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Monday, June 10, 2013

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[Frog Chorus] I believe they are the Cuban Tree Frogs. I love hearing them on summer nights after the rain. Different areas sing at different times and then they all sing together, some high some low. It sounds like nature’s symphony.


[Hunting Season] Key Deer bagged: Deputies spot BPK animal.  Link



Key West Gay Pride Parade. You’ve got to love it!  ~photo Rob O’Neil KW Citizen

[New Bar Owners] How come new bar owners always  say nothing will change and then go and change everything.

[Privacy] Our government is too big, too intrusive, too top heavy. It is stepping on my rights and your rights. We can stop this. We can make a difference. We can take our great America back. Don’t sit this one out. “I’m going to be asking all the Internet providers and all of the phone companies: Ask your customers to join me in a class-action lawsuit,” he said. “If we get 10 million Americans saying we don’t want our phone records looked at, then maybe … Link



[Hot-dogging] I was out by the Content Keys yesterday and this hot dog boater zipped right by me!

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[Hates the Keys] [Tiki Bar New Owners] If I owned it I’d want the locals out too. Cheap ass scumbags and drug addicts. 

Fanci Seafood will be closed on Sundays until August. Everyone have a great summer!


[Iguanas] With global warming, will iguanas grow as big as Komodo dragons? Link



[Coconuts] If you’re looking for just the right fit..give the NUT a try. Great drinks, the very best prices, flat screen TV’s everywhere, the best Brunswick pool tables in the Keys, darts, video games, cold AC and lots of parking. The NUT, rocking you right at the light for 30 years. We must be doing something right. Video

[Paranoia, Big Destroyer] I think the media, the government and law enforcement have learned their lesson with all the mistakes they made that proved that Sandy Hook was a false flag operation.

On Friday, while at work I briefly saw a CNN news report about some shooting in Santa Monica. When I got home I began to look up the situation on the Internet and couldn’t find any info on it. I checked on the news and nothing. What? Saturday evening I came across a very vague article that yahoo had posted, but was then taken off, and I couldn’t find it again.

I believe that this shooting is another false flag operation just by the little info being reported. 1st they said he was 24 years old, and now they’re saying he’s 23. John Zawahri supposedly was alone, had been armed to the teeth, and had a bullet proof vest on. According to witnesses he was cool and collective had used military type stance while shooting, picking off his targets with complete accuracy. Obviously this kid was trained, and had pretty good skills as to what he was doing. Now, (like always) there’s a second shooter in custody? Link

[Sewers] What would happen if FKAA went to install my new pump grinder station for our low pressure system and I did not have the necessary dedicated 220 volt service?  Would they be out of luck or would I? 
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Bromeliads are not 1 of a kind, but each is unique. Sugarloaf Key resident, Jackie Thomas has hundreds for sale. Link

[Downstairs Enclosure]  To the reader that believes that they should be able to rent out their illegal downstairs enclosure I have a offer I would like to propose.  That would be to purchase a house next to where your permanent residence is, convert it into a dorm type setting where we could pack in two people to a room, with a common bathroom and kitchen.  Heck with any living room because then I could get that many more boarders in.  Don’t worry about parking spaces, they can just park anywhere up and down the street.  Some may even have to find places for their boats.  I am sure there would be some sewer, water, and electrical problems, but so what I will be getting my monthly checks ( cash of course so that I do not have a record for Monroe County or IRS as far as that goes).  I want to get all the income that I can and not be concerned about anything else.


[“Drive-in for boats”] It is great that you have a very active imagination. Imagine 20-30 drunk boaters trying to go home in the dark after the show is over.



[Bridge Not Safe] ] Don’t worry about the South Pine Channel Bridge collapsing. Chances are about 1 in 2.5 million that you will be on it when it crashes down into the water.

[New Bar Owners] Regarding the Tiki Bar shakeup I am a local and long time patron of the place and I don’t think it has become totally bad but there have been some changes from the new owners that are not local friendly and I would like to offer some opinions for the new owners to review. First, where are the bands we are all know and love? I saw a few weeks back on the sign that they were doing band try-outs. What was wrong with the line-up they had? Recent bands are OK but they are not from here and don’t know what the locals like. Bring back the local bands.

If you order a drink that is usually ordered straight up, if you order it on the rocks they charge a dollar surcharge! A buck for ice? If you place an order to go there is another 25 cent surcharge.

Regarding the comments on the restrooms, I was shocked Friday when I had to use the men’s room and found that the urinal had a waiting line of three guys. I went pass the urinal to check the stool and there was a sign that said something to the effect that the crapper was out of order and the door to the crapper was screwed shut? Is that even legal?

I have been going to the Tiki for over ten years and it’s always been the comfy place for us indigent locals. How do we respectfully tell the new owners that they are going in the wrong direction


if there is to be peace in the world,

There must be peace in the nations,

if there is to be peace in the nations,

There must be peace in the cities.

If there is to be peace in the cities,

There must be peace between neighbors.

if there is to be peace between neighbors,

There must be peace in the home.

if there is to be peace in the home,

There must be peace in the heart.

~Lao Tzu




[The Gods Must Be Crazy] Is Sloan running for mayor again? God help us!

The reclusive Peeping Tom photographer and his cardboard camera. Link

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an_x-ray beer


[Men Have Needs Too] How come nobody ever wonders about what men really want?

[“More fat people die than those from starvation”] I am not surprised. I doubt many fat people die from starvation.

[Bar Talk] To the new owners of Looe Key Tiki Bar. If you want local business, and all thier friends and family, advertise here. We love hearing about happy hours and specials. All the negative crap really does hurt your business. The locals are saying that you need fishing boots to go to the bathroom. Stand up defend yourself. We want good food (some say its great). We will only know when and what you serve if its on the Internet. Good luck. (Ed: I didn’t write that, but it is a good idea to advertise where locals will see it. Link)


[Gun Nut History] The .22 rimfire, patented by Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson, was one of the first metal cartridges to contain bullet, powder and primer. Previously the primer (the combustible substance ignited by the pull of the trigger, which. in turn, lighted the powder) tended to be loaded separately. This sometimes caused a noticeable delay between pulling the trigger and firing. Fulminate of mercury was packed into the rim of the cartridges base. directly behind the gunpowder. The gun only had to strike the back of a cartridge in order to fire it. In later ammunition, the primer moved to the center of the cartridge, and black powder has been replaced by smokeless powders.

[“Ropes that hold your sunglasses around you neck”] I make my own out of monofilament fishing line. They are essentially free. They are invisible so they do not look as cool as the $20 variety.

araura10Auroras are occurring again with increasing frequency. With the Sun peaking at its eleven year maximum in aurora-triggering activity, it is exhibiting a greater abundance of sunspots, flares, and coronal mass ejections. Solar activity like this typically expels charged particles into the Solar System, some of which impact Earth’s magnetosphere and trigger Earthly auroras. In late 2010, the above time lapse displays of picturesque auroras were captured above Tromsø, Norway. Curtains of auroral light, usually green, flow, shimmer and dance as energetic particles fall toward the Earth and excite atoms of air high up in the Earth’s atmosphere. There may even be opportunities to see auroras tonight, as recent solar explosions have triggered numerous aurora sightings over the past few days. Video

[Privacy] Where do we draw the line? Is it okay for Homeland Security to enter our homes and cars because it will make us safer if they find someone planning an attack or building bombs. Where’s the line?


[“Should Leslie Van Houten be paroled”] No. She is an animal who committed heinous crimes that can never be forgiven. I was a hippy in LA during the Manson murders and my friends and I were afraid to be seen in public because of the hate that those crimes fostered. All the hippies hid themselves out of fear of reprisals from the straights. That was the intended reason for the Manson murders–to start a civil war and it almost worked on us, at least. You can’t imagine the fear we felt in L.A. during that time.

Many years latter I saw the crime scene photos and could not imagine more brutality. Yes, she should rot in prison. It’s sad that people forget the reality and horror of those calculated and sadistic murders. They were frolicking and laughing as they mutilated the bodies and cut Sharon Tate’s unborn child from her body. That cannot be forgiven.

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[‘Tis the Season] It is June already, hot & rainy, and the mosquitoes are excited about it. And it’s Hurricane Season! Who said we don’t have Seasons down here?

[“Condone rape”] If a man is unable to control his dick he sure as heck doesn’t need to be given a gun.[?]


[“Drive-In”] A “Boat-In” on Marvin Key for XXX flicks would be great. We all could bring our home movies and honeymoon videos, huh, huh, huh?



[Name That Key] Isn’t it about time someone gave that poor No Name Key a name? 

I sure hope that the Sanctuary people don’t mess with Picnic or Marvin Keys.  Those places get the locals out of the neighborhood for at least part of the weekend.



[“Meet the new boss … same as the old boss. ~Pink Floyd”]  Ummm…that would be The Who!

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[“Sexual assault in the military”] How come Israel doesn’t have such an out of control problem?

an_orchid bloom


Key West Orchid Society newsletter for June. Menu > Continuing Events

[Lab Animals Escaping] This did happen in Texas with armadillos. It seems they are the only animal other than humans who can get leprosy. They did find a cure for humans, but some of the infected animals escaped and spread the disease.

nira tocco realtor 9.12

[NSA Spying] Back in the early 1970’s my father was stationed at Ft. Meade in Maryland. He was assigned to the NSA, the “puzzle palace” as it was known by the locals. He could never tell us what he did at the time. But many, many years later he told me all he did was monitor tele-communications for key words. So folks, this is nothing new, get used to it. And back in the 1970’s Nixon was president — talk about paranoid!



[Ukulele Wednesday] Yes, you can play the Ukulele. It’s easy & fun. This Wednesday Coconuts will have Uke Nite. It’s is a hoot. Starts around 7ish. Video

[A spin on gun control] Maybe some people don’t want to hunt or even have firearms to protect themselves. Maybe they realize in the event of a hostile takeover by a tyrannical government it maybe their last resort to end their lives the way they deem appropriately instead of ending up in internment camps or concentration camps as witnessed by Germany and yours truly the great US of A with all those pesky Japanese. As Americans we still have choices, right? Oh, I’m sorry the government said suicide is illegal, well there goes that theory on gun control. Next?


[Water Perspective] From the USGS, just how little water the blue planet has. Link

[Developers] At the recent meeting about the development of Peary Court, former attorney and now besmirched Jim Hendricks made the patronizing and smarmy comment that he was a member of C.A.V.E. (Citizens Against Virtually Everything). Watch out.  We will have to listen soon enough to the usual blandishments about this great project he is consulting for.

sewer-low-pressure10[Sewers] Aqueduct Authority selects high cost sewer option. Link


[Bar Talk] If the current owners of the Little Tiki think they can live off only tourists, they are in for a rude awakening due to the nearby competition. Why would a tourist go to a small dingy place with an empty stage when across the street there is this really cool Big Tiki with shops, clean restrooms and even a mini golf course. And the Big Tiki has better food and lots of people eager to wait on you. And they pay good money for tribute bands on the weekends. The new owners should consider putting in a water slide, go-cart track and a zip line or two. That will bring them in.



[Endangered Plants For Sale] Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden will be offering endangered plants for sale on Saturday, due to a great effort to preserve them. Special tour at 1 p.m.   Master Gardener, Susie Reutling will lead the tour & answer questions.  Free for members; $5 for others. The garden’s plant sale is also that day from 10 a.m. until noon.

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[Captain Doom and Gloom] “Motor Vehicle office Social Security card” It used to say right on the SS Card, this is not for id. Why not report that dummy at the DMV and get someone in that high pay bracket that knows what the heck they are doing?  Our tax money at play again.

“Insurance”I just read in detail my home insurance policies. No wonder they came on a cardboard tube for my bathroom. What a freaking rip off. Almost every peril that would be needed is not there or has such a large deductible it is not worth the paper it is written on. My policies read more like a 1930 gangster movie script then a legal document. I wonder if they will throw a Molotov Cocktail through my window if I don not pay them? Then there are the ‘Mandatory Additional Charges’ by the junta and Big Bro. Ha! Talk about shearing the sheep. I suggest you read very closely your policies and make sure you grease up before going to see your agent. Welcome to the Keys!

religion politics zone

[USA, INC.] Corporations are the ones to fear, not the government. Government does what corporations tell it to do.


[Term Limits] The only way to get rid of our corrupt government is with term limits. Congress spends most of it’s time raising money to get re-elected. That’s what they think their job is. If there were no more elections for them they would cross the aisle and vote for what’s best for the Country not their deep-pocket constituents. We need a ballsey leader to call for term limits and to get us sheeple motivated and see the clarity and benefits of this controversial measure.

[“US invaded the Mideast to control the oil and to support Israel”]  Sounds good to me.  If we’re going in for that, let’s do it right and quit pretending it’s anything else!

[Japan Bankrupt] Well surprise, surprise, surprise. Apparently you can’t borrow endless sums of money and then print hundreds of billions of new dollars to pay off your foreign creditors.

The Japanese bond market has collapsed over the past few weeks. The Japanese government’s debts have grown so large (almost 250% of GDP) that for the last several months, the government has been forced to borrow additional sums merely to meet its interest payments. Thus, the country is literally bankrupt. Japan, as the most indebted large democracy, is a likely place for the global bond-market panic to begin.

Rather than cut the size of their government and reduce their borrowing, the Japanese have taken a page from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s playbook. Japan’s central bank has been printing huge sums of money. And it’s been buying government debt to help finance the country’s huge deficits (which equal 10% of its gross domestic product).

The result of this enormous money and credit stimulus was predictable: Stock prices have gone up (at least temporarily). And consumption has increased since people would rather spend money now before prices start going up. The problem, of course, is that when you’re bankrupt and you begin to deliberately destroy the value of your currency, everyone begins to sell it. The yen is collapsing. And Japan has begun to suffer a trade deficit for the first time in living memory. Investors are now fleeing the Japanese bond market in a near panic. 

National Security Agency  lies to Congress, tracks nearly 3 million U.S. citizens like cattle with Boundless Informant. Link

[“Somebody ought to kick Fox News right out of this Country”] Funny, I was thinking the same about MSNBC and radical liberals. Do you think we both could be possibly brainwashed and hyper-stimulated by slanted news media outlets with political agendas? I’ll calm down and get my news from Google News if you do.

[“Government surveillance started with GW Bush”] True, and candidate Obama excoriated it. So my question is, if it was wrong for President Bush to do it, why is it right for President Obama to expand it?

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Many have forgotten who indoctrinated the Patriot Act. I voted for President Obama back in 2008, because he vowed to eradicate the Patriot Act. Now it’s quite evident that both the Republicans & Democrats in Washington are working together secretly for the same agenda. While, publicly fooling the people with their biased routine. Shouldn’t it be unpatriotic to go after and prosecute whistleblowers who give up everything due to their conscience? Link

[“Ban Fox News”] The routine never varies. As soon as the Left paints themselves into a corner as they do with monotonous regularity, they start their everloving cry that there should be censorship on those with different views than theirs, and those terrible Republicans should not be allowed to mingle with us, after all all they care about is outmoded things like paying your bills and being responsible for ones’ own actions, and who among us wants to live in a world like that?

[Cuba] They listen to all phone conversations. They monitor all Internet traffic. They spy on the press. They spy on their citizens. They keep their political prisoners in Cuba. Oh, that last one was the giveaway! It’s not Cuba, it’s the USA doing all those things we accuse Cuba of doing. They do it — it’s wrong. We do it — it’s okay.

[“US Conspiracy”] “the US invaded the Mideast” Huh? The UN after WWII created the state of Israel which means the majority of nations including the former Soviet Union voted for the creation of Israel. Immediately, war was declared on Israel by Mideast nations. While the US gets some of its oil from Mideast nations, it is not nearly what Europe, China and Japan import. For that matter, the US has more oil locked up in shale than Mideast nations have and the technology to extract that oil from the shale is close to being proved economical.

[Spying on Americans] Supporters of the Patriot Act say that the wiretaps and eavesdropping were all done legally by means of court approved search warrants. The point I’d like to make is that that special court has never, once, refused a request for a warrant. It is merely a rubber stamp for the Patriot Act spies.

[Susan Rice] A poster said she lied. That is the Right’s answer to everything they don’t understand or the facts they are missing or chose to ignore. Call it lies. Sensationalize it.

[Fox News Kicked Out of Country] They are the propaganda arm of the Right (I can’t help seeing similarities to the Third Reich’s propaganda apparatus) They treat suspicion and innuendo as fact. The bigger shame is that so many Americans (not unlike the Germans in 1933) believe everything they see reported.

Somebody ought to kick MSNBC News right out of this Country. They are doing more damage to us than anything else.  And they can take those Democrat ring leaders along with them. They are all disgusting.


right only grey

wiretap10Some posters have written in support of the administrations wholesale collection of digital metadata. Some excuse it by saying that the practice was started during the Bush 2 admin. Some roundly condemn the practice. Let’s think about it.  The Patriot act is the 2001 act that enables the interception and analysis of electronic data to be used as a tool to protect us from terrorism. It was sponsored by  Republican Senator James Sensenbrenner. Then State Senator Obama was a vocal opponent of the act. Nonetheless the bill passed 98-1 in the Senate (one Senator did not vote.)

But then, notwithstanding his previous vocal opposition to the legislation, on May 26, 2011, President Barack Obama quietly signed a four year extension of the Patriot Act. Obama now owns the Patriot Act.

It is possible that the Patriot Act has thwarted some unknown number of terrorist attacks.  That number is unknown because the government has not published it. One would think that the government, especially the Obama administration, would have trumpeted its victories. Or at least I’ve been unable to find attempts at terrorism that were thwarted by the Patriot Act under the Obama administration.

We do know that in excess of 90% of the “delayed notifications” required under the act are for drug cases while less than 1% are terrorism related.  We also know that even though there is ample evidence that the Boston Bombers were very active in using the electronic media, that they were able to commit their crime in spite of warnings from Russia and the provisions of the Patriot Act as enforced by Team Obama. We also know that the Fort Hood terrorist, Major Hassan was a prolific user of the internet. Nonetheless the Patriot Act failed to thwart him. We also know that the Times Square Bomber was an avid user of the web. We failed to thwart him. Only his own ineptitude saved us from massive loss of life. The list of failed attacks which were not foiled by the Patriot Act is longer.

The Obama administration by reaching way beyond terrorism is casting far too wide a net.  

Deer Friends, we see that the Obama administration is perfectly comfortable using the power of the IRS to bludgeon its enemies and critics. This administration has seized far too much power and must be reined in.

It’s worth knowing that The Patriot Act authorized “sneak and peek” search warrants — where you, the suspect, don’t have to be notified of the search until after the fact. If you’re a patriot and thought those powers would be used to fight terrorism, well you’re wrong. We know now that the vast amount on “delayed notifications” have been for drugs. The number for terrorism is nearly infinitesimally low. I did a web search using the term “arrests as result patriot act.” The best I could find was an article in the ACLU web site. They state that as of this year there have been about 400 “convictions.” If you think that there were 400 convictions for terrorist activity you’re flat wrong.  There were only 39 convictions associated with terrorism. The median sentence for these crimes was 11 months, which indicates the crime the government equated with terrorism was not serious. In fact in Florida a sentence of 11 months indicates a misdemeanor offense.

It certainly appears that gathering intell from suspected terrorists has not been very successful under that act as administered by the Obama administration.

The act gives the Obama admin the power to burrow into your medical records, your personal records, your personal communications. It authorizes the government to seize business communications and  lists of individuals who belong to political organizations are also fair game for the government to seize.

Frankly, this administration is unworthy of your trust on this matter.




Part 2) NSA mistakenly intercepted emails, phone calls of innocent Americans. I urge all to read the following link


Now they want sewers.