging of accomplishing record numbers of deportations, it has been learned that they cooked the books. DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, in sworn testimony to a Congressional committee, admitted that the Obama Administration has been artificially inflating deportation numbers. While the administration has claimed a “record number” of deportations, dishonestly earning Pres. Obama the nickname “Deporter in Chief”, Johnson admitted that they have been counting border apprehensions that are turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers as deportations. Johnson revealed that “”Under the Obama administration, more than half of those removals that were attributed to ICE are actually a result of Border Patrol arrests that wouldn’t have been counted in prior administrations.” Further, it has been learned that when a newly apprehended illegal immigrant voluntarily agrees to turn around and go back to Mexico, that voluntary return is counted as a deportation. The illegal is routinely told that if he/she just goes back, it will not count against their record.

The humanitarian aspect of this tsunami of illegal immigrants is tragic, it need not have occurred. The fault lies squarely on Obama’s shoulders.

Obama unilaterally, with his pen and phone, put in place a doctrine known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This edict allowed some illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children to defer deportation, in June the program was extended for two years.

That coupled with Obama’s notorious dedication to keeping our borders wide open, led to a massive, but false, belief in South/Central America and Mexico that if a child from that area were to set foot on American soil the Obama admin would issue a “permisso”, a document that grants the child permission to be in the USA. In effect, that rumor has turned out to be true. Many illegal immigrant children seek out Border Patrol Agents so that they can get their “permisso.”

As a result of the Obama policy tens of thousands of children have been uprooted from their homes, been subjected to rape, murder, and being sold into slavery while chasing the golden grail of US residency.

Many of these children are afflicted with communicable disease, lice, and scabies, yet the Obama admin is bussing and flying them to our heartland. A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Deer Friends, this is getting dire.

We are a nation of immigrants, but the current wholesale influx of immigrants who flaunt our laws across our southern border is nothing at all like our ordered policies of the past. My first wife was an immigrant, from Germany. There were many legal hurdles that she had to cross to gain first her US residency then her citizenship. The day she was sworn in as a US citizen was one of the proudest days of her life.

Most Republicans strongly favor immigration reform, but properly will not accede to any measures that make it easier to become a resident or citizen of the US unless our southern border is first secured, locked down. Our liberal friends say that a border fence would not work. If that is so, why is the White House surrounded with a fence.

Please also consider that the Mexican narco terrorist have established ties with Muslim jihadists. Our wide open Mexican border is an open invitation for them