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[“El Macombo”] Was El Macombo where the Purple Porpoise is now? Was that where Bahrina did her Dance of Love she made famous in Habana in the 40s or 50s? She was about 70 or 80 when I saw her do the dance–quite past her prime and the last time she performed it. She wore the original costume that had one side a man and the other a woman. She would face one way for the “man’s” part of the performance and then face the other way for the “woman’s” part. You had to drink a lot of rum to really appreciate an old lady in an old costume doing a song and dance and in Spanish to boot!
[Legalese] “Crossing US1-Deadly” I laughed when I read the jargon of that posting. It was obviously a governmental paper as the wording is so government-speak. Who else would use phrases like “Pedestrian Mobility and Safety Study,” “changed signalization,” “vehicle/bicycle/pedestrian conflict,” and the best one “US-1 Corridor.” It probably took twenty highly paid governmental employees at least two months to come up with just that document. Anyway, I think I will now partake in a motorized vehicular venture down the US-1 Corridor paying close attention to the traffic signalization and do my best to avoid any vehicle/bicycle/pedestrian conflicts.
antenna tower beam across


[Bring back the Translators] With today’s technology I’ll bet the translator towers would now work. Bring them back! I’m sick of paying a hundred a month to watch commercials.

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The Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab was produced in 1950 and 1951 when atomic energy was your friend. Nuclear power at the time was considered the wave of the future and Gilbert, which also produced an array of chemistry sets for kids, was ready to turn American kids into American scientists. Unfortunately, it was pulled from the shelves for being really radioactive!
Created by Alfred Carlton Gilbert, the science for children contained multiple sources of radiation, including ore samples with uranium. Although short-term exposure to the radiation sources in the kit would have been fine, ingesting any of them was a one-way ticket to cancer.
[Juan ton soup] If you miss the Golden Margarita. The owner of Denny’s liquors and Denny’s Latin Cafe in Key Largo now opened Denny’s Chinese Express –made by Cubans. Viva la cajachina!
Good food and good service equals a busy restaurant with a waiting line. It’s crazy that new restaurants would price themselves over the top. ZaZa went away because of terrible service and crazy prices and I’m experiencing the same thing at the new bayside restaurant on Little Torch. I do love the food at the new Little Torch place. Please have a staff meeting and lets get a culture of service in there and you will have a great existence and a waiting line.
Dive lights being the cause in the decline of reefs” was foolish at best and stupid at worst.
A herd of elephants. A pod of whales. A coward of politicians.
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cudjoe-horiz00[“Translator Tower”] I had a TV with an antenna back when the translator was in action.  I could pick up a few Miami channels and the best one looked terrible.  I was glad when cable got here.

And then there was the time some communications company wanted to erect a tall antenna somewhere over by the blimp on Cudjoe.  They said it would send out high quality free TV, and pick up and send out cellphone calls to 40 miles south of the reef.   But some of the locals shouted them down at a public hearing on the matter, said it would spoil the look of the skyline or something. What skyline on Cudjoe?

The TV translators worked just fine. I enjoyed watching plenty of TV on them for over a decade. They cost the taxpayers a whopping $3.85 a year per household if I recall. When the cable company had just over fifty percent of the county signed up they pushed to have the translators shut down because it just wasn’t fair to the majority who did not need them. So for the rest of us who were satisfied with watching broadcast TV we are now paying over $70 a month instead of less than $4 a year. Progress sucks.
[Business Plan] “pump the place up so some sucker dreamer will buy it” What’s wrong with having a business plan? Just because someone has the courage to start a business doesn’t mean they have to die there. Just about everyone who starts a business hopes to sell it. What’s wrong with that when all those involved are happy? I get angry at the hourly worker-types who resent anyone with an actual plan for their future. I can’t help but think those against profit are jealous of those who take risks and realize big profit from their efforts.
Somehow you just always knew it was out there somewhere. I’ve been up it a few times
Do you think it’s time to disband the Army Corps of Engineers? They seem to have done more damage to our waterways and especially the Everglades than good.
Cops are people too, performing a dangerous job.  You don’t obey them and they will naturally view you as a threat to their own physical well being.  They are charged by us citizens, sitting comfortably at home, to insure that all adhere to the laws the rest of us follow for the sake of safety and order.  Step off the line that they proscribe for you, and they will make sure to eliminate any thought you might have that might lead you to endanger them.  Who can blame them for feeling this way?
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rubiks cube
Rubik’s Cube
has only one right combination and 43 quintillion wrong ones. The fastest solve recorded is by a Dutch teen at 5.55 seconds. Me, I’ve been trying since 1980.
Some of you less successful people confuse profit with greed. Big risk needs big profit. How many big ideas go down the tubes down here. Plenty.
Ann Coulter is the Howard Stern of politics.
Monster python
(not Monty Python) creates fireworks in Fla. community. The massive, 12-foot critter made its way into a gated South Florida residential community just in time to create a pre-fourth of July bang. Link
[“Fox’s Blondes”]  Their education of world affairs very impressive, yet if their ideology differs from others, they are branded with the mark of not understanding what is crucial to the survival of the human race. It is largely such political persuasions that have had, by far, the most success for advancing human beings of all stripes than any other ideology yet practiced by any other group or country.  Still, this ideology is certainly not exclusive to the highly educated. Our greatest president, Abraham Lincoln’s formal education was almost nonexistent. History’s highly regarded Harry Truman was a haberdasher. The fact of the matter is we have educated smart people, and we have educated fools. For one to imply that someone else’s ideology concerning the future of mankind is naïve and wrong is in itself naïve and wrong. All that it really means is that you have a different opinion than they have.
Did you hear about the gay Key deer that went drinking one night on Duval St and blew 80 bucks?
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Inmate’s gassing death detailed in Florida DOC whistle-blower complaint. Joining a chorus of criticism of Florida’s prison system, four investigators filed a whistle-blower complaint against their employer. Link
[“Swapping hard drives at will”] I’d like to thank the poster for his good advice. The poster offered a helpful way to find future computer solutions I may need, but following those links entails reading and following links and reading more and following more links and probably never find the solution I’m looking for. It’s so much easier to ask on the CT because informed people as the poster can answer a question concisely in just a few lines. I’m not lazy, but I abhor wasting time.
zombie woman8
[Scientists Create a Zombie] Consciousness on-off switch discovered. “When the team zapped the area with high frequency electrical impulses, the woman lost consciousness. She stopped reading and stared blankly into space, she didn’t respond to auditory or visual commands and her breathing slowed. As soon as the stimulation stopped, she immediately regained consciousness with no memory of the event.” Link
[“What’s in a name”] Here is an email sent to Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune after an article he published concerning a name change for the Washington Redskins. Link
fireworks colors
A video recap of the 4th of July day at Sombrero Beach in Marathon. Video
I have lived in the middle Keys for 11 years and I have noticed a rise in sea levels! It rises twice every day.
TSA: Some on US-bound flights must turn on phones and electronic devices. It’s getting dangerous out there! Link
[Parrotfish] The thought that parrot fish are being endangered by night diving is one of the most ridiculously laughable ideas ever presented on the CT. In fact parrot fish populations are at an all time high.
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[Weather] The most accurate forecast for anywhere in the world. Just type in your location in the upper left and hit play. Warning occasional adult language. Video
[“Drivers tailgating”] Do you know what’s more infuriating than a person tailgating? I’ll tell you: I’m driving on US1, there’s a few cars ahead of me, but I always like to keep a distance between me and the car ahead of me. A distance of about 10 to 15 car lengths. There’s no one behind me as far as the eye can see, making me the last car on the road. There’s a car waiting at a stop sign so as to merge into the same direction I’m headed. I’m flowing with at same speed as the cars ahead of me which is about 55 to 60 MPH. Then this jerk sees that I’m leaving a gap between me and the car ahead of me, and sees that I’m the last car with no one else behind me, but the driver’s ego tells them to cut in front of me because they don’t want to be last. Then they turn into my lane as I’m approaching them. This causes me to suddenly step on my brakes because they jumped in front of me doing 20 MPH. Then they slowly pick up speed to 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 MPH within the next 2 to 3 miles. Yet, I was originally doing 55 to 60 MPH. Yet, there was no one else behind me! Why do you do that? I don’t do that to other drivers.

This selfish act is the rudest and most disrespectful display one can demonstrate towards the driver who happens to be already on the highway. This is one of the reasons why drivers tailgate you. The thing is that you probably didn’t even realize the selfish act you committed. As for me, when I’m at a stop sign and I’m waiting to turn onto US1. I wait for all the cars to pass, as long as I see that there’s no one else behind the last car, and then I turn onto the highway behind the last car, out of respect towards those on the road before me.

Another scenario is when I leave a gap between me and the car ahead of me and there are several cars behind me. We’re all following the same flow of speed. A car waiting at a stop sign jumps in front of me, causing me to step on my brakes, and now causes everyone else behind me to do the same. The driver who jumps in front of me is now doing the same crap as above. Doing 20 MPH, then slowly gaining up to 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 MPH for the next 2 to 3 miles. This is another cause for people to tailgate you. This can cause an accident with any of the drivers behind you. Why do you do that?

If I’m at a stop sign and I see a gap in which I can jump onto, and realize that there are other cars approaching me, I always step on the gas pedal speeding up to the car ahead of me to continue the flow of speed, taking into consideration the drivers behind me, and avoiding, for them, to have to suddenly brake due to my breaking their flow of speed. I practice this act every day. I showed this practice to my wife & kids and they now understand that it’s the right thing to do, but most importantly, demonstrating respect for your fellow drivers. I hope this message gets across to all of you reading this and helps you see this point of view, causing you to practice this thought while on the road.

If I have a tailgater behind me. I wait until I reach a passing lane, and I stick my hand out waving to the driver to safely pass me as I slow down giving them enough room to merge back into my lane. Remember that driving a motor vehicle is a privilege and not a right.

[“US1 drivers”] We love our tourists in the Keys, but for Pete’s sake please pull over to let us who have to work (a lot) pass. You’ll get better photos when you pull over too. It’s a shame when you see an oblivion/tourist going 10mph below the speed limit and a pile of cars behind them. That’s creating an environment for an accident that doesn’t need to be. Maybe someone who owns one of those unrented billboards can put up a public service message for the tourists.
Giant snails in Florida. Known to eat through building materials. Link
Lost Dog.
Medium-sized (45 lbs) brown female Shar-Pei. Linda St and Road Prison area. She is older and afraid of strangers. Might respond to her name Bella. Please call if you have seen her. Classified Ads > Lost and Found
[“Deer crossing”] The post about the deer crossing US1 points to another reason not to tailgate down here and to pay attention to the situation you are in.  They could pop up anywhere, anytime south of  the 7 Mile Bridge.
The first time Pritam Singh came to Key West he was a hippy with no turban. Years later he came back with the turban and money backers and the rest is history. Smart guy!
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[Tech Support] We must keep our sense of humor if nothing else.
[“Miami driver tailgating”] “let off the gas and do the speed limit — that annoys the hell out of whoever is tailgating me” Doing that just pisses off the impatient driver more and makes him pass recklessly because there are so few legal places to pass. That is why many of those head-on collisions occur on US1.
[“Miami driver tailgating”] The rule is to allow one car length per 10 mph of your speed for safety sake, but today that means 10 cars will pass you for that spot!
pelican8Behold, the pelican!
Slow, ugly clumsy afoot,
But in the air
a great fisher indeed!
And in times of want
plucks out its own breast meat
to feed its young
[Sick Society] There’s a restaurant in Rifle, Colorado and another in Key West where they encourage patrons to carry guns in their stores.
lady pushing coffee cup
Don’t you just hate it when you make a fresh cup of coffee and spoil it by pouring too much cream in it?
Vista gets a bad rap as an operating system. Granted, there are way better, but I’ve been using it at home since 2007 and I can live with it. I know its idiosyncrasies and work-arounds. I’m swapping it out soon because it’s just too slow and old. And while I won’t miss it, I don’t hate it anymore.
[“Translator towers”] About 25 or so years ago a cable company paid off some politicians & we lost the ability to have free TV by simply using the rabbit ears antennas that sat on top of all TVs. No longer could we get the very basic channels in our homes or on live-aboard boats. Everyone paid about $2 a year added to their tax bill and that way no one was deprived of getting the news or the latest on a hurricane
Lost dog
. Please help Tim find his dog. Munchie only likes chicken, and has been missing for over a week now. If you find her contact Tim and get some Dion’s chicken for this sweet dog! REWARD   Classified Ads > Lost and Found
[Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce Hosts Candidate Forum] The Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce and the Lower Keys League of Women Voters is hosting a candidate forum on Thursday, July 10 beginning at 6:30 pm at Boondocks Grille & Draft House, mile marker 27.5, Ramrod Key. There is no charge to attend.

Candidates will appear in race specific groups and will be allowed two minutes to introduce themselves to the audience. Each candidate will respond to three questions posed by the moderators and will have two minutes to answer each. There will be no questions permitted from the floor.

The forum will be moderated by US 1 Radio Assistant News Director Ezra Marcus and Steve Estes, publisher of the News-Barometer on Big Pine Key.  This is open to Chamber members and the entire community. Anyone may submit a question for consideration by the committee. For further information, contact the Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce at Events

[“Tailgating”] I once saw a bumper sticker that says it all: Tailgaters Flunked Physics.
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Happy Tuesday from Springer’s Bar and Grill
. Today is pizza day! Any 2 topping pizza all day today for $10 (eat in only). Gotta love that!
Wednesday special: hamburger steak with sweet onion mushroom gravy
Thursday special: shrimp po’boy
Friday special: fish and chips
There’s always something special at Springer’s.
Millions of soldiers & veterans in trouble. Support the troops. They did their duty, let’s do ours. Link
antenna tv head
The Translators worked. You got 2 1/2 channels. I had my antennae set up so I could turn it a little bit and get the third channel. It cost the tax payer $.25 a year. Wilhelmina Harvey was our best representative regarding the translators, but eventually Comcast convinced the County that they would take over its maintenance if they were allowed to expand. Then all of a sudden, after a year, Comcast said it was too expensive, and did away with them. We’ve had Comcast ever since. The Translators worked good for the 8-10 years I used it, now I pay a small fortune every month to watch commercials
[Borders] If the Mexicans can get across our border that easy, what about raghead terrorist, Chinese military forces, Mau-Mau, VC, and South American tourists? If I stop paying income taxes, will that stop the free hand-outs to these blood sucking bastards? If not, why not?
[“Eimirs’ cover-up”] The following are excerpts from Florida Statute 406: “The medical examiner shall conduct, for the purpose of determining the cause of death, examinations and investigations. In addition, the medical examiner shall adhere to all requests made by the state attorney, in the furtherance of determining the cause of death. “Furthermore, the medical examiner shall obtain evidence necessary for forensic examinations.”

It appears that the Monroe County Medical Examiner’s Office may not have adhered to the law. An inspector general’s investigation may find the medical examiner’s office to be disorganized, inefficient and hampered by mismanagement. Given the nature of serious allegations surrounding Charles Eimers’ death in Key West after he was subdued by police and its possible law-enforcement cover-up, many are disappointed that our state attorney hasn’t assumed a leadership role so that her constituents might be presented with an authentic Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation and autopsy report.

Based on specific and detailed evidence, the integrity and credibility of both investigations appear to be seriously flawed and compromised. It’s apparent from the start that the FDLE investigation violated the agency’s own protocols and policies regarding how to conduct a bona fide investigation. Presenting the findings of these untoward investigations as fact to a grand jury constitutes a fraud. The state attorney is required to present all of the evidence. The state attorney is required to dutiful make certain that the findings presented to the grand jury are extracted from a valid, impartial, and complete examination of all the facts. So far this has not been done. The state attorney is aware that it has not been accomplished. There are several credible eyewitnesses, along with possible crucial testimony and other evidence, that may have been left out of the FDLE investigation. This evidence wasn’t available to the medical examiner during the Eimers’ autopsy. As in most of these cases, the real crimes often occur when a police department attempts to cover up the event being examined. There’s plenty of hard evidence indicating that there may have been crimes committed when attempting to obfuscate the truth.

I proffer an urgent appeal to our state attorney to immediately initiate an independent investigation into Eimers death and its possible cover-up.

[Sewer Bait and Switch] We all want a good system and good water quality, as promised when we passed the one cent infrastructure sales tax. Anyone that has attended the various meetings, followed the chatter, asked questions, donated money, signed the petitions knows that the fight is simple.  A substandard sewer system, mandated by politicians rather than engineers, putting grinder pumps in our yards, threatening our nearshore waters, is the fight.  Do not forget the original system, designed by engineers, was a gravity system.  It was not until the politicians got involved that we saw sewer money diverted to pet projects and a cheapened system thrust upon us. Link
FTRs posting on Monday was the funniest thing I have read for quite some time. Kudos a well deserved round of applause in in order.

“If a fence isn’t good enough to keep people out of the United States why is the White House fenced in”.

I took the liberty of paraphrasing. That was a beauty

What America needs in the White House is the Grande Wizard from Louisiana named David Duke. What happened to him?
from the right
Democrat governance? Do you think that the Democrat philosophy of governance is in the public interest? Let’s think about some of the accomplishments of Democrat governance.

Chicago: Over the Fourth of July weekend, 82 were shot, 14 of them fatally. Chicago of course has terribly restrictive gun control laws. Chicago’s school system is in shambles, the city teeters on the verge of bankruptcy.

donkey8Chicago’s public pension crisis has gotten to the point where the third-largest city in the United States will probably go the way of Detroit. The Windy City’s public pension system is one of the most poorly funded in the country and it has saddled the city with crushing debt, according to a recent New York Times report. The city has been under Democrat governance for decades. It is where our President learned his politics.

Detroit: The city is in bankruptcy..  the city has been in under Democrat governance for decades. It is an urban waste land.

San Bernardino, California: In bankruptcy. The Mayor is Democrat.

Birmingham, Alabama, on the verge of bankruptcy. The mayor is Democrat.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Filed for bankruptcy when a Democrat Mayor was in office.

The list is longer.

For at least the last 20 years major U.S. cities have been playgrounds for left-wing experiments — high taxes on the rich; sanctuaries for illegal immigrants; super-minimum wage rules; strict gun-control laws (that actually contribute to high crime rates); regulations and paperwork that make it onerous to open a business or develop on your own property; crony capitalism with contracts going to political donors and friends; and failing schools ruled by teacher unions, with little competition or productivity.

We have endured national Democrat governance since 2007 when the Democrats took control of Congress and our budget. In 2009 a Democrat president was elected. Since 2007 our economy has been in shambles. Our national debt has exploded.  On 1/1/07 our national debt was about $8.6 trillion, today it is about $17.6 trillion. In two years it is forecast to be nearly $20 trillion. Last year our tax revenues were at an all-time high. Yet, Democrats insist on spending more and building more debt. As of June 1 there were fewer people employed in America than there were in 2007 when the Democrats took control of the Congress. That is abysmal.

Polling reveals that confidence in the President is at an all-time low, he now ranks as the worst President since WW2. Only 26% of Americans believe that America is on the right path. 67% of Americans think that we are heading in the wrong direction. 74% of voters not affiliated with either major political party think the country is on the wrong track.

Welfare and food stamp usage are at record highs. The number of people who have abandoned the work force is at record highs.

While our economy remains in shambles, the famous American work ethic has been savaged, our foreign policy is in even worse shape.

Jihadism is running rampant in the mid-east and North Africa. A brand new Islamic Caliphate has been established in the dying nation of Iraq. Syria is sliding towards the new Caliphate. Iran continues on its mad path to being a nuclear power.  Russia is becoming more belligerent and appears to be in the process of re constituting the failed Soviet Union.  China is in a frenzy of building its military and navy. They now have an aircraft carrier and are rapidly building a fleet of nuke subs. They are bragging that they can beat us in a military confrontation. Japan has announced that it is in process of changing its constitution to permit it to take pre-emptive strikes against Chinese aggression. America is no longer feared or respected.

Our border security is a joke. Our southern border is as porous as an open floodgate. Illegal immigrants are pouring into our heartland in numbers that boggle the mind. Our President and Democrat controlled Senate, for purely political reasons, refuse to secure the border. We are in deep trouble.

It’s time for change.